Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sonic Overload 3/19/12

I don’t have any profound political statements this week... well, that’s not completely true. I mention the blackout in the Back Bay area of Boston last week and how NSTAR, the power utility, won’t reimburse area businesses for the financial losses incurred over the few days they were without power. That’s while their CEO, Tom May, pulls down a salary of $8 million. Hey, good work if you can get it, I suppose. Something doesn’t seem right about that but I’ll move on... I should also mention that this week is the anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq—an illegal invasion and occupation that cost over 4000 US troops their lives and countless Iraqi civilians for close to ten years. Something that Bush, Cheney et al should be ashamed of and, frankly, should have been prosecuted for. But Obama said it was “off the table.” I imagine he wouldn’t have had much luck pursuing it anyway.

Sonic Overload 3/19/12


9 SHOCKS TERROR-Attack With A Gasmask (Devour)

AVON LADIES-Power Failure (Katorga Works)
THE DARK-No Eyes (Grand Theft Audio)
REAGAN SS-California Ideal (Rebel Sound)
LETS GROW-Man Is The Measure (Know)
FASHION-Swells (Yibbida Yibbida)

B.U.S.H.-Bush Klan Pt. 2 (625)
SERVICE ANXIETY-Needs Gasoline (DeadCEO)
CEREMONY-Quarantine (Matador)
WHITE LUNG-Viva La Rat (Deranged)

POLLUTION-Black Commune (Desensitized)
FOURTEEN OR FIGHT-Everything Is Not Alright (Lengua Armada)
REPOS-Ripped and Glued (Youth Attack)
NAZTI SKINZ-Race War (Youth Attack)
NIX-Down The Tubes (self-released)
NU SENSAE-Sweet Thing (Nominal)
ROGUE NATIONS-Downtown Drunk On Roller Skates (Suicide Watch)


NEGATIVE DEGREE-Meet & Greet (demo)
TERMINAL STATE-Your Rules (Deranged)
NEW BOMB TURKS-(Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling (Crypt)
DISKONECTED-Entertaining Horror (Loud Punk)
WEAKLINGS-Sugar Baby (Bittersweet)
OMEGAS-Fevered Freedom (Painkiller)

NEUTRON RATS-Dilapidated Brains (Loud Punk)
SISTA KRIGET-80-Tal (Black Water)
SOTATILA-Sotatila Tapaa (Kamaset Levyt)
EL DOPA-Wrong End Of The Gun (East Bay Menace)
PSYCHO-Master Race (Welfare)

CONSERVATIVES-T.V. Bab y (Sonic Swirl)
TAR-Cross Offer (Amphetamine Reptile)
STEREOLAB-Ping Pong (Elektra)


HAYWIRE-Pain (New Beginning)
BURNING SENSATION-Wrapped Up In Plastic (Vertex)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART-Leave No Record (self-released)
TAKE WARNING-Outside (PurePainSugar)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.-Gotta Get Away From You (Doomtown/Static Age)

TOM AND BOOT BOYS-Kill The DJ (Pogo 77)
DISTRACTORS-Rollerderby Queen (Big Neck)
DRAGS-Iron Curtain Rock (Estrus)
GRUDGE-OC Garbxedge (Jism)
NIPPLE VIOLATORS-Annihilate The 90’s

STARJETS-Ten Years (Epic)
CLASH-Death or Glory (Epic)
DILLINGER FOUR-Holy Shit (Hopeless)
THE MEN-Please Don’t Go Away (Sacred Bones)


LEPER-Shoot Me Up With Violence (demo)
GG ALLIN & THE SCUMFUCS-Drink, Fight and Fuck (Blood)
THE LEFT-Fuck It (Bona Fide)
IMPEDIMENTS-Stoned To Bed (HappyParts)
RADIO BIRDMAN-Non-Stop Girls (Sub Pop)

CLASSIC RUINS-Nyquil Stinger (Ace of Hearts)
MX-80 SOUND-Someday You’ll Be King (Ralph)
PSYCHEDELIC FURS-So Run Down (Columbia)
ZEROS-Beat Your Heart Out (Bomp)

TUBES-White Punks On Dope (A&M)

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