Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #68, 8/27/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 8/27/14

URBAN VERBS-In The Heat (Warner Bros.)

BUTTOCKS-Kill The Pigs (Weird System)
BACK TO BACK-Society Scar (Lockin’ Out)
GILLOOLY-Catch Me Off Guard (More Power)
SOUPCANS-Outlander (Telephone Explosion)
SHITTY LIMITS-Limits Appear (Keep Screaming)
LE SHOK-White Tie, You Die (GSL)
SILLA ELÉCTRICA-Ritmo Suicida (Solo Para Punks)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Drop Out (demo)

SUBMACHINE-Moodswing (from “Start A Riot,” Clean Plate)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE-It’s All Your Fault (Urban Death Mission)
SLAP THE CULTURE-Society Line (Cock Suck)
BREAKFAST-Day Dreamer (Six Two Five)
SAY BOK GWAI-White Guilt (MonkeyKing)
FLIPOUT AA-Flipout Song (Six Two Five)
SOB-Not Me (Selfish)

BABES IN TOYLAND-Bruise Violet (Reprise)
RYE COALITION-The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Gern Blandsten)
JR EWING-Render (Coalition)
PERFECT PUSSY-Work (Captured Tracks)

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE-Control (Grave Mistake)
AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-Grandma’s Nazi Plate (No Idea)
VIOLENT ARREST-Bastards (Deranged)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Stroje Se Priblizuji (Not Very Nice)
SHELL SHOCK-Lessons Over (Puke N Vomit)
ETA-I Got Problems (DeadAlive)

MANHANDLERS-Makeout Bandit (Criminal IQ)
MONO MEN-Off My Back (Estrus)
BAD ADVICE-If Life’s A Joke (demo)
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS-Too Much Slime (Muckraker)
THEE NODES-Stagedive (demo)
BLACK PANTIES-Yeah So What (demo)

CIA-Violence (More Than A Witness)
IRON CROSS-Fight ‘Em All (Lost & Found)
VARUKERS-No Scapegoat (Anagram)
ANTI-CIMEX-Warmachine (Distortion)
TOTALITĂ„R-Tom Information (Your Own Jailer)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Born In Japan (Way Back When/Even Worse)

KATHERINE-As If (demo)
FRAU-Orca (Static Shock)
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE-Cinturons, Genolls, Vidres I Cossos (Iron Lung)
ARCHAIC-Noise In Your Head (La Vida Es Un Mus)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH-Night Crew (Wajlemac)
FOR THE WORSE-Working Class Myth (Rodent Popsicle)
DEFCON4-Good Boss, Bad Boss (Rodent Popsicle/Ammonia)
SEEIN’ RED-Shitty Job (Coalition)
SOCIALCIDE-Thoughts Of My Future (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-Factory Forehead (Press)

LEGAL WEAPON-War Babies (Arsenal)
UXA-UXA (from “Tooth and Nail,” Upsetter)
RUTS-Babylon’s Burning (Virgin)
TOURISTS-Blind Among The Flowers (Epic)

NO PROBLEM-The Controller (Deranged)
NUCLEAR FAMILY-Believer’s Voice of Victory (Loud Punk)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Mos Maiorum (Hysteria)
AMERICAN STANDARD-Superficial (Another Planet)

JAPANDROIDS-Wet Hair (Polyvinyl)
MONOSHOCK-Everything Near Me (S-S)

BORN AGAINST-Well Fed Fuck (Kill Rock Stars)

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