Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #48, 3/19/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 3/19/14

PROFITS-Shock and Awe (Active Distribution)

KEGCHARGE-Blood –Mix-Oil (Hardcore Holocaust)
BURY THE LIVING-Baghdad Skies (Soul Is Cheap)
AVSKUM-Under A Bloodstained Flag (Prank)
DEATHTOLL-Sea Of Blood (Kangaroo)
DARFÜR-Retention of War (Bad Hair Life)
WITCH HUNT-War-Coma (self-released)

U-MEN-Dig It A Hole (Black Label)
SILVERFISH-Two Marines (Touch & Go)
PACHINKO-Lesbians or Lovers (Alternative Tentacles)
RED RED RED-Greatest Hit/Regeneration (Big Neck)
NEOS-Jungle Beat (Breakeven)

NUCLEAR SPRING-In The New Regime (from “Sound the Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
SILLA ELECTRICA-Es Lo Que Hay (from “Sound the Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
LAS OTRAS-Tragedia (Discos Sense Nom)
SGURD-PTS (self-released)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE-Reactionary Illusions (Grave Mistake)
MY REVENGE-Gay Marriage Is Better Than Your Marriage (Thorp)
PANIC-I Watch You Sleep (Bridge Nine)

INFERNO-Wodka (Beer City)
DUMBSTRUCK-Bullshit Artist (Boss Tuneage)
RIBZY-Cyanide Pill (Vinehell)
JERRY’S KIDS-Uncontrollable (from “This Is Boston, Not LA,” Modern Method)
CANCEROUS GROWTH-Had Enough (Beer City)

CANDY MACHINE-Collectors (Skene)
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY-Prosthesis Rising (Big Neck)
LOLLIPOP-Slow Drip (Amphetamine Reptile)
ESTRELLA 20/20-Afro Mexicana (Estrus)

STOOGES-Real Cool Time (Elektra) in memory of Scott Asheton
RIK L RIK-Meat House (from “Beach Blvd.,” Posh Boy)
SCORPIONS-Another Piece Of Meat (Mercury)
NUNS-World War III (Rosco)
BLOWFLY-I Wanna Be Fellated (Alternative Tentacles)

FRANTIX-Static Cling (Afterburn)
GRABBIES-I Wanna Be Blind (Proud To Be Idiot)
TV FREAKS-Never Finish What You Started (Schizophrenic)
NITAD-Varfor Varfor?  (No Way)
RESTARTS-Boozin’ (Plastic Bomb)
AEROBITCH-I Don’t Give A Fuck (People Like You)
GOLDEN AXE-Dognapped (from “Wolf Party,” Voodoo Rhythm)

LURKERS-Freak Show (Beggars Banquet)
RINGS-Automobile (Chiswick)
DRONES-Just Want To Be Myself (Anagram)
FUCK GEEZ-Fill Up With Punk Rock (Social Napalm)

CREEM-The Hunchback (Static Shock)
MISSIONARY-Kill Me (demo)
GLUE-Falling Apart (demo)
HOAX-Free The Land (Adagio830)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Solitude (Painkiller)
APPARATUS-Hardcore Horror (Shogun)

7 YEAR BITCH-No Fucking War (C/Z)
CONFLICT-Fester (Placebo)
PROLETARIAT-Another Banner Raised (Taang)
NATIVE TONGUE-Blame It On Gravity (Modern Method)
STEREOLAB-Ping Pong (Too Pure)


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