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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #100, 5/13/15

My 100th show on Stench! Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on Stench Radio

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 5/13/15

FOUR ROSE SOCIETY-Hotel Sarajevo (Whitehouse)

GUITAR WOLF-Jet Satisfaction (Matador)
MONOSHOCK-Primitive Zippo (S-S)
CLOCKCLEANER-Deaf Man Talking (Reptilian)
MELT-BANANA-Neck On B1 (A-Zap)
EVERYDAY OBJECTS-Versus The Clown (demo)

STALAG 13-Conditioned (Doctor Strange)
MIA-Small Man In A Big World (Alternative Tentacles)
DEADLINE-ICU (Peterbilt)
URBAN WASTE-Wasted Life (Mob Style)
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT-Two-Party System (We Bite)

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES-Road Hazard/Shitty Life (Underestimated)
CHRIS EVIL AND THE TAINTS-Fuckhead (self-released)
BAD PEOPLE-Daddy’s Little Boy (Feeble Minds/UT)
JED WHITEY-We Used Your Record As A Beer Coaster (Manic Ride)
ATOMSMASHERS-Atomic Wipeout (Rip Off)
THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-Sunday Breakdown (Dirtnap)

BLOTTER-Gossip Girls (demo)
PISSING MATCH-Break The Seal (demo)
BLOOD PRESSURE-Chronic Abuse (demo)
SHIPWRECKED-Destroy (Crucial Response)
NÖ PÖWER-Dead Sect (Sorry State)
VIOLENT END-Last Breath (Lengua Armada)

TEAM ROCKET-Revolution Is Not A Reading Group (demo)
FAMILY CURSE-Memory Sickness (Doormat)
ARCWELDER-What Did You Call It That For (Touch and Go)

CRIMINAL DAMAGE-The Storm (Feral Ward)
BELTONES-Fuck You Anyway (TKO)

FAILURES-I’m Busy (Painkiller)
PUNCH IN THE FACE-Beer Cold, TV Loud, Homosexuals Flaming (Lengua Armada)
GUNS-Shut Up (Smog Veil)
XS-Psychiatric War (self-released)
CANCEROUS GROWTH-Had Enough (Ax/ction)
PTL KLUB-Sea Of Hate (Mystic)
EXECUTIONER-Victims Of Evil (from “Speed Metal Hell,” New Renaissance)

AMERICAN STEEL-Graveyards (Lookout)
CANCER BRIDES-Return (Brass Jacket)
PEZZ-Victoria Line (from “The Big Fix,” Allied)
30 AMP FUSE-Sorry? (Darla)

BLUE BLOODS-Left Out In The Cold (from “Boston’s Infested,” FNS/Welfare)
THE PIST-Threat (from “Punk USA,” Lookout)
STATE-Country Daydream (Understimated)
ALLERGIC TO WHORES-Isolated (Sound Pollution)
VICTIMS-Bloodspill (Havoc)
JABARA-No. 51? (HG Fact)

COMES-Baca Moss (Dogma)
BOSKOPS-Atmen (Mülleimer)
MALINHEADS-Hoax (Thought Crime)
XPOZEZ-Skitofrenia (GTA)
DISRUPTERS-Young Offender (from “Punk and Disorderly,” Posh Boy)
THE BLOOD-Megalomania (Captain Oi)

POINT BLANK-We Won’t Be Silenced (Nemesis)

Sonic Overload 5/11/15

Download here:

Sonic Overload 5/11/15



ANCIENT FILTH-Too Young, Fuck Adults (Shock To The System)

BORN WRONG-Thin Skin (Schizophrenic)
BANDAGES-Endless Blood (demo)
SGURD-Famished Streets (self-released)
POISON SPUR-Plague Fields (demo)
OBLITERATIONS-Mind Ain’t Right (Southern Lord)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE-Reactionary Illusions (Grave Mistake)

MELT-BANANA-Leeching (A-Zap)
EVERYDAY OBJECTS-Immovable Force (demo)
MODERN NEEDS-Generation Y (self-released)
MYSTIC INANE-Manhood (Lumpy)
MIND SPIDERS-Go! (Dirtnap)
GAY ANNIVERSARY-Fat Punks (Slovenly)

GOD AND TEXAS-Incoming (Restless)
JANITOR JOE-Slur (Amphetamine Reptile)
THIRD DEGREE-Real Men Love Jesus (Finn/Indecision)
KABUL GOLF CLUB-Bits of Freedom (Uproar For Veneration)


DEATHWISH-Out For Blood (Beer City)
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE-No Hi Ha Esperanza (La Vida Es Un Mus)
FRAMTID-Consuming Shit and Mind Pollution (Crust War)
REALITY CRISIS-Hateful Wall (Prank)
G.I.S.M.-Anthem (Beast Arts)

DAGGER EYES-Invader (P.Trash)
RAYOS X-Ahne Poliitikko (Kamaset Levyt)
MINUS APES-It’s All the Same (Thrashbastard)
MIDNIGHT CRISIS-Tekopyhät Pellet (Rinderherz)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE-Musta Härkä (Pupu’s Bistro/Popo’s Bistro)
HELL CITY KINGS-Hell City Holocaust (Cutthroat)

IRON CROSS-Against The Enemy (GMM)
LAW AND ORDER-Power (Fetal)
MINOR THREAT-Steppin’ Stone (Dischord)
COURT MARTIAL-Young Offenders (Riot City)
CHRON GEN-Abortions (Secret)
GERMS-No God (Slash)


ANEURYSM-It’s All In My Head (demo)
KAMIKAZE TRIO-Two In A Room (Inertia)
SLICES-Greensleeves (Iron Lung)
THE SOUND-Words Fail Me (Renascent)

THE OATH-Half Pregnant (Youth Attack/Coalition/Gloom)
WHITE CROSS-American Way (Zero Degree)
SEIZURE-Song Of The Empire (Incas)
AGENT ORANGE-Lingerie (Gummopunx)
MASSKONTOLL-Pain, Bloodshed and War (Nikt Nic Niewie)

PORKERIA-Sudor (Adelante)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Throw Away Girl (Modern Action)
ICU-AP (Put-On)
NO EMPATHY-Everybody Has A Vote (In My Life) (Johann’s Face)
TRAITORS-Goddamn Arson Fire (Johann’s Face)
TALK IS POISON-Floor (Prank)


ALLEYBEATS-Lone Bebop (demo)
LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETIX-Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl)
SPECIAL AFFECT-Killjoy Interference (Special Affect)
VICIOUS VISIONS-I Beat You (from “Killed By Death #1”)
GAUNT-Solution (Thrill Jockey)

OVERKILL-Hell’s Getting Hotter (SST)
POSITIVE STATE-Your Bumper’s Got An Attitude Problem (Torque)
NITAD-Levande Dod (Deranged)
CREEM-The Bricks (Katorga Works)
H100’S-Free (Burrito)

BAUHAUS-In The Flat Field (Beggars Banquet)

Sonic Overload--Show #99, 5/6/15

Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on Stench Radio

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 5/6/15

OFFENDERS-We Must Rebel (Kangaroo)

METZ-Acetate (Sub Pop)
GAY KISS-Caroline (Sorry State)
BÖRN-Engan Skal Hungra (Total Negativity)
BELGRADO-Dead Generation (MMM)

SLUGGA-Shaved Heads (Total Punk)
HERO DISHONEST-The Biggest Asshole (IfSociety)
SQUARE THE CIRCLE-Control Lack (Kangaroo)
INSURANCE RISK-I Want More (Crucial Response)
MOMENT OF YOUTH-Kill Bill O’Reilly (Firestarter)
SUICIDE FILE-Fuck Fox News (Indecision)
DEAD SERIOUS-My Favorite American (Thorp)

AGENT ORANGE-Herpes (Gummopunx)
TOXIC SHOCK-Riot, Riot, Riot (self-released)
MEDIA DISEASE-Young Sophisticate (Lost & Found)
RAT PATROL-Crime (Highly Obscure)
ALERTA ROJA-Sin Oportunidad (Lengua Armada)
G3-Siente El Cambio (Lengua Armada)

BORN DEAD ICONS-Frame Breakers (Partners In Crime)
SAFEWORDS-Hiroshima Lovers (Deranged)
THE VICIOUS-Adaptation (Wasted Sounds)
LA URSS-Sado En Belgrado (Todo Destruido)
RAYOS X-Soledad (Mata-La-Musica)

MR. YUK-Bozofaced (FOE)
PADDED CELL-Jack Off (from “Frontline Foundation,” Black Tar)
PELIGO SOCIAL-Asesino (No Options/Tankcrimes)
RIFFS-Outta My Mind (TKO)
CRYSTAL ANTLERS-Tentacles (Touch and Go)
DUMMIES-Play Loud (Empty)

VEXX-Stress (Grazer)
GOOD THROB-You’re Shit (White Denim)
BRAIN F≠-Sleep Rough (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
RANK/XEROX-Helpless (Make A Mess)
RAPEMAN-Up Beat (Touch and Go)
FED UP-Today (Black Tar)
RUNAWAYS-School Days (Mercury)
BEST KISSERS IN THE WORLD-Workin’ On Donita (Sub Pop)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Poison Eye (Perfect Sound)

RÜZ-Blame The Badge (self-released)
RUBBISH-Another Fuckin’ War Song (demo)
COLLUSION-I’m Done (demo)
FASTS-Die or Die (Sound Pollution)
LIFE’S HALT-Public Enemy Is Right... Burn Hollywood Burn! (Six Two Five)
VALSE TRISTE-Kansien Välistä (IfSociety)

HALO OF FLIES-No Time (Amphetamine Reptile)
FOSTER CARE-Fifth Hand Clap (Jack Shack)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-Mechnical Breakdown (Go Go)
SPIZZENERGI-Where’s Captain Kirk? (Rough Trade)
ELVIS MCMAN-Devil’s Kiss (Asbestos)

LA PESTE-Spymaster (Matador)
SKATALITES-Fidel Castro (Studio One)
VERLAINES-Lying In State (Homestead)
CRIMPSHRINE-Wake Up (Lookout)

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Fuck You, Norway (Pogostick)

Sonic Overload 5/4/15

Download here:

Sonic Overload 5/4/15




MYSTIC INANE-Eggs Onna Plate (Lumpy)
RÜZ-Hopeless (self-released)
VALLEY BOYS-Auto Pilot (Ugly Pop)
ACHTUNGS-City Of Dicks (Going Underground)
YI-Laugh At Me (self-released)
LATEX-Chain Whip (World Gone Mad)

CHINA WHITE-Solid State (from “All For One...One For All (GTA)
WILLFUL NEGLECT-Taint (Neglected)
WARKRIME-Get Loose (No Way)
DOOMSDAY MASSACRE-Fight, Fight, Fight! (Cutthroat)
YDI-Snarling Hate (Southern Lord)
DESECRATION-Neo-Nazi Party Of Death (self-released)
IMPACT-Morte Chimica (Provinciattiva)

REGULATIONS-Disease (Havoc)
NOTHING BUT ENEMIES-In This City (Welfare)
SACK-Manifesto (self-released)
IRON MAIDEN-Wrathchild (Capitol)


PHANTOM RIDES-Destroy To Contain (demo)
BÖRN-Fjöllin Blá (Total Negativity)
MOVE-Casa Domani (from “Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1,” Sacred Bones)
TWISTED NERVE-When I’m Alone (Playlist)

CONEHEADS-Psycho Killer (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
IVY-Wardsback (demo)
PURE DISGUST-Sick (Quality Control HC)
ANXIETY HAMMER-Echoes (demo)
DIE-Bodies (Sonic Terror)
BATTERY-Go Back To To The Gym (Soulforce)

PIRATES-I Can Tell (Warner Bros.)
MAGAZINE-Rhythm of Cruelty (IRS)
UNDERTONES-Family Entertainment (Sire)


DARK AGES-Vapor (Sorry State)
GIRL POWER-Consumers (demo)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT-Hit Me In The Nuts (Give Praise)
BL’AST-Look Into Myself (Southern Lord)

BELCHING PENGUIN-My Friends (No Clubs)
DERELICTS-Wash (Empty)
BHOPAL STIFFS-Not Just My Head (Dazit)
NOTA-Takin’ Away Your Rights (Rabid Cat)
CH3-Catholic Boy (Posh Boy)

BROKEN PRAYER-Clean (Sorry State)
ANASAZI-Horror At The Mass (Toxic State)
BEASTMAN-Retaliate (demo)
BAD ERIC & THE FUCK BOYS-Life Of Waste (demo)
YDINPERHE-Työviikon Jälkeen (Bad Hair Life)
HEADLESS RATS-Living Nightmare (demo)
INFEST-Sickman (Deep Six)


THE STRIKE-Shots Heard ‘Round The World (Victory)
THE NOT-Action Man (Not)
BAGS-Trapped (Restless)
DWARVES-Free Cocaine (Nasty Gash)
THEE HEADCOATS-Louie Louie (Vinyl Japan) in memory of Jack Ely
BLACK FLAG-Louie Louie (SST)

SNOB-Shoveling Idiots (self-released)
CROSS RAGE-Cross Rage (No Way)
RAZOR BOIS-Still Out Of Their Order (Boycott The Fencewalkers)
ULTRA VIOLENT-Crime For Revenge (Static Shock)
EXPLOITED-Rival Leaders (Captain Oi)
ANTI-PASTI-Caution In The Wind (Rondelet)

TUFF DARTS-(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste (Sire)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #98, 4/29/15

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 4/29/15

GENERATION X-Running With The Boss Sound (Chrysalis)

CADENA-0857 (Boston Pizza)
SEX CHURCH-Slipped (Instant Pleasure)
MOMMY-Hospital Friends (demo)
TOTAL TRASH-You Don’t Try (self-released)

SCREAMERS-Vertigo (boot)
JAMES-Four Point Restraints (Varulven)
SAVAGE BELIEFS-Outskirts (Wasteland)
SINATRAS-Teddy Crashes, Blonde Dies (Rave Up)
FEBER-Full Kontroll (from “Bloodstains Across Norway”)

BAD BLOOD-Can’t Stand It (demo)
4AM FATALITY-Clown Valley (Villain)
FUGITIVE FAMILY-Paranormal Spies (from “Houston Punk,” Agro-Wax)
BLACK NASTY-Rat City (self-released)
BROKEN NECK-Fights Over Nothing (Art Fraud)

NO ALTERNATIVE-Make Guns Not Love (Subterranean)
STRIKE UNDER-Fucking Uniforms (from “Busted At Oz,” Autumn)
GIRLSCHOOL-Race With The Devil (Stiff)
ATTAK-Today’s Generation (No Future)
RED ALERT-In Britain (No Future)

BIRTH DEFORMITIES-You Can’t Catch Me (Cowabunga)
COWBONES-Lies Eyes (Ossatur)
SEX BUNKER-Union Jobs For American Workers (demo)
AK47-Total Fucking War (self-released)

600 SCHOOL-KKK (demo)
HOLOCAUSTO POMADA-I’m Against It (Metadona)
PASTE-Down (Spock Productions)
OIL-Back On Our Feet (demo)
SICK AND TIRED-High Comedy (demo)

DAWN OF HUMANS-Mangled Puzzle (Toxic State)
LATEX-Hopeless Days (World Gone Mad)
LEATHER DADDY-At Night (Failure)
BRAIN ATTACK-Markets (Dirt Cult)
WHITE LUNG-Just For You (Domino)
PHANTOM RIDES-Inside (demo)

CHROME-In A Dream (Subterranean)
ZULUS-I Can’t Wait To Tell You The News (Greenworld)
SORRY-24 (Homestead)

BARRICADE-Fist Blood (HG Fact)
DEATH SIDE-Circulate Pain (Selfish)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Don’t Stop My Way (Partners In Crime)
G.I.S.M.-(Tere Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces (Dogma)

DEFIANCE-No Future No Hope (PunkCore)

Sonic Overload 4/27/15

I got some compliments about last week’s tribute to my friend Chelle and that’s very much appreciated. I feel badly I wasn’t able to make it out to Albany for her memorial service last week. Anyway, she’d probably like this show too. I think Chelle would have liked most of my shows because she had a broad musical taste.

I probably shouldn’t mention it but 2015 is 1/3 over already. Truth be told, I’m ready to jump to 2016 but here’s hoping the last 2/3 of the year is a fuck of a lot better than the first 1/3 was...


STRANGLERS-Five Minutes (A&M)

BÖRN-Bara Hrós (Total Negativity)
SILENT ERA-Pale Blue Dot (demo)
FAILED STATES-Life Of Leisure (demo)
NO LOVE-Seduce and Use (demo)
PHANTOM RIDES-Social Climbers (demo)
LIBYANS-Paralyzed (Sorry State)

PHOBIA-Pretend You’re Not Crazy (from “The Boston Bootleg,” Varulven)
SCARS-Horrorshow (Fast)
BIG BLACK-Jordan, Minnesota (Homestead)
GANG OF FOUR-Paralysed (Warner Bros.)


DAWN OF HUMANS-Foundation? (Toxic State)
LATEX-Bitter Fate (World Gone Mad)
MODERN NEEDS-Can’t Stand the 10’s (self-released)
PURE DISGUST-Guilty (Quality Control HC)
RUBBISH-All That’s Left (demo)
RASH-Hyena (demo)

SLUGGA-Shaved Heads (Total Punk)
DERIDE-In Underground (Mad At The World)
DEROTTA-Herederos (Trabuc)
CRAWLERS-Political Evangelist (Blind Spot)
ANTI-Repressed Aggression (GTA)

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Love In A Void (Polydor)
GILLOOLY-Magenta Lion (More Power)
PLEASURE INDUSTRY-Compactor (demo)
(NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS-Fuck Off (self-released)
MELT-BANANA-Green Eyed Devils (A-Zap)


CRUCIFIX-Another Mouth To Feed (Southern)
ARMISTICE-Dying World (Know)
HEADLESS RATS-Trapped Like Rats (demo)
BLOOD PRESSURE-Need To Control (demo)
ALL OUT PANIC-Anti-You (self-released)
CHEM-TRAILS-Stop & Frisk (Vex)

GIT SOME-Trixie Loves Misty (1-2-3-4, Go!)
TOTAL ABUSE-Eastern Thoughts (Deranged)
WHITE LOAD-Chemicals (demo)
RUSSIAN TOP GUN-Zero Judgment Crew (Ugly Bump)
ILLEGALS-Mongrel (demo)
LAST SONS OF KRYPTON-Teenage Trash (Kryptonite)

RESIST CONTROL-Don’t Want It (demo)
TIME TO ESCAPE-Your Failure (Grave Mistake)
AVO-All My Friends Are Fucked (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
TERRORAIN-Too Many Problems (Burrito)
BATHORY-Holocaust (Under One Flag)


SIX FINGER SATELLITE-Weapon (Sub Pop) in memory of Pete Phillips
BLANK ITS-Food For Flies (Empty)
UNNATURAL HELPERS-My Brother’s Been Kissin’ My Girlfriend (from “Babyhead,” S-S)
BLOWTOPS-Sixteen (Big Neck)
PIRANHAS-Redundant (On/On Switch)

DOWN SYNDROME-Racism (Black Sun)
ASEXUALS-Iraq Iran (First Strike)
THE EDGE-Corporate Abuse (Throbbing Lobster)
REACTIONS-Don’t Look Back (Homestead)
BROWNSVILLE STATION-Smokin’ In the Boys Room (Big Tree)

21-645-Red Red (from “Nobody Gets On The Guest List,” Throbbing Lobster)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #97, 4/22/15

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 4/22/15

WIRE-Reuters (EMI)

RUTS-Babylon’s Burning (Virgin)
WIPERS-Over The Edge (Zeno)
SAINTS-This Perfect Day (Sire)
AGENT ORANGE-Everything Turns Grey (Posh Boy)
EFFIGIES-Mob Clash (Touch & Go)

CAREER SUICIDE-Punitive Damages (Deranged)
FUCK YOU PAY ME-Douche Chills (from upcoming album)
DEAD ONES-Big Thinking Bastards (Gloom)
DEATHSQUAD-Walking On Rusty Nails (Bonus Choke)
DESPERAT-For Allman Beskadan (Hardcore Victim)
CRIATURAS-Aranas en el Corazon (Lengua Armada)

HÜSKER DÜ-Everything Falls Apart (Reflex)
FUGAZI-Latin Roots (Dischord)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU-Caress (Headhunter)
ROLLINS BAND-If You’re Alive (Texas Hotel)

DAWN OF HUMANS-Fog Sclope (Toxic State)
LEATHER DADDY-At Night (Failure)
SLUGGA-Parasite (Total Punk)
CRACKS-Yellow Ribbons (Slipping Grip)
OPPOSITION RISING-The Rich Are Killing The Poor (Profane Existence)
ASSHOLE PARADE-Soliders (from “Reality Part #2,” Deep Six)
LOW THREAT PROFILE-The Product (Draw Blank/Deep Six)

REPLACEMENTS-Dope Smokin Moron (Twin/Tone)
OUTLETS-Best Friends (Modern Method)
NEIGHBORHOODS-She’s So Good (live 1980)
MOVING TARGETS-Changing Your Mind (from “Bands That Could Be God,” Conflict)
THE CRUDE-Vacation (from “Hudson Rock,” MCE)
EXTRAS-This Generation Doesn’t Judge Anybody (from “Hudson Rock,” MCE)

DRY HUMP-Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead (Cowabunga)
COPS-I Am Tired and I Want To Go Home (Rob’s House)
CEREMONY-Don’t Touch Me (Bridge Nine)
YOUNG OFFENDERS-South (Deranged)
POOR LILY-Trap Door (self-released)
SLUTEVER-Sun Hot (self-released)

ULTRA-VIOLENT-Dead Generation (Static Shock)
E.A.T.E.R.-Religion (Loud Punk)
LETHAL OVERDOSE-City Limits (Collision Course)
CAPITAL SCUM-We Must Have Guts (from “Alle 24 Goed!,” Demolition Derby)
DEHUMANIZERS-Can’t Sleep (from “Apathy... Never!,” Over The Top)
VICIOUS CIRCLE-Vicious Circle (Reactor)

EJECTOR SEATS-Status Symbol Slump (Collision Course)
PESTS-Kill Her Some More (self-released)
TURBONEGRO-A Dazzling Display of Talent (Burning Heart)
BENDERS-Can’t Tame Me (from “Back From The Grave Volume Eight,” Crypt)

FU’S-What You Pay For (X-Claim)
REAGAN YOUTH-Reagan Youth (self-released)
GORILLA BISCUITS-Competition (Revelation)
DISCHARGE-Fight Back (Clay)
SHAM 69-Questions and Answers (Polydor)
BUZZCOCKS-Everybody’s Happy Nowadays (IRS)

PSYCHEDELIC FURS-So Run Down (Columbia)
DAMNED-Problem Child (Stiff)

Sonic Overload 4/20/15

Losing a friend at any age is difficult... losing one at a young age is even worse. My dear friend Chelle LaBarge passed away over the weekend after a long battle with cancer. She was only 48. I can’t put the grief I’m feeling into words. She was a wonderful person with a sharp, caustic sense of humor that was a very thin veneer for her kind and loving heart. She was a passionate music fan and we certainly bonded over that but our friendship ran a lot deeper than just musical taste. She lived about four hours from us, near Albany, NY, and I didn’t get to see her nearly as much I would have liked, especially the past few years. I wrote on here last week that we should always cherish our friends—now you know why. I found out a day before recording last week’s show that she didn’t have a lot of time left.

This week’s show is dedicated to Chelle and you’ll hear a lot of her favorite music over the next two or so hours. R.I.P. Chelle—I love you.

Sonic Overload 4/20/15


REPLACEMENTS-Kids Don’t Follow (Twin/Tone)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-At The Edge (Chrysalis)
SUPERCHUNK-Slack Motherfucker (Matador)
AD’S-Living Downtown (Blue Lunch)
FIGGS-Sleaze (Absolute A Go Go)
NEIGHBORHOODS-Monday Morning (live)

ROLLINS BAND-Alien Blueprint (Imago)
BLACK FLAG-I’ve Heard It Before (SST)
LEATHERFACE-New York State (Roughneck)
HÜSKER DÜ-Divide and Conquer (SST)
FAILURE-Princess (Slash)
DESCENDENTS-Coffee Mug (Epitaph)


BREAKING CIRCUS-Knife In The Marathon (Homestead)
COCK SPARRER-Running Riot (Taang)
JUDAS PRIEST-Running Wild (Columbia)
STRAIGHT ARROWS-Running Wild (Juvenile)

DAWN OF HUMANS-Painful Mountain (Toxic State)
MANIPULATION-Secrets (demo)
THE LOWEST FORM-Exhaustion (Iron Lung)
DARK AGES-Mr. Sun (Sorry State)
BLANK SPELL-Proof (Cruel Noise)
COMA-In A Coma (ADK)

X-We’re Desperate (Dangerhouse)
IGGY & THE STOOGES-Search and Destroy (Columbia)
CLASSIC RUINS-1 + 1 > 2 (Ace of Hearts)
HEX DISPENSERS-Down In The Park (Alien Snatch)


BLOOD PRESSURE-Drone War (demo)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS-Can’t Take It Back (demo)
Q-N (demo)
BIG ZIT-Goin’ Blind (Not Normal)
BLAZING EYE-Biting (Overdose)
GAY KISS-Salacious Herd (Sorry State)
PROCESS-Our Future? What Future? (Urgent Warning)
DS-13-Fukk Your Gods (Deranged)

THE UPRISING-Slavery (Not Like You)
LETHAL OVERDOSE-People Lose (Collision Course)
INSANITY DEFENSE-Social Motion (from “Best Of Unsound Bands,” Welfare)
DEATH SENTENCE-My Love (Burrito)
GEARS-I Smoke Dope (Hep Cat)
NEIGHBORS-Weed (self-released)

SOUPCANS-Weedopolis, 2029 (Telephone Explosion)’
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Peeping Toddler (self-released)
RUNNING-Thank You For The Input (Castle Face)
CAN-She Brings The Rain (Mute)


EJECTOR SEATS-You Need This (Collision Course)
RATAS DEL VATICANO-Que Vivan Los Buenos Y El Rock n Roll (HBSP-2X)
ZODIAC KILLERS-Genetic Mutation (Rip-Off)
MUD CITY MANGLERS-Song #666 (Stolen)
NEW BOMB TURKS-Runnin’ On Go (Crypt)
DEFEX-Nuthin 2 Say (from “Rocky Mountain Low,” Hyperpycnal)

MOTORS-Be What You Gotta Be (Virgin)
BOYS-Cop Cars/Keep Running (Captain Oi)
SEX PISTOLS-My Way (Virgin)

NEIGHBORHOODS-No Place Like Home (Ace of Hearts)