Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sonic Overload 1/20/14

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and, as I always say, you should learn as much as you can about this genuine American hero; in fact, this worldwide hero. Don’t reduce his life to one sentence—“I Have A Dream.” Listen to the brief clip at the start of the show of his speeches from 1967 and 1968 and watch others from that time period, especially “Beyond Vietnam.”

Enjoy the punk...

Sonic Overload 1/20/14


STEPMOTHERS-Where Is The Dream? (Posh Boy)

7 SECONDS-I Have A Dream (BYO)
BLIGHT-The Dream Was Dead (Touch & Go)
OLDE GHOST-Fatalist (Handstand)
KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS-Sugar Industry (Coalition)

CULTURE KIDS-Good ‘Ol American Boys (Make A Mess)
BAD NOIDS-My Country (Katorga Works)
AVON LADIES-Arcadia Man (demo)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES-Don’t Sell Me Off (Cowabunga)
PEACEBREAKERS-Foreign Exchange (Rock ‘n Roll Disgrace)

NATION OF HATE-Fuck The Jedi (Breakaway/Big Heavy World) in memory of Bob “Beano” Parker
WARDS-Reagan (self-released)
THE VERMIN-Devil Blonde (Wood Shampoo)
SMEGMA AND THE NUNZ-Napalm Sticks To Kids (from “Drop The Needle,” Trev)
ROACH MOTEL-My Dog’s Into Anarchy (Destroy)
THE DULL-I Hate The Motorcyclist (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Toxic Shock)


THE INSTIGATION-No Way Out (self-released)
DEATH HYMN NUMBER 9-I Have Been Snookumed (Alternative Tentacles)
PERSUADERS-Daddy’s Back (Savage)
FRANTIX-New Question (Afterburn)
SHARK PANTS-Porno Snakehead (Recess)

AKIMBO-Lick The Knife (Alternative Tentacles)
KEPONE-Velveteen (Quarterstick)
KARP-J Is For Genius (K)
UNSANE-Vandal-X (Matador)
METZ-Negative Space (Sub Pop)

LA MISMA-Secespita (Toxic State)
EXIT ORDER-Hungry Enough (demo)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Vampires (Wicked Witch)
UNDER AL KRITIK-Ligeglad (Bad Hair Life)
DISCHARGE-Always Restrictions (Clay)


PUBLIC ENEMY-By The Time I Get To Arizona (Columbia)

NUCLEAR SPRING-Chatter (Hysteria)
SAUNA YOUTH-Snapback (Faux Discx)
CATHOLIC SPIT-Devils Pact (Bad Touch)
DAN-Into The Field (Meantime)
EXPELLED-Dreaming (Captain Oi)

KUDGEL-Neo-Nozzle (Super 8)
KILLDOZER-Hi There (Touch & Go)
VOLCANO SUNS-Bright Orange (demo)
RANK/XEROX-Helpless (Make A Mess)
WEIRD PARTY-Sarah Palin (Sex & Death)


BROKEN PATTERNS-Idle Times (Mata La Musika)
DAN WEBB AND THE SPIDERS-The Fall of ’08 (self-released)
BRIEFS-Sex Objects (BYO)
RINGERS-For Arguments Sake (1-2-3-4, Go!)
TENEMENT-(Messy Endings) In Middle America (Cowabunga)
RULETA RUSA-Desobediencia (Trabuc/Sorry State)

HOSE-Zoo (Def Jam)
THE FREEZE-Duh Family (Modern Method)
IRON CROSS-You’re A Rebel (GMM)
PSYCHO-Lies (Welfare)
VATICAN COMMANDOS-Why Must I Follow? (Pregnant Nun)
THE FACTION-Yesterday Is Gone (IM)
NO LABELS-HarDCore (from “No Core,” Raw Deal)

VANDYKES-Heaven Will Fall (Black)

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