Friday, June 19, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #102, 6/3/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 6/3/15

MUDHONEY-Touch Me I’m Sick (Sub Pop)

ORDEN MUNDIAL-Acción Humanitaria (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANIMAL MOTHER-It’s A Real Fight (demo)
DEFORMITY-Itch (demo)
BREAKOUT-Sheltered Minds (demo)
HOLY SHIT!-Put A Band Aid On It (Criminal IQ)
OFF!-King Kong Brigade (Vice)

LIGHTNING BOLT-The Metal East (Thrill Jockey)
HALDOL-Insomnia In Dream City (self-released)
GROTTO-Getting Off On Sick (demo)
DOGMATIST-Total Black (Adult Crash)

NEATS-6 (from “Propeller Product,” Propeller)
NATIVE TONGUE-Speaking In Captions (Detente)
ADAM & THE ANTS-Beat My Guest (Columbia)
UXA-No Time/UXA (Posh Boy)

THE FALL-Stout Man (Cherry Red)
CLAW TOE-Panic Attack (Criminal IQ)
THE MEN-Night Landing (Sacred Bones)
COLA FREAKS-Øjet (Hjernespind)

DOA-The Enemy (Sudden Death)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-At The Edge (Chrysalis)
TRANSPLANTS-Suicidal Tendencies (Bacchus Archives)
CLOVERBOTTOM-Cottage Cheeseheads (Toolbox)

VEXX-Flattened Scenes (Katorga Works)
BIG CRUX-Honest Industry (Not Normal)
NAIVE-100 Degrees (Kool Arrow)
THE YOUNG-Attitude Adjustment (Criminal IQ)
GHOUL SQUAD-Little Wolves (from “Pusmort View,” Toy’s Factory)

DAWN OF HUMANS-Mangled Puzzle (Toxic State)
BROKEN PRAYER-Pigeon (Sorry State)
XADDAX-Lives On Nerves (Skin Graft)
PERMANENT MAKEUP-Pose Bust (New Granada)
DETENTION-Dead Rock ‘n’ Rollers (GTA)

ANTI-DOGMATIKSS-Religión (Tralla)
EXISTENZ-Burning Bones Of War (from “I Thrash Therefore I Am,” Schizophrenic)
RATOS DE PORAO-Morer (Peculio)
BGK-Holiday In Lebanon (Alternative Tentacles)
BUZZOVEN-Plow (from “Punk Uprisings Vol. 2,” Go-Kart)

CAUCASOID-Smile When You Die (demo)
POST TEENS-Polyamory (No Idea)
ESTUPAS-Neutrones Al Amanecer (Hillside Strangler)
ANGRY ANGLES-Apparent-Transparent (Plastic Idol)
SEMPER EADEM-Righteous Violence (demo)
BATHROOM/S-In My Room/Kill A Commie (demo)

PVC-Waiting For Worldwar 3 (from “Back To Front, Vol. 6”)
INSULTS-I’m So Twisted (Brain Transplant)

IAN HUNTER-Once Bitten Twice Shy (Columbia)

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