Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sonic Overload 5/18/15

Many of you have probably heard that Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, has been sentenced to death. I think that’s a travesty—I think the death penalty is a travesty, period, a barbaric act that no civilized society should use. But what about Tsarnaev and other terrorists’ barbarism? What about his lack of remorse? I don’t think we should lower ourselves to their reprehensible acts. The US remains one of the only industrialized countries that still has capital punishment. There’s proof that innocent people have been executed.

An acquaintance of mine said it wasn’t justice to him, it was pure vengeance. At least this guy admits the source of his bloodlust. I don’t feel that way and, before you say I’d feel differently if it was someone in my family who had been killed, someone in my family was killed by terrorists. Someone I consider family was killed on 9/11. And that never changed my feelings about capital punishment.
There are many things to be ashamed of about this country and capital punishment is one of them...

Sonic Overload 5/18/15


AUS-ROTTEN-Capital Punishment (Rotten Propaganda)

PRESSING ON-Blocked By A Wall (demo)
GROTTO-Slum Bags (demo)
GLUE-Peer Evaluation (Lagerville)
REPOS-Ripped and Glued (Youth Attack)
NOMOS-Vertical Slum (Deranged)
EEL-Pacifism Won’t Win Fight (Mind Cure)
SCROUNGERS-Kindly Fuck Off (self-released)

GUN CLUB-Sex Beat (Ruby)
BLUE CROSS-Punishment (Shogun)
COLIN NEWMAN-Order For Order (Beggars Banquet)

EVERYDAY OBJECTS-Versus The Crown (demo)
GOOD THROB-Feminazi (SuperFi)
LEATHER-Rootless Cosmopolite (Slugsalt)
TERCER MUNDO-Ser Nosotros Mismos (Cintas Pepe)
SILLA ELECTRICA-No Controlo (Solo Para Punks)


NO PROBLEM-Living In The Void (Debt Offensive)
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY-Glimmerglass (Motherbox)
PSYCHED TO DIE-Sterile Walls (Dirtnap)
DEATH BY SNOO SNOO-Nuppu (Creative Class War)
BOB EVANS-Dead Broke (Skene)

ANGRY SAMOANS-Steak Knife (Triple X)
FLIPPER-The Game’s Got A Price (Infinite Zero)
MIGHTY SPHINCTER-Exterminator (Placebo)
HALF JAPANESE-There’s A Girl (Iridescence)
GUIDED BY VOICES-Gold Hick (Matador)
YO LA TENGO-From A Motel Six (Matador)

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE-Control (Grave Mistake)
VILE GASH-Life-Rot (Youth Attack)
MAD WORLD-Persona (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
ASYLUM-Vicious Cycle (Vinyl Conflict)
OMEGAS-Peasant Dance (Parts Unknown)
BRAIN HANDLE-Nervous Politics (No Way)


HURRIGANES-Tallahassee Lassie (Love)
COLOURED BALLS-Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Sing Sing)
SICK THINGS-Can’t Take No More (Shock)
KORO-Selfless Johnny (Sorry State)
FOURTEEN OR FIGHT-Everything Is Not Alright (from “Mein Comp,” Youth Attack)
TRAGEDY-No End In Sight (Armageddon)

KIDS OF CARNAGE-The Kids Of Carnage (Give Praise)
MILLIONAIRES-Headcase (Teen Patriot)
HIGHWAY STRIPPERS-Workin’ Hollywood (Mobcore)
RADIO REELERS-Saturday Nite (Dead Beat)
THROBBIN URGES-Sitcom Timebomb (Dead Beat)

ZEROS-Hungry (from “Streets,” Beggars Banquet)
999-Nobody Knows (United Artists)
SAINTS-Know Your Product (Sire)
GENERATION X-Wild Youth (Chrysalis)


VIOLENT ARREST-Our Dearly Deported (Boss Tuneage)
THE SHINING-They Already Know (Pick Up)
DESERT OF TOMORROW-No Sacrifice (Ankh)
DEATHTOLL-My Advice (Kangaroo)
ANAL WARHEAD-Time To Die (Suburban White Trash)

MUNG-Eye For An Eye (Rodent Popsicle)
ALLOY-Just Plain Evil (Bitzcore)
TAR-Tellerman (Amphetamine Reptile)
CRIMSON SWEET-Still Glistening (On/On Switch)

VIOLATORS-Summer of ‘81 (No Future)

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