Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sonic Overload 4/12/10

So Malcolm McLaren passed away recently—he’s best known as the manager of the Sex Pistols. Some might say creator, svengali, exploiter... whatever the case, I suppose he did set the wheels in motion for the band. Before that, he tried (and failed) to revive the New York Dolls’ flagging career with a hammer and sickle motif and dressing them in red leather. Later, he plucked some of the original Ants from Adam and put together Bow Wow Wow with a teenaged vocalist, Anabella Lwin, totally playing up the jailbait angle. Malcolm had no shortage of crassness, that’s for sure. I won’t say that I’m playing the Pistols in his memory but as more of an acknowledgement of his death. Whatever...

I also thought about gathering some audio concerning the mining tragedy in West Virginia earlier this month, where 29 miners perished. Ultimately, I didn’t have the time to put anything together. But that doesn’t mean you, my dear listeners, should remain unaware of how these deaths could have possibly been avoided. The CEO of their company, Massey Coal, is a character by the name of Don Blankenship and he’s a consummate robber-baron scumbag. I can’t even begin to detail his transgressions. Here’s one piece that provides info: . Since the Supreme Court recently said that corporations have the same “rights” as individuals, perhaps Mr. Blankenship, being the CEO of a criminal corporation, can be brought up on charges of murder or, at the very least, manslaughter. After reading about his less-than-exemplary exploits, I’d argue Blankenship is more than a little culpable for these events.

All of this gets frustrating after awhile, doesn’t it? That’s why I’d rather watch baseball or listen to punk rock sometimes!

Sonic Overload 4/12/10


SEX PISTOLS-Satellite (Virgin)

NOMOS-Salvation/Annihilation (Deranged)
THE HORROR-The Menace (Grot)
PYRAMID SCHEME-Jesus Floorpunching Christ (Art Fraud)
CULTURE SHOCK-If Only An Atheist Could Pray For The Apocalypse (demo)
HELLSHOCK-Wax Statues (HG Fact)
KIELTOLAKI-Ikuinen Kesa Kaikilla (Feral Ward)

GET RAD-Cut The Noose (Underground Communique)
LIBYANS-Higher Standards (Narshardaa)
SOCIALCIDE-Unapproachable (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
EMPTY VESSEL-Fade Away (Blind Spot)
FUNERAL SHOCK-Blow Up West Point (Six Weeks)
BL’AST-Only Time Will Tell (SST)


THE MEN-Hated (self-released)
EXTINCT GOVERNMENT-Politicians Should Die (Overthrow)
JOHNS TOWN ALOHA-Hang The Black (HG Fact)
CHAOS Z-Steckt die Köpfe in den Sand (Weird System)

FOLDED SHIRT-15 Year Old Kids (Fashionable Idiots)
HOMOSTUPIDS-R Companion (Fashionable Idiots)
OUT WITH A BANG-Love My Life (Fashionable Idiots)
GENERAL INTEREST-Out With A Bang (demo)
DEAD WIFE-Txt Me (Psychic Handshake/No Vacation)
SPITS-Remote Control (Dirtnap)
SICK THINGS-Good Citizen (Inner City Sound)

WEIRDOS-Solitary Confinement (Dangerhouse)
RUTS-I Ain’t Sofisticated (Virgin)
MISFITS-Bloodfeast (Caroline)
STRANGLERS-Straighten Out (IRS)


AK47-They Killed Radio Raheem (Reason)
SHIPWRECKED-Violent Response (self-released)
HOLY SHIT!-Fuckin’ With My Head (Criminal IQ)
BEASTIE BOYS-Tough Guy (Capitol)
KORO-700 Club (Sorry State)
NEOS-Fascist Rule (Breakeven)

ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS-Guys Are Not Proud (Red Sweater)
ANGRY SAMOANS-Not Of This Earth (Triple X)
TELECOMMANDE-6128 Frustration/Suicide (demo)
RUDI-Who You? (from “We Went And Recorded It Anyway,” Brutarian Quarterly)

SCARS-Adultery (Fast)
MOLLS-White Stains (Skids)
PHOBIA-Pretend You’re Not Crazy (from “The Boston Bootleg,” Varulven)
21-645-Babble (from “Laughing On The Ground,” Propeller)


SUICIDE-Dream Baby Dream (ZE)
STEREOLAB-Mellotron (Too Pure)
COP ON FIRE-Imbecile (Inimical)
GENBAKU ONANIES-Rat Trap (Trippin’ Elephant)

GANG OF FOUR-Cheeseburger (Warner Bros.)
DEATH OF SAMANTHA-Coca Cola and Licorice (St. Valentine)
CURE-It’s Not You (Elektra)
RUNAWAYS-School Days (Mercury)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Sonic Overload 4/5/10

Happy opening day! Well, it was an opening night with the first Sox/Yankees game played on a Sunday night. Something ain't right about that and I'm not too pleased with how the Sox are playing so far... but this is a punk rock show and punk rock you shall get...

Sonic Overload 4/5/10


PITBOSS 2000-Yankees Suck (self-released)

STATE-Dropout (Statement)
LOST BOYS-They’re Watching (multi-label)
SLAP THE CULTURE-Not To Have/Hopeless Youth (Cock Suck)
FUTURES-Cold Bug (625)
SCHOOL JERKS-Guestlist (Cowabunga)
AMDI PETERSENS ARME-Dødt Liv (Kick ‘n Punch)

CONVERSIONS-Specifics (Ride The Snake)
HALLRAKER-Small Sunshine (Sike)
RATIONAL ANIMALS-Games and Fun (Feral Kid)
DEEP SLEEP-Into My Brain (Grave Mistake)
DEVOID OF FAITH-Cold Sore (Hater Of God)

RAW NERVE-Born Under A Bad Sign (Youth Attack)
PERDITION-This Is Hell (Mountains of Madness)
HORROR-Demolicion (Trabuc)
SKITKIDS-Visst E Jag Lycklig (Not Enough)
MEANWHILE-Same Shit New Millennium (Sound Pollution)


BASEBALL FURIES-Wake Up Call (Big Neck)

GERM ATTAK-Life In Exile (Loud Punk)
N/N-Lideres (Lengua Armada)
FNU RONNIES-Ain’t No Place (from “Fresh Cuts & Cigarette Burns,” Criminal IQ)
GENBAKU ONANIES-Down In A Flame (Trippin’ Elephant)
C.AARME-Bodybuilding (Spegel)

NIRVANA-Oh, The Guilt (Touch & Go)
TUB-Repeller (Double Deuce)
HAMMERHEAD-Cleaning Woman (from “Jabberjaw: Good To The Last Drop,” Mammoth)
GUZZARD-Supersonic Enemy Of Evil (Amphetamine Reptile)
GUIDED BY VOICES-Shocker In Gloomtown (Matador)


GET RAD-Bullshit Forcefield (Gilead Media)
CULO-Kill The Pain (Punks Before Profits)
THE TROUBLE-Shadows On The Streets (Bridge Nine)
DEATH SENTENCE-My Love (Burrito)
ACID REFLUX-Loser’s Game (No Way)

POSITIVE NOISE-This Light Won’t Dim (Punks Before Profits)
LIEUTENANT-Top Of Shit Heap (demo)
SHORT CHANGED-Burn Down Wagon Town (Rodent Popsicle)
INVASION-Bastardos (La Vida Es Un Mus)
VAASKA-Sufrir Hasta Morir (540/Todo Destruido)
TALK IS POISON-Floor (Prank)

CHRON GEN-Reality (Step Forward)
CHELSEA-Urban Kids (Captain Oi)
POLICE-Be My Girl--Sally (A&M)
JILTED JOHN-Jilted John (from “Teenage Kicks,” Rhino)


REAL KIDS-Reggae Reggae (Red Star)
REX-Violent Playground (Columbia)
CATBURGLARS-Cherry Bomb (Criminal IQ)
GG KING-Insomnia (Local Cross)

BOYS-Cop Cars/Keep Running (NEMS)
CLASH-Complete Control (Epic)
ONE WAY SYSTEM-Give Us A Future (Captain Oi)
GUS-Outta My Head (Wrong)
GUTTERMOUTH-Asshole (Nitro)

RICH KIDS-Rich Kids (Fan Club)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sonic Overload 3/29/10

The Easter show, which means songs about Easter, crucifixions and bunnies but not necessarily in that order. Recorded during another huge rainstorm and I ended up having to stay up all night Tuesday into Wednesday keeping the water out. Not fun but no damage, at least...

Sonic Overload 3/29/10


LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Belly Bunny Rock (Moo-La-La)

RAW NERVE-Secondhand/Origin Of Species (Youth Attack)
EVEN KEEL-Tighten The Screws (demo)
FIX ME-Caciques (demo)
VILE BODIES-Indentured (demo)
CLOCKCLEANER-Deaf Man Talking (Reptilian)
SMEGMA & THE NUNZ-Bourgeois Lad (demo)

ANTISEEN-Curses (Zodiac Killer)
SEXUAL SUICIDE-White Shirt (United Riot)
BAD TASTE-The Curse (Feral Kid)
SWITCHBLADE CHEETAH-Hotel Hell Feast (Goat-Fi)
PINKO & THE ACTION BOYS-Louder Than Everything (self-released)
GUILTY FACES-Some Things (Deranged)

BLACK EASTER-What The Fuck (from “Killed By Death #5”)
PROUD SCUM-Rabbit (from “Hate Your Neighbours,” Pussy Muncher)
COCOCOMA-Water Into Wine (Goner)
JOHN OTWAY-Head Butts (Polydor)


PISSCHRIST-Never Give Up (HG Fact)
9 SHOCKS TERROR-Remove The Pope (Sound Pollution)
INMATES-Coming Out Early (Painkiller)
DISKONTO-Har Slutar Allman Vag (Six Weeks)
DEVOUR-Crawling Out (Sorry State)
HAYWIRE-Pain (New Beginning)

JERRY’S KIDS-Crucify Me (X-Claim)
MOONSHINE-God Will Eat You Raw (demo)
FLESHIES-No One (Alternative Tentacles)
HERO DISHONEST-One Minute Of Silence For The Memory Of Captain Jack (ACME)
THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY-Photonegative (Smog Veil)

SOFT BOYS-I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp (Ryko)
VICE CREEMS-01-01-212 (Tiger)
VIBRATORS-Judy Says (Epic)


RUINATION-Theme For A Crucifixion (+/-)
BORN AGAINST-Jock Gestapo (Kill Rock Stars)
LOAD-Pastor’s Day (Faceless)
BAD POSTURE-Get Tough (Grand Theft Audio)
PART-TIME CHRISTIANS-Religion On A Stick (Alternative Tentacles)

BUNNY SKULLS-Daily War (Punks Before Profits)
EASTER KIDS-Easter Kid (Brain Drain)
COLD SHOULDER-Not For Sale (Cowabunga)
SUNPOWER-State Of Fear (RocknRollRadio)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION-Not For Sale (Citizen Resistance)
ALERT! ALERT!-Lose Blood (Cassette Kill)
POSITIVE NOISE-Holy Shit (Punks Before Profits)

IRON CROSS-Crucified For Your Sins (GMM)
KIL SLUG-Easter Time (Taang)
FEEDERZ-Jesus Entering From The Year (from “Let Them Eat Jellybeans,” Alternative Tentacles)
SCRATCH ACID-Damned For All Time (Touch & Go)


TSOL-It’s Gray (Restless)
WOOL-Blackeye (London)
NEW SWEET BREATH-Sky King (Ringing Ear)
MANIC STREET PREACHERS-Suicide Alley (from “Underground Rockers, Vol. 2,” Link)

PINPOINT-Richmond (Albioin)
HATES-No Talk In The 80s (Faceless)
METEORS (Netherlands)-Blitzkrieg (EMI)
METEORS (UK)-Go Buddy Go (Anagram)

THE MOVE-Do Ya (United Artists)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sonic Overload 3/22/10

A busy show this week--first and foremost, there's a tribute to Maximum Rocknroll columnist Bruce Roehrs, who passed away recently at the age of 59. I never got to meet Bruce in person. Ellen and I were in SF a couple of summers ago and I had it in the back of my mind that I’d try to get in touch with him and see about joining him at the bar he always wrote about for a few beers. And after reading the outpouring of reminiscences and tributes to Bruce, it’s obvious he was universally loved and respected and a really unique character. I pay tribute to Mr. Roehrs by playing some of his favorite music. This week’s show is also dedicated to the memory of Big Star’s Alex Chilton, who recently died, also at the age of 59.

There’s also audio from “Democracy Now” that marks the seventh anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, with some accompanying musical material. Let’s hope that the government sticks to the plan to have the troops home within the next few years.

Finally, I’d imagine most of you have heard that health reform finally passed the house, despite Republicans fighting hammer and tong to prevent any legislation from passing and, unfortunately, some of the Democrats went along with them. It’s been an ugly, visceral year filled with hateful and ignorant invective from elected officials, right-wing talk hosts and their teabagger, uh, tea party acolytes. The bill is FAR from perfect. I think the only answer is single payer and I hope this is a small step towards it. In the meantime, there’s more audio from “Democracy Now,” then a bit of audio from Jim DeMint, the demented senator from South Carolina, who said that if Obama failed to pass reform, it’d be his Waterloo and that audio comes from a rally last fall. Since it passed, DeMint’s Facebook page has been bombarded with the YouTube video of ABBA’s “Waterloo.” I took in the fun and so should you. This will probably be the last time you ever hear ABBA on Sonic Overload. I admit I loved the song when I was a kid, though.

Sonic Overload 3/22/10


AGNOSTIC FRONT-Victim In Pain (Bridge Nine)

COCKNOOSE-All Jacked Up (Woundup)
TEMPLARS-Victim (Vulture Rock)
TERMINAL STATE-Sick (Deranged)
CELIBATE RIFLES-Killing Time (Hot)

CONVERSIONS-Projectiles (Ride The Snake)
PISSED JEANS-I’m Sick (Parts Unknown)
THE BRONX-Bats! (Tarantulas)
HJERTESTOP-Vi Ses I Helvede (No Way)

TYVEK-Building Burning (Siltbreeze)
SHITTY LIMITS-Mind’s Eye (Keep Screaming)
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Fire Engine (Decal)


PROFITS-Shock and Awe (Active)

SLEEPER CELL-Bombs Under Baghdad (Cries Of Pain)
KIELTOLAKI-Massahypnoosi (Feral Ward)
CRANKED UP-Another Vietnam (Creep)
GERM ATTAK-Children Of War (Loud Punk)
MAJOR ACCIDENT-Warboots (Captain Oi)

WASTED TIME-Shameless (Grave Mistake)
VIOLENT MINDS-Riot (Parts Unknown)
APPENDIX-Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa (Propaganda)
TOTALITÄR-Du Har Sa Kalla Hander (Prank)
AVSKUM-The Massacre In Fallujah (Prank)
MOTÖRHEAD-Fire, Fire (Roadrunner)

DESTRY HAMPTON & THE WOLVES FROM HELL-Angel Of Madness (from “Killed By Death #17”)
HS ART-Vattenplask (from “Killed By Death #96”)
TEACHERS PET-Cincinnati Stomp (Smog Veil)
ULTRAVOX-ROckwrok (Island)
AVENGERS-Open Your Eyes (CD)


ABBA-Waterloo (Atlantic)

HEBE GEEBEES-Night Fever (from “Saturday Night Pogo,” Rhino)
RIK L RIK-Meat House (Posh Boy)
SCORPIONS-Another Piece Of Meat (Mercury)
ALLEY CATS-Black-Haired Girl (from “Sharp Cuts,” Planet)

ALONE IN A CROWD-Is Anybody There? (Flux)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH-Just How Much? (Revelation)
KAMIKAZE-Nothing Seems Real (Soulrebel)
DR.KNOW-Watch It Burn (Mystic)
THE FACTION-Eternal Plan (IM)
POSSESSED-Death Metal (Combat)


HOMICIDES-I Think You’re Shit (Vertex)
CATBURGLARS-Late Nite TV (Criminal IQ)
RED CROSS-Burnout (Smoke 7)
MAKERS-Hate Your Games (Estrus)

SHORT CHANGED-Hard As Fuck (Rodent Popsicle)
SWITCHBLADE CHEETAH-Vigilante Justice (Goat-Fi)
HOLY SHIT!-My Girlfriend Is A Depressed Vegan Nightmare (Criminal IQ)
FISHSTICKS-Drunk On Sunday (Theologian)
TOTAL ABUSE-Breathing Down My Neck (Deranged)
NAILS-Dying Like A Man (La Familia/Taken By Surprise)
RED REACTION-Watered Down (Solution)

BIG STAR-Don’t Lie To Me (Ardent) in memory of Alex Chilton
SHELLSHAG-Dirty Looks (Don Giovanni)
TELECOMMANDE-Je Hais Ton Groupe (demo)

COCK SPARRER-Take ‘Em All (Taang)