Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sonic Overload, 3/28/16

This past weekend marked special anniversaries for a couple of albums in my collection, albums that are treasured by fans of each respective band –Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak,” which came out on March 26, 1976 and Slint’s “Spiderland,” released on March 27, 1991. 40 and 25 years respectively and I play them both on the show this week. “Jailbreak” was the first Lizzy album I got, after picking up the single of “The Boys Are Back In Town.” I got that on a shopping trip with my grandmother and the other album purchased that day was Blue Öyster Cult’s “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees.” The latter was kind of an odd choice for my first Cult album but it did whet my appetite to check out the back catalog.

As for Slint, the album didn’t really connect at the time and I ended up getting rid of it. Then, “Good Morning Captain” showed up on the soundtrack for the movie “Kids” and I was blown away. I revisited the album and, while it’s not 100% great (neither is “Jailbreak,” for that matter, it’s pretty groundbreaking stuff and  “Good Morning Captain” is one of the few songs that lives up to the hackneyed term “epic.”

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Sonic Overload 3/28/16


BAUHAUS-Dark Entries (Beggars Banquet)

SUNSHINE WARD-Mind Control (Feral Ward)
FRAMTID-Visions Of Onkalo (Brain Solvent Propaganda)
GREEN BERET-After The Arms Race (Side Two)
VASTUSTA-Natsiäpärät (demo)
CØNDITION-Repeatedly Decimated (Iron Lung)
ORGANIZED SPORTS-I’m So Proud Of Him (Bulkhead)

EX-CULT-New Crawl (In The Red)
LE FACE-Tylenol Killer (Dead Beat)
ANTEENAGERS MC-Cars (Plastic Idol)
PAGAN PISS-In A Cage (Let’s Go Do Some Crimes)

PLATES-Under Suspect Tutelage (Big Neck)
OAF-Cheat II (Deranged)
SONIC ORDER-Sinaction (demo)
TV SLIME-TV (self-released)
LIBERTY-Funny How (demo)


LANDLORDS-Verbal Attack (Feel It)
FRANTIX-Cat/Mouse (Alternative Tentacles)
SLUGGO-Stitch (Shag Dog)
RKL-US Steal (Mystic)
SADO NATION-Don’t Bother Me (GTA)
MIA-Small Man In A Big World (Alternative Tentacles)
SOCIAL UNREST-Making Room For Youth (New Red Archives)

GRODES-Cry A Little Longer (from “Pebbles Box,” Ubik)
COUNTDOWNS-Ghetto Blaster (Scooch Pooch)
CAVEMEN-Fucked In The Head (1:12)
GHOST PUNCH-Heard Yr A Witch (self-released)
MAYYORS-White Jeep (self-released)

PUSRAD-Musik I Mina Öron (Dead Beat)
MÜLLTÜTE-Warten (self-released)
PUNCH IN THE FACE-Not Here To Make Friends (HQ)
RÜZ-Fuck Everything (self-released)
UX VILEHEADS-My Path (Sorry State)
BRAIN HANDLE-Sentimental Men (No Way)


FLESHAPOIDS-Nuke The Whales (Trashtone)
DICKIES-Nights In White Satin (A&M)
COCKNEY REJECTS-Flares N Slippers (Captain Oi)
CHELSEA-Urban Kids (Step Forward)

GLITTER-Wash Up (Lumpy)
RETAINERS-Teenage Regrets (Fashionable Idiots)
GUERRILLEROS DE NADIE-Aun Existe (Suburban White Trash)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART-Give Up (Art Of The Underground)
2X4-Survive This Mess (Twerp)
SAVAGEHEADS-Savageheads (Twerp/X-Ploit)

SLINT-Good Morning Captain (Touch and Go)
EMPIRE-Electric Guitar (Poorly Packaged)


QUANGO-Viva Il Papa (Danger)
MIND SPIDERS-Rip It Out (Dirtnap)
SHOES THIS HIGH-Mental Whiff (Siltbreeze)
BGM-Neo Dancer (Vanity)

KRIMEWATCH-Motherfucker Piss (demo)
TOZCOS-Existencia Aturdida (Verdugo)
R.O.B.O.-No Te Rindes (Blondes Must Die)
MEMORY HOLE-Tropical Depression (demo)
GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS-Closed Mind, Open E (River On Fire)
F-MINUS-We’re All Deadmen (Hellcat)

THIN LIZZY-The Boys Are Back In Town (Mercury)

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