Monday, December 5, 2011

Sonic Overload 11-28-11--the all-covers show!

Hope y’all didn’t eat too much for Thanksgiving. I can’t say that was the case here and I think I’ll be hitting the gym hard in the coming week. I actually snuck in a walk today, before recording the show. Anyway, this week is the annual all-covers show. Some favorites that I’ve played in the past but I’ve got quite a few songs that haven’t been on here before. It’s hard to believe there are only going to be two more “regular” shows this year, before the holiday show on the 19th and the “best of” show on the 26th. Where has this year gone?

Sonic Overload 11/28/11


SONIC YOUTH-Ca Plane Pour Moi (Plastic Bertrand) (from “Freedom of Choice,” Caroline)

TOY DOLLS-The Final Countdown (Europe) (SOS)
ANTISCHISM-Sacrifice (Rudimentary Peni) (Prank)
BURNT CROSS-Blissful Myth (Rudimentary Peni) (Tadpole)
KICKER-Public Defender (SOA) (Inimical)
86 MENTALITY-Evil (4 Skins) (Grave Mistake)

THE JAM-Slow Down (Larry Williams) (Polydor)
DICKIES-Paranoid (Black Sabbath) (A&M)
REZILLOS-Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Earl Vince & The Valiants) (Sire)
THEE HEADCOATS-Boredom (Buzzcocks) (Vinyl Japan)
VON ZIPPERS-Twist and Turn (Slaughter and the Dogs) (Estrus)

INTENSITY-Resist Conrol (Lifesblood) (+/-)
SPAZZ-Stabbed In The Back (Youth of Today) (Slap-A-Ham)
CHARLES BRONSON-IQ 32/Punch Drunk (Necros/Hüsker Dü) (Lengua Armada)
AGAINST EMPIRE-Another Mouth To Feed (Crucifix) (Profane Existence)
WARTORN-Survival Of The Streets (Cro-Mags) (Crimes Against Humanity)
FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS-Land Of Treason (Germs) (Criminal IQ)
DS-13-Media Blitz (Germs) (Havoc)


ISM-I Think I Love You (Partridge Family) (self-released)
DICKS-All Night Fever (Bee Gees) (RRadical)
VOORHEES-Hinckley Had A Vision (Crucifucks) (Crust)
RUPTURE-Job (Nubs) (Rest In Punk)
ANAL BABES-Demolition Girl (Saints) (Big Ball)
REGISTRATORS-Stab Your Back (Damned) (self-released)

ZEN GUERILLA-Mama’s Little Rocket (Little Richard) (from “Apocalypse Always,” Alternative Tentacles)
NEW BOMB TURKS-This Place Sucks (Queers) (Engine)
TEENGENERATE-Shake, Rattle & Roll (Big Joe Turner) (Crypt)
SUICIDE KINGS-Bad Boy (Larry Williams) (Adult Negro)
TURBONEGRO-Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers (Rude Kids) (Burning Heart)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Rather See You Dead (Legionaire’s Disease Band) (Deranged)

STRIPED BASSTARDS-Sacrifice Not Suicide (The Freeze) (Traffic Violation)
REPOS-Straight Jacket (Jerry’s Kids)
DUMBSTRUCK-Break The Chains (Deathwish) (Deranged)
KNIFE FIGHT-Together (Negative FX) (from “Town Of Hardcore”)
VOETSEK-Mind Control  (Negative FX) (Six Weeks)
SCROTUM GRINDER-No Friend Of Mine (Slapshot) (Prank)
DILLINGER FOUR-No Pain No Gain (DYS) (from “No Sleep For Hardcore,” Suburban Voice)
FU MANCHU-Nothing Done (SS Decontrol) (Mammoth)
DINOSAUR JR-Chunks (Last Rights) (SST)


DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979-Better Off Dead (La Peste) (Last Gang)
OPÉRATION S-Existence Imposée (X-Ray Spex) (Broken)
OUTS-Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill) (Not Normal)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-100% White Girl (VKTMS) (Abscess)

ROCK-N-ROLL TERRORISTS-Free Speech For The Dumb (Discharge) (self-released)
SCREAMERS-The Beat Goes On (Sonny & Cher) (boot)
WARUM JOE-Kommando (Ramones) (New Rose)
TELECOMMANDE-Pet Sematary (Ramones) (demo)

KUSTOMIZED-Surgeon’s Girl (Wire) (Matador)
MANIKIN-Grinding Halt (The Cure) (Super Secret)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (The Normal) (Empty)
HEX DISPENSERS-Down In The Park (Gary Numan) (Alien Snatch)
BIG BLACK-He’s A Whore (Cheap Trick) (Touch & Go)


DMZ-Cinderella (Sonics) (Sire)
NOMEANSNO-New Age (DOA) (Allied)
MUDHONEY-Fix Me (Black Flag) (Sub Pop)
CATBURGLARS-Cherry Bomb (Runaways) (Cowabunga)
CANDY SNATCHERS-Suffragette City (David Bowie) (Sin City)

MONSTERLAND-Totally Wired (The Fall) (Seed)
THE CURE-Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) (Fiction)
FIRE ENGINES-We Don’t Need This Fascist Groove Thang (Heaven 17) (Rev-Ola)
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA-Tighten Up (Archie Bell & The Drells) (A&M)

PEER PRESSURE-Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire) (Break My Face)

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