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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #70, 9/10/14

I got on the air about 15 minutes late so this week's show is truncated a bit. Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM on Stench Radio

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 9/10/14

LEWIS BLACK-After September 11 (Stand Up)
BEHIND ENEMY LINES-What Did We Expect? (Antagony Media)

STATIONS-Bodies and Borders (Abiology)
MOONSHINE-9/11 24/7 (self-released)
ANCIENT FILTH-9/11/73 (self-released)
PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS-9/11 Is A Joke (self-released)
UPSTAB-9/11 Hoax (Way Back When/Even Worse)
SPITS-Terrorist Attack (In the Red)

SICK THINGS-Committed To Suicide (Shock)
SCHUND-Chaos (Höhnie)
FRANTIX-Static Cling (Alternative Tentacles)
YDI-Mad At The World (Parts Unknown)
NEO POGOS-Self-Opinionated (from “Zeven-Vijftig,” Rock Against)
VOPO’S-Menten (from “I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It,” Epitaph)

I OBJECT-Chopping You Down (Still Holding On)
THE INSTIGATION-No Rules (self-released)
KRUW-The Punx (Partners In Crime)
HIGH LIFE-Nosedive (Cowabunga)
NUNHEX-Disruptive Deception (Suburban White Trash)
RAW NERVES-Incisions (Inimical)

WARZONE-Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets (Fist)
UPPERCUT-Four Walls (Blackout)
RAW DEAL-Telltale (demo)
CRUMBSUCKERS-Sit There (Combat Core)
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH-Kill Yourself (Combat Core)
UNIFORM CHOICE-Screaming For Change (Wishingwell)

TYVEK-Frustration Rock (What’s Your Rupture?)
WOMEN IN PRISON-Circles & Circles (HoZac)
FLYKILLS-Eye In The Sky (demo)
GLUEAMS-365 (Static Age)
BLOOD RED-Coarse (of) Action (self-released)

SLAYER-Criminally Insane (American)
SISTERS OF MERCY-Adrenochrome (Merciful)
L-SEVEN-Insanity (Touch & Go)
THE FALL-Pay Your Rates (Rough Trade)

BORN WRONG-Reaching Nothing (Schizophrenic)
NO TALK-Police Mafia (Psychowolf)
KREMLIN-Rot (Grave Mistake)
LEPROSY-No More Warfare (Hardcore Victim)
BROKEN BONES-Wealth Rules (Fall Out)

POWERBLESSINGS-Fetal Missile Distance (Manhattan Chemical & Electronic)
LA URSS-Ciudades (Todo Destruido)
GENBAKU ONANIES-Down In A Flame (Trippin’ Elephant)
NIGHT MARCHERS-Loud, Dumb and Mean (Swami)
SUBHUMANS-Not Me (Bluurg)

ZEROS-Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp)
GUILTY RAZORS-Don’t Want To Be A Rich (Seventeen)

NAKED RAYGUN-Treason (Quarterstick)

Sonic Overload 9/8/14

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US that occurred, of course, on 9/11/01. As many of you know, I lost a close friend of mine that day, Jane Simpkin and this show, as always, is dedicated to her memory. The first set in the last segment features some of her favorite bands. The passage of time has lessened the sting but I’ll never forget what happened that day and I’m sure no one else will, either, especially those who suffered losses. Sadly, history seems to be repeating itself (to use a cliché) with the uprising of ISIS (or ISIL). How much of a threat do they pose to the US? What caused their emergence—was it US actions after the attacks? What military actions lie ahead? Endless war, indeed, and I’m afraid many more lives are likely to be sacrificed.

R.I.P. Jane...

Sonic Overload 9/8/14


HOLDING ON-The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played (Bridge Nine)

JOHN WAYNE’S SEVERED HEAD-2 Towers and Too Many Flags (self-released)
BORN DEAD ICONS-Great Western Mistake (Partners In Crime)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-The Sucking Of The Missile Cock (Hardcore Holocaust)
CAUSTIC CHRIST-Dead To The World (Havoc)
SLEEPER CELL-Bombs Under Baghdad (Cries of Pain)

HOT TIP-Electric (demo)
LA MISMA-Saudade (from “Ground Zero,” Toxic State)
CALENDAR BOYS-Far Away (demo)
COPS-I’m Tired & I Want To Go Home (demo)
SEX SNOBS-Lonely (self-released)
MAD DOG-Empty (demo)

HATE TO SAY IT-LOL (This Shit’s Not Funny) (Spine Punch)
MORMONS-Bring ‘em Young (Gristmilling)
BRAIN CAR-Suburbia Sux (Reel Time)
SHIRKS-Sex Gear (Grave Mistake)
RUNNING-Gripman’s Ripper/Everybody’s Fucking Everybody (Captcha)


CARDIAC ARREST-Tell Me What I Want To Hear (Even Worse/Way Back When)
AJAX-Useless (Even Worse)
DISSEKERAD-Dissekerad (Man In Decline)
KYLMÄ SOTA-Päätä Seinään (Raakanaama)
ULTRA VIOLENT-Dead Generation (Riot City)

FLYKILLS-Cut Off Yr Head (demo)
STATIC EYES-Waves (Windian)
THE UNFUCKABLE-Day Off (Aarght!)
RED HEX-Shoulda Known (Negative Fun)
VIOLATIONS-Physicians (demo)
LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Juice Stomp (Wrench)

GLITTER-Behind The Velvet Curtain (Pee Blood)
NICE FACE-You’re So Dramatic (Sacred Bones)
YOUNG MOTHER-Smart Kids (Telephone Explosion)
GIRLS AT OUR BEST-Getting Nowhere Fast (Vinyl Japan)
FLYS-We Are The Lucky Ones (Captain Oi)


PERFECT PUSSY-Driver (Captured Tracks)
LIBYANS-A Common Place (Sorry State)
STUNTMEN-Kick Them Out (Black Hole)
INSOMNIO-In The City (Trabuc)
THIS IS MY FIST-I’m Not Even Trying (No Idea)

PEACEBREAKERS-You Exploit You (from “Stomp-I-Lation,” Stupid)
FLACCID-Flaccid (Nothing Is Real)
THUMBSUCKERS-Liberty Paints (Eat The Life)
NEUTRAL FIXATION-Invasive Species (Tampered Reels)
WASTOIDS-Hoop Dreams (demo)
POLICE LINE-Mutual Silence (Human Stench)
VIOLENT MINDS-Death Bed (Parts Unknown)

THE SYSTEM-Dogs Of War (Skuld)
THE POGO-Police War (Loud Punk)
EU-VOSTOLIITTO-Punk-Polisi (demo)
DISCO ASSAULT-Homeland Security (Schizophrenic)


JOY DIVISION-Warsaw (Qwest)
BAUHAUS-Dark Entries (Beggars Banquet)
MISSION OF BURMA-Secrets (Ace of Hearts)
SONIC YOUTH-Catholic Block (SST)

REAGAN YOUTH-Reagan Youth (Freeway Enterprises)
THE STATE-Country Daydream (Underestimated)
OVER MY DEAD BODY-Patriotic Cattle Call (Indecision)
OPUS DEAD-Larga Vida Al Ruído (self-released)
TEAR IT UP-Play To Destroy (DeadAlive)
THE PROWL-Tear Me Down (Gloom)


Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #69, 9/3/14

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 9/3/14

VOID-Who Are You? (Dischord)

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY-Brainbomb (United Artists)
MEKONS-I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) (Fast)
WIPERS-Return Of The Rat (Zeno)
DEAD KENNEDYS-Terminal Preppie (Alternative Tentacles)
JFA-Preppy (Alternative Tentacles)

DAMAGED HEAD-I Hate My Neighbourhood (Man In Decline)
OUTS-Get Creeped (demo)
SLUGGA-Ascension (demo)
TRENCHES-Blackout (demo)
SADIST-Minotaur’s Maze (demo)
LONG PIGS-Convenience Addict (demo)

GUN CLUB-Sex Beat (Ruby)
MARGINAL MAN-Emotional Scars (Dischord)
BAD RELIGION-Sensory Overload (Epitaph)
SOCIETY DOG-Metropolitan Rush (Subterranean)
CHANNEL 3-Mannequin (Posh Boy)
BEASTIE BOYS-Square Wave In Unison (Capitol)

CARDIAC ARREST-Mutual Hate (Even Worse/Way Back When)
AJAX-Oppress Me (Even Worse)
BORN WRONG-Art District (Schizophrenic)
AK-47-Kick In The Face (self-released)
ABUSIVE ACTION-Taking Charge (Voice Of A Generation)
STICKS IN THROAT-Game of Paradigm (HG Fact)

GLITTER-Glitter Theme/Mono (Pee Blood)
VILE BODIES-Indentured (demo)
CONVERSIONS-No One Is Watching (Ride The Snake)
LOSER LIFE-I Want The World (Life’s A Rape)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-House Of Broken Hogs (self-released)
PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Strength Thru Bowling (Alternative Tentacles)

THROBBIN URGES-Sitcom Timebomb (Dead Beat)
SUICIDE SQUAD-I Hate School (from “Murder Punk Vol. 1”)
VENOM P. STINGER-Venom P. Stinger (from “The Not So Lucky Country,” Reactor)
OUTNAUTS-From The Inside Flow Witch Changes As Nothing (from “A Reason For Living 2003,” Dan-Doh)
X-X-You’re Full Of Shit (Drome)

THE FORGOTTEN-Class Separation (TKO)
SOCIAL SCARE-200 Years (Radical)
GUS-Fuckin’ Nazi (Wrong)
HOUSE ON FIRE-Bomb On The Plane (demo)
SWEET DIESEL-Winner (Go Kart)
GOING TO HELL-Two Wrongs (self-released)

THE SLEAZE-Conor Start (Total Punk)
DEBRIS’-One Way Spit (Anopholes)
DÁVILA 666-Patitas (In The Red)
NO WAVES-Told Me To Go (demo)
BAD PEOPLE-Bouncing Ball (Feeble Minds)
DEFORMITIES-Sometimes I Wish For My Own Death (demo)

TV21-Snakes and Ladders (Deram)
UNITS-Cannibals (Community Library)
B-MOVIE-Marilyn Dreams (Deram)
KURRAKÄ-Mujeres (Trabuc)

SLOPPY SECONDS-So Fucked Up (Taang)
NIP DRIVERS-Fox On The Run (Taang)

TH’FAITH HEALERS-Reptile Smile (Too Pure)

Sonic Overload 9/1/14

This Labor Day, there’s actually something to celebrate—the return of Market Basket chief Arthur T. DeMoulas, who was ousted from his position in July as part of what could be considered a coup involving his estranged cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas. Long story but, after he was fired, workers stayed off the job and there was a customer boycott. Finally, Artie T (as his workers call him) was able to buy out his cousin and the chain is getting back to business. In other words, the “good guys” won for a change. Read the various news accounts on-line if you’re curious.

Plenty of Labor Day favorites and a few new entries this year. Enjoy...

Sonic Overload 9/1/14


THE PIST-Black and Blue Collar (Elevator)

SADIST-Abuse (demo)
SLUGGA-Everywhere Is Hate (demo)
CISMA-Cisma (demo)
SAFETY WORD-(Some)Juan’s Gonna Pay (self-released)
LORETTAS-Fucked Up Things (self-released)
BAD IDEA-Bad Idea (demo)

GOVERNMENT WARNING-Slave Labor (Feral Ward)
F-MINUS-Slave Labor (Hellcat)
OBLIVIONATION-Not Pro Union, Just Pro You (Rock ‘n Roll Disgrace)
VOETSEK-Wageslave Twist (Six Weeks)
ACID REFLUX-Customers Fuck Off (No Way)
NO MISTAKE-FBLA (Suburban White Trash)

FLYKILLS-Party Boy Bobby (demo)
GLITTER-Glue (Fly Me Round The World) (Pee Blood)
BIZNAGA-Ocio (demo)
WORMS-Aliens (Last Wait/Dark World)


MINUTEMEN-Working Men Are Pissed (SST)
SORRY-Stop (Homestead)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-Five O’Clock (Reflex)
BIG BLACK-Steelworker (Homestead)

PROCESS-The Spectacle Continues (Urgent Warning)
HARSH WORDS-Green Clicker (demo)
REPLICA-You Can’t Stop The Weather (demo)
EL DOPA-Wrong End Of The Gun (East Bay Menace)
MANIPULATION-Violence (Fashionable Idiots)
MERCY KILLINGS-Drone Death (Beach Impediment)
ACTIVE MINDS-A Clockwork Lemon (Lack of Idea(l)s/Peace Punk)

PINK LINCOLNS-I’ve Got My Tie On (Stiff Pole)
HYGIENE-Office Job (La Vida Es Un Mus)
FALLOUT-Kill The Boss (self-released)
DEAN DIRG-Kill The Boss (Dead Beat)
DILS-Class War (Dangerhouse)
NUBS-Job (from “Killed By Death #5”)


BORN WRONG-Two Faces (Schizophrenic)
LEXICON DEVILS-Vegetative State (Agrowax)
LOST BOYS-Nerds (Shogun)
DRY HUMP-All You Can Be (SexCult)
KORO-Mommy Wants To Know (Sorry State)
STRIKE UNDER-Fucking Uniforms (from “Busted At Oz,” Autumn)

NO PROBLEM-Waiting For The Bomb (Deranged)
RULETA RUSA-Se Dejaron Ir (Trabuc/Sorry State)
TERCER MUNDO-Caidos (Cintas Pepe)
DECRANEO-501 (Discos MMM)
SILLA ELECTRICA-Policia (Solo Para Punks)

LOS MICROWAVES-Time To Get Up (Posh Boy)
NUNS-Gettin’ Straight (demo)
LAPESTE-Let Me Sleep (Matador)
FUSES-Perfect Worker (American Punk)


THE STRIKE-Kicking Ass (Johann’s Face)
SWINGIN’ UTTERS-Petty Wage (New Red Archives)
WITCHES WITH DICKS-Your Job Does Not Rock Balls (Kiss of Death)
SUPERCHUNK-Slack Motherfucker (Matador)
DILLINGER FOUR-Super Powers Enable Me To Blend In With Machinery (Hopeless)
HUDSON FALCONS-Working Class War (GMM)

ALAN MILMAN SECT-Stitches In My Head/I Wanna Kill Somebody (Bedazzled)
PREFECTURE-Automatic Labor (demo)
SAD SACK-Trash It (Erl)
LUBE-Smooth (demo)
THE SERMON-Luzerne County (Alternative Tentacles)

NEW BOMB TURKS-Born Toulouse-Lautrec (Crypt)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #68, 8/27/14

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 8/27/14

URBAN VERBS-In The Heat (Warner Bros.)

BUTTOCKS-Kill The Pigs (Weird System)
BACK TO BACK-Society Scar (Lockin’ Out)
GILLOOLY-Catch Me Off Guard (More Power)
SOUPCANS-Outlander (Telephone Explosion)
SHITTY LIMITS-Limits Appear (Keep Screaming)
LE SHOK-White Tie, You Die (GSL)
SILLA ELÉCTRICA-Ritmo Suicida (Solo Para Punks)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Drop Out (demo)

SUBMACHINE-Moodswing (from “Start A Riot,” Clean Plate)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE-It’s All Your Fault (Urban Death Mission)
SLAP THE CULTURE-Society Line (Cock Suck)
BREAKFAST-Day Dreamer (Six Two Five)
SAY BOK GWAI-White Guilt (MonkeyKing)
FLIPOUT AA-Flipout Song (Six Two Five)
SOB-Not Me (Selfish)

BABES IN TOYLAND-Bruise Violet (Reprise)
RYE COALITION-The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Gern Blandsten)
JR EWING-Render (Coalition)
PERFECT PUSSY-Work (Captured Tracks)

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE-Control (Grave Mistake)
AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-Grandma’s Nazi Plate (No Idea)
VIOLENT ARREST-Bastards (Deranged)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Stroje Se Priblizuji (Not Very Nice)
SHELL SHOCK-Lessons Over (Puke N Vomit)
ETA-I Got Problems (DeadAlive)

MANHANDLERS-Makeout Bandit (Criminal IQ)
MONO MEN-Off My Back (Estrus)
BAD ADVICE-If Life’s A Joke (demo)
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS-Too Much Slime (Muckraker)
THEE NODES-Stagedive (demo)
BLACK PANTIES-Yeah So What (demo)

CIA-Violence (More Than A Witness)
IRON CROSS-Fight ‘Em All (Lost & Found)
VARUKERS-No Scapegoat (Anagram)
ANTI-CIMEX-Warmachine (Distortion)
TOTALITÄR-Tom Information (Your Own Jailer)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Born In Japan (Way Back When/Even Worse)

KATHERINE-As If (demo)
FRAU-Orca (Static Shock)
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE-Cinturons, Genolls, Vidres I Cossos (Iron Lung)
ARCHAIC-Noise In Your Head (La Vida Es Un Mus)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH-Night Crew (Wajlemac)
FOR THE WORSE-Working Class Myth (Rodent Popsicle)
DEFCON4-Good Boss, Bad Boss (Rodent Popsicle/Ammonia)
SEEIN’ RED-Shitty Job (Coalition)
SOCIALCIDE-Thoughts Of My Future (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-Factory Forehead (Press)

LEGAL WEAPON-War Babies (Arsenal)
UXA-UXA (from “Tooth and Nail,” Upsetter)
RUTS-Babylon’s Burning (Virgin)
TOURISTS-Blind Among The Flowers (Epic)

NO PROBLEM-The Controller (Deranged)
NUCLEAR FAMILY-Believer’s Voice of Victory (Loud Punk)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Mos Maiorum (Hysteria)
AMERICAN STANDARD-Superficial (Another Planet)

JAPANDROIDS-Wet Hair (Polyvinyl)
MONOSHOCK-Everything Near Me (S-S)

BORN AGAINST-Well Fed Fuck (Kill Rock Stars)

Sonic Overload 8/25/14

The last Monday show for August and it’s my back to school special or the Salute to the Students, as I’ve usually called it over the years. I figured I’d play your school-oriented favorites this week and, next week, I’ll be playing songs in honor of Labor Day. Summer went way too fucking fast. I think I saw the first Halloween candy displays the other day in the grocery store. Good grief...

Sonic Overload 8/25/14


TOXIC NARCOTIC-Allston Violence (Rodent Popsicle)

THE SQUIRT-School Days (from “Life Is A Joke Vol. 2,” Weird System)
BRATS-No School (Arg!)
WRECKS-High School Anthem (demo)
PURE SCUM-To Hell With School (demo)
LAUGHING STOCK-HomeSchool Shooting (demo)
SNOBS-School Kids (My War)

S.H.I.T.-Fuck All (Lengua Armada)
VERMIN-Vermin (Urgent Warning)
PROCESS-Fight (Urgent Warning)
NOMAD-Stand Up (Katorga Works)
KIELTOLAKI-Masshypnoosi (Feral Ward)
BRAIN KILLER-So Much Hate (Deranged)
GASMASK TERROR-Architects of Death (Flower of Carnage)

THE FALL-Hey! Student (Matador)
CRIMINALS-My School Sucks (Lookout)
RED CROSS-I Hate My School (Posh Boy)
GEARS-High School Girls (Hep Cat)
LOLI & THE CHONES-High School Locker (Rip Off)
DISSIDENTS-Detention (Smog Veil)


IVY-Got No Hope (Katorga Works)
FARANG-Gumboots (self-released)
FAMILY CURSE-Memory Sickness (Doormat)
HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS-Shook and Hungry (Katorga Works)
BRAIN F-Don’t Tell Me (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)

ULTRA BIDÉ-Anarchy In Your Eyes (Alternative Tentacles)
SEX SNOBS-Frowning Spree (self-released)
HOT TIP-God Feels (demo)
DIRTY WORK-Dirty Work Fight Song (Eat The Life)
JOCK’S BLOOD-Dose (demo)
HUMAN MESS-No Respect (No Way)

BOW WOW WOW-C30, C60, C90, Go (EMI)
TENPOLE TUDOR-Three Bells In A Row (Stiff)
ELVIS COSTELLO-Radio Radio (Ryko)


EJECTOR SEATS-It’s Only You (Collision Course)
SWEET J.A.P.-Broken Wings (Big Neck)
SHOTDOWNS-Going Nowhere Fast (Lookout)
ORDER-Zero (HG Fact)

AGENT ORANGE-Bloodstains (Posh Boy)
HEAVEN 17-(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Virgin)
DISCHARGE-Decontrol (Clay)
SS DECONTROL-War Threat (demo)
CHEIFS-Blues (Dr. Strange)


IRON YOUTH-New Skin (Video Disease)
WHITE WARDS-Lot Lizards (Iron Lung)
REPOS-Rejoice In Ruin (Youth Attack)
GLUE-Backwards Society (Katorga Works)
NO CLASS-Burning Bridges (Deranged)
RACE AGAINST TIME-Depths of the Antbed (Burrito)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.-Banging The Door (Warner Bros.)
YI-Monkey In The Mirror (self-released)
LOW CHARGE-Committed (Mandible)
KAAOS-Ototan Maailmanloppua (Havoc)
WOLFPACK-No Neo Bastards (Farewell)

MENACE-GLC (Captain Oi)