Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sonic Overload on Old FX Punk Radio--Show #2, 3/23/16

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Sonic Overload on Old FX Punk Radio 3/23/16

OUT COLD-Like Clockwork (Kangaroo)

CRAZY SPIRIT-Come A Little Closer (No Patience)
SADIST-The Shadow Of The Swastika (self-released)
PERSPEX FLESH-Euthanasia (Static Shock)
BROKEN PRAYER-National Cum (demo)
ANASAZI-Hex Da System (Toxic State)
NURSE-The Anchor (self-released)

HEIBEL-Fuck Your Propaganda (COR)
CAPITAL SCUM-Clutch The Flag (Hageland)
ZYKLOME A-Scapegoats (GTA)
KOYAANISQUATSI-War (from “Alle 24 Goed,” Demolition Derby)
REPROACH-Over The Kill (Deep Six)
DEAD STOP-Done With You (Deranged)
SUNPOWER-Belgium’s Burning (Holy Shit!)

MUERTE-Estado de Excepción (Cintas Pepe)
LA MISMA-23:15 (Toxic State)
GOOD THROB-Double White Denim (White Denim)
EVERYDAY OBJECTS-Retreatist Front (demo)
CONEHEADS-Psycho Killer (Erste Theke Tonträeger)

OUTCASTS-Gangland Warfare (Abstract)
SECTOR 27-Not Ready (IRS)
SIOUXIE & THE BANSHEES-Sin In My Heart (Polydor)
SAVAGES-The Answer (Matador)

WHITE JAZZ-Peace/No Peace (Atomic Action)
RAZORHEADS-Black Blade (from “Sick Of Things The Way They Are,” Atomic Action)
OAF-Cheat II (Deranged)
CROSS CLASS-Blank Check (demo)
JÄVLA-Ether Rag (Society Bleeds)
CØNDITION-Blood Without End (Iron Lung)

JOHN OTWAY-Head Butts (Polydor)
JILTED JOHN-Jilted John (from “DIY—Teenage Kicks,” Rhino)
SECTION URBANE-When I Watch TV (540)

METAL URBAIN-Panik (Byzzz)
CLAW TOE-Vibration (Criminal IQ)
METZ-Acetate (Sub Pop)
RETOX-I’ve Had It Up To Here, I’m Going To Prison (Epitaph)

HOSE-Zoo (Def Jam)
GANG GREEN-Sold Out (Taang)
POISON IDEA-Thorn In My Side (Fatal Erection)
LAST RIGHTS-Do What You Want (Taang)
DIE KREUZEN-Rumors (Touch and Go)
THE MOB-Step Forward (Mob Style)

OFF!-Borrow and Bomb (Vice)
UROCHROMES-Country Joe (Lumpy)
GLITTER-Garden (Lumpy)
UDÜSIC-Revised (Painkiller)
EXECÜTORS-Give Us Guns (Dead Beat)
PUSRAD-Mönstermedborgare (Dead Beat)

THE KIDS-Bloody Belgium (Philips)
TESTORS-Bad Attitude (Swami)

GUTTERMOUTH-Asshole (Nitro)

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