Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #69, 9/3/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 9/3/14

VOID-Who Are You? (Dischord)

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY-Brainbomb (United Artists)
MEKONS-I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) (Fast)
WIPERS-Return Of The Rat (Zeno)
DEAD KENNEDYS-Terminal Preppie (Alternative Tentacles)
JFA-Preppy (Alternative Tentacles)

DAMAGED HEAD-I Hate My Neighbourhood (Man In Decline)
OUTS-Get Creeped (demo)
SLUGGA-Ascension (demo)
TRENCHES-Blackout (demo)
SADIST-Minotaur’s Maze (demo)
LONG PIGS-Convenience Addict (demo)

GUN CLUB-Sex Beat (Ruby)
MARGINAL MAN-Emotional Scars (Dischord)
BAD RELIGION-Sensory Overload (Epitaph)
SOCIETY DOG-Metropolitan Rush (Subterranean)
CHANNEL 3-Mannequin (Posh Boy)
BEASTIE BOYS-Square Wave In Unison (Capitol)

CARDIAC ARREST-Mutual Hate (Even Worse/Way Back When)
AJAX-Oppress Me (Even Worse)
BORN WRONG-Art District (Schizophrenic)
AK-47-Kick In The Face (self-released)
ABUSIVE ACTION-Taking Charge (Voice Of A Generation)
STICKS IN THROAT-Game of Paradigm (HG Fact)

GLITTER-Glitter Theme/Mono (Pee Blood)
VILE BODIES-Indentured (demo)
CONVERSIONS-No One Is Watching (Ride The Snake)
LOSER LIFE-I Want The World (Life’s A Rape)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-House Of Broken Hogs (self-released)
PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Strength Thru Bowling (Alternative Tentacles)

THROBBIN URGES-Sitcom Timebomb (Dead Beat)
SUICIDE SQUAD-I Hate School (from “Murder Punk Vol. 1”)
VENOM P. STINGER-Venom P. Stinger (from “The Not So Lucky Country,” Reactor)
OUTNAUTS-From The Inside Flow Witch Changes As Nothing (from “A Reason For Living 2003,” Dan-Doh)
X-X-You’re Full Of Shit (Drome)

THE FORGOTTEN-Class Separation (TKO)
SOCIAL SCARE-200 Years (Radical)
GUS-Fuckin’ Nazi (Wrong)
HOUSE ON FIRE-Bomb On The Plane (demo)
SWEET DIESEL-Winner (Go Kart)
GOING TO HELL-Two Wrongs (self-released)

THE SLEAZE-Conor Start (Total Punk)
DEBRIS’-One Way Spit (Anopholes)
DÁVILA 666-Patitas (In The Red)
NO WAVES-Told Me To Go (demo)
BAD PEOPLE-Bouncing Ball (Feeble Minds)
DEFORMITIES-Sometimes I Wish For My Own Death (demo)

TV21-Snakes and Ladders (Deram)
UNITS-Cannibals (Community Library)
B-MOVIE-Marilyn Dreams (Deram)
KURRAKÄ-Mujeres (Trabuc)

SLOPPY SECONDS-So Fucked Up (Taang)
NIP DRIVERS-Fox On The Run (Taang)

TH’FAITH HEALERS-Reptile Smile (Too Pure)

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