Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #136, 2/17/16

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 2/17/16

UNIFORM CHOICE-Screaming For Change (Wishingwell) in memory of Shawn Wenzel

WARCRY-Drone II (Warcry)
DETONATE-Boys Don’t Cry (Distort Reality)
DISTRAUGHT-Freedom Defined (Doomed)
ROTTEN CADAVER-Starve To Death (Black Water)
RELIGIOUS WAR-Green Bitch (Hardcore Holocaust)

CRIMINAL WAVE-Get Hurt/Waste Of Space (Xerox)
VIDEO-Drink It In (Third Man)
SILLA ELÉCTRICA-Delirio (Solo Para Punks)
RATS IN THE WALL-Punish (demo)
FANTASY ARCADE-The March of the Gnome Army (Too Old To Die)
HERO DISHONEST-Nyt Nussitaan! (Peterwalkee)

PIGS-Bet It All On Black (Solar Flare)
WHORES-I Am Not A Goal-Oriented Person (Brutal Panda)
KAMIKAZE TRIO- Are You Going To The Protest? (P.Trash)

RORSCHACH-Pavlov’s Dogs (Gern Blandsten)
BORN AGAINST-Mount The Pavement (Kill Rock Stars)
MINOR THREAT-Little Friend (Dischord)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH-Just How Much (Revelation)
JOY DIVISION-The Only Mistake (Factory)

TRANS MEGETTI-Turned On (Gern Blandsten)
FLESHIES-Rosa (Alternative Tentacles)
NEON KING KONG-Get What’s Going Around (GSL)
WHITE FANGS-Sick & Sad (Azbin)
C.R.A.S.H.-Cult Merch (Post Present Medium)

BAD BRAINS-Fearless Vampire Killers (ROIR)
GUNS-I’m Not Right (Smog Veil)
NINE SHOCKS TERROR-Reality Is Flying Through The Window (Sound Pollution)
FACE VALUE-Face Value/Sellout (Smog Veil)
CONFRONT-One Of A Kind (Dark Empire)
MOUTHPIECE-Face Tomorrow (New Age)

ANGRIES-Muckraker (demo)
DEATH CRISIS-Your Dog Doesn’t Like Hardcore and You’re An Asshole For Bringing Them To The Show (Too Old To Die)
OILY BOYS-Tan (Disinfect)
CRUCIAL SECTION-Gete Way (Ratbone)
PARANOID-Nangijala (D-Takt & Råpunk)
ANSWER CRYING-Impulsive Violence (Tribal War Asia)
PESD-Plastik (Prank)

POP-O-PIES-A Political Song (Subterranean)
ANAL CUNT-Pottery’s Gay (Earache)
CHRONIC SICK-Dress Code (Mutha)
ACCELERATORS-Teenage Zombie (from “Hardcore Amerika,” Schizophrenic)
TH’INBRED-Scene Death (Alternative Tentacles)
JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fist Puppet)
PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS-Homo Truck Driving Man (Pajamarama)

MODERN NEEDS-Plastic Bag (self-released)
SHADY & THE VAMP-X-Ray Vision (La Suisse Primitive)
NIGHT STALKERS-Fuck All Night (demo)
WOODBOOT-Gut You (Erst Theke Tontrager)
CÜLO-On The Nod (Deranged)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes (No Way)
TOXIC REASONS-Break The Bank (Sixth International)

NEW ORDER-The Him (Factory)

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