Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sonic Overload 4/4/16

It’s April 4 and it’s fucking snowing! Second time in two days, in fact. That’s after it hit 70 last week. That wacky New England weather. I’m not going to complain because it was a relatively mild winter. I wasn’t exactly feeling 100% while recording this show. Let’s just say getting to bed on a Sunday night/Monday morning at 1:30 AM, after a loud ‘n smoky punk show (at the Boiler Room in Boston, with Disguise and others) and then not being able to fall back to sleep after 6:30 might not be conducive to putting together a mind-bender of a show but I did my best. And, yes, I really did play and do like that Blood Sweat & Tears song. Deal with it.

Don’t forget I’ve moved the live show to Old FX Punk Radio and that’s at Wednesday nights from 9 to 11 PM eastern at

Sonic Overload 4/4/16


PRONG-Disbelief (Mr. Bear)

THE FACTION-Bullets Are Faster Than Words (Beer City)
MDC-Gig and Die In LA (Beer City)
CRUSTIES-Horton Hears A Who (Beer City)
WASTED YOUTH-Uni-High Beefrag/Born Deprived (Sandblast)
AGENT ORANGE-Feminist (Gummopunx)
WHITE CROSS-Deaf, Dumb and Blind (GTA)

RHIN-Basement (Grimoire)
POP. 1280-USS ISS (Sacred Bones)
HHRRIISSTT-Filth Kind (demo)
LYSOL-Ill (demo)

DISGUISE-Constant Victim (Static Shock)
SUNSHINE WARD-Selfish Hate (Feral Ward)
RASH TONGUE-Treads of Progress (Hardware)
MEANWHILE-Next Generation (Feral Ward)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-End This Endless Life (Beer City)
OPPOSITION RISING-Elitist Punks Fuck Off (Pine Hill)


WHATEVER BRAINS-Mt. Whatever (Bull City)
ISS-Back Taxes and Anaphylaxis (demo)
CLAW TOE-Geriatric Stalker (Criminal IQ)
SLEAFORD MODS-Black Monday (Ipecac)

MONSTERS-Psych-Out With Me (Voodoo Rhythm)
STATICS-Can’t Get Enough (Rip Off)
DC SNIPERS-Criminal Dog (Dead Beat)
METROS-I Gotta Go (Dirtnap)

INEPSY-The Reaper Watches The Game (Ineptik)
STUN EVENT-Suicide Forest (Man In Decline)
KRIMEWATCH-No Sympathy (demo)
R.O.B.O.- Cansados De Pedir Perdon (Blondes Must Die)
INFA RIOT-Kids of the 80s (Plastic Head)
ANTI PASTI-Ain’t Got Me (Palmer Turner Overdrive)


KATHERINE-Shut Yr Mouth (self-released)
OCTOBER FILE-Where The Clowns Meet The Horizon (Candlelight)
CADENA-Reflexes (Boston Pizza)

PINPOINT-Richmond (Albion)
HATES-No Talk In The 80s (Faceless)
METEORS-Blitzkrieg (EMI)
VICE CREEMS-01-01-212 (Tiger)
ELECTRIC CHAIRS-What You Got (Illegal)


NIGHT BIRDS-(I’m) Wired (Fat)
HELTA SKELTA-55MM (Deranged)
TV GHOST-Bastille (In The Red)
GLITTER-Icing On The Cake (Lumpy)
UROCHROMES-I Don’t Wanna Be Like Me (Lumpy)

BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS-Go Down Gamblin’ (Columbia)
LES SEXAREENOS-Wild Wild Wild (Sack O Shit)
LIBERTINES-Up The Bracket (Rough Trade)
SATAN’S RATS-Year Of The Rats (Overground)

NATIVE TONGUE-When The Walls Close In (demo)

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