Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #95, 4/8/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 4/8/15

AMDI PETERSENS ARME-Hardcore Del II (Kick n’ Punch)

SADIST-The Shadow Of The Swastika (self-released)
BLAZING EYE-No Outside (Overdose)
AMERICAN HATE-Chain Grading (Not Normal)
LOTUS FUCKER-Psalms Of The Planet/Berserk (SPHC)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-50 White Dudes With Machetes (from upcoming album)

SPITS-Flags (Recess)
PERSUADERS-I’m A Fool (Savage)
MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS-Fade Away (Siltbreeze)
DA MORONICS-Neutron Bomb (self-released)
DEAD HIPPIE-Living Dead (Pulse)
BANG GANG-Stupid People (Matako Mazuri)

GAY KISS-Failed City (Sorry State)
BROKEN PRAYER-White Children (Sorry State)
DARK AGES-Into Gray (Sorry State)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Suffer (Alternative Tentacles)

NEU!-After Eight (Astralwerks)
RED TRANSISTOR-Not Bite (Ecstatic Peace)
BRAINBOMBS-Burning Hell (Blackjack)
RECTAL HYGEINICS-Suffocating (Permanent)

RAD-Disposophobia (Sacramento)
DR. MORBAL-L.I.B.O.R. (demo)
BROWN SUGAR-Another Perfect Song (from “Welcome To 2013,” Best Before ’84)
BITS OF SHIT-Rock Sing (Homeless)
WEBCAM TEENS-Where You Stand (demo)
NARCOMAN-The Flame (Sorry State)

MOLLS-White Stains (Skids)
JOE JACKSON-Throw It Away (A&M)
OUTCASTS-Just Another Teenage Rebel (Captain Oi)
VICE CREEMS-01-01-212 (Tiger)

DEADSPOT-My Death (Letterbomb)
SELFISH-I Wanna Feel Some (Feral Ward)
ORGANISM-Humanity (Hardcore)
MORPHEME-Hakai Shodo (Prank)
BORN/DEAD-I Can’t Deal With It (Prank)

LEPER-Shoot Me Up With Violence (demo)
CRAMPS-Garbageman (Zonophone)
COWS-Walk Alone (Amphetamine Reptile)
THEE OH SEES-Dead Energy (Castle Face)

VIOLATORS-Gangland (No Future)
EXPELLED-Dreaming (Captain Oi)
THREATS-1980s (Doctor Strange)
GOONS-Closing Time In America/I’m Alright (American Punk)

WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?-Spike Your Hair With Beer (Total Fucker)
STUPID BABIES GO MAD-Dirty (Mess Around)

EDIE AND THE EGGS-Punks, Get Off The Grass (Egg)

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