Monday, January 27, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #39, 1/15/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 1/15/14

NEGATIVE APPROACH-Can’t Tell No One (Touch & Go)

RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA-Blanco Y Negro (Armageddon)
RAPID LOSS-False Bottom (Mata La Musica)
ANXIETY-Convict (Social Napalm)
ORGANIZED SPORTS-Entertain Me (Bulkhead)
BREAKFAST-El Burrito’s #5 (Six Two Five)
KONTRASEKT-Consumed (Vex)

RUNNING-Thanks For The Input (Castle Face)
INTERFUSE-Twig & Leaf (Tragic End)
SAY BOK GWAI-Lazy (MonkeyKing)
HANK JONES-Preaching To The Choir Of Molested Boys (Undecided)
CHOKEBORE-Now I Crawl (from “Clusterfuck ’93,” Amphetamine Reptile)
GUZZARD-Glued (Amphetamine Reptile)

RUNS-Constipated (demo)
FUTURE PRIMITIVES-Into The Primitive (Voodoo Rhythm)
WEIRD LOVEMAKERS-Unpopular Loner (Gouramie)
BAD VIBES-I Smell A Rat (Steel Cage)
EARACHES-23/Screwtop Wine (Steel Cage)

RAZZIA-B-Alarm (Weird System)
MDC-Born To Die (RRadical)
ACTION PACT-People (Fall Out)
MAJOR ACCIDENT-Self-Appointed Hero (Captain Oi)

FUTURE BINDS-No Reason (demo)
ANCIENT FILTH-Acknowledge (self-released)
HARSH WORDS-Green Clicker (demo)
DEAD NATION-We’re Dead/Panic Attack (Slaughterhouse)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION-Deadbeats (self-released)
GET IT AWAY-Malt Liquor Bullshit (Third Party)
AVO-Self-Worth (Kangaroo)

VEX-World In Action (Sacred Bones)
WHITE LUNG-Two Of You (Deranged)
THE MEN-Bataille (Sacred Bones)

GUNS-Green Grass (Smog Veil)
THE SCAM-All By Myself (Ax/ction)
DETONATORS-Condemned to Freedom (EBS)
POST MORTEM-Run Amok (demo)
ULTRA VIOLENT-Dead Generation (Riot City)
GERM ATTAK-Who Killed Yohan? (Shogun)

DESTRUCTION UNIT-Control The Light (Sacred Bones)
SOVIET VALVES-Death Trumps Romance (Vertex)
BIG CRUX-Protocore ((SD)F)
EXPANDO-BRAIN-Flogging A Dead Relationship (Vacant Lot)
PLUGZ-A Gain, A Loss (Restless)
FALSE PROPHETS-Good Clean Fun (Alternative Tentacles)

FANG-The Money Will Roll Right In (Boner)
RED ALERT-Rebels In Society (No Future)
SAINTS-No Time (Sire)
RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Love Comes In Spurts (Sire)
PATTI SMITH GROUP-Pumping My Heart (Arista)

THE FACET-Things You Hate (Not Bad)
BREATHE IN-Amygdala (Bridge Nine)
ARSONS-Whole Life Crisis (Chunksaah)

TUXEDOMOON-No Tears (Crammed)

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