Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #70, 9/10/14

I got on the air about 15 minutes late so this week's show is truncated a bit. Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM on Stench Radio

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 9/10/14

LEWIS BLACK-After September 11 (Stand Up)
BEHIND ENEMY LINES-What Did We Expect? (Antagony Media)

STATIONS-Bodies and Borders (Abiology)
MOONSHINE-9/11 24/7 (self-released)
ANCIENT FILTH-9/11/73 (self-released)
PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS-9/11 Is A Joke (self-released)
UPSTAB-9/11 Hoax (Way Back When/Even Worse)
SPITS-Terrorist Attack (In the Red)

SICK THINGS-Committed To Suicide (Shock)
SCHUND-Chaos (Höhnie)
FRANTIX-Static Cling (Alternative Tentacles)
YDI-Mad At The World (Parts Unknown)
NEO POGOS-Self-Opinionated (from “Zeven-Vijftig,” Rock Against)
VOPO’S-Menten (from “I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It,” Epitaph)

I OBJECT-Chopping You Down (Still Holding On)
THE INSTIGATION-No Rules (self-released)
KRUW-The Punx (Partners In Crime)
HIGH LIFE-Nosedive (Cowabunga)
NUNHEX-Disruptive Deception (Suburban White Trash)
RAW NERVES-Incisions (Inimical)

WARZONE-Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets (Fist)
UPPERCUT-Four Walls (Blackout)
RAW DEAL-Telltale (demo)
CRUMBSUCKERS-Sit There (Combat Core)
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH-Kill Yourself (Combat Core)
UNIFORM CHOICE-Screaming For Change (Wishingwell)

TYVEK-Frustration Rock (What’s Your Rupture?)
WOMEN IN PRISON-Circles & Circles (HoZac)
FLYKILLS-Eye In The Sky (demo)
GLUEAMS-365 (Static Age)
BLOOD RED-Coarse (of) Action (self-released)

SLAYER-Criminally Insane (American)
SISTERS OF MERCY-Adrenochrome (Merciful)
L-SEVEN-Insanity (Touch & Go)
THE FALL-Pay Your Rates (Rough Trade)

BORN WRONG-Reaching Nothing (Schizophrenic)
NO TALK-Police Mafia (Psychowolf)
KREMLIN-Rot (Grave Mistake)
LEPROSY-No More Warfare (Hardcore Victim)
BROKEN BONES-Wealth Rules (Fall Out)

POWERBLESSINGS-Fetal Missile Distance (Manhattan Chemical & Electronic)
LA URSS-Ciudades (Todo Destruido)
GENBAKU ONANIES-Down In A Flame (Trippin’ Elephant)
NIGHT MARCHERS-Loud, Dumb and Mean (Swami)
SUBHUMANS-Not Me (Bluurg)

ZEROS-Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp)
GUILTY RAZORS-Don’t Want To Be A Rich (Seventeen)

NAKED RAYGUN-Treason (Quarterstick)

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