Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sonic Overload 12/13/10

I recorded this show a day late due to computer issues and it was once again repaired by my friend Murray so much thanks to him. On top of it, I had a flat tire and when I called AAA on Sunday, the truck driver broke off a stud so I had to get it towed on Monday. But everything worked out (well, except the bill at the tire place—ouch!) and here’s this week’s show.  Next week is the holiday show and there are a few previews of sorts on this week’s installment.

(*correction—I gave the wrong title for the Nuclear Family song on the show since I was just informed the labels are reversed. The correct title is on this playlist.)

Sonic Overload 12/13/10


BORN DEAD ICONS-Great Western Mistake (Partners In Crime)

COLD SWEAT-2.5 Cliche (Rock & Roleplay)
GUYANA PUNCH LINE-Crummy Life (Prank)
YOUR ADVERSARY-Plan For Long Term Growth (Create A Villain Of Your Own )
1.6 BAND-Sticks To The Skin (Gern Blandsten)
TAR-Walking The King (Amphetamine Reptile)
MELVINS-Snake Appeal (C/Z)

NINPULATORS-Lust Under Cover (demo)
RAKOSI-Moravi es Vona (demo)
SUNSHINE SS-Destination Oblivion (Death Agonies and Screams)
THE VICIOUS-I Don’t Believe In Christ (Feral Ward)
COLA FREAKS-Uppers & Downers (Hjernespind)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Tuan Drakula (Bad Hair Life)

MIDDLE CLASS-Out Of Vogue (Joke)
HATED YOUTH-Hardcore Rules (Burrito)
KORO-Mommy Wants To Know (Sorry State)
DISTRACTORS-Bang! Bang! (Big Neck)
COLUMBIAN NECKTIES-Why Change Your Moves? (Sounds of Subterrania)


HER√ĄTYS-Tama Todellisuus (La Familia)
DISASTER STRIKES-Sick To Death (Overdose On Records)
CELEBRITY MURDERS-Today The Bathroom, Tomorrow The World (Chainsaw Safety)
RAW NERVES-Taste Of Annihilation (Inimical)
BLACK DOVE-Empire Of Dust (Solar Funeral)
LEWD ACTS-Wide Black Eyes (Deathwish)

PATH OF DECAY-No Kids In The Lost City (Ha-Ko)
MUNDO MUERTO-Ciudad Asquerosa (Mata La Musika)
LOS MONJO-Cerdos (Todo Destruido)
EXPLOITED-Attack (Captain Oi)
BUSINESS-Smash The Discos (Captain Oi)

SCRAMS-Exiles (self-released)
VOMIT SQUAD-ABCDEFG (Psychic Handshake)
SUEDES-13 Stories High (from “Scum Of The Earth: The Complete Story,” Sound Stories)
THE FACTORY-Candy Cane Madness (Rhino)


ZERO ZERO-Kamikaze Girl (demo)
BLANK ITS-Food For Flies (Empty)
HOT SNAKES-Audit In Progress (Swami)
SIGNAL LOST-Blueprint For Babylon (Prank)
NUCLEAR FAMILY-Believer's Voice Of Victory (Loud Punk)

CIVIL VICTIM-Vanished (Loud Punk)
POISON PLANET-Eyes Wide Open (Third Party)
SNAKEBITE-Every Bad Idea Is A Good Idea (Don Giovanni)
YDINPERHE-Kamaa Apatiia Vastaan (Bad Hair Life)
STUPIDS-Skid Row (Sanctuary)
SPAZM 151-Blown Away (Busted Heads)

OXXON-Doing Nothing (self-released)
BUZZCOCKS-You Know You Can’t Help It (IRS)
BABES IN TOYLAND-Bruise Violet (Reprise)


SAMIAM-Early Morning (New Red Archives)
ONE LAST WISH-One Last Wish (Dischord)
UK SUBS-You Don’t Belong (Gem)
SPOON-Anticipation (Mag Wheel)
WIRE-Used To (EMI)

SLAP THE CULTURE-Breeding Waste (Cock Suck)
FLIPOUT AA-Flipout Song (625)
LEFT NUT-Everything It Takes To Be An Asshole (One Way)
BABY’S ARM-I’m A Wimp (from “Nobody Gets On The Guest List,” Throbbing Lobster)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-You Trip Me Up (Blanco y Negro)

THE PACK-King Of Kings (Rough Trade)

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