Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #137, 2/24/16

Listen live every Wednesday on Stench Radio from 6 to 8 PM eastern... this week's show has only three segments because of computer problems.

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 2/24/16

ONE WAY SYSTEM-Give Us A Future (Captain Oi)

GODFLESH-Weak Flesh (Swordfish)
FASHION-Swells (Yibbidda Yibbidda)
DUSTHEADS-The Ides (Don Giovanni)
PUBERTY WOUNDS-Chasteland/Ex-Boyfriend Voyeur (demo)
VIOLATIONS-Fraud (demo)
WRONG HOLE-Got A Cold (Pleasance)

COMES-Public Circle (Dogma)
THE GAIA-Last War (Sound Pollution)
MUKEKA DE RATO-Nazi Tolices (from “Tomorrow Will Be Worse Volume 2,” Sound Pollution)
NO VALUE-Punk Show (from “Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 4,” Sound Pollution)
CONGA FURY-Dear Friends (Six Weeks)

KIM PHUC-Heathens (Iron Lung)
QUANGO-Fatality (First World Problems)
STRANGERS-It’s Not Alright (Verdugo)
TOZCOS-No Hay Luz (Verdugo)
FUMIGADOS-Decerebrado (Verdugo)

GRONG GRONG-Grong Grong (Alternative Tentacles)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS-The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave (Alternative Tentacles)
GOD BULLIES-Creepy People (Amphetamine Reptile)
DARVOCETS-Horror Snores (Fashionable Idiots)

CHAIN RANK-Time For It To End (self-released)
CRETINS-Piss On Your Pieces (Vinyl Conflict)
LOST CAUSE-Through The Cracks (self-released)
LONG KNIFE-Repetition (Long Knife)
BAD NOIDS-Lies (Katorga Works)
DAWN OF HUMANS-Foundation? (Toxic State)

THE WALL-Kiss The Mirror (Captain Oi)
DAMNED-I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Chiswick)
METHOD ACTORS-The Method (Armageddon)
FLESH EATERS-No Questions Asked (Upsetter)

DEPRESSIVE STATE-Total Annihilation (Thrashbastard)
DIS SUCKS-Dear God (New Audio Terror)
THE JURY-Can’t Fight The Feeling (Loud Punk)
TROPIEZO-No Al V Centenario (Where’s Your Anger?)

LAUKAUS-Vihaa (Distort)

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