Monday, May 10, 2010

Sonic Overload 5/10/10

This is being posted the day it was recorded because I haven't been able to upload it to the regular page yet. In case you haven't been on the archive before, the download is a zip folder of the four files plus a playlist. No streaming--you have to download the whole folder. Hope it doesn't cause a problem and, if it does, I'll hopefully have the show on the regular site sometime this week

I decided to lay off the audio clips a bit this week, just including one at the top of the second hour and you’ll be able to figure out the intent. But while recording the show, I checked my mail and a very expensive bill showed up. I don’t want to detail my personal life too much but that’s what brought on the rather colorful rant that follows the Anthrax song. I decided to leave it in there instead of re-voicing it because sometimes you just have to vent and my show is one such outlet, I guess. And it also made me realize that the second song this week, “Life Is Expensive,” is also applicable—more than applicable.

Sonic Overload 5/10/10


PEECHEES-Genuine Article (Kill Rock Stars)

SHORT CHANGED-Life Is Expensive (Rodent Popsicle)
FIX MY HEAD-Mission: Hipster (Inimical)
VERY METAL-Worthless (Beer City)
GENERATION EXCREMENT-I’ll Be Back, You’ll Be Fucked (Will E. Survive)
SNOOPEEZ TAPEWORM-Untitled (Will E. Survive)
EXECUTIONER-Marked To Die (Patac)

KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO-Kuiva Maa (Primitive Air Raid)
CONVERSIONS-Boiling Point (Ride the Snake)
LIBYANS-Erased (Narshardaa)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH-Philosophy (Fringe)

KUZLE-Pranza Generacija (Dallas)
MOONSHINE-Doin Right Doin Wrong (demo)
LIGHTS OUT-Something Is Rotten In The Age Of Hope (Dead Beat)
BEAR PROOF SUIT-Prosecutors Will Be Violated (Urban Pirate)
BAR FEEDERS-Toolshed (Fast)
DAS KLOWN-Deception (Doctor Dream)


GERM ATTAK-Maniac On The Loose (Loud Punk)
THE POGO-Police War (Loud Punk)
COBRA-Worrier’s Rock (from “The Punx,” boot)
GAS-Han-Sen (from “Killed By Hardcore 3”)
TZN XENNA-Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy (from “22 Polish Punk Classic,” Sonic)

ANTISEEN-One Shot, One Kill (Zodiac Killer)
SKEEMIN’ NOGOODS-Little Alex (Idol)
CLONE DEFECTS-Eyeball’s Poppin’ (Tom Perkins)
THE HUSSY-One Time (Science Of Sound)
PLAGUE RATS THROUGHOUT HISTORY-Patriarch Cloud (Primitive Air Raid)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Next To You On The Airplane (Fashionable Idiots)

REALLY RED-Too Political? (CIA)
PARTISANS-Police Story (Anagram)
DISRUPTERS-Young Offender (from “Punk and Disorderly,” Posh Boy)
INFA RIOT-Kids Of The 80’s (Captain Oi)
SOCIETY DOG-On The Street (Subterranean)


ANTHRAX-Capitalism Is Cannibalism (Crass)

NUCLEAR ASSAULT-Critical Mass (In-Effect)
DEVOUR-Arenae Codec (Headcount)
COUGHING FIT-Underachieved (Homewreckords)
UNDERDOG-Not Like You (Bridge Nine)

CRUDE SS-Forced Values (Uproar)
GET RAD-It’s Not A Fire (Gildead Media)
FIX ME-Crisis (La Vida Es Un Mus)
HOMICIDES-I Hate You (Vertex)

LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETIX-Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl)
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Ladies With Appliances (from “Red Snerts,” Gulcher)
FLIPPER-The Game’s Got A Price (Infinite Zero)
CIRCLE JERKS-Defamation Innuendo (Frontier)
SYMBOL SIX-Symbol Six (Posh Boy)


UZI-Ha-Ha-Ha (Matador) in memory of Dave Shibler
SEDATIVES-Backlash (Deranged)
A FRAMES-Counter Evolution (S-S)
UNSANE-Vandal-X (Matador)
DREAM SYNDICATE-Then She Remembers (Slash)

TUFF DARTS-(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste (Sire)
DAMNED-Problem Child (Stiff)
APRIL WINE-You Could Have Been A Lady (Big Tree)

VIOLATORS-Gangland (No Future)

Sonic Overload 5/3/10

You could say I like songs with the title “Dirty Water” and I do like the songs that open and close this week’s show (although the latter is a tad hackneyed at this point). There’s a reason for playing them, though—the water main break in Weston that resulted in people throughout the Boston area being forced to boil their drinking water or fight the crowds to get bottled water. Fortunately, my city of Peabody wasn’t affected. Hopefully, things should be improving in the next few days.

On a slightly more somber note, last week was the 40th anniversary of the Kent State massacre, where National Guardsmen opened fire on a group of Vietnam War protesters, killing four people and wounding nine. So, at the top of the third segment, there’s some audio taken from a 2009 “Democracy Now” show that provides an overview of the tragic (and avoidable) events...

Sonic Overload 5/3/10


ARMITAGE SHANKS-Dirty Water (Damaged Goods)

BUFFETS-Misty Water (Damaged Goods)
THE TREND-Band Aid (from “Killed By Death #10”)
REBELS-Identity (Knockout)

KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO-Jatteena Rajalla (Primitive Air Raid)
SOTATILA-Natsimaa (Havoc)
KIELTOLAKI-Pelkkaa Kulutusjuhlaa (Feral Ward)
WARTORN-Survival Of The Streets (Crimes Against Humanity)
VOIVOD-Suck Your Bone (Metal Blade)

VIOLENT ARREST-Desensitised (Boss Tuneage)
GENBAKU ONANIES-Maelstrom (Trippin’ Elephant)
YOUNG LIONS-Things Are Gonna Change (Schizophrenic)


SHITTY LIMITS-Selling Point (La Vida Es Un Mus)

CATBUGLARS-Banger (Criminal IQ)
LOGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Nyn Longhalsar (Local Cross)
DEAD WIFE-Gentleman Rapist (Psychic Handshake)
CRACKS-Dirty Floor (Slipping Grip)
REAL LOSERS-Gotta One Track Mind (Squirrel)

CULO-Nuke Abuse (Punks Before Profits)
SNIPERS-Transylvanian High School (Kick ‘n Punch)
HANK JONES-Punch It Chewy (Undecided)
IVY GREEN-I’m Your Television (Pogo)

KRAUT-Last Chance (New Red Archives)
COURT MARTIAL-Young Offenders (Riot City)
ADOLESCENTS-Losing Battle (Frontier)
MUDHONEY-Fix Me (Sub Pop)
DESCENDENTS-Hey Hey (New Alliance)
GBH-Kids Get Down (Hellcat)


GAUNT-Ohio (Thrill Jockey)
MOURNING NOISE-Radical (Grand Theft Audio)

CITIZEN FEAR-We Need Another Vietnam (from “Killed By Death #13”)
VOID-Authority (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)
DIRECT ACTION-Hate Generation (from “Primitive Air Raid,” Psyche-Industry)
GENETIC CONTROL-Brave New World (Generic)
HUMAN SUFFERAGE-Thank You Mother Dear (New Age)

DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Erase Yourself (from upcoming album)
DEVOUR-Laugh Track (Headcount)
UDI-Armageddon Dress Rehearsal (Spider Cuddler)
FIX ME-Aviones Invisibles (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MUCH WORSE-Distract (Pass Judgement)
ALTHIA & DONNA-Uptown Top Ranking (Sire)


PLAGUE RATS-Plague Rats Throughout History (Primitive Air Raid)
SEDATIVES-Catastrophe (Deranged)
CLAW TOE-Geriatric Stalker (demo)
SCREAMERS-122 Hours Of Fear (boot)
CHROME-In A Dream (Cleopatra)

GENERATION X-Running With The Boss Sound (Chrysalis)
UNNATURAL AXE-Summertime (Lawless)
EYES-Kill Your Parents (from “What? Stuff,” Bomp)

STANDELLS-Dirty Water (Sundazed)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sonic Overload 4/26/10

Arizona has passed a draconian, racist bill meant to curb “illegal” immigration, signed by Governor Jan Brewer. It basically requires people to carry proof of US birth and criminalizes being an undocumented immigrant. If you don’t have your “papers” with you, you can be arrested even if you’re a “legal” resident. While I was typing up the playlist before recording the show, I was listening to an interview by radio host Thom Hartmann with investigative journalist Greg Palast, who claims that the passage of this bill may have been prompted by other motives. I mention the interview on the show (and there are a couple of audio clips also concerning the passage) but go to Palast’s site to read the story:

It wasn’t intentional but around half of the songs on this week’s show are by non-US bands from around the globe—the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and maybe I’m forgetting one or two. To use a hoary cliche, trying to break down the barriers... punk and hardcore remain an international phenomenon and after the passage of Arizona’s law, it just reinforces the desire to look beyond our own borders. It also reminds me that some overseas bands have had difficulty getting into the States to tour and this country is poorer for it...

Sonic Overload 4/26/10


LOS CRUDOS-Illegal Y Que (Lengua Armada)

SIN ORDEN-Minutemen (Emma Navajas)
MOUTH SEWN SHUT-We’re All Immigrants (Profane Existence)
CRAWLERS-Kill The Elephant (Blind Spot)
DEATHSQUAD-Repent (Bonus Choke)

KNIFE IN THE LEG-5 Of Us Makes 10 Clenched Fists (Inimical)
GET RAD-I Want To Kill A Priest (Gilead Media)
SPASTIC PANTHERS-Wasteland (Handsome Dan)
GERM ATTAK-Sarin Gas Attack (Loud Punk)
THUG-One Man’s War (Rock ‘n’ Roll Disgrace)
GUILTY FACES-Sick With Hate (Deranged)

LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Positivit Tänkade (Local Cross)
BILL BONDSMEN-Disaster Prone (Local Cross)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Swearing Sammy (Fashionable Idiots)
CHEATER SLICKS-Chaos (Godawful)
GROINOIDS-Empty Skull (I-Deal)


BROWN SUGAR-Deportation (Feral Kid)

VALSE TRISTE-Luontokappale (If Society)
VIOLENT ARREST-Heretic (Deranged)
NEGAZIONE-Sogni & Bisogni (Subvert)
BANNLYST-40,000 Døde Barn (X-Port Plater)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Architektura Totality (Not Very Nice)
CLOAK/DAGGER-Lower Estrada (Jade Tree)

EMPTY VESSEL-Poison (Blind Spot)
WELFARE-I Wanna Be You (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-I’m Up You’re Out (Amphetamine Reptile)

PIST-We’re The Pist (Eugene)
THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal (Captain Oi)
ATTAK-Today’s Generation (No Future)
DEMOB-No Room For You (Grand Theft Audio)


RIISTETYT-Ihmissoihtu (Riistetyt)
KVOTERNINGEN-Ett Svek (Feral Ward)
SOTATILA-Vituiks Meni (Havoc)
ORGANISM-Self (Hardware)
DESTINO FINAL-Ahogate (La Vida Es Un Mus)

NOMOS-Omar Hammami (demo)
TRAUMA-Policy Of War (demo)
FY FAN-Untitled (Adult Crash)
ESKORBUTO-Enterrado Vido (Munster)
LA UVI-Ya Esta Bien (Rotten)
SLIME-Nazis Raus (Aggressive)

DEATHCAGE-Corrupted Pigs Of War (Schizophrenic)
IRON MAIDEN-Murders In The Rue Morgue (Capitol)
MANIC HISPANIC-Get Them Immigrated (BYO)


GANG GREEN-Rabies (from “This Is Boston, Not LA,” Modern Method)
MEATMEN-I Sin For A Living (Touch & Go)
GWAR-U Ain’t Shit (Shimmy Disc)
JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fistpuppet)
PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS-Homo Truck Driving Man (Pajamarama)
DISTRACTORS-Don’t You Just Know It (Dime Store)

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES-Repressed (Fashionable Idiots)
WHITE LOAD-Talk (Local Cross)
CLAW TOE-Ingrown Ego (Criminal IQ)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-Factory Forehead (Press)

THE STRIKE-Shots Heard Round The World (Victory)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sonic Overload 4/20/10

No shortage of topical material this week—from the “tea party” rallies, including one in Boston with Sarah Palin. Then there’s the death of former LA police chief Daryl Gates and that’s followed by an acknowledgement of the anniversary of the Columbine shootings. And in the segment before that one, I talk about the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

Yeah, I push the envelope a bit this week by playing a band called the McVeighs, a song that’s seemingly pro-school shooter and the infamous “Cop Killer” by Body Count. Make that pushing the envelope more than a bit. Add to that the fact I play a song by Carnivore due to the fact that Peter Steele from Carnivore (and Type-O Negative, of course) passed away last week. Carnivore’s repertoire had some rather sketchy lyrics but, then again, so did Type O. Carnivore were a bit more brazen, perhaps.

Gratuitous provocation? It might seem that way to some listeners, I suppose. But I’d like to think there’s always provocative material on this show or I’m not doing my job!

Sonic Overload 4/20/10


CRIME-I Stupid Anyway (Swami)

RIISTETYT-Mieletonta Vakivaltaa (Havoc)
BRAIN KILLER-Black Cloud (Deranged)
SOTATILA-Vituttaa!!! (from “Does It Hurt?,” Thought Crime)
TROPIEZO-El Circo Antillano (Where’s Your Anger?)
FARTZ-Rights! (Alternative Tentacles)

BROKEN-False Alarm (Vex)
ALLERGIC TO WHORES-Isolated (Sound Pollution)
FORWARD TO DEATH-Messiah Complex (Perfect Victim)
CELEBRITY ROAST-Rising Wages, Dropping Names (Creep)
TWENTY TWO’S-Moment Of Truth (Submit)

DEATH WISH KIDS-I Went To AA For A Year And All I Got Was This Lousy Ulcer (Hopscotch)
BLACK FORK-I Hate Yer Music (Mess Me Up)
DEAD WIFE-DWSHYF (Psychic Handshake)
CONVERSIONS-No One Is Watching (Ride The Snake)
A/V MURDER-Fight Like A Man (Local Cross)


SUBHUMANS-Model Of Stupidity (Essential Noise)

UNDERDOG-Say It To My Face (Bridge Nine)
FOR THE WORSE-Revenge (Patac)
MUCH WORSE-Speed Intentions (Pass Judgement)
EVEN WORSE-Contaminated Waste (Grand Theft Audio)
THE WORST-High Velocity (Parts Unknown)
IGGY & THE STOOGES-Shake Appeal (Legacy)

BREAKING CIRCUS-Knife In The Marathon (Homestead)
NEW BOMB TURKS-Runnin’ On Go (Crypt)
NO-TALENTS-I Ain’t No Wife (Broken)
BRIDES-Pushed Around (Rip Off)

GG KING-The Letter (demo)
SENDERS-Please Give Me Something (Max’s Kansas City)
BIZARROS-A New Order (Clone)
EATER-Don’t Need It (The Label)


MCVEIGHS-The McVeighs Theme Song (demo)
DESKONOCIDOS-Anti Militar (Desobedienca/Todo Destruido)
BLACK SS-Who Needs You (from “Internationally Pist 2,” Punks Before Profits)
CIVIC PROGRESS-Suckling (from “No Bullshit Vol, 4,” No Way)
GIVE UP-Just Another Adult (Peterwalkee)
SIGNAL LOST-Bow To None (Prank)

MAPS-My Eyes Are Burning (self-released)
BUSY SIGNALS-Plastic Girl (Dirtnap)
RUBBER CITY REBELS-Young and Dumb (from “LA In,” Rhino)
HOMICIDES-Power Rocket (Vertex)

REZILLOS-I Can’t Stand My Baby (Sire)
X-RAY SPEX-I Live Off You (Cleopatra)
SHAM 69-Questions and Answers (Polydor)
GIRLSCHOOL-Take It All Away (Castle)


BODY COUNT-Cop Killer (Sire)

PINKEYE-In Praise Of School Shooters (Slasher)
DESOLATION-Boxed In (Prank)
FIX MY HEAD-Close Your Eyes (Inimical)
VIDEO DISEASE-Make Me Pure/Merkin (Cowabunga)
CARNIVORE-Sex and Violence (Roadracer) in memory of Peter Steele

MORBID OPERA-One-Dimensional (Sublapse) in memory of Lisa Hopdapp
AU PAIRS-Come Again (Sanctuary)
IKARA COLT-I’m With Stupid (Fantastic Plastic)
FOLDED SHIRT-Eleven and a Bucket (Fashionable Idiots)

BIG BLACK-Bad Houses (Homestead)