Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #35, 12/12/13

I did the show a day late this week, due to having to attend to a broken water heater or, more accurately, the wet aftermath of a broken water heater. You can hear the show live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on Stench Radio.

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 12/12/13


DRY HUMP-Culture Fuck Experience (Shogun)
CONFINES-Phoning It In (Side Two)
WICCANS-Crust Royalty (Katorga Works)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Technically Disfigured (No Way)

STEAMING WOLF PENIS-Corpsetastic (self-released)
TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Poor and Bored (In The Red)
WHITE FANGS-Sick & Sad (Azbin)

NEGATIVE DEGREE-Get Fucked I + II (Deranged)
REGRESS-Your Vote Counts (For Nothing) (Lengua Armada)
THE STAKEOUT-Potential Criminals (Burst of Anger)
VITAMIN X-About To Crack (Tankcrimes)
CRUMBSUCKERS-Super Tuesday (Combat Core)
PRONG-Disbelief (Mr. Bear)

INSOMNIACS-Guilt Free (Estrus)
SHRINKS-Nowhere To Live (Rapid Pulse)
SINISTER SIX-Keep My Cool (Empty)
MICKY & THE SALTY SEA DOGS-I Keep On Wanting (SmartGuy)
CYNICS-Way It’s Gonna Be (Get Hip)

RATIONAL ANIMALS-Crumbling Buildings (Katorga Works)
NERVE AGENTS-War Against (Hellcat)
THE PROWL-Tear Me Down (Gloom)
FASTS-Die Or Die (Sound Pollution)

LAUGHING HYENAS-Love’s My Only Crime (Touch & Go)
NIRVANA-Oh, The Guilt (Touch & Go)
BUSY SIGNALS-Plastic Girl (Dirtnap)
BAYONETTES-Outta My Mind (demo)

B.U.S.H-Bush Klan Pt. 2 (Six Two Five)
NAIFA-Hoje (Faca Cega)
ORDER OF THE WHITE ROSE-Who Would Jesus Bomb? (Unitree)
ROGUE NATIONS-Be Your Own Rogue Nation (Suicide Watch)
NEW GRANADA-Fighting The Demons (Lengua Armada)

SMEARS-Honey Jar (Headhunter)
7 YEAR BITCH-Dead Men Don’t Rape (C/Z)
DISHRAGS-I Don’t Love You (from “Vancouver Complication,” Sudden Death)
A-LINES-Nothing Personal (SFTRI)
MIKA MIKO-Beat The Rush (PPM)
PUSSY RIOT-Kropotkin-Vodka (self-released)

DEATH SIDE-Mirror (Selfish)
FRAMTID-Never Surrender (Crust War)
WEEKEND NACHOS-Late Night Walks (Deep Six)
KROMOSOM-Draw The Line (Distort Reality)
MERCY KILLINGS-Forever I Roam (Beach Impediment)
ENCROACHER-Shoot The Icons (Shock To The System)

NATIVE TONGUE-When The Walls Close In (demo)
RANK/XEROX-Discipline (Make A Mess)
WIRE-Options R (EMI)
MINUTEMEN-Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (SST)

AVENGERS-No Martyr (Water)
WEIRDOS-Helium Bar (Frontier)
KILL YOUR IDOLS-What I’ve Become (None Of The Above)
SOULSIDE-Pearl To Stone (Sammich)

AVAIL-Scuffle Town (Jade Tree)

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