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Sonic Overload 12/30/19--The Best of 2019

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Sonic Overload 12/30/19


FUTURA-¿Que Justicia? (self-released)

SLANT-Hunger (Iron Lung)
LOOSE NUKES-Innocent (Beach Impediment)
BOOTLICKER-Defection (Neon Taste)
CHAIN WHIP-Don’t Talk (Chain Whip)
HARAM-Bomb In The Sky (Toxic State)
ELECTRIC CHAIR-Casino (Iron Lung)
CLITERATI-Trans Is Beautiful (Tankcrimes)

JUDY AND THE JERKS-Cyclops Baby (Thrilling Living)
URANIUM CLUB-Flashback Arrestor (Fashionable Idiots)
KALEIDOSCOPE-Abolition (Toxic State)
UROCHROMES-Hair So Big (Wharf Cat)
SCIENCE MAN-Dark Matter (Swimming Faith)

CONDOR-Chacun Pour Soi (Beach Impediment)
IRREAL-Ens Venen A Salvar (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SOGA-Anuncios De Neón (Iron Lung)
WARP-Eat Dust (Thrilling Living)
LARMA-Samma Pack (Beach Impediment)


GAY ANNIVERSARY-I Don’t Care (Risk Input)
LIGHTNING BOLT-Air Conditioning (Thrill Jockey)
THE TUNNEL-Membrane (demo)
USA NAILS-Creative Industries (Bigout)

IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO-Uno E Nessuno (Static Shock)
FRENZY-Zcum (Distort Reality)
PLASTICHEADS-Nowhere To Run (Ugly Pop)
TOUCH HEADS-We’re A Happy Memory (demo)
RESOURCE NETWORK-The Machine (demo)
VICTIMS-(I’m) Flipped Out Over You (In The Red)

BAUS-Fake News (Digital Regress)
PATTI-Vestido! (Erste Theke Tonträger)
TWOMPSAX-Grace Is A Bully (demo)
NEON-Gucci 68 (Thrilling Living)
COLLATE-Symptom (demo)
THE PROLETARIAT-Scab (Radiobeat)


DUMSPELL-Wilt (Erste Theke Tonträger)
BRUISED-Rubble Shrine (Chicago Research)
DROIDS BLOOD-Be Free (Drunken Sailor)
NEGATIVE GEARS-2020 Vision (Static Shock)
NEGATIVE SPACE-Theft Utopia (Drunken Sailor)

L.O.T.I.O.N.-New Prosthetic Metal Arm (Toxic State)
HAIRSPRAY QUEEN-Love Enough (Atomic Action)
FOSTER CARE-Rack Brain (Total Punk)
FRIED EGG-Apraxia (Feel It)
CUNTS-He’s A Lady (Ipecac)

SKIZOPHRENIA-Never Give Up (Kick Rock)
OBEDIENCE-Snake Oil (Fair Warning)
KØHTI TUHØA-Helvetistä Pimeyteen (La Vida Es Un Mus)
IMPULSO-Ombre (Byllepest)
JAD-Strach (self-released)
PHYSIQUE-No Better Way (Distort Reality)
BROTHER-Manifest (Atomic Action)


CRISIS MAN-The Myth Of Moderation (Digital Regress)
PCP & THE KNIVES-Fear (demo)
M.A.Z.E.-I Just Pay Taxes (demo)
NICE GUYS-Great Basement Show In The Sky (self-released)
DOTS-Dethroned (Emotional Response)
MOD VIGIL-Million Dollar Downstroke (Fozmo)

SAP-Short Stick (demo)
HASH REDACTOR-Good Sense (Goner)
NOTS-Surveillance Veil (Goner)
UBIK-John Wayne (Is A Cowboy and Is On Twitter) (Iron Lung)
ISS-Workshopping (Sorry State)

SVT-New Year (415)

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