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Sonic Overload 12/15/14

The end of the year is in sight—next week, I’ll be playing some holiday music on Monday but the bulk will on Christmas Eve on Stench Radio... and the week after that, it’ll be the Best of 2014. As of now, I don’t really feel as though I have a definitive album of the year but there’s no shortage of quality music to play. In the meantime, this week’s show features a fair amount of new material plus some lesser-played gems that haven’t been on here for awhile. Enjoy!

Sonic Overload 12/15/14


THE CLASH-London Calling (Epic)

NOTS-Talk Show (Goner)
SNOB-Sick Of It (self-released)
HOT TIP-Electric (demo)
TOTAL TRASH-Far Out (self-released)
WATERY LOVE-Empty Walls (In The Red)
BEAST FIEND-Transparent (demo)

CRAZY SPIRIT-People Follow (demo)
FRENZY-Stagnant Words (from “Cream Of The Crop,” Best Before ’84)
MONGOLOID-Attends (demo)
BLOTTER-AUM (Katorga Works)
GILLOOLY-Lingering Debris (More Power)
SHA-LONDON-Shortcut To Hell (from “Tunes For Fucker”)

ROMEO VOID-Never Say Never (Columbia)
WALL OF VOODOO-Back In Flesh (from “URGH! A Music War (IRS)
AU-PAIRS-Come Again (Rough Trade)


FOURTEEN OR FIGHT-Big Shoulders Slumping (demo)
SHORT FUSE-Scene 17 (Assault/Understeimated)
DRAGNET-Russian Roulette (DeadAlive)
DUSTHEADS-Altered States (Don Giovanni)
THIS SHIP WILL BURN-So Frowned The Mighty Combatants (Thrashbastard)
SILLA ELECTRICA-Es Lo Que Hay (from “Sound The Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)

RASPBERRY BULBS-Behind The Glass (Blackest Ever Black)
LOW LIFE-Speed Ball (RIP Society/Disinfect)
POWERBLESSINGS-Stunt Whale (Manhattan Chemical and Electronic)
REPORTS-Turnaround (Ride The Snake)
FUGAZI-Break-In (Dischord)

NICE GUYS-Herb Chambers (demo)
CONEHEADS-‘Notha Thing (demo)
FLYKILLS-Eye In The Sky (demo)
FEJFLIX-Dit Problem (Spaghetti Cassetti)
SHRINK-Energy (Oval)
DICKHEADS-Squad Leader (Walking Dead)


VOID-Condensed Flesh (from “Charred Remains,” Radio Raheem)
DOUBLE-O-The End (from “Charred Remains,” Radio Raheem)
PANDEMONIUM-Bored (Coalition)
CHAIN REACTION-Your Bloody War (Belfagor)
PROTESTI-Protesti (Havoc)
EXTREMA-Burning Bones Of War (from “I Thrash, Therefore I Am (Schizophrenic)
BARN AV REGNBUEN-Penga Profitt Og Kapital (Barneplater)

BUCK BILOXI & THE FUCKS-Tough Shit (Total Punk)
ENERJETICS-Assembler (demo)
DISTRACTORS-Let’s Get Sick (Cheap Date)
DIALTONES-All Night Long (Dead Beat)
SHRINKS-Nowhere To Live (Rapid Pulse)
RABIES-Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Sorry State)

THE MAD-I Hate Music (Captain Trip)
UNNATURAL AXE-The Creeper (Lawless)
WOVEN BONES-Janie (Needless)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-You Trip Me Up (Blanco y Negro)
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY-Shout At The Sky (Red Rhino)


THE PROLETARIAT-Instinct (Taang)
GUZZARD-Glued (Amphetamine Reptile)
GIRL POWER-Greetings, Pop Pickers (demo)
FLEECE-Clifford (demo)
WIVES-Squeeze Your Eyes So Tight (Cold Sweat)

FRATRICIDE-Grave (Scizophrenic)
DRI-Violent Pacification (Beer City)
SEDATIVES-Guilty (Deranged)
MAN SIZED ACTION-Couch Potato (Reflex)
CADAVER EM TRANCE-Estado De Sitio (Nada Nada)

RIOT SQUAD-Society’s Fodder (Rot)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #81, 12/10/14

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BIOHAZARD-Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Maze America)

SUBHUMANS-Death Was Too Kind (Essential Noise) in memory of Brian Goble
DOA-I’m Right, You’re Wrong (Alternative Tentacles)
SNFU-Broken Toy (BYO)
STRETCH MARKS-Dog’s World (Headbutt)
VICIOUS CIRCLE-My Life, My Rules (demo)
THE HIGH & THE MIGHTY-If The Time Is Right, We’re Ready To Fight (Radio Raheem)
MAIMED FOR LIFE-Pawns In Twisted Games (VI)

NUKE CULT-Stress Relief (demo)
FARANG-Blood Pressure (demo)
DIRTY WORK-Dollar Sign (Eat The Life)
WRONG HOLE-Got A Cold (demo)
TELECOMMANDE-Telecommande (demo)
WARUM JOE-Datcha (New Rose)

SAINTS-No Time (Sire)
SUPERGRASS-Caught By The Fuzz (Parlophone)
SUPERNOVA-Daredevil (Amphetamine Reptile)
CRESS-DIY (Flat Earth)

VIOLENT SOCIETY-You’re Gonna Fall (Motherbox)
VIOLENT MINDS-Riot (Parts Unknown)
SMART COPS-A Quattro Zampe (Sorry State)
2X4-Mental Shock (Twerp)
PROTESTER-Here To Stay (Trash King)
SCUZZ-Cheap/Generation (demo)

TRANSPLANTS-Braincase (Dionysus)
NERVOUS EATERS-Get Stuffed (Rat)
PLASMATICS-Corruption (Vice Squad)
SHRAPNEL-Combat Love (Salute)
BABY’S ARM-I’m A Wimp (demo)
ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS-Guys Are Not Proud (Red Sweater)

DARFÜR-Systematic Error (Bad Hair Life)
LAUKAUS-Traditiot (Distort)
HORRÖR-Surto Al Carrer (Trabuc)
KNIFED-Knifed (from “Euro Thrash Retribution,” 625)
DISEASE-Mallorca Podrida (demo)
HOMOMILITIA-Dyskryminacja (Nikt Nic Niewie)

FRANTIX-Car (Alternative Tentacles)
KNIFE FIGHT-Woof Woof Woof (from “Wolf Party,” Voodoo Rhythm)
VON ZIPPERS-Twist Off (Estrus)
OMENS-Heart Full Of Lies (from “Diggy Diggy Dead!,” Rubble)
THEE HEADCOATS-I Wanna Get Fucked (Amphetamine Reptile)
EPIC V-I Need Your Lovin’ (from “Gravel Vol. 2,” Kumquat May)

NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS-Rainy Day (Kick ‘n’ Punch)
OS ESTUDANTES-Kamikaze Kid (Laja)
MUNDO MUERTO-Krucifikados (Konton Crasher)
NO PROBLEM-Rn’R Deathcamp (Deranged)
PSYCHED TO DIE-Staged Reality (Dirtnap)
LIFETIME-The Boy’s No Good (Jade Tree)

SLEAFORD MODS-Black Monday (Ipecac)
DELTA 5-Anticipation (Rough Trade)
ALLEY CATS-Too Much Junk (Dangerhouse)
SADO NATION-Messed Up Mixed Up (GTA)

THE CLASH-Revolution Rock (Epic)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sonic Overload 12/8/14

Another week, another cop gets away with murder—this time, it was Daniel Pantaleo, a white police officer in Staten Island whose chokehold caused the heart attack death of a black man, Eric Garner ON VIDEO and a grand jury decided against indicting him. Incidentally, I got his first name wrong—it’s not Joseph or Anthony, it’s Daniel. Truth be told, he doesn’t the courtesy of having his first name used. I didn’t have time to grab some audio about the latest miscarriage of justice. It’s heartening to see widespread demonstrating all over the country, especially in NYC where protesters shut down the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m not sure it’ll accomplish anything but people need to wake up and stop letting this happen.

I just found out before recording this week’s show that Brian Goble (aka Wimpy Roy) from the Subhumans and DOA passed away over the weekend from a heart attack. He was only 57. He’s the second member of DOA to pass away this year—Dave Gregg died in March. Tribute is paid to Brian, as well as Ian MacLagan from the Faces and Small Faces, who died last week at 67. R.I.P.

Sonic Overload 12/8/14


SUBHUMANS-Fuck You (Essential Noise) in memory of Brian Goble

SUBHUMANS-The Big Picture (Friends)
SUBHUMANS-Dead At Birth (Friends)
SUBHUMANS-Death To The Sickoids (Essential Noise)
SUBHUMANS-Slave To My Dick (Essential Noise)
DOA-Liar For Hire (Alternative Tentacles)

BILL BONDSMEN-Terrible Diagnosis (Rust On The Blade)
RASPBERRY BULBS-How The Strings Are Pulled (Blackest Ever Black)
ULTRA BIDÉ-DNA vs DNA-c (Alternative Tentalces)
TEEN ARCHER-Casanova Frankenstein (Exo)
RASH-Nuclear Jesus (demo)


CHEM-TRAILS-Maniacal Laughter (Vex)
DARK AGES-No Cops No Christians (demo)
RAW POWER-Police, Police/Destroy (GTA)
CIVIL DISSIDENT-Mirror of Deception (Prank)
NOG WATT-Going On (Revenge)

INMATES-Joe Dolce (Painkiller)
HOLY SHIT!-BFF (Criminal IQ)
A.D. SKINNER-Jacks Apprentice (demo)
BIG ZIT-Goin’ Blind (Not Normal)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS-I Lost My Mind (Space Ritual)
BROWN SUGAR-Back To The Future (Feeble Minds/Feral Kid)

MEATMEN-1 Down 3 To Go (Touch and Go)
ZERO BOYS-Civilization’s Dying (Panic Button)
DETENTION-Dead Rock ‘n’ Rollers (GTA)
GERMS-We Must Bleed (Slash)
YOUTH GONE MAD-Ode To Darby (from “Buried Alive,” Smoke Seven)


SINISTER SIX-Go Away (Empty)
STUMP WIZARDS-Fire Mine (Skyclad)
DEFORMITIES-Sometimes I Wish For My Own Death (self-released)
COACHWHIPS-Prisoner 119 (Narnack)
FUCK ME DEAD-Mechanize Me (CTR)
ACTIVATIONS-Radio On/Attack (Big Neck)
LOOKERS-We Don’t Care (Trick Knee)

SEX DWARF-Avnazifiering (Konton Crasher)
ELECTRIC FUNERAL-Order From Disorder (Southern Lord)
INFERNÖH-Gamdregel (demo)
GLAM-Duelo De Titanes (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TERCER MUNDO-Ser Nostros Mismos (Cintas Pepe)

MALEFICE-Overboard (DSI)
DEAD YOUTH-Radiation Fallout (from “Sudden Death,” Smoke Seven)
TARGET OF DEMAND-Plastic Bullets (Happy Hermit)
UNDERDOGS-Dead Soldier (Riot City)
RIOT/CLONE-Death To Humanity (from “The Very Best of Punk & Disorderly,” Anagram)
CHAOS UK-Selfish Few (Dead Ringer)


CLEAVERS-Bug (from “Trap Sampler,” Trap)
OPERATION S-Operation Suicide (Wild Wild)
UV RACE-Nuclear Family (S-S)
NO AGE-Sleeper Hold (Sub Pop)
WRY-Blueprint To Nero (Forge)

BUZZCOCKS-You Know You Can’t Help It (IRS)
PROFESSIONALS-Just Another Dream (Virgin)
THE DOLL-Trash (Beggars Banquet)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-The Young Ones (Captain Oi)
STEPMOTHERS-Don’t Kill The Beat (Posh Boy)
FACES-Stay With Me (Warner Bros.) in memory of Ian MacLagan

Sonic Overload 12/1/14

I was dealing with some computer issues so I didn’t have the opportunity to put together some sound or mention anything about the (not-so) grand jury decision in Missouri this past week, where Officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted in the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson. A total miscarriage of justice—Wilson, in my opinion (and the opinion of many others) got away with murder. I covered it on last Wednesday’s Stench Radio show, which should be posted on the archive in the not-too-distant future. One hopes that Wilson will eventually be brought to some sort of justice, perhaps through a civil action, although I’m not all that optimistic about that happening. In the meantime, he’s going to cash in quite well on his “fame,” with his supporters raising over half a million dollars plus his purported $500,000 appearance fee on ABC. What a pathetic situation...

Only two more “regular” shows this year, until I get into the holiday and best-of shows at the end of the month...

Sonic Overload 12/1/14


MINOR THREAT-Salad Days (Dischord)

INSTITUTE-Nausea (Sacred Bones)
WHITE WHALE-Three (demo)
SLEEPTALKER-I’m Haunting (demo)
CONFINES-Phoning It In (Side Two)
RAW NERVE-Hemlock (Youth Attack)

GUITAR WOLF-Fire Eighteen (GuitarWolf)
WOMEN IN PRISON-Strange Waves (HoZac)
CLOSET FAIRIES-Pork ‘n Beans (demo)
SPITZZ-Transubstantiation Express (Tarantulas)
X-RAYS-Jameson Shot (Big Neck)

CHEM-TRAILS-Face Stop (Vex)
WARCRY-Needle (self-released)
FORWARD-Rebel and Progress (Long Knife)
ELECTRIC FUNERAL-Raped System (Southern Lord)
PROCESS-The Spectacle Continues (Urgent Warning )
HALSHUG-Krig (D-Takt & Rapunk)


SLEAFORD MODS-Jolly Fucker (Ipecac)
CATATONIC YOUTH-Out Of Control (HoZac)
ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS-You Sucker (from “Back To Front, Vol. 6”)
GORILLA ANGREB-Aaarrrgghh (Feral Ward)
MUCKRAKER-What Red Said (demo)
X_X-You’re Full Of Shit (Drome)

GUNNAR HANSEN-My Crimes (Schizophrenic)
TAR BABIES-Economy Pact (Lexicon Devil)
PINKEYE-In Praise Of School Shooters (Slasher)
KEPONE-295 (Alternative Tentacles)

EFFIGIES-Below The Drop (Touch and Go)
SAVAGE BELIEFS-Shake Your Neighbor’s Hand (from “Middle of  America Compilation,” HID)
RIBZY-Invasion (Vinehell)
NO CRISIS-Right Song (GTA)
URBAN ASSAULT-Join The Army (Fowl)


SEE YOU IN HELL-Proti Proudu (self-released)
SLUMS OF THE FUTURE-Pig Without A Badge (self-released)
POLLUTION-Failure (demo)
THE JURY-I Hate The Future (Gloom)
MAJOR DAMAGE-Sheer Mayhem (Even Worse/Way Back When)
GET KILLED-I Should Not Be Being Such A Piece Of Shit (demo)

RAPED TEENAGERS-Bedovad (self-released)
FLAT BOWL-Sticky (from “Beer City Underground Vol. 3,” Beer City)
FULL SPEED AHEAD-Taken Run (Manic Ride)
LOS CRUDOS-Tu Lo Ensenaste (Lengua Armada)
NO FRAUD-Suicidal Maniac (No Clubs)
DAS KLOWN-Use Your Head (Know)
CIRIL-Herman (Know)

ENEMIES-Test Tube Baby (from “Bloodstains Across Buffalo,” Extra-Evidence)
MANIACS-Ain’t No Legend (United Artists)
DANGEROUS GIRLS-I Don’t Want To Eat (With The Family) (Happy Face)
EXPANDO-BRAIN-Flogging A Dead Relationship (Vacant Lot)


WIPERS-When It’s Over (Zeno)
KILLING JOKE-Birds Of A Feather (EG)
B-52’S-6060-842 (Warner Bros.)
LOVE TRIANGLE-Orgasms In Heaven (Dire)

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS-Charlie Brown (Epitaph)
STUPIDS-This Is The Norm (Boss Tuneage)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE-Bored To Death (Dischord)
POISON IDEA-Death Wish Kids (Pusmort)
NUTRIES-Intoxicated Church (self-released)

MARCH VIOLETS-Snake Dance (Rebirth)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #80, 11/26/14

Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on Stench Radio....

DEAD KENNEDYS-Riot (Alternative Tentacles)

SEVERED HEAD OF STATE-Cop On Fire (Ebullition)
HIATUS-Horrendous Police Control (Sound Pollution)
KYLMA SOTA-Takaisin (Raakanaama)
FRENZY-Calls From The Grave (Distort Reality)
SYMPTOM-Wartime Children (demo)
SADIST-Beauty Fades (demo)

HUE & CRY-Just So You Know (demo)
HOT TIP-DNA (demo)
KATHERINE-Nothing (demo)
EL JESUS DE MAGICO-Desperation Desecration (Columbus Discount)
WRIGGLE-Huff Marks (demo)
BAADER BRAINS-Vostok Welcoming Party (Ebullition)

RIKK AGNEW-OC Life (Frontier)
MARKED MEN-Set You Right (Dirtnap)
PEELANDER-Z-Mad Tiger (Swell)
SLAP THE CULTURE-I Hate Anarchy (Cock Suck)
SHITLOADS OF FUCKALL-Park Dale Yardsale (from “Stranglehold,” Triple X)
TEEN CRUD COMBO-Suck It (Deranged)

VIC BONDI-Gaza, Missouri (demo)
TOTAL ABUSE-Breathing Down My Neck (Deranged)
BORN WRONG-Two Faces (Schizophrenic)
CONCRETE CROSS-Convince Me (Man In Decline)
BORN/DEAD-Traitor (Prank)
TALK IS POISON-They Call It Law (Prank)

TOKYO STORM WARNING-Curate My Love (self-released)
SLUG-Borax (from “Jabberjaw—Good To The Last Drop,” Mammoth)
KNIFE THE SYMPHONY-Squatting Warrior (Phatry)
WRECK-Bad Energy (Play It Again Sam)

UNITED SUPER VILLAINS-Another Cop Song (Havoc)
KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS-Good Cop, Bad Cop (Coalition)
URBAN WASTE-Police Brutality (Mob Style)
BGK-Police Crimes (Alternative Tentacles)
BLACK FLAG-Police Story (SST)

FAMILY SECRETS-Secrets Exposed (demo)
BEASTMAN-Nightcrawler (demo)
EU-VOSTOLIITTO-Kelan Paska Oikaisu (demo)
NITAD-Utboling Pa Livstid (Deranged)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes (No Way)
KICKER-Walking Headache (Inimical)

MEERCAZ-Unlust (Tic Tac Totally)
VAPID-Die (from “Emergency Room, Vol. 1,” Nominal)
SMEARS-Honey Jar (Headhunter)
7 YEAR BITCH-You Smell Lonely (C/Z)
VOODOO QUEENS-Supermodel-Superficial (from “Pop (Do We Like That?),” Too Pure)

MDC-Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn’t Want (New Red Archives)
OLD SARUM-Thanksgiving 2002 (demo)
ALLERGIC TO WHORES-Rituals (Sound Pollution)
DIE ROTZZ-Goring El Matador (from “Gulf Coast Massacre,” Psycho Wolf)
TERMINAL YOUTH-Spoonful of Dependency (To Live A Lie)
OBLVIONATION-No Singalong (Hardware)

ICU-17 Minutes (Put-On)
THE SIOUX-Nothing To Lose (self-released)
LIPKICK-Don’t You Feel It? (Kink)
BRUISE VIOLET-Parasitic Sea (Emancypunk)
SIGNAL LOST-Bow To None (Prank)
KURRAKA-El Sueno Americano (Todo Destruido)

SATAN’S PILGRIMS-Turkey Trot (Empty)
A-LINES-Wrong Way Home (SFTRI)
PUMPERS-Shut Down (from “Denton Denton, USA,” Play Pinball)

EQUALS-Police On My Back (Repertoire)

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Sonic Overload 11/24/14

It’s the last Monday of November (already!) and time for the annual all-covers show. I’ve got a good mix of songs that haven’t been played in the past along with some that I have to play almost every year. Any band can cover a song but it takes something extra to make it memorable. I try to stay away from covers that are a carbon copy of the original. Even if there are similarities, if it’s played with a kick-ass, go-for-broke intensity, it’s worth hearing. And there are always songs that are more obscure and not covered by multiple bands. I even snuck in a few requests this year.

Enjoy! Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week (as well as on Stench Radio this week)...

PS... after posting, I found out that the Devoid of Faith song is an original, not a cover. Oops! Still a kick-ass song...

Sonic Overload 11/24/14


YEASTIE GIRLZ-Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks) (Lookout)

HATCHET FACE-I Don’t Belong (Jerry’s Kids) (Figure Four)
VIOLENT ARREST-Wired (Jerry’s Kids) (Deranged)
FYP-Preskool Dropouts (FU’s) (Recess)
CHARLES BRONSON-What’s Wrong With Me? (Faith) (Youth Attack)
KNIFE FIGHT-Together (Negative FX) (self-released)
VOETSEK-Mind Control (Negative FX) (Six Weeks)
SCROTUM GRINDER-No Friend Of Mine (Slapshot) (No Idea)

STOIC VIOLENCE-Do They Owe Us A Living? (Crass) (Video Disease)
DISSOBER-Grave New World (Discharge) (Distortion)
BITCHARGE-The Nightmare Continues (Discharge) (self-released)
EN KERNAGHEN BAND-Kan Not [Cunt Tease] (Pussy Galore) (Kelang)
GOD IS MY CO-PILOT-Totally Wired (The Fall) (Atavistic)

VAGUESS-Hang Up (Wailers) (self-released)
NAKED HIPPY-Cinderella (Sonics) (Smile Or Die)
INSULTS-Steppin’ Out (Paul Revere & The Raiders) (Brain Transplant)
MELT-BANANA-Surfin’ USA (Beach Boys) (Tzadik)
REAL LOSERS-Mongoloid (Devo) (Alien Snatch)


DEVOID OF FAITH-Fortress (not a cover!) (Hater Of God)
DEATHREAT-Dear Sirs (Koro) (Partners In Crime)
DUMBSTRUCK-Pure Hate (Poison Idea) (Boss Tuneage)
LIFE CRISIS-Sick Of Talk (Negative Approach) (Get Revenge)
SPAZZ-Stabbed In The Back (Youth of Today) (Slap A Ham)
FISHSTICKS-Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? (Misfits) (Theologian)
SONIC YOUTH-Nic Fit (Untouchables) (DGC)
CRANK-Democracy Spawns Bad Taste (Crucifucks) (self-released)

REDS-Dead End America (Pagans) (Turkey Baster)
PAGANS-Can’t Explain (The Who) (Crypt)
DRAGS-Flying Saucer Rock ‘n Roll (Billy Lee Riley) (Empty)
TEENGENERATE-Shake Rattle & Roll (Big Joe Turner) (Crypt)
SUICIDE KINGS-Bad Boy (Larry Williams) (Adult Negro)
TRUST FUND BABIES-Teen Love Song (Consumers) (Rapid Pulse)

FU’S-Green Beret (Barry Sadler) (Taang)
DAMNED-Help (Beatles) (MCA)
REZILLOS-Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five) (Sire)
DICKIES-She (Monkees) (A&M)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Bouffant Headbutt (Shampoo) (Tario)
4 SIDS-Kill (Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias) (self-released)


NEW BOMB TURKS-Just Head (Nervous Eaters) (Crypt)
DIDJITS-Monkey Suit (Plasmatics) (Touch and Go)
NINE SHOCKS TERROR-Romanticist (The Stalin) (Sound Pollution)
MUDHONEY-Fix Me (Black Flag) (Sub Pop)
SECOND WIND-Mr. Suit (Wire) (R&B)
RADIO BIRDMAN-You’re Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators) (Sire)

THE SHINING-Slow Death (Accüsed) (Pick Up)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST-Wargasm (L7) (Relapse)
MELVINS-Lexicon Devil (Germs) (Atlantic)
DIE KREUZEN-Land of Treason (Germs) (Touch and Go)
KUSTOMIZED-Better Off Dead (LaPeste) (Mag Wheel)

PEER PRESSURE-Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire) (Break My Face)
GRABBIES-Drug Store (Dwarves) (Proud To Be Idiot)
VALLEY BOYS-Modern World (Modern Lovers) (Cut The Cord That...)
ACID BATH-Don’t Talk To Me (GG Allin & The Jabbers) (self-released)
WHITE PAGES-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me (Jerks) (Can’t Stand Ya!)
NIP DRIVERS-Fox On The Run (Sweet) (Taang)


NOMEANSNO-New Age (DOA) (Allied)
KILLDOZER-Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) (Touch and Go)
UNSANE-4-Stix (Led Zeppelin) (Matador)
THE MEN-Gates Of Steel (Devo) (Karmic Swamp)
NIRVANA-Turnaround (Devo) (DGC)

UK SUBS-She’s Not There (Zombies) (Captain Oi)
THE JAM-Slow Down (Larry Williams) (Polydor)
GENRAL FOODZ-Love Potion #9 (Clovers) (Destiny)
TEENAGE HEAD-Wild One (Johnny O’Keefe) (Attic)
FLYING LIZARDS-Money (Barrett Strong) (Virgin)

MAGAZINE-I Love You, You Big Dummy (Captain Beefheart) (IRS)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #79, 11/19/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 11/19/14

BUZZCOCKS-Why She’s A Girl From The Chain Store (IRS)

RASPBERRY BULBS-Light Surrounds Me (Blackest Ever Black)
SEX SNOBS-King Of The Jungle (demo)
BLOW UP-Robots Yes, Androids No (Empty)
A-FRAMES-Nuclear (S-S)

FORWARD-Imagine (Long Knife)
WARCRY-Fight (self-released)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Odvolej (self-released)
EXTINCT GOVERNMENT-Parasitic Worm (Overthrow)
LONG KNIFE-Repetition (Long Knife)

BUTTHOLE SURFERS-The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave (Alternative Tentacles)
AVENGERS-The American In Me (White Noise)
BAGS-We Will Bury You (Dangerhouse)
MAPS-My Eyes Are Burning (self-released)

SLEAFORD MODS-Black Monday (Ipecac)
URBAN JUNIOR-Ritalin (Voodoo Rhythm)
SLAYER & ATARI TEENAGE RIOT-No Remorse (from “Spawn (The Album),” Epic)
CIRRICULUM VITAE-Ex’pired (self-released)
VENOM P. STINGER-Precious Little Time (Drag City)

SECTOR 4-Plaid Spaceship (from “We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida,” Destroy)
MCDONALDS-Miniature Golf (from “Process of Elimination,” Touch and Go)
DESCENDENTS-I Like Food (New Alliance)
SHORT CHANGED-Morally Bankrupt (Rodent Popsicle)
KNOCKDOWN-Step Off (Youngblood)
SOD-Ballad of Jimi Hendrix (Megaforce)
ABUSED-Blow Your Brains (Abused)
PLAIN WRAP-Meat Between The Treads (from “Flipside Vinyl Fanzine,” Gasatanka)
MOB 47-Nedrusta Nu (Speedstate)
AVO-Ice, Ice Baby (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE-I’m James Dean (Dischord)
FRONT LINE-Black Eye (Beach Impediment)
RÜZ-Stubborn (Lumpy)

BAD BRAINS-Coptic Times (Bad Brains)
ANGRY SAMOANS-Ballad Of Jerry Curlan (Triple X)
LURKERS-I’m On Heat (Beggars Banquet)

PESD-KTO to Jest (Trujaca Fala)
BROKEN PRAYER-What Did You Expect? (Sorry State)
UMBILICAL CORD-Winter (Video Disease)
FAILED STATES-Domestic Terror (demo)

2X4-Fashionable Fanatics (Twerp)
SUNSHINE WARD-Radioactive Chunks (from “Cream Of The Crop,” Best Before ’84)
S.H.I.T.-Feeding Time (Static Shock)
DEADLY REIGN-Religious Genocide (Deranged)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT-The Whole World Owes Me Lunch (Give Praise)

SWELL MAPS-Vertical Slum (Mute)
WASTED LIVES-Wirehead (from “Vancouver Complication,” Sudden Death)
NOH MERCY-Caucasian Guilt (Superior Viaduct)
KEBAB-Hypocrites (Softspot)
SPIDER-Witch Cookie (self-released)

ABSCESS-Home (from “Save Me From Ordinary”)
PILLSBURY HARDCORE-Kill Everyone Now (from “Empty Skulls Vol. 2,” Fartblossom)
BETRAYED-Self Oppression (from “Ain’t Too Pretty,” Big City)
SONS OF ISHMAEL-Be A Man (from “Apathy... Never!,” Over The Top)
JEZUS AND THE GOSPELFUCKERS-Genocide Express (Kangaroo)
THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal (Captain Oi)

MADNESS-Madness (Sire)

Sonic Overload 11/17/14

What a dreary day—cold, rainy, miserable November. I really hate it. But enough complaining. At least I have this show to look forward to every Monday (as well as on Wednesday). Next Monday, it’s my annual all-covers show and I’ve been putting a list together all year so you’ll hear some not-heard-before covers, as well as some perennial favorites...

Sonic Overload 11/17/14


RUNNAMUCKS-In For The Kill (Six Weeks)

AVON LADIES-Daily Annoyance (demo)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES-Hate Group (Cowabunga)
ADJUSTMENT TO SOCIETY-Hipster (from “Welcome To 2013,” Not Normal)
ANIMAL MOTHER-Hate Fuck (demo)
WILD CHILD-Piss Down A Drain (demo)
SEX SNOBS-Lonely (self-released)

DEATH IN CUSTODY-Carbomb (self-released)
DCO-Find A Knife (Glue Rot)
CIVIL VICTIM-Personal Riot (Loud Punk)
SEX DWARF-Avanzifiering (Konton Crasher)
VICTIMS-Mary-Go-Round (Yellow Dog)
SKITKIDS-Ar Vi Vekligen Glada (self-released)

SYNTHETIC ID-White Walls (Cut The Cord That...)
WHITE WHALE-Three (demo)
S.H.I.T.-Private Lies (Static Shock)
VALSE TRISTE-Mennaan Katsomaan Ruumiita (self-released)
WALLS-Dignity Village (Iron Lung)
SLICES-Nub City (16OH)


SOFT BOYS-I Wanna Destroy You (Ryko)
FIFI-Sinkhole (Low Blow/Triple X)
PEECHEES-Genuine Article (Kill Rock Stars)
KNOCKOUT PILLS-Trust Fund Rock (Dead Beat)
JEWWS-Love In A Pill (Demolition Derby)

SEX DRIVE-Electric Tongue (Crucial Response)
DiE-Exterminate (Sonic Terror)
PURE DISGUST-The Oppressed (Flophouse)
MISSIONARY-Double Vision (Warthog Speak)
KOWARD-Sick Of Dope (Total Fucker)
IDIOT TALK-So Dead (Build Me A Bomb)

SOULSIDE-Pearl To Stone (Sammich)
BOOKS LIE-Honkified Nightmare (Coalition)
1.6 BAND-One Eye Open (Gern Blandsten)
LET IT BURN-November (Coalition)
KILL YOUR IDOLS-Send In The Clowns (None Of The Above)


URBAN JUNIOR-Backdoor Boogie (Voodoo Rhythm)
RED STARS-We Lost (Far Out)
BLINDS-First Time (Wasted Sounds)
COLD CIRCUITS-Much Better (demo)
ESCROTO DE RATA-Kaos (La Vida Es Un Mus)
RDHP-Maltrado (Tension Head)

DECRY-Raven (Cleopatra)
BORN WITHOUT A FACE-Maelstrom (from “There’s A Method To Our Madness,” We Bite)
SOYLENT GREENE-Soylent Greene (from “Amuck,” Placebo)
GASH-Copping Shit (demo)
RIPCORD-Cross Culture (Raging)
HERESY-Release (Earache)

FAILURE-Princess (Slash)
MISSILES OF OCTOBER-Cheerleader (At War With False Noise)
BILL BONDSMEN-Terrible Diagnosis (Rust On The Blade)
DEFCON 4-Fast Car (Black Box)
BEASTIE BOYS-Square Wave In Unison (Grand Royal)


QUEEN-Sheer Heart Attack (Elektra)
X-RAY SPEX-Obsessed With You (Sanctuary)
ABRASIVE WHEELS-Just Another Punk Band (Anagram)

SCEPTRES-Flatline Generation (Dire)
SILVER SCREAMS-Infinite Mirror (Death Buy Designs)
PUPPY MILL-Suffocation (demo)

MINISTRY-Burning Inside (Sire)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #78, 11/12/14

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern time...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 11/12/14

NEUROSIS-To Crawl Under One’s Skin (Alternative Tentacles)

2X4-Lost In Terror (demo)
EEL-Brainless (Mind Cure)
STUN EVENT-State Sterlization Program (Man In Decline)
SHITTY NIGHTS-At Ease (demo)
CLEANSING WAVE-Hellish Fever (Man In Decline)
ANXIETY HAMMER-Echoes (demo)

CRIME-San Francisco’s Doomed (Kitten Charmer)
FUTURES-Blues (self-released)
RUNNING-Summer Canvassing (Captcha)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS-Eel Goo (Negative Jazz)
FLYING TRICHECOS-Recidivist (from “Fresh Cuts & Cigarette Burns,” Criminal IQ)
MISSION FOR CHRIST-Stay The Course (Ektro)

BRAIN F≠-Empty Set (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
LIBYANS-Thread Of Life (Sorry State)
RED THREAD-Double Speak (Shock To The System)
PEDESTRIANS-Caution Final Exit (Criminal IQ)
THIS AMBULANCE CONTAINS SKITTLES-Personality Attack (self-released)

BAD RELIGION-Fuck Armageddon ... This Is Hell (Epitaph)
FUNERAL-Plastic God (GTA)
TALES OF TERROR-That Girl (CD Presents)
BONELESS ONES-Give It To You (Boner)
CRUCIFIX-Annihilation (Kustomized)

STOIC VIOLENCE-Chained (Video Disease)
WARCRY-Dead Future (Feral Ward)
REPLICA-You Can’t Stop The Weather (Prank)
VIOLENT END-Shackled (Lengua Armada)
NO STATIK-Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed (self-released)
TRIBE OF RESISTANCE-Contraversy (from “The Thing That Ate Floyd,” Lookout)

FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Progress (One Little Indian)
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE-A Prayer and a Bomb (GTA)
4” BE 2”-One Of The Lads (Island)

REDUCERS-Out Of Step (self-released)
GANG GREEN-Skate To Hell (Taang)
RATS-Do You Really Want To Fight Me? (Thrashbastard)
SPASTIC PANTHERS-(I’m Gonna) Punch You In The Dink (Handsome Dan)
MINEFIELD-Show 2012 (Bad Hair Life)
NEGATIVE DEGREE-Dead-Void (demo)

MELVINS-If I Had An Exorcism (Boner)
KUDGEL-15 Second Crush (Super 8)
METZ-Get Off (Sub Pop)
KRUNCHIES-Not-So-Instant Karma (Criminal IQ)
RATSAK-20th Century Bricolage (12XU)
ANGEL ROT-Monkey Rape (Fuck)

OUTPATIENTS-Light Blue (Free Association)
DROPDEAD-A Disease Called Man (Prank)
ZONE-Find Out (HG Fact)
WARHEAD-Cry Of Truth (Amok)
FORWARD-Fucked Up!! (HG Fact)
NIGHTBRINGER-Live Fast Die Strong (self-released)

SLITS-Typical Girls (Island)

Sonic Overload 11/10/14

It’s almost a week after the elections, with the Republicans taking over the Senate and expanding their majority in the House. I covered it pretty well on the Stench Radio show last week but touch on it briefly this week. One thing I did forget to mention was Obama’s plan to send more troops to Iraq. Wonderful... soon, there will be even more veterans to honor on Veterans Day. I’m not saying that to disparage any veterans but just point out that it’s a shame this has to continue. And one hopes that the Republican-controlled Congress won’t turn their backs on the veterans by cutting programs that assist them... or cut any other valuable social programs for that matter but we know how that’ll probably come out.

Enough... enjoy the show... which I begin with a tribute of sorts to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago this past weekend...

Sonic Overload 11/10/14


SEX PISTOLS-Holidays In The Sun (Warner Bros.)

DI-Hang Ten In East Berlin (Rejects)
CRUDDY-Berlin Wall (Basement Scream/Let’s Pretend)
AUSMUTEANTS-No Motivation (Goner)
CRIME-Terminal Boredom (Kitten Charmer)

2X4-The Law Is Theirs (demo)
DISCO ASSAULT-Beggar & The Ballot (self-released)
SHITTY NIGHTS-Maybe One Day (demo)
PISSING MATCH-Go Get Your Gun (demo)
RAD-Never Turn Your Back On A Mosh (Sacramento/Phono Select)
CISMA-Sigue Luchando (demo)
FIRMEZA 10-Trastorno Mental (self-released)

WRECKING CREW-Guts and Glory (Vortex)
YOUTH BRIGADE-Snow Job (Recollect)
ANTI-PASTI-Call The Army (I’m Alive) (Rondolet)


HERO DISHONEST-Yet, What Do We Accomplish? (IfSociety)
LONG KNIFE-Wilderness (self-released)
GAS RAG-Drugs and Violence (Beach Impediment)
EEL-Pacifism Won’t Win Fight (Mind Cure)
FINAL WORD-Fuck Christian Sympathy (from “Fuck Detroit, This Is Grand Rapids,” Punks Before Profits)
GLUE-Backwards Society (Katorga Works/Toxic State)

FLEECE-Sheets (demo)
GOOSEBUMPS-Grease Boy (Katorga Works)
POP. 1280-Dawn Of Man (Sacred Bones)
EX-CULT-Not A Threat (Goner)

SEX DWARF-Slavery (Konton Crasher)
SOTATILA-Vituiks Meni (Havoc)
EXECUTE-Going Back (Pusmort)
DISORDER-More Than Fights (Anagram)
APPENDIX-Suicide (Propaganda)


FURY-Circle Of Lies (Jade Tree)
THE FAITH-In The Black (Dischord)
DOVE-Ambivalence (from “Bouncing Babies,” R&B)
LOS ROOKS-Right Wing Rising (Vendor)
ALERTA ROJA-Rutinaria (Lengua Armada)
PARUZIJA-Juda (Hyperion)

INSTITUTE-Familiar Stranger (Sacred Bones)
YI-Crying (self-released)
DAMAGED HEAD-Antiheroes (Man In Decline)
SHITTY LIMITS-Vehicle (Sorry State)
CLONE DEFECTS-Cheap Livin’ (Tom Perkins)

FARANG-If You’re Not Now You Never Were (self-released)
WIRE-106 Beats That (EMI)
ARCWELDER-Truth (Touch and Go)
SKIDS-Circus Games (Virgin)


SLINT-Good Morning Captain (Touch and Go)
MODERN DELUSION-Lost In Fear (Doomtown)
DIVIDED MINDS-Temporary Lunacy (Doomtown/Crapoulet)
CATHOLIC GUILT-Futile Attempts (Cut The Cord That.../Doomtown)

SAVAGEHEADS-Trained Killer (Twerp/Xploit)
OBLITERATIONS-Head Wound (Southern Lord)
PARTY PLATES-Kidnapping Quatro (Non-Commercial)
LOAD-Haitian Incantation (from “Six Pack To Go,” Stiff Pole)

GANG OF FOUR-He’d Send In The Army (Warner Bros.)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #77, 11/5/14

Listen live every Wednesday on Stench Radio from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 11/5/14

SUBHUMANS-America Commits Suicide (SST)

REGRESS-Your Vote Counts (For Nothing) (Lengua Armada)
CRUCIFUCKS-Democracy Spawns Bad Taste (Touch and Go)
CZOLGOSZ-No War But Class War (Rodent Popsicle)
OPPOSITION RISING-The Rich Are Killing The Poor (Opposition)
DISCHARGE-The Nightmare Continues (Clay)
RUDIMENTARY PENI-Nothing But A Nightmare (Corpus Christi)

DAMAGED HEAD-Out Of Control (Man In Decline)
CLEANSING WAVE-Shattered (Man In Decline)
DiE-Life Sentence (self-released)
PORKERIA-Guerra En Tu Cabeza (Adelante)
LOTUS FUCKER-Another Song About Flowers (from “Sound The Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
SEX DWARF-Krigslut (Konton Crasher)

DEAD VIRGINS-Rape Capitol Hill (from “Something In The Water,” Under The Volcano/Winged Disk)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-Two Sided Politics (Frontier)
SACCHARINE TRUST-We Don’t Need Freedom (SST)
WHIPPING BOY-America Must Die (GTA)
ROACH MOTEL-I Hate The Sunshine State (Destroy)
H100’S-Shit We Live In Today (Burrito)

UNWOUND-Lucky Acid (Kill Rock Stars)
MEANS-Honeymoon Rag (Reptilian)
POPULAR SHAPES-Outrageous Math Test (On/On Switch)
FLEECE-Clifford (demo)
FACILITY MEN-Fucked and Frozen (demo)

NEIGHBORS-Poor Country (self-released)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Get Over It (self-released)
RUINATION-No One Home (+/-)
AT WHAT COST-Nothing’s Resolved (from “Defend Hamiltion,” Schizophrenic)
HAZARDOUS WASTE-Jock Rock (Schizophrenic)
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME-Q: And Punks? A: And Punks (No Options)
OUT OF VOGUE-You’re A Hack (from “Internationally Pist,” Punks Before Profits)

TYRANNA-Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
TRAGICS-Mommi I’m A Misfit (Loud Punk)
BEAST OF BEAST-White Boys Don’t Lie (Mutha)
FITS-Bored of Education (from “Smash The State,” Tixeon)
TIGHTS-Cracked (Cherry Red)
THE EX-Stupid Americans (Touch and Go)

STOCKPILE-Body Politic (Destroy Me)
MANIPULATION-Back Of The Yards (Sorry State)
MANLIFTINGBANNER-Never Again (Crucial Response)
RAJOITUS-Ihmisen Pitää Pelätä (Patac)
REAGAN SS-Can’t Sit Still (Six Two Five)

LA URSS-Sado En Belgrado (Todo Destruido)
FAMILY CURSE-Scorched Earth Policy (Doormat)
EMPTY ROOM-Americans With Guns (demo)

UNNATURAL AXE-3 Chord Rock (Lawless)
RHINO 39-Xerox 12 (Nickel and Dime)
URINALS-I’m A Bug (Warning Label)
VITAMIN-13 Whore (demo)
DEFORMITY-No One (demo)
HIPS-Reason (Fashionable Idiots)

CHOKEBORE-Now I Crawl (from “Clusterfuck ’94,” Amphetamine Reptile)
FUGITIVE FAMILY-Paranormal Spies (Agrowax)
SUBCLINIX-Exterminate Myself (demo)
LEATHER DADDY-I Wanna Kills (demo)
BAJA BLATZ-Joe Sly (demo)
ST. RIPPER-Meat Grinder (self-released)

OPPRESSED-Work Together (Captain Oi)
VIOLATORS-Live Fast Die Young (No Future)

ARTICLES OF FAITH-I’ve Got Mine (Affirmation/Wasteland)

Sonic Overload 11/3/14

As I say at the top of the second segment, former Boston Mayor Tom Menino was one of a kind. He passed away last week at the age of 71, following a long battle with cancer. He kept up a busy schedule until near the end of his life, going on a tour to promote his new book up until a few weeks before his passing. During his 20 year tenure as the city’s mayor (before stepping down last January), Boston continued to evolve as a world-class city.

Menino had his detractors, including the cruel, venal hack columnist Howie Carr, who tagged him with the nickname Mumbles Menino, due to his sometimes difficult to understand diction and frequent malapropisms.  I used to joke he could probably use subtitles—but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hold him in high regard. And despite some people’s impression of him as a buffoon-like character, Menino was sharp and always on top of his game—and he truly cared about the city, about the neighborhoods, about the people. He could have been mayor as long as he wanted but finally left office after his record-long term. The new Mayor, Marty Walsh, has some really big shoes to fill. R.I.P. Mr. Mayor...

Sonic Overload 11/3/14



RAT BASTARDS-Fate (Beer City)
COLDSWEAT-Dumbed Down (Manic Ride)
DS-13-Dengenerated Generation (Deranged)
NEEDLES-Not Losing Faith (Iron Lung)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Ashitawa Omaeda! (Armageddon)
VIVISICK-Liberty Of Sensation (Sound Pollution)
GAUZE-Neurosis (JPC)

FLESH WORLD-Church Of Flesh (La Vida Es Un Mus)
KATHERINE-Nothing (demo)
PINK PILE-Fourth Meal (demo)
DEAD WIFE-Choke (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)

NAZTI SKINZ-Race War (Youth Attack)
SWIZ-Toon (Sammich)
PORTRAIT OF POVERTY-Portrait Of Poverty (from “10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know”)
GUS-Short Cop Buzzed (Wrong)
WOLVES-9 (Coalition)


DROPKICK MURPHYS-In The Streets Of Boston (Cyclone) in memory of Tom Menino

PLATES-Under Suspect Tutelage (Big Neck)
C.AARMÉ-Aimless (Burning Heart)
GIT SOME-Fabric Eyes (1-2-3-4, Go!)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Suffer (Alternative Tentacles)
PSYCHIC BLOOD-Drrrty (self-released)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (Empty)

DOMINO THEORY-Scare (from “Not So Quiet On The Western Front,” Alternative Tentacles)
VANDALS-Urban Struggle (Time Bomb)
METAL URBAIN-Hysterie Connective (Byzz)
4 SKINS-Low Life (Captain Oi)


SEX DWARF-Din Gud (Konton Crasher)
EEL-Combat Amputee Victim (Mind Cure/Konton Crasher)
WEBCAM TEENS-Out Of Time (demo)
KROMOSOM-Swine Control (Hardcore Victim)
VARIX-Let Down (Fashionable Idiots)
INFEKZIOA-Ez Duth Nahi (Blindead)

BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY-Turn On The Light (Polydor)
BLACK FORK-Total Eclipse Of The Brain (Lookout)

DiE-Ready To Rot (Sonic Terror)
RED DEATH-Already In Hell (demo)
OBLITERATIONS-The Narcissist (Southern Lord)
ASYLUM-Continue To Hide (Vinyl Conflict)
SHAVED CHRIST-Fight Back (Bakery Outlet)
KONTAMINAT-Why I Grew Up Loving Israel (Lengua Armada)


HOUSEWIVES-Lick The Pip (RIP Society)
QUANGO-Fatality (First World Problems)
DEAD FUTURE-Broken Wire (demo)
COCADICTOS-Pereceremos En La Depresion (Bazophia)
URO-I Dag Der Staten (from “København I Ruiner,” Kick n’ Punch)
FRAU-Nada (demo)

PATTI SMITH GROUP-Pumping (My Heart) (Arista)
SHIRTS-Poe (Capitol)
DC SNIPERS-Electric Chair From Saigon (Dead Beat)
THE PATTERN-Happy Sarong (Lookout)
LIVEFASTDIE-Camero Shit The Bed (Dead Beat)

THREATS-Writing On The Wall (Doctor Strange)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #76, 10/29/14

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 10/29/14

SPITS-Spend A Night In A Haunted House With The Spits (In The Red)

MISFITS-Halloween (Caroline)
CANDY SNATCHERS-Halloween (from “Graveyard Drag Race,” Reptilian)
NOISE GOD-She Had No Shadow (Mystic)
CHRON-GEN-Hounds Of The Night (Razor)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Evil Party (Headhunter)

BROKEN TOYS-Smash Some Pumpkins (Trashtone)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-The Only Scary Thing About Halloween Is Your Fucking Face (from “Songs For The Witching Season,” Creep)
SEX SEX SEX-Room 237 (NDN)
THE PROWL-Dead, Dead, Dead (DeadAlive)
MUTOID MEN-Ly Canthrope (Rumbletown)
13 GHOSTS-Halloween  (ACME)

CRIPPLED OLD FARTS-So Thorn Inside (Shogun)
B.U.S.H.-Mais Um Dia (Thrashbastard)
TERCER MUNDO-Viejas (Cintas Pepe)
LAS OTRAS-Rivales Glorias (Discos Sense Nom)
GOOD THROB-Culture Vulture (Muscle Horse)

MONSTERS-I See Dead People (Voodoo Rhythm)
MUMMIES-I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight (Estrus)
SINISTER SIX-Kill You Tonight (Empty)
CRAMPS-Human Fly (IRS)
CHROME-Ghost (Pledge)

CHRIS EVIL AND THE TAINTS-Watch You Die (self-released)
SWORN LIARS-Ghost of Schindel (Big Neck)
ZEKE-Season of the Witch (Dead Teenager)
HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SORE-Screaming Green Devil (Coldfront)
THE BRONX-Bats (Tarantulas)
BONES BRIGADE-Zombie Attack (Coalition)

BOSTON STRANGLER-Fire (self-released)
INMATES-Form A Mob (Painkiller)
SCOTT BAIO ARMY-Anthem For A Better Tomorrow (Paco Garden)
CRUNKY KIDS-Shit Out The Poison (Motorchest)
HARPOON GUNS-No More Light (Going Underground)
FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES-Nuke The Frats (Fashionable Idiots)

AGENT ORANGE-Everything Turns Grey (Posh Boy) in memory of James Levesque
JONESES-Graveyard Rock (SFTRI)
45 GRAVE-Evil (from “Hell Comes To Your House,” Time Bomb)
EXODUS-Strike Of The Beast (Combat)

DEEP WOUND-Dead Babies (Radiobeat)
THE SCAM-Picking The Bones Of Skeletons (Welfare)
WARNING//WARNING-Zombie (Solar Funeral)
SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5-Kill The Dead (from “Mystic Sampler #2,” Mystic)

TRUNCHEONS-Prisoners Of Freedom (Distort Reality)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA-Blanco Y Negro (Armageddon)
LOS CRUDOS-Asesinos (Lengua Armada)
AK47-Fucking Go To Hell (self-released)
MOMENT OF YOUTH-Take It Back (Firestarter)
MUTINY-Lucifer’s Mob (Seven Lucky)

THE UNDEAD-I Want You Dead (Stiff)
DEREK LYN PLASTIC-Vampires In Heat (Florida’s Dying)
HUSBANDS-Monster Party (Show and Tell)
FRANTICS-Werewolf (Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk) (from “Songs We Taught The Cramps,” Monster A-Go-Go)
Q65-I Got Nightmares (Decca)
KINGSMEN-Haunted Castle (Wand)


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sonic Overload 10/27/14

Part one of the Halloween show, featuring holiday favorites or, more accurately, songs with a macabre theme. Not too many of the hits, in fact—I’m saving a fair number of those for Wednesday’s show on Stench Radio so if something you love is missing, there’s a good chance it’ll be on that show. This show goes out in memory of Agent Orange bass player James Levesque and Cream’s legendary bass player/vocalist Jack Bruce...

Sonic Overload 10/27/14


AGENT ORANGE-Bloodstains (Posh Boy) in memory of James Levesque

WANKYS-Demon Drink (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NIGHT STALKERS-Spit On My Grave Blues (demo)
SAILBOATS ARE WHITE-Hand It To The Devil (Poptones)
PREGNANCY SCARES-Graveyard (Deranged)
BEASTMAN-Night Crawler (Jelly Music)
BLOODY HAMMER-Bloody Hammer (Hardcore Victim)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Necrophilia (Bad Hair Life)
BLAZING EYE-Devil (demo)

OBLITERATIONS-Mind Ain’t Right (Southern Lord)
WEBCAM TEENS-Where You Stand (demo)
KONTAMINAT-Team Player (Lengua Armada)
S.H.I.T.-Eraser II (Lengua Armada)
INFEKZIOA-Futbola Nazka Ematen Dit!!! (Blindead)
THE BROOD-Defective (self-released)

MODERN CONVENIENCE-(you made me a very) Evil Man (demo)
BLACK TIME-The Mummy (In The Red)
VEE DEE-Blood Zombie (Criminal IQ)


THE FREEZE-Halloween Night (Modern Method)
MISFITS-Wolfsblood (Caroline)
ROSEMARY’S BABIES-Dead Zone (Ghastly)
GRIFFIN-Phantom Of The Shocker (Moneytalks)
FANG-Diary Of A Mad Werrwoulf (Boner)

DEATH INJECTION-Cut You Out (Failure)
THE SENTENCED-Out For Blood (demo)
BAD BLOOD-View Of The Road (demo)
RAKTA-Tudo Que é Sólido (540)
ALERTA ROJA-Revolucion En La Evolucion (Lengua Armada)

THEE OH SEES-Corrupt Coffin (Castle Face)
THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-I’m A Zombie (Dead Beat)
DWARVES-Real Creepy (Recess)
SONICS-The Witch (Etiquette)
PAGANS-She’s A Cadaver (Crypt)


SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Victims Of The Vampire (Decca)
ACCÜSED-Buried Alive (Subcore)
SPEND 4-Necrophilia (ACME)
BRAIN EATERS-Eaters Never Die (Human Stench)
BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS-Ghoulish Reminders (Whispers In Darkness)
COP ON FIRE-666 The Number Of The Beast (Inimical)

SOVIET VALVES-Crossover Angst (SmartGuy)
MODERNS-Escape Velocity (UT/Feral Kid)
MONSTER TRUCK 5-Piece Of Work (Datapanik)
GASOLINE-Suicide Dog (Estrus)

WICCANS-Witches (self-released)
PISS TEST-Necrophilia (It’s Halal) (More Power)
A-TEAM-All I See Is Skulls (Stab & Kill)
ZEKE-Evil Dead (Aces & Eights)
LEXICON DEVILS-No Revelations (Agro-Wax)
SBLC-Terrible Diagnosis (Rust On The Blade)


CREAM-White Room (ATCO) in memory of Jack Bruce

PROTESTER-Drop Out (Trash King)
BLOOD PRESSURE-Have You Ever Seen Death? (Beach Impediment)
PIG//CONTROL-Die Falle (HeartFirst)
GOUKA-CoExist (Partners In Crime)

LEE HARVEY OSWALD BAND-Getting Wasted With The Vampires (Touch and Go)
SCRATCH ACID-Monsters (Rabid Cat)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT-Harvester Of Eyes (Columbia)
JOINT D?-(I’m) Haunted (Sorry State)

AGENT ORANGE-Living In Darkness (Posh Boy)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #75, 10/22/14

Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM on Stench Radio

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 10/22/14

SET TO EXPLODE-Feel The Rage (Grave Mistake)

S.H.I.T.-Mockery (Lengua Armada)
KONTAMINAT-Timeless (Lengua Armada)
PROTESTER-Left To Rot/Break (Trash King)
STERILIZED-Days Of Terror (Warthog Speak)
SOME NERVE-Strong Hand (demo)
BOSTON STRANGLER-Broken Spirit (self-released)

COLLUSION-Don’t Care (demo)
SCUZZ-Commit To Quit/Death Machine (demo)
BREAKOUT-Fill Your Boots (Grave Mistake)
BILL BONDSMEN-Terrible Diagnosis (Rust On The Blade)

ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Last Night Another Soldier (EMI)
UNDERDOGS-Dead Soldier (Riot City)
MAJOR ACCIDENT-Clockwork Toys (Step-Forward)
EXPLOITED-Attack (Secret)
CHAOTIC DISCHORD-City Claustrophobia (Dead Ringer)
RIOT/CLONE-Death To Humanity (from “The Very Best of Punk & Disorderly,” Anagram)

GOLDEN ERROR-New Weather Paranoia (The Hard Sell)
BA’AD TRIP-Kill Me (demo)
POST TEENS-Polyamory (No Idea)
MOTORAMA-Gossip Reputation (Dead Beat)
BEASTMAN-Retaliate (Jelly Music)
SONNY VINCENT & SPITE-Bad Superstition (Ultramafic)

DEAD ONES-Social Treat (Busted Heads)
RACE TO DIE-Skate Or Die (demo)
SMART X BOMB-Stink, Don’t Sink (demo)
KEEP LAUGHING-Refuse To Fight (demo)
SELF DEFENSE-Mission From God (Wintermute)
BLANK STARE-Saying What You Say (self-released)

GAUNT-Rich Kid (Thrill Jockey)
RICH KIDS-Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (Fan Club)
SUBWAY SECT-Ambition (Rough Trade)
EMPIRE-Electric Guitar (Poorly Packaged)

SHOES THIS HIGH-Menace (Siltbreeze)
POOR LILY-Trap Door (self-released)
GIANT HAYSTACKS-Life Goes On (Mistake)
DROGUES-No Facts That Don’t Fit (Waxbrain)
HOT SNAKES-Past Lives (Swami)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Chatter (Hysteria)

DEATH WISH-Against The Grain (Disclaim)
STISISM-Up With Reagan (Mutha)
CHRONIC SICK-Public Suicide (Mutha)
FUCK UPS-I Think You’re Shit (Fowl)
SICK PLEASURE-Speed Rules (Subterranean)
NAUGHTY WOMEN-Fuck Yourself (from “High Road To Obscurity,” GTA)

DARVOCETS-Eyes Like Ants (Painkiller)
DAILY VOID-(Surprise Surprise) (Dead Beat)
SLOWMOTIONS-Makelove (Partners In Crime)
HOLOGRAMS-Transform (Captured Tracks)
KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey To Tyme (from “Nuggets, Vol. 2,” Rhino)

ALERTA ROJA-Sin Respuestas (Lengua Armada)
INFEKZIOA-Amnesia (Blindead)
THE BROOD-No Way Out (self-released)
MANLIFTINGBANNER-Dead Wrong (Crucial Response)
NOMOS-Witness (Deranged)

YUPPICIDE-Nice Guys Finish Last (Wreck-Age)
THE HORROR-Fuck The Romans (Chainsaw Safety)
KRAYS-Inside Warfare (Eyeball)
BAR FEEDERS-Super Pancho (Fastmusic)
BOTTLES AND SKULLS-Party Crasher (Sickroom)

LA PESTE-My Eyes (demo)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sonic Overload 10/20/14

Covering all the bases, as always, starting with some bile-filled old DC hardcore and ending with a nice bit of bouncy Anglo-French, socialist pop music. And all kinds of new and old stuff in between. Next week, I’ll be playing some Halloween music on both shows. And I’m not buying the candy until a day or two before because there might not be a lot left over for the kids who come by—even though a lot of them don’t deserve it. Just kidding—sort of.

Sonic Overload 10/20/14


UNTOUCHABLES-I Hate You (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)

BOSTON STRANGLER-What You Get (self-released)
PROTESTER-Self-Conflicted (Trash King)
PURE DISGUST-Vacant (Flophouse)
ZOOM-Politricks (demo)
SOME NERVE-Make Me Dumb (demo)
PEACEBREAKERS-Lowlife (Rock ‘n’ Roll Disgrace)

DIVORCED-Furniture Removal Machine (Untapped Resources)
SHARP OBJECTS-Zero Ambition (Modern Action)
A.D. SKINNER-Jerk (demo)
BAD NOIDS-The Ones (Katorga Works)
SUNSHINE SS-Teen Choices (Sacred Plague)
LUDE BOYS-Peyote (demo)

BATTALION OF SAINTS-Fighting Boys (Nutrons)
MIA-Modern Way (Alternative Tentacles)
LOS OLVIDADOS-Pay Salvation (Alternative Tentacles)
TSOL-Die For Me (Frontier)
M.A.D.-I Don’t Know (demo)
ARTIFICIAL PEACE-Dead End (Dischord)


BREAKOUT-True Crime (Grave Mistake)
CRIMINAL CODE-Dilemmas (Deranged)
INSTITUTE-Salt (Sacred Bones)
4-Always Repair (Girth)

THE BROOD-Flatline (self-released)
ASYLUM-Riding High (Vinyl Conflict)
CRETINS-Shoogle (Vinyl Conflict)
SEX DRIVE-Turn Away (Crucial Response)
BURNPILE-Skullwind (from “Partnership For Survival,” Don’t Waste It)

NEATS-Sometimes (Ace of Hearts)
NATIVE TONGUE-Blame It On Gravity (Modern Method)
RANK/XEROX-Basement Furniture (Mongo Bongo)
SOFT MOON-Machines (Captured Tracks)


RATSTAB-Mi-Go Mind Melt (Patac)
SOFT DÖV-Great Migration (demo)
NO-Germ (Static Shock)
BAD BLOOD-Catch A Bad One (Not Normal)
PLEASURE INDUSTRY-Drunk At Work (demo)
NOMAD-Dying Instructions (Toxic State)
GAG-I’m A Punk (live on WFMU)

COSMIC PSYCHOS-Down On The Farm (Amphetamine Reptile)
MAKERS-Small Town Depression (Estrus)
BUFF MEDWAYS-Archive From 1959 (Transcopic)
MICKY & THE SALTY SEA DOGS-I Keep On Wanting (SmartGuy)

CHRISTIAN DEATH-Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)
PRONG-Drainpipe (Spigot)
OFFENDERS-We Must Rebel (Kangaroo)
RATIONAL ANIMALS-Crumbling Buildings (Katorga Works)


OBLIVIONATION-Language of Violence (Hardware)
MISSIONARY-Double Vision (Warthog Speak)
FUTURE BINDS-Compassion (demo)
BROKEN NECK-Paranoid (Art Fraud)
MÜLLTÜTE-Rei Bung (HeartFirst)
NIHILIST CUNT-GMO (Suburban White Trash)

JESUS LIZARD-Thumbscrews (Capitol)
MELT-BANANA-Slide Down (A-Zap)
GREYS-Adderall (Carpark)
AKIMBO-You Can Hear The Honey (Alternative Tentacles)
MIND SPIDERS-Fall In Line (Dirtnap)

WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?-Beer Storm Trooper (Headcount)
INMATES-Truth or Dare (Painkiller)
BACK TO BACK-Rotten Scene (Lockin’ Out)
ENGLISH DOGS-Free To Kill (Clay)

STEREOLAB-Ping Pong (Elektra)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #74, 10/15/14

Listen  to the show live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 10/15/14

TURBONEGRO-Imorgen Skal Eg Daue (Bitzcore)

RAJOITUS-Aivopestyjä Ruumiita (Patac)
URBANOIA-Psykisk Terror (Solar Funeral)
ASYLUM-Shitshow (Vinyl Conflict)
PORKERIA-Joda (Adelante)
TERCER MUNDO-Sin Rostro Ni Corazon (Cintas Pepe)

COLD WASTE-Unison (demo)
BELLICOSE MINDS-The Observer (Black Water)
FLYKILLS-Atrapados (demo)
TREATMENT-Frat Brains (demo)

INMATES-Sushi 39.6 (Painkiller)
SEX DWARF-Slavery (Konton Crasher)
RAW NERVE-Dating Problems/Ill Of The Dead (Youth Attack)
TOZCOS-Ciegos (demo)
EEL-Turn Up Fuck (Mind Cure)
OOZE-No Brrrn (Not Normal)
CHARLES BRONSON-Your Average Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song (Youth Attack)

KIDNAP-Armee Nationale (Upstart Productions)
RIP-Anti-Militar (from “Welcome To 1984,” Sonic Reducer)
SKEPTIX-Traitor (Captain Oi)
RESISTANCE 77-Nuclear Attack (Riot City)
RIOT SQUAD-Society’s Fodder (Rot)
EJECTED-Have You Got 10p? (Link)

CRIPPLE AND CASINO-Hot Air Balloons (Radio Is Down)
SUBSETS-Make You (Do It Again) (Granado)
SHOES THIS HIGH-Cretin Time (Siltbreeze)
GREYS-Guy Picciotto (Carpark)

DEPARTMENT S-Is Vic There? (Stiff)
PUNCTURE-Mucky Pup (Small Wonder)
FATAL MICROBES-Beautiful Pictures (Small Wonder)
DIABLESSE GRUPP 6-Född I Far (from “Varning For Punk,” Distortion)
WARM GUN-Broken Windows (from “Killed By Death #200”)

TOM AND BOOT BOYS-Oi! Boy Oi! Girl (Total Fucker/Pogo & Cry)
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?-Who Gives A Shit? (Headcount)
GASMASK TERROR-Aker Vi Ditt (Plague Bearer)
CRETINS-Piss On Your Pieces (Vinyl Conflict)
TERVEET KADET-Puolentunnin Helvetti (Kämäset-Levyt)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Walking Dead (Live at Side Two)
WETBRAIN-They Live (demo)

JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-Never Understand (Blanco Y Negro)
PEOPLE-Spoon (Feminist)
BLANK DOGS-All Photographs (Troubleman Unlimited)
GG KING-Parameciums (Scavenger of Death)
REALLY RED-I Refuse To Sing (Angry Neighbor)

CHROME-Abstract Nympho (Cleopatra)
CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS-Life Of Punishment (from “P.E.A.C.E./WAR,” New Red Archives)
KANSAN UUTISET-Kauniita Unia (from “Propaganda - Hardcore ’83,” Propaganda)
UBR-Harmonija/Corpus Delecti (Rest In Punk)
ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE-Prevara (from “Hard-Core Ljubljana,” FV Zalozba)
TURBOREANIMACIJA-Samone Jtekme Veluoja (from “Peasants With Pitchforks,” The Beard Is Weird)

FUN PEOPLE-Baby (Las Feos)
ACTIVATIONS-Radio On/Attack (Big Neck)
NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH-We Are Not Family (Dr. Strange)

SUBURBS-Music For Boys (Twin/Tone)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sonic Overload 10/13/14

"Celebrating" Columbus Day in the usual Sonic Overload style. By the way, if you're looking for the Stench Radio show for 10/15, it doesn't exist. I took this week off.

Sonic Overload 10/13/14


DEFECT DEFECT-Stolen Ground (Residue)

MANLIFTINGBANNER-Red Sabbath/Treason (Crucial Response)
SEX DRIVE-On The Run (Crucial Response)
HARD STRIPES-Copout (Vinyl Conflict)
CRETINS-Tunnel Vision (Vinyl Conflict)
SWEET TOOTH-Pig Pen (Cowabunga)

TREATMENT-Underneath The Eye (demo)
FLYKILLS-Street Meat (demo)
DEFORMITY-Bastards (demo)
MODERN CONVENIENCE-Such a Party (facebook Gangsta) (demo)
BIG ZIT-Suhbuhb’n Varmun (demo)
ZEN FUCK-UPS-Fight (self-released)
FAG COP-Nude Boy (Rank Toy)

URBANOIA-Ingen Utvei (Solar Funeral)
HALSHUG-Krig (D-Takt & Rapunk)
HAVITTAJAT-Aina (demo)
ASYLUM-Vicious Cycle (Vinyl Conflict)
ORGANIZED SPORTS-Lash Out (Bulkhead)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Shut It Down (Deranged)


TOM AND BOOT BOYS-Oi! (Total Fucker/Pogo & Cry)
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?-Spike Your Hair With Beer (Headcount)
BLANKS 77-Punx and Skinz (Nasty Vinyl)
CRUCIAL UNIT-Let’s Unite The Punx and Skinz, Put ‘Em On A Boat, Send ‘Em Off The Sea and Sink Those Fuckers (Crucial Blast)
INMATES-Crustdust (Painkiller)
LIMECELL-You’re Not Punk, You’re Dirty (Steel Cage)

SICK THOUGHTS-Don’t Wanna Live (self-released)
ARCHIE & THE PUKES-I Got Worms (Centsless)
VAGUESS-Your Baby (self-released)
HENTCHMEN-Automatic (Italy)
ACTIVATIONS-Get Back (Big Neck)

DEATH WISH-Condemned For Life (Disclaim)
NEOS-(Almost) Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song (Ratcage)
SOCIAL UNREST-General Enemy (New Red Archives)
DEFECTS-20th Century (WXYZ)
RED ALERT-Rebels In Society (No Future)
ADICTS-Joker In The Pack (Anagram)


ONxALERT-Mending 500 Years (from “Bridging Oceans,” Third X Party)
CONTROL DE ESTADO-Licencia Para Matar (IFB)
CRUCIAL CAUSE-Blood Money (Flat Black)
RATOS DE PORAO-Stress Pos Traumatico (Alternative Tentacles)

SHOES THIS HIGH-Mental Whiff (Siltbreeze)
SECOND LAYER-Fixation (Cherry Red)
GREYS-Use Your Delusion (Carpark)
RETOX-This Should Hurt A Little Bit (Three.One.G)

BAD DADDIES-You Ain’t Right (Negative Fun)
MIDNIGHT CRISIS-Normaali (Rinderherz)
RAVAGE FIX-Alles Scheisse (Rinderherz)
SAVAGEHEADS-Wrong Side Of The Law (Twerp/Xploit)
UX VILEHEADS-Figured Out (Sorry State)


INSERVIBLES-Paralizada (Shogun)
RAKTA-Take Your Time (Nada Nada)
ZOUNDS-War/Subvert (Broken)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Poison Street (Capitol)

UBR-Strah (Je Vecen) (Rest In Punk)
GREEDY BAMBI-no title (from “Punks Are Fuckin’ Making Fuckin’ CDs,” Pogo 77)
THE FIX-Celebre (Touch & Go)
SECRET HATE-Rixadik (Skunk)
WASTED YOUTH-Fuck Authority (LA)
MAGNOLIAS-Fathers & Sins (Twin/Tone)

ROXY MUSIC-Editions Of You (ATCO)

Sonic Overload 10/6/14

So let’s see if I’ve got the latest items of right-wing paranoia straight—ISIS is sending illegal immigrants over the Mexican border infected with Ebola? I think that’s what I heard on Fox News in the past several days. I jest of course... but not all that much. Time to turn off the news and listen to some punk, complete with topical matter at the beginning.

This show goes out in memory of Paul Revere from the Raiders, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 76. The Raiders’ show “Where The Action Is” was one of my favorites. My father even made a reel-to-reel tape of me singing the theme song. Thankfully, that’s been lost to the winds of history although there’s a chance I still have that tape somewhere in the closet. Where it will stay...

Sonic Overload 10/6/14


CRO-MAGS-World Peace (Profile)

CAREER SUICIDE-Quarantined (Deranged)
NERVE AGENTS-Level 4 Outbreak (Revelation)
ECONOCHRIST-Epidemic (Ebullition)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Drone Virus (Sorry State)
PISSED JEANS-I’m Sick (Parts Unknown)

GAG-Locker Room (Iron Lung)
UGLY PARTS-Me/Hospital (demo)
BLOTTER-No Country For New Kids (Katorga Works)
SOCIOPATHETIC-Naive Optimism (demo)
COBRA NOIR-Monuments (Yellow Dog)

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS-Shook and Hungry (Toxic State)
BREAKOUT-Retaliate (Grave Mistake)
GRUPO SUB-1-Urgente (La Vida Es Un Mus)
OOGA BOOGAS-I Can’t Clear My Name (Aarght!)
BIG ZIT-Skoolyahd (demo)
MODERN CONSCIENCE-Nag (sick of her bullsh*%) (demo)


DEATHCHARGE-Untitled (HG Fact)
SILVER SCREAMS-Infinite Mirror (self-released)
DIVIDED MINDS-Burning Hell (Doomtown/Crapoulet)
CALVARY-Worth A Thousand Dark Words (Council)
HALLRAKER-Twenty On One (Sike)

DEAD BOYS-I Won’t Look Back (Sire)
CHEAP TRICK-He’s A Whore (Epic)
THE BOYS-No Money (Captain Oi)
RADIATORS FROM SPACE-Television Screen (Chiswick)
KILLJOYS-At Night (Raw)

FLYKILLS-The Lump (demo)
COLD CIRCUIT-State Jackets Retired (demo)
CIRRICULUM VITAE-Jag (self-released)
LONGINGS-Trapped (demo)


MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?-10 Years After World War (Touch & Go)

TOTAL ABUSE-Looking For Love (Deranged)
BRAIN SLUG-Spiritual Cramp (demo)
TRENCHES-Gas Rag (demo)
WOMEN-Horrifying (FDS)
THE STAKEOUT-Breakout (Deranged)

PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Just Like Me (Columbia) in memory of Paul Revere
SATANS-Satan’s Surf (Estrus)
PRIMATE 5-Gone Action Woman (Dead Beat)
STATICS-Sold My Soul (To The Rolling Stones) (Dead Beat)
WEIRD LOVEMAKERS-Unpopular Lover (Gouramie)


THE ENERGY-Girls Don’t Like Me (Team Science!)
REGULATIONS-Destroy (Havoc)
VOMIT SQUAD-ABCDEFG (Psychic Handshake)
SAVAGE AMUSED-I Want (Mind Cure)
TOM AND BOOT BOYS-Kill The DJ (Pogo 77)

STRIPMINES-Gallows Tree (Sorry State)
KNIFE FIGHT-Isolated (Parts Unknown)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-Den of Thieves (Gloom)
SICK OF IT ALL-Step Down (East/West)
NEGATIVE FX-Feel Like A Man (Taang)
RICE-Just How Much Rice? (Lookout)

ILL REPUTE-Cherokee Nation (It’s Alive/Indecision)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #73, 10/1/14

Listen live every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on Stench Radio

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 10/1/14

YOUTH BRIGADE-Violence (from “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In,” BYO)

OUT COLD-You’ll Never Learn (ACME)
GG ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES-Castration Crucifixion (Aware One)
GROINOIDS-Empty Skull (Boston’s Finest)
WARDS-Hate (self-released)
OUT WITH A BANG-Love My Life (Fashionable Idiots)
BLACK CLOUDS-5 Years Behind My Time (Ride The Snake)

RAPPA-Rusts (demo)
KAMIKAZE-Divine Wind (Soulrebel)
COLD SHOULDER-Not For Sale (Cowabunga)
DEATH CRISIS-Can’t Die Young (Too Old To Die)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Shut Up, Fuck You, Die (Insurgence)
RESOLVE-It’s All Shit (Distort Reality)
APHASIA-Work N’ At (Not To Downtown)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Anxiety (Deranged)
NITZ-Room 36 (Reptilian)
RETAINERS-Teenage Regrets (Fashionable Idiots)
REAL LOSERS-We Don’t Care (Wrench)
ZODIAC KILLERS-My Boyfriend Is A Masochist (Rip Off)
DIRTY SWEETS-Dance Party Massacre (Rip Off)
ZILLIONAIRES-Nice Guy Syndrome (Pelado/Unity Squad)

TOTAL TRASH-Save Me (self-released)
UGLY PARTS-Shithead (demo)
MISSILES OF OCTOBER-Become An Asshole (Pogo)
BAD FLAT-Six Walls (self-released)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Dicksting (Parts Unkonwn)
CROWN ROAST-Swarm Of Shit (Unclean)

SIN 34-Children Shall Not Be Heard (Spinhead)
45 GRAVE-Black Cross (Goldar)
BLACK CROSS-Art Offensive (Equal Vision)
ALLOY-Unafraid (Bitzcore)
PANIC-Turn Cold (Bridge Nine)
PATH OF DECAY-His War (Ha-Ko Bastards)

ZEITGIEST-Let’s Play House (Cobra Cabana)
RATS IN THE WALL-Take Two (demo)
POP THREAT-Filth (Squirrel)
MENSTRUAL TRAMPS-Pro Choice (self-released)
JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE-Armchair Critic (Boss Tuneage)

CANCEROUS GROWTH-Stupid People (demo)
ASPIRIN FEAST-Waste (Urban Alert)
INSANITY DEFENSE-US Mess (from “Best of Unsound Bands,” Welfare)
SLUTS-Fuck You (Spread ‘Um)
REBELS & INFIDELS-War Games (Fowl)
THE SCAM-All By Myself (Welfare)

FRICTION-Crazy Dream (Wax)
BRAINBOMBS-It’s A Burning Hell (Blackjack)
BIG ZIT-Goin’ Blind (demo)
SAILBOATS ARE WHITE-Hand It To The Devil (Poptones)
CÜLO-Brain Cavity (Deranged)
BLOOD PRESSURE-The Facts (Beach Impediment)

RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY-Generation (Fundamental)
RED CARD-Self Laugh (Useless Chords)
GAYTIME-Supercity (1:12)

RAVAGE FIX-Disorder (Rinderherz)
MIDNIGHT CRISIS-Eipa Juuri Mitään (Rinderherz)
BLACK ARMY JACKET-Fortune Cookie (Go-Kart/Sound Views)
PISSCHRIST-Pencemar Minda (Havoc)
ANGER CRYING-Little Fascism (Tribal War Asia)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Management Waste (Painkiller)

RED TAPE-Casualties (self-released)
RENEGADES OF PUNK-Same Old Shit (Thrashbastard)
GUNS N’ ROSA PARKS-I Hate Assholes (self-released)

RASPBERRIES-Go All The Way (Capitol)

Sonic Overload 9/29/14

Back to full-strength turntable wise—actually, I had two turntables up and running by last Wednesday’s show on Stench Radio. Another week of punk rock and I’m almost recovered from the GBH/Angry Samoans/Reagan Youth show. I haven’t been going to as many of the “punk rock oldies circuit” shows in recent years but I haven’t seen GBH and the Samoans since the 90s so I decided to go (and thanks for the ticket hookup, Clay, if you read this). I’d still rather go see the newer bands in DIY spaces but there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia every once in awhile as long as you realize there’s still good punk and hardcore worthy of your attention...

Sonic Overload 9/29/14


FLAG OF DEMOCRACY-Powerload (Rave)

COMES-Baca Moss (Dogma)
THE GAIA-Last War (Prank)
I QUIT-Then You Die (Busted Heads)
CAPITAL DEATH-A Is A (Punks Before Profits)
DISGRUNTLED NATION-Building Mountains of Bullshit (Pink House)
DIS SUCKS-You’re Fucked (New Audio Terror)

OOZE-Face Metal (Not Normal)
SLUGGA-Ascension (demo)
GILLOOLY-Twelve Dotage (More Power)
WACO FUCK-Past Lives (Standards)
SOLID ATTITUDE-Shit Business Pt. 2 (Sweet Rot)
MONGOLOID-Wallet Sniffer (demo)
PISS TEST-Frigid Punks (More Power)

PRICHARD-Pavement Ends (self-released)
PREDATOR-Opposite of Clean (Douchemaster)
FACILITY MEN-Strange Place (demo)
DOTTIE DANGER-Astrae (Punk Noir)
SACRED SHOCK-Checking Out (Residue)


THE CLEARER-Storm (Forge)
COWS-The Woman Inside (Amphetamine Reptile)
WHITE LUNG-Glue (Deranged)
NO TREND-Reality Breakdown (self-released)

MUCH WORSE-Speed Intentions (Pass Judgement)
SOCIALCIDE-Power Tripper (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
DIRECT CONTROL-Crash and Burn (Grave Mistake)
DESPERAT-Bandlogga (Beach Impediment)
BUKKAKE BOYS-Disconnect (Sorry State)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Bezmocnost (Not Very Nice)

STRANGLERS-Shut Up (United Artists)
THE CURE-Plastic Passion (Elektra)
STIPHNOYDS-Afraid of the Russians (from “History of Portland Punk,” Zeno)
SKULLS-On Target (from “What? Stuff,” Bomp)
FLESH EATERS-Disintegration Nation (Upsetter)


READ YELLOW-Read Yellow (Fenway)
CRACKERBASH-A Song For Lon Mabon (Empty)
UNSANE-Blame Me (Amphetamine Reptile)
SICKOIDS-Occupy Your Time (Grave Mistake/Sorry State)

SPAZM 151-Blown Away (Busted Heads)
NO SIDE-Tany’s Seranade (HG Fact)
DEATHWISH-Break The Chains (Amory Arms)
DOUBLE-O-There’s No Reasoning (R&B)
REFLEX FROM PAIN-Media Control (Death Threat)

GLITTER-Perfect Day (Pee Blood)
HOT TIP-No Interest (demo)
MIL MASCARAS-I Said So Far (HoZac)
MIKA MIKO-Johnson R. Cool (PPM)
PETROLEUMBY PRODUCTS-Grossest Thing (from “Emergency Room, Vol. 1,” Nominal)


GBH-Generals (Clay)
ANGRY SAMOANS-Right Side Of My Mind (Triple X)
AKUTT INNLEGGELSE-Superstjerne (from “Bloodstains Across Norway”)
CHICKS ON SPEED-Yes I Do (self-released)
DEFEX-Machine Gun Love (from “Killed By Death #18”)
SCARED OF CHAKA-No Time (Sub City)

GET LAID-Shipwrecked (demo)
COFFIN PRICKS-Group Home Haircut (Stationary Heart)
FRUSTRATION-Angle Grinder (Born Bad)
PREGNANCY SCARES-Lobotomy (Deranged)
BACK TO BACK-Big Man (Lockin’ Out)


Monday, October 6, 2014

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #72, 9/24/14

Listen live every Wednesday on Stench Radio from 6 to 8 PM eastern...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 9/24/14

UPRIGHT CITIZENS-Bombs Of Peace (H’art)

IMPALERS-Acousmetre (demo)
SUNSHINE WARD-No Life (demo)
RASH TONGUE-Taught/Taut (demo)
WHITE WARDS-Defeated (Iron Lung)

ZERO BOYS-Vicious Circle (Panic Button)
DR. KNOW-What To Do (Mystic)
ANTI-BODIES-After Life (from “The Master Tape Vol. 2,” Affirmation)
YOBS-Armageddon (from “Nuke Your Dink,” Positive Force)
JACKSHIT-We Still Like Drugs (Squirtdown)
RIPCORD-Armchair Critic (Raging)

CEREMONY-Into The Wayside Part I/Sick (Bridge Nine)
PULSES-Make The Right Choice (Dirtnap)
BRAINIAC-Smack Bunny Baby (Grass)
OMATIC-Slow Ass Cadillac (Grass)
IMPERIAL LEATHER-Mint Condition (Profane Existence)

QUEERS-Kicked Out Of The Webelos (Lookout)
PUSSY GALORE-You Look Like A Jew (Caroline)
CHEATER SLICKS-Chaos (Godawful)
LUBRICATED GOAT-Meating My Head (Sub Pop)
SMEGMA AND THE NUNZ-Napalm Sticks To Kids (from “Drop The Needle,” Trev)

CHOKING VICTIM-Hate Yer State (Hellcat)
FROGS OF WAR-Up Someone’s Ass (Full Circle)
SLIME-Linke Spiesser (Aggressive)
VAURIO-Harhaa (Rock-O-Rama)

FUNERAL CONE-Dental Plan (100% Breakfast)
BANQUE ALLEMANDE-Schwarz Vor Schwarzer Wand (S-S)
WEIRD PARTY-Sarah Palin (Sex & Death)

EMBARRASSMENT-(I’m A) Don Juan (Restless)
BOYS LIFE-It Came From Here (Seco)
IGGY POP-I Snub You (Arista)
RENTALS-New York (Beggars Banquet)
UGLY DUCKLINGS-Nothin’ (Sundazed)

CARDIAC ARREST-Frustrate Me (Even Worse/Way Back When)
DEATH TOKEN-Haunted (Adult Crash)
DIRTY BS-Chronic Infection (Slasher)
COMPLETE WASTE-Put Up A Fight (from “Twin Cities Hardcore 2007,” Give Praise)
PUNCH IN THE FACE-Worst Episode Ever (Lengua Armada)
IRRITATORS-I’m The Asshole (demo)
OUT COLD-Somewhat Catatonic (Painkiller)

CALENDAR BOYS-Nobody Cares (demo)
ENDTABLES-Process Of Elimination (from “Bloodstains Across The Midwest”)
HUBBLE BUBBLE-I Wanna Die (But Not Right Now) (Radio Heartbeat)
BRIDES-Get To You (Rip Off)
DISTRACTORS-Bang! Bang! (Big Neck)
IMPERIALIST PIGS-Cherub Face/Perish (Fatal Erection)

XTC-Generals and Majors (Virgin)