Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sonic Overload 12/5/11

Back to the regular programming for this week and next and then it’s on to the holiday spectacular (?) and the best of 2011 to wrap up the year. I’ve been keeping away from the political coverage a bit lately, half paying attention to the Republican shenanigans, whether it’s on the campaign trail, in congress or in the media. But you can only take so much—so I’ve been watching movies. I finally saw “The Right Stuff” last week. Yeah, it’s probably a bit corny ‘n all but it actually has wit and some excellent performances. Beats watching Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann et al. I think it’s time to watch “Reservoir Dogs” some night this week. But don’t worry—if I do watch it, I promise not to play “Stuck In The Middle” by Stealers Wheel. Those of you who have seen the movie know the significance of that song!

Sonic Overload 12/5/11


INFEST-Where’s The Unity? (Deep Six/Draw Blank)

BOSTON STRANGLER-Primitive (from upcoming album)
VIOLENT ARREST-Crumbs (Boss Tuneage)
BLOODKROW BUTCHER-Death Squad (Total Fucker)
MANIPULATION-Choking Man (Fashionable Idiots)

ANGRY SNOWMANS-Fast Raindeer (Stiff Hombre)
BLOODY HAMMER-Punk’s Not Funny (demo)
GOD GIVEN ASS-I Need Speed (Monap)
RATZ-Stepping Out Of Line (Kink)
TEENAGE REJECTS-Wanna Kill (Alien Snatch)
SPITS-Fed Up (In The Red)

FERAL BABIES-Thought Replacer (Rigid)
DUSTHEADS-Tunnel Vision (Don Giovanni)
HATCHET FACE-Prime Crime (Figure Four)
A-TEAM-Fall On Your Sword (Stab & Kill)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-We Will Bury You (Gloom)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?-Prayer (from “Dark Thoughts,” Rabid Dog)


GOD BOWS TO MAN-The Ship That Sank A Thousand Faces (Muzai)
CRIPPLE AND CASINO-Hot Air Balloons (Radio Is Down)
RANK/XEROX-Basement Furniture (Mondo Bongo)
100 FLOWERS-I’m Like You (Rhino)
FUSES-Dead Air Beat (American Punk)
SCARED OF CHAKA-A Lie and a Cheat (Sub City)

DEEP SLEEP-Out Of Time (Grave Mistake)
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY-Number 1 (Motherbox)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS-Das Reich (Backwards Masking)
FUNERAL ORATION-Slipping Out (Diehard)
CHARTA 77-The Day The Banks Collapse (Birdnest)

POOR LILY-Head Of Flames (self-released)
DAISY CHAINSAW-Love Your Money (A&M)
WRECK-To The Bridge (Play It Again Sam)
ROLLINS BAND-If You’re Alive (Texas Hotel)


KIELTOLAKI-Misantropia (MooCow)
FY FAN-Du Har Slutat Skratta (No Way)
GET RAD-Bullshit Forcefield (Gilead Media)
SPAZM 151-Sink Or Swim (Busted Heads)
MUNDO MUERTO-Guerra Nuklear (Charged//Distorted)
SIGNAL LOST-Bow To None (Prank)

THE CREATION-Making Time (Retroactive)
CLASH-Protex Blue (Epic)
SILLIES-Break Loose (Scooch Pooch)

BAD POSTURE-Get Tough (Grand Theft Audio)
WILLFUL NEGLECT-Eat My Shit and Die (Willful)
GARBAGE STRIKE-Pariah (demo)
NINPULATORS-Career Coma (Teenage Riot)
ETA-I’m A Bore (Deranged)
SUNSHINE SS-Oogle Parade (Sacred Plague)
BROKEN BONES-Secret Agent (Fall Out)


JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-Never Understand (Rhino)
SOFT BOYS-I Wanna Destroy You (Ryko)
NILS-Scratches and Needles (Mag Wheel)
SAMIAM-Clean (New Red Archives)
POLICE & THIEVES-For Ideals (Youngblood)

CASTEVETS-Good Riddance (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)
GUZZARD-Glued (Amphetamine Reptile)
PIRANHAS-Redundant (On/On Switch)
WALKINGSEEDS-Rolling Machine (Fist Puppet)

STEREOLAB-Crest (Elektra)

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