Monday, January 6, 2020

Sonic Overload 12/9/19

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THE CLASH-London Calling (Epic)

SICK BURN-March Of The Grumpies /A Grand Exclamation of Go!-ing (demo)
DAS DRIP-Tapeworm (Sorry State)
BASIC DICKS-I Am Man, Hear Me Bore (demo)
HOTMOM-Mansplaining (demo)
SOVIETTES-In The Red (Rottentones)

TOUCH HEADS-Again (demo)
WARP-Bonehead (Thrilling Living)
NEON-Gucci 68 (Thrilling Living)
PINOCCHIO-Light Speed Vol. 2 (Toxic State)
NYLEX-Century Of Faking (Nopatience)
ANANAS-Feel At Ease (demo)

UTTER STENCH-Fear (Cleopatra)
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT-Is This Justice? (We Bite)
RIBZY-Cyanide Pill (Vinehell)
REALLY RED-I Refuse To Sing (CIA)
EFFIGIES-Below The Drop (Touch and Go)
THREATS-Can’t Stop Me (Dr. Strange)


BORZOI-Adult Contemporary (Digital Hotdogs)
BLANK VEINS-Woke Up In The Same Day (Estranged Communications)
TANGENT-Retire (Estranged Communications)
PSYCHIC GRAVEYARD-Victim Of A Talk Radio Crisis (Skin Graft)

THE CLASH-Brand New Cadillac (Epic)
THE CLASH-Death Or Glory (Epic)
THE CLASH-I’m Not Down (Epic)
THE CLASH-Clampdown (Epic)
THE CLASH-Koka Kola (Epic)


WET SPECIMENS-In Secretion Room (Brain Slash)
ACRYLICS-Structure (Iron Lung)
TELEVOID-Learn To Kill (self-released)
MENTIRA-Tus Demonios (Thrilling Living)
LEWD ACTS-Wide Black Eyes (Deathwish)
IN/HUMANITY-Fuck The Death Penalty, Let’s Compromise (Passive Fist)

CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-Pompeii Spared (Schematic)
YOUR FOOD-Pop (Cleopatra)
TAR BABIES-Economy Pact (Bone Air)
NEON KING KONG-Get What’s Going Around (GSL)
LE SHOK-Booze Is The Best Part (Know)

NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Misery Parade (Dirt Cult)
GONE BAD-Midnight Love (self-released)
SWORN LIARS-Krank (Big Neck)
SHITTY LIFE-Isolated Youth (Spastic Fantastic)
YOUTHS-All Flags Are Black (Still Holding On)
FUSES-At Least You’re Getting Paid (American Punk)


HELMET-FBLA (Amphetamine Reptile)
DRAIN-Skincrawl (from “Love & Napalm,” Trance)
GODHEADSILO-Benefit Rescue Mission No. 43 (OXO)
WRECK-Song X (Play It Again Sam)

HOOD RATS-This Party Sucks (demo)
SATANIC TOGAS-X-Ray Vision (Warrtmann Inc)
MAN-EATERS-Teenage Headhunters In A Cargo Cult (demo)
BOTHERS-Brain Matter (Dirt Cult)
RESOURCE GROUP-Overtime Systems (Big Dunce)
PORNOGRAPHY GLOWS-Freedumb (self-released)

THE CLASH-Revolution Rock (Epic)

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