Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #101, 5/20/15

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KILLJOYS-Johnny Won’t Get To Heaven (Raw)
JOHNNY & THE SELF-ABUSERS-Saints and Sinners (from “Catch A Wave”)
ASPHALT JUNGLE-Poly Magoo (Skydog)
SICK THINGS-Antisocial Disease (Chaos)
GLUEAMS-365 (from “My Girlfriend Was A Punk”)
RHINO 39-Prolixin Stomp

METZ-Nervous System (Sub Pop)
STRANGE WILDS-Gator Cough (Sub Pop)
GROTTO-Fermunted (demo)
MAD DOG-(I’m The) Animal (demo)
PUBERTY WOUNDS-West Country Nightmare (demo)
SOME NERVE-Strong Hand (demo)

DEGENERICS-What’ll You Do? (Soulrebel)
KEPONE-Velveteen (Quarterstick)
GIANT HAYSTACKS-Words In Vain (Smartguy)
RHYTHM PIGS-Can’t Change The World (C/Z)
VICTIMS FAMILY-Friends (Mordam)

NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Hypocrite (Captain Oi) in memory of Colin Masters
ZOUNDS-Little Bit More (Broken)
SUBHUMANS-Businessmen (Bluurg)
CRESS-S21 (Tadpole)
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Take Heed (One Little Indian)

THE SHINING-Comes Crisis Comes Death (Pick Up)
IRON LUNG-A Victory For Polio (from “Sub Pop 1000,” Sub Pop)
STRIPMINES-Moloch Age (Sorry State)
TRUNCHEONS-Kill The Fraud (Distort Reality)
KONTRASEKT-Consumed (Vex)
NO PARADE-A Chain Of Chains (Partners In Crime)

SIDE BY SIDE-Dead Serious (Revelation)
STRAIGHT AHEAD-Spirit Of Youth (IRisk)
CITIZENS ARREST-Fortress (Lost and Found)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE-Bored To Death (Dischord)
VIOLENT APATHY-Society Rules (Lost and Found)
DR. KNOW-Watch  It Burn (Mystic)

GUILTY FACES-Some Things (demo)
ST. RIPPER-Meat Grinder (self-released)
POISON CONTROL-Slums Of Punk Rock (Deranged)
VCR-Scream (self-released)
QUANGO-QuikQuid (First World Problems)

VENDETTA-And The Brave Man Falls (from “Doomsday News,” Noise)
VIOLENT ARREST-Cold Front (Boss Tuneage)
SHAVED CHRIST-Born (Bakery Outlet)
AS$TROLAND-Moral Police (Exit)
CAVITY-Wounded (from “Bread: The Edible Napkin,” No Idea)

KILLROY-66 Big Build-Up (Ghetto-Way)
AUTOPSIA-Esta Es La Democracia (Cochembomba)
SHIT S.A.-Abortos (B-Core)
HEADCLEANERS-Invented Crap (Malign Massacre)
BASTARDS-Vapaus (from “Russia Bombs Finland,” Propaganda)
ANTI-SYSTEM-Empty Threats (Reconciliation)

VIOLATIONS-Rumination (demo)
POISON SPUR-Intelligent Haunting (demo)
SHOES THIS HIGH-Menace (Siltbreeze)
FLYKILLS-Mucha Policia (demo)
FLACCID-Flaccid (Nothing Is Real)

FILTH-Night Of Rage (Lookout) in memory of Mike Montano aka Mike-O the Psycho
DYSENTERY-Hated of Society (Sub City)

RED ROCKERS-Dead Heroes (415)

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