Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #44, 2/20/14

Here's the deal--I was supposed to do this show on Stench Radio on Thursday the 20th, instead of my usual Wednesday slot but, due to confusion over time zones, who was on when, etc, the time I wanted wasn't available. So rather than put all my stuff away after having spent over 3 hours putting this together, I decided to record it anyway and call the show Sonic Overload NOT on Stench Radio because, well, it wasn't on the station.

Confused? That's OK... just listen...

Sonic Overload (not) on Stench Radio 2/20/14

BL’AST-Time To Think/Surf & Destroy (Southern Lord)

CÜLO-Toxic Vision (Deranged)
RIZOMA-Cows, Sheeps, Pigs and Tractors (Fast & Loud)
SUBSETS-I Don’t Wanna Be Here (self-released)
SLEAZE-Big Azz Buttz (Total Punk)
STAR CLUB-Hello New Punks! (Japan)

CONCRETE CROSS-City For Sale (Man In Decline)
SELFISH-Living Out Loud (Feral Ward)
EVANCE-If Tomorrow Don’t Comes (self-released)
GASMASK TERROR-Homesick For Hell (Solar Funeral)
BORN/DEAD-I Can’t Deal With It (Prank)
DEATHREAT-Expose The Fuckers (Partners In Crime)

CUSTOMS-Let’s Get It On (Shake-It)
VODKA COLLINS-Diamond To Dungarees (Man’s Ruin)
TOILET BOYS-Scaredy Cat (Masterplan)
CRUSADERS-Surpryse Packagge Fore Mr. Matzkov (Dionysus)
DOUBLE NUTHINS-Got Into A Fight In Special Ed (Rapid Pulse)

DEATH WISH KIDS-I Went To AA For A Year and All I Got Was This Lousy Ulcer (Hopscotch)
CELEBRITY ROAST-Dogmatic For The People (Creep)
NIGHT OWLS-Fun & Games (Hex)
SLEEPWALL-Sleepwalkers (Toxic Pop)
CHALLENGER-Input The Output (Jade Tree)

THE NEED-Mind Split Open (Aggravation Overdose)
SCRATCH ACID-Greatest Gift (Touch & Go)
ST. RIPPER-Destroyer (self-released)
POISON CONTROL-Slums Of Punk Rock (Deranged)
MONGOLOID-Attends (demo)
CIDER-Spot In Undies (Painkiller)

FOREIGN OBJECTS-Look Around (Vinyl Rites)
GENERAL INTEREST-Drunk Doctor (Ride The Snake)
REPORTS-Turnaround (Ride The Snake)
TOTAL CONTROL-Total Control (self-released)
JOSEF K-Heads Watch (Domino)

FULL SPEED AHEAD-Overload (Manic Ride)
SLICES-Slices Is Dirts (Iron Lung)
LA URSS-Control (Todo Destruido)
AKIMBO-Steal Your First Born (Alternative Tentacles)
RATSAK-Bullhead (12XU)

DEVO-S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) (Warner Bros.) in memory of Bob Casale
NEW MODELS-Permanent Vacation (Modern Method)
BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY-Turn On The Light (Polydor)
NINE POUND HAMMER-Outta The Way, Pigfuckers (Crypt)

ANCIENT FILTH-Growth Is Cancer (self-released)
DIVINE RIGHT-Roughneck (Deranged)
DUSTHEADS-Theides (Don Giovanni)
DIRT-Listen Morons (Skuld)
SADO NATION-Armageddon (GTA)
DISSENSION-Dissension (Bad Idea)

CIVIL DEFENSE-Enough (Striving For Togetherness)
MIND ERASER-What Did I Do (Collapse/Painkiller)
COMMON CAUSE-Reflection and Changed (Powered)
LIFE SET STRUGGLE-Retarded Song (Shock To The System)
DEATH INJECTION-Nightlife (demo)
OPPOSITION RISING-Guilty (Opposition)

PONY-Prizefighter (Homestead)
FLYING NUNS-Frank (Matador)

DEMOB-No Room For You (GTA)

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