Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sonic Overload 12/12/11

The last regular show of the year and it’s a hectic one. I played mostly vinyl, including a fair amount of new stuff and short songs means I’m working like a madman to get everything queued up correctly. That’s right—physical media although, as I’ve noted in the past, I do utilize some MP3s here and there and I used a few this week, including a very special track at the beginning of Track 2. I think I’ll just let you be surprised.  

Next week—the holiday show where you won’t be hearing any of those crap-ass songs that are inescapable when I venture into the “outside” world. Hell, I don’t even like a lot of the holiday punk perennials. In the meantime, watch out for the crazy people on the roads and in the malls and shopping centers, although I hope you’re smart enough to steer clear of the latter two.

Sonic Overload 12/12/11


NEGATIVE APPROACH-Can’t Tell No One (Touch & Go)

CRIATURAS-Criaturas (Trabuc)
DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA-Desesperacion (Trabuc)
OS ESTUDANTES-Ignorancia Bruta (Todo Destruido)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Throw Away Girl (Modern Action)
RENEGADES OF PUNK-Same Old Shit (Thrashbastard)
ICU-AP (Put-On)

NO FUCKER-Fight!!! (No Real Music)
BLOODKROW BUTCHER-Invasion (Total Fucker)
BUKKAKE BOYS-Elite (Sorry State)
IMPALERS-Blasts For Days (Todo Destruido)
JESUS H BOMBS-Business Junkie Burns (Bookoven/Tibs Ribs)
INSERVIBLES-23 De Septiembre (Shogun/La Vida Es Un Fus)

LOAD-Palomino Stakes (Faceless)
AGENT ORANGE-Lingerie (Kangaroo)
UPRIGHT CITIZENS-Yellow Press (H’art)
MALINHEADS-Hoax (Thought Crime)
INFERNO-Wodka (Mülleimer)


ZODIAC KILLERS-Do Us A Favor and Die (Rip Off)
NASHVILLE PUSSY-Go Motherfucker Go (Get Hip)
MUD CITY MANGLERS-1234 Motherfucker (Republic of Chesterfield)
STUMP WIZARDS-You Too Return (Skyclad)
SINISTER SIX-Keep My Cool (Empty)
LAZY COWGIRLS-Goddamn Bottle (Bomp)

KAKKA-HATA-77-Paihteita Ja Vakivaltaa (Stupido)
THE MAD-Anti-Real (Captain Trip)
SNIVELING SHITS-Terminal Stupid (Damaged Goods)
BUZZCOCKS-You Know You Can’t Help It (United Artists)
ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS-Guys Are Not Proud (Red Sweater)


REBEL TRUTH-Child Hosts The Parasite (self-released)
CONFLICT-Conflict (Anagram)
ICONS OF FILTH-Politricks (Mortarhate)
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Progress (One Little Indian)
ANTHRAX-Exploitation (Happy Release)
RONDOS-A Black and White Statement (King Kong)

CITIZENS PATROL-Social Skills (Way Back When/Even Worse)
LIBYANS-The Price We Pay (Narshardaa)
MOONSHINE-God Will Eat You Raw (demo)
NO PROBLEM-Suffocate City (Deranged)
BIG BOYS-We’re Not In It To Lose (Touch & Go)

DIVINE RIGHT-Sad, Sorry, Pitiful (Residue)
WEIRD PARTY-Sarah Palin (Sex & Death)
ROT SHIT-Fuck Yer DJ Night (Fashionable Idiots)
ULTRAUMBADOS-Fracture (Todo Destruido)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Propaganda Tuk Pemula (Bad Hair Life)
LIL BUNNIES-Hop, Fight & Fuck (Moo-La-La)
THE NETWORK-Love and Money (Adeline)


ANGRY SNOWMANS-Joyeux Again (Stiff Hombre)

POISON PLANET-Mind Racing (ThirdxParty)
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE-Just Another Rape (Even Worse/Way Back When)
MUTINY-Lucifer’s Mob (Seven Lucky)
BURNING SENSATION-I Feel Disgust (Vertex)
RIPCORD-Cross Culture (Epistrophy)
HERATYS-Telefon (demo)

SUICIDE-Rocket USA (Red Star)
KIM PHUC-23 (Iron Lung)
RED DONS-Pieces (Deranged)
REACTIONS-Don’t Look Back (Homestead)
LONERS-Inanimate Objects (AA)

WEDDING PRESENT-My Favourite Dress (Reception)

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