Monday, February 17, 2014

Sonic Overload 2/3/14

I’m really sick of judgmental people (I’d say assholes but I’m trying to take a high road—yeah right) who say that someone dying of a drug overdose is some sort of junkie loser. I’m referring to the death of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died over the weekend at the way-too-young age of 46. One of the most talented actors of his generation, in fact—not a leading man but a master character actor. I have my say about it towards the end of the show. I won’t pretend I know why people do that, what necessarily causes it but I think showing empathy, instead of scorn, is a better way to go. It’s hard to be that way, of course.

I start off with a few songs about Sid Vicious. Not sure I’d call it a tribute but more of a marking of 35 years since his death. Finally, I do pay tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson, who were all killed in a plane crash in Iowa 55 years ago today—“The day the music died,” as Don McLean sang on “American Pie.” I thought about playing Killdozer’s nearly 9 minute cover of that song but the show’s long enough as it is—almost 10 minutes of bonus Sonic Overload, in fact. Not that I have any sort of time limit. Anyway, the tribute includes covers of their songs, a few of them rather, uh, interesting...

Sonic Overload 2/3/14


MAGGOTS-2/2/79 (Wormusik)

KARANTEENI-Sid Vicious (from “Back To Front Vol. 6”)
EXPLOITED-Sid Vicious Was Innocent (Dojo)
KNOCKDOWN-What’s Left? (Youngblood)
JOHN WAYNE’S SEVERED HEAD-Bored Youth (self-released)
VIOLENT ARREST-Collateral Damage (Boss Tunage)
COMBAT ZONE-Untamed Mind (demo)

POLYCHROME VIOLENCE-Train Wins (American Sedation)
REAL LOSERS-Total Teen Generate (Squirrel)
ROT SHIT-Fuck Yer DJ Night (self-released)
SUPERHELICOPTER-Don’t Drop Me (from “Noisemakers & Hellraisers,” Ox)
NINPULATORS-Scene ’84 (demo)
PREFECTURE-Want Adds (demo)

NO STATIK-Unity and Fragmentation (Iron Lung)
PERMANENT RUIN-Tlazolteol (Warthog Speak)
TRUNCHEONS-Prisoners of Freedom (Distort Reality)
KVOTERINGEN-Satans Byrakrati (Havoc)
GLOM DA!-D-Takt (Sorry State)
SICK TERROR-Peste Catolica (Schizophrenic)


CAL AND THE CALORIES-My Calorie (demo)
WETBRAIN-Party Til It’s A Blur (demo)
CHARM CITY SUICIDES-Heroin (Baths of Power)
CHOSEN FEW-Slimy Characters (Buckwheat Headlock Productions)
NEGATIVE TREND-I Don’t Wanna Be A Machine (Karen Anne Quinlan) (White Noise)
SLUTS-I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend (Spread ‘Um)
MASSACRE GUYS-Italy (Toxic Shock)

SPECIAL NEEDS-Dead In A Ditch (demo)
AJAX-The Money of Fools (demo)
BOILING OVER-Thrash City (Lifeline)
MERCENARY-Violent Action (demo)
STRIPMINES-Sympathy Rations (Sorry State)
HOAX-Sick Punk (self-released)

PLUGZ-La Bamba (from “DIY: We’re Desperate,” Rhino)
PALEY BROTHERS/RAMONES-C’mon Let’s Go (from “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Sire)
REAL KIDS-Rave On (Red Star)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Chantilly Face (Headhunter)
HAPPY FLOWERS-Not Fade Away (Homestead)


HUGE-Cheddar (681 Productions)
GLOW GOD-Could Be Worse (Dust House/Play Pinball)

RUNNING-This Is A You Problem (Castle Face)
RASPBERRY BULBS-Before Men (Blackest Ever Black)
PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Case (Alternative Tentacles)

KAMIKAZE TRIO-Two In A Room (Inertia)
DEADBEAT ECHOES-Forces (Louder Than War)
THE SOUND-Night Versus Day (Korova)

ST. RIPPER-Losing It (self-released)
CRIME-Frustration (Swami)
TESTORS-Bad Attitude (Swami)
FAG COP-Fake Baby (Rank Toy)


LYRES-How Do You Know (Crypt)
LA PESTE-I Don’t Know Right From Wrong (Matador)
ATV-Life (Anagram)

GAUNT-Breakin Down (Amphetamine Reptile)
RUTS-H Eyes (Virgin)
ESTUPAS-Brigade Suicida (Hillside Strangler)
MUNDO MUERTO-Politicos Falsas (Que Punk?)
CRIATURAS-Cuatro Anõs (Residue)
LIBYANS-Thread Of Life (Sorry State)

DECRY-Falling (Cleopatra)

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