Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sonic Overload 12/6/10

Back to the regular programming, following last week’s all-covers show although I have a couple of holdovers this week. Next week will be the last regular show of the year before moving on to the holiday show and then my best of 2010 show. Hard to believe this year’s almost over and that I’ve got to start thinking about that “best of” list.

This week’s show is dedicated to the memory of Monday Night Football commentator/NFL quarterback “Dandy Don” Meredith, who died over the weekend at 72. If there’s a sports announcer heaven, I’m sure the Danderoo and Howard Cosell are engaged in some spirited banter...

*note: the correct title for the Nuclear Family song is listed below. Labels on the record were switched.

Sonic Overload 12/6/10


NOG WATT-Going On (Revenge)

MUNDO MUERTO-Resultados de Guerra (Mata La Musika)
VAASKA-Resurreccion (Hardware)
DESTINO FINAL-Donde Estan? (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO PARADE-A Chain Of Chains (Partners In Crime)
DIRTY BS-Chronic Infection (Slasher)

NUCLEAR FAMILY-Little By Little (Loud Punk)
LA URSS-Sadoenbel Grado (Todo Destruido)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Gadis Materialistik (Bad Hair Life)
SUNSHINE SS-Third World Anger Kids (Death Agonies and Screams)
KIDNAP-Armee Nationale (Upstart)
UNDERDOGS-Johnny Go Home (Riot City)

FRATRICIDE-Blind Faith (Schizophrenic/Ugly Pop)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE-Plain To See (Dischord)
GFO-Not Fair (from “America’s Dairyland,” Last Rites)
STALAG 13-Selfish (Dr. Strange)


DER STAB-Tracers (from “Killed By Death #13”)
SCIENTIFIC AMERICANS-Get It For Less (Tekno Tunes)
NO WAY-Breaking Point (from “Bored Teenagers,” Detour)
ART ATTACKS-Punk Rock Stars (Fresh)
PASSAGE-Competition (Cherry Red)

ANAL WARHEAD-Reality (Suburban White Trash)
POISON PLANET-Undermine (Third Party)
COLD SHOULDER-Can’t Cheat Death (from “Punx Don’t Drink,” Third Party)
CIVIL VICTIM-Workmares (Loud Punk)
NIHILIST CUNT-Generation ADD (Suburban White Trash)
GIVE UP-Pride (Peterwalkee)
DEVIANT LONERS-First Shift (demo)

NOMEANSNO-No Fgcnuik (from “Short Music For Short People,” Fat)
ALL-Strip Bar (Cruz)
VKTMS-Hard Case (Broken)
999-Emergency (Captain Oi)
TRANSPLANTS-Braincase (Dionysus)
NERVOUS EATERS-Get Stuffed (Rat)


THE PROWL-I Gotta Go (DeadAlive)
UNDER AL KRITIK-Forrykt(Bad Hair Life)
SUICIDE PARTY-Suicide Party (DeadAlive)
SUICIDE FILE-I Hate You (Indecision)
ANTHRAX-Exploitation (Crass)

TYVEK-This One That One (In The Red)
DE HØJE HAELEH-Hak Hak Hak (Hjernespind)
DELTA 5-Anticipation (Kill Rock Stars)
FLUF-Long Beach (Headhunter)
8 BARK-Piece Of Cake (Underdog)

PIRANHAS-Dangerline (On/On Switch)
COLA FREAKS-Hva’ Du På? (Hjernespind)
THE WASHDOWN-Worst Dressed Up In Class (from “Lookout Freakout Episode 3,” Lookout)
THE YOUNG-Attitude Adjustment (Criminal IQ)
RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Love Comes In Spurts (Sire)


TOKYO ELECTRON-Make Me Bleed (Empty)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Dicksting (Parts Unknown)
CRAIN-King Octane (Automatic)
CROWN ROAST-Swarm Of Shit (Unclean)
WRECK-Bumfok Aire (Play It Again Sam)
POLICE-Contact (A&M)

TANK-Crazy Horses (Raw Power)
LARD-They’re Coming To Take Me Away (Alternative Tentacles)
SHIRTS-Poe (Capitol)

TOXIC REASONS-Break The Bank (Sixth International)

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