Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sonic Overload 12/9/13

Well, I managed to get through the show without coughing on the air but I’m battling a cold and kept the talking to a minimum—even more than usual. I imagine some of you are grateful for that. With that in mind... enjoy!

This week’s show is dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela...

Sonic Overload 12/9/13


JOINT D-Satan Is Real Again, Again (Sorry State)

BOSTON STRANGLER-Joke’s On You (demo)
PEACEBREAKERS-Contrarian (Rock ‘n Roll Disgrace)
GLUE-Falling Apart (demo)
SGURD-Awful Review Of Life (self-released)
DAS OATH-The Twinkle In An Eye About To Be Blackened (Youth Attack)
BORN WRONG-Born A Debt (Schizophrenic)
REAL COPS-The Future Is Written (demo)

NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Bukkake Sake (Shogun)
LIFE FORM-Sad Sack (demo)
SPRAY PAINT-Spock Fingers (S-S)
GODHEADSILO-Elephantitus Of The Night (Kill Rock Stars)

ABUSED-Police Reign (Radio Raheem)
MORAL DECAY-America (from “Buried Alive 2,” Bomp)
RF7-Submit To Them Freely (GTA)
GERMS-We Must Bleed (Slash)
MIDDLE CLASS-You Belong (Frontier)


KABUL GOLF CLUB-5 Minutes 2 Midnight (Uproar For Veneration) in memory of Florent Pevee
C.AARMÉ-Moron (Burning Heart)
METZ-Wet Blanket (Sub Pop)
RED RED RED-Greatest Hit/Regeneration (Big Neck)

MERCY KILLINGS-Drone Death (Beach Impediment)
STRIPMINES-Years Of Dread (Sorry State)
MANIC-Cut Your Red (from “Land of Nod,” Scavenger of Death)
SPEED KILLS-O Culto Insano (Nada Nada)
GUS-Dave Del Castillo (Slow To Burn)

JOY DIVISION-Transmission (Factory)
PLASMATICS-Corruption (Vice Squad)
SHRAPNEL-Combat Love (Salute)
BUZZCOCKS-Boredom (New Hormones)


AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-1020’s Sweet Moves (No Idea)
OUT COLD-Inevitable Crash (Painkiller)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT-Worst Case Scenario Of  A Waste Of Life (Nation of Finks)
TERMINAL STATE-Your Rules (Deranged)
GAS RAG-War Pervert (Even Worse)
RED THREAD-Double Speak (from “World Hardcore Punk Compilation,” Too Circle)
VARIX-Lost Conviction (Fashionable Idiots)

THROBBIN URGES-Bad Luck (Dead Beat)
PLAGUE RATS THROUGHOUT HISTORY-Molecular Dramaturgy (Primitive Air-Raid)
FOLDED SHIRT-Wet Brain (Proud To Be Idiot)
HYGIENE-TV Girl (Dire)
ELEKIDZ-Anaekaasfa (HG Fact)

ROMEO VOID-Never Say Never (Columbia)
CRIMINAL CODE-Necessary Evils (Inimical)
HONOR ROLE-Lives Of The Saints #135 (Merge)


GENERATION X-Gimme Some Truth (Chrysalis)
MEATMEN-One Down, Three To Go (Touch & Go)
REAGAN YOUTH-Anytown (Freeway Enterprises)
WRECKS-This Land Is Your Land (demo)
PRAG-Moss Piglet (demo)
TV FREAKS-Friend (Schizophrenic)

RUTS-West One (Virgin)
PROFESSIONALS-Just Another Dream (Virgin)
SWINGIN’ UTTERS-The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro (Fat)
J CHURCH-Waiting On The Ground (Honey Bear)
SUPERGRASS-Caught By The Fuzz (Parlophone)

CLASH-Police & Thieves (Epic) in memory of Junior Murvin

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