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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #33, 11/27/13

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 11/27/13

MDC-Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn’t Want (New Red Archives)

RULETA RUSA-La Ley (Trabuc/Sorry State)
LAS OTRAS-Civilazaction De Muerte (Discos Sense Nom)
SOTATILA-Vituttaa!!! (from “Does It Hurt?, Thought Crime)
PIG//CONTROL-Schweine Kontrollieren (HeartFirst)
NO PROBLEM-Living In The Void (Debt Offensive)
BILL OF RIGHTS-What Do You Say (No Rights)

FYP-Ian Stuart As A Crash Dummy (Recess)
NIGHT STALKERS-Fuck All Night (Who Cares?)
PROUD SCUM-Rabbit (from “Hate Your Neighbours,” Pussy Muncher)
BOBBY SOXX-Learn To Hate In The 80s (from “Bloodstains Across Texas”)
GUILTY RAZORS-Hurts & Noises (Seventeen)
ARMITAGE SHANKS-Love In A Void (Damaged Goods)

YOUNG ADULTS-Black Surf/Rip It Up (Amdisc)
WORMS-Driver’s Ed (Last Wait/Dark World)
ZYKLOME A-Angry Faces (Grand Theft Audio)
CHALLENGER CREW-Holidays In Amsterdam (from “Viva Umkhonto!,” Mordam)
NO SIR, I WON’T-No More Poetry (Framework)

WALLS-Hands & Knees (Iron Lung)
RETOX-I’ve Had It Up To Here, I’m Going To Prison (Three.One.G)
BOOKS LIE-Williamsburg Is Burning (Satellite Transmissions)
FUTURES-Chemical Wave 67 (625)
CHINESE STARS-Eyes Of The Secret North (Skin Graft)

SATAN’S PILGRIMS-Turkey Trot (Empty)
LINK WRAY-Run Chicken Run (Rhino)
INHALANTS-Kill You (Unclean)
THE CREATION-Making Time (Edsel)

DIE-Choke (Sonic Terror)
UHRIT-Lapsimorsian (Tuska & Ahdistus)
HELLSHOCK-Wax Statues (Whispers In Darkness)
BÜMBKLÅÅTT-The Foam That Spreads (Slaves To Darkness)
ANOTHER DEAD JULIET-Snake Eyes (Trash Art)

OFF!-Upside Down (Vice)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Crisis (Hysteria)
RELATIONSHIPS-I Don’t Know (demo)
MANHANDLERS-Die Love Die (Criminal IQ)
SKABS-Spoleczenstwo (WACP)
CASTEVETS-Good Riddance (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)

BUSH TETRAS-Cowboys In Africa (ROIR)
MYDOLLS-Nova Grows Up (CIA)
ANTELOPE-The Demon (Dischord)
ARCWELDER-Truth (Touch & Go)

OMEGAS-Fevered Freedom (Painkiller)
DAMAGE-Bones Of The Battlefield (Deathwish)
FLOORPUNCH-Not For Me (In My Blood)
DOWN IN FLAMES-It’s Done (625)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST-Chemistry of Consciousness (Relapse)

SUBSETS-Suffocation (Granado)
CLAW TOE-Panic Attack (Criminal IQ)
TOKYO STORM WARNING-Curate My Love (self-released)
MANIKIN-Idol (Super Secret)

RABIES-Progress In Disguise (Sorry State)
CÜLO-My Life Sucks (And I Could Care Less) (Deranged)
ANGRY SAMOANS-Ballad of Jerry Curlan (Triple X)

ILL REPUTE-Cherokee Nation (It’s Alive)

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