Friday, April 10, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #94, 4/1/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 4/1/15

BLOOD, SWEAT  & TEARS-Go Down Gamblin’ (Columbia)

BREAD-Let Your Love Go (Elektra)
IDES OF MARCH-Superman (Warner Bros.)
THREE DOG NIGHT-I Can Hear You Calling (Dunhill)
CHASE-Get it On (Epic)
BJ THOMAS-Everybody’s Out Of Town (Scepter)

KILLDOZER-I Am... I Said (Touch and Go)
FLYING LIZARDS-Summertime Blues (Virgin)
RESIDENTS-96 Tears (Ralph)
HEBE GEEBEES-Night Fever (from “Saturday Night Pogo,” Rhino)

GULAG-Doble Moral (Carnus)
ATTACK SS-Where Is The Future? (from “What A Hell Fukushima,” Human Recovery Project)
YDINPERHE-Aamuspliffit Ja Iltajointit (Bad Hair Life)
NUKE CULT-Mental Defective (demo)
SEX/VID-Misprint (Dom America)
EEL-Low Life (Konton Crasher/Mind Cure)
KIELTOLAKI-Tehtaasta Hautaan (Feral Ward)

FEEDERZ-Jesus Entering From The Rear (from “Let Them Eat Jellybeans,” Alternative Tentacles)
PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Religion On A Stick (Alternative Tentacles)
TH’INBRED-Jesus Youth (Alternative Tentacles)
BILL HICKS-Easter (Ryko)
LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Belly Bunny Rock (Moo-La-La)
SCRATCH ACID-Damned For All Time (Touch and Go)

NEON KING KONG-There’s A Party (GSL)
NEO CONS-Rent Controlled (demo)
ABANDOS-Goth  (Bruised Tongue)
INSTITUTE-Salt (Sacred Bones)                
ANASAZI-Horror At The Mass (Toxic State)

BUOYS-Timothy (Scepter)
GUESS WHO-No Sugar Tonight (RCA)
LIGHTHOUSE-Take It Slow (Evolution)

RUINATION-Theme For A Crucifiction (+/-)
BRAIN KILLER-Crucify (Deranged)
JERRY’S KIDS-Crucify Me (X-Claim)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-The Church of Jesus Christ (Sacred Bones)
EL JESUS DE MAGICO-New Moses (Columbus Discount)

POLICE-Next To You (A&M)
CHELSEA-Urban Kids (Step Forward)
CHRON-GEN-Reality (from “Kill Your Radio,” IRS)
ULTRAVOX-Young Savage (Island)

THINK-Once You Understand (Laurie)
FLASH-Small Beginnings (Capitol)
FANCY-Wild Thing (Big Tree)

LARD-They’re Coming To Take Me Away (Alternative Tentacles)

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