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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #40, 1/22/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 1/22/14

DIDJITS-Killboy Powerhead (Touch & Go)

OFFENDERS-Fight Back (Kangaroo)
BL’AST-Sometimes (Southern Lord)
HOLIER THAN THOU-Dumb Motherfucker (Six Weeks)
DFA-Hypocrite (Ugly Pop)
VIOLENT ARREST-Domino Theory (Boss Tuneage)

CRAZY SPIRIT-Baseball Bat/You (Toxic State)
HERO DISHONEST-Yet, What Do We Accomplish? (IfSociety)
CEREMONY-Don’t Touch Me (Bridge Nine)
JOINT D≠-False Flag (Sorry State)
SWIZ-Ghost (Sammich)
HALLRAKER-Small Sunshine (Sike)

TROPIEZO-Ire Al Infinito (multi-label)
BORN BAD-Society Bullshit (Fashionable Idiots)
BLINDS-Bite Me (Wasted Sounds)
UX VILEHEADS-Kitchen Knife (Sorry State)
REGULATIONS-Destroy (Havoc)
PSYCHED TO DIE-Staged Reality (Dirtnap)

GBH-Time Bomb (Clay)
AGENT ORANGE-Everything Turns Gray (Posh Boy)
DI-Stick To Your Guns (Reject)
THE BLOOD-Megalomania (Captain Oi)

THE ENERGY-Destroy Imagination (Team Science!)
TV FREAKS-Think (Schizophrenic)
TYRADES-Dance Like A Manaic (Broken)
GORILLA ANGREB-Aaarrrgghh (Feral Ward)
CRYSTAL ANTLERS-Tentacles (Touch & Go)
CRUCIFUCKS-Hinckley Had A Vision (Touch & Go)

RAW DEAL-Wall Of Hate (demo)
UNDERDOG-Say It To My Face (New Beginning)
LIFE’S BLOOD-Not For The Weak (Combined Effort)
THE MOB-Crucial Point (Another Planet)
HEART ATTACK-Shotgun (Broken)
LIFE SENTENCE-Punks For Profit (Walkthrufyre)

LA MISMA-Guerras Silenciosas (Toxic State)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Lost Decade (Hardware)
PUBERTY WOUNDS-Ex-Boyfriend Voyeur (demo)
EMPTY ROOM-Americans With Guns (demo)
DEFORMITY-Cracks (demo)

LATIN DOGS-World Powers (Kazaaamo)
VECTORS-Don’t Need Nothing (Busted Heads)
LOLI AND THE CHONES-I Think I’m Gonna (Rip Off)
TRUST FUND BABIES-Can’t Trust Me (Rapid Pulse)
PUTTERS-Muscle Car (Empty)

PERMANENT MAKEUP-Gibbering Slobbering (New Granada/No Clear)
POWERBLESSINGS-Creep Frost (Manhattan Chemical and Electronic)
KIM PHUC-Equinox (Iron Lung)
VISION/DECAY-Insomnia (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Toxic Shock)
SOUP DRAGONS-I Know Everything (Sire)

INOCENTES-Miseria E Fome (from “Life Is A Joke,” Weird System)
INFERNO-Steinkopf (Mülleimer)
SCROUNGERS-Let’s Hear It For Terrorism (self-released)
WARDS-Weapon Factory (self-released) in memory of Bob “Beano” Parker

THE CLASH-Tommy Gun (Epic)

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