Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sonic Overload 9/8/14

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US that occurred, of course, on 9/11/01. As many of you know, I lost a close friend of mine that day, Jane Simpkin and this show, as always, is dedicated to her memory. The first set in the last segment features some of her favorite bands. The passage of time has lessened the sting but I’ll never forget what happened that day and I’m sure no one else will, either, especially those who suffered losses. Sadly, history seems to be repeating itself (to use a cliché) with the uprising of ISIS (or ISIL). How much of a threat do they pose to the US? What caused their emergence—was it US actions after the attacks? What military actions lie ahead? Endless war, indeed, and I’m afraid many more lives are likely to be sacrificed.

R.I.P. Jane...

Sonic Overload 9/8/14


HOLDING ON-The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played (Bridge Nine)

JOHN WAYNE’S SEVERED HEAD-2 Towers and Too Many Flags (self-released)
BORN DEAD ICONS-Great Western Mistake (Partners In Crime)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-The Sucking Of The Missile Cock (Hardcore Holocaust)
CAUSTIC CHRIST-Dead To The World (Havoc)
SLEEPER CELL-Bombs Under Baghdad (Cries of Pain)

HOT TIP-Electric (demo)
LA MISMA-Saudade (from “Ground Zero,” Toxic State)
CALENDAR BOYS-Far Away (demo)
COPS-I’m Tired & I Want To Go Home (demo)
SEX SNOBS-Lonely (self-released)
MAD DOG-Empty (demo)

HATE TO SAY IT-LOL (This Shit’s Not Funny) (Spine Punch)
MORMONS-Bring ‘em Young (Gristmilling)
BRAIN CAR-Suburbia Sux (Reel Time)
SHIRKS-Sex Gear (Grave Mistake)
RUNNING-Gripman’s Ripper/Everybody’s Fucking Everybody (Captcha)


CARDIAC ARREST-Tell Me What I Want To Hear (Even Worse/Way Back When)
AJAX-Useless (Even Worse)
DISSEKERAD-Dissekerad (Man In Decline)
KYLMÄ SOTA-Päätä Seinään (Raakanaama)
ULTRA VIOLENT-Dead Generation (Riot City)

FLYKILLS-Cut Off Yr Head (demo)
STATIC EYES-Waves (Windian)
THE UNFUCKABLE-Day Off (Aarght!)
RED HEX-Shoulda Known (Negative Fun)
VIOLATIONS-Physicians (demo)
LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Juice Stomp (Wrench)

GLITTER-Behind The Velvet Curtain (Pee Blood)
NICE FACE-You’re So Dramatic (Sacred Bones)
YOUNG MOTHER-Smart Kids (Telephone Explosion)
GIRLS AT OUR BEST-Getting Nowhere Fast (Vinyl Japan)
FLYS-We Are The Lucky Ones (Captain Oi)


PERFECT PUSSY-Driver (Captured Tracks)
LIBYANS-A Common Place (Sorry State)
STUNTMEN-Kick Them Out (Black Hole)
INSOMNIO-In The City (Trabuc)
THIS IS MY FIST-I’m Not Even Trying (No Idea)

PEACEBREAKERS-You Exploit You (from “Stomp-I-Lation,” Stupid)
FLACCID-Flaccid (Nothing Is Real)
THUMBSUCKERS-Liberty Paints (Eat The Life)
NEUTRAL FIXATION-Invasive Species (Tampered Reels)
WASTOIDS-Hoop Dreams (demo)
POLICE LINE-Mutual Silence (Human Stench)
VIOLENT MINDS-Death Bed (Parts Unknown)

THE SYSTEM-Dogs Of War (Skuld)
THE POGO-Police War (Loud Punk)
EU-VOSTOLIITTO-Punk-Polisi (demo)
DISCO ASSAULT-Homeland Security (Schizophrenic)


JOY DIVISION-Warsaw (Qwest)
BAUHAUS-Dark Entries (Beggars Banquet)
MISSION OF BURMA-Secrets (Ace of Hearts)
SONIC YOUTH-Catholic Block (SST)

REAGAN YOUTH-Reagan Youth (Freeway Enterprises)
THE STATE-Country Daydream (Underestimated)
OVER MY DEAD BODY-Patriotic Cattle Call (Indecision)
OPUS DEAD-Larga Vida Al Ruído (self-released)
TEAR IT UP-Play To Destroy (DeadAlive)
THE PROWL-Tear Me Down (Gloom)


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