Friday, June 29, 2012

Sonic Overload 6/18/12

I admit it, there’s an anti-cop theme at times on this week’s show. I’ve got my reasons, namely being stopped by a state trooper for having a burnt out brake light while driving into the city last week. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail but let’s just say it sure as hell felt like a fishing expedition and you’d think he’d have better things to do.

The other reason is to mark the death of Rodney King, the African-American man who was brutally beaten by the LAPD in 1992 and that sparked off some of the worst riots in the city’s history. It also influenced part of a certain song that concludes this week’s show. “Cop Killer” was actually performed before the King beating but Ice-T added some references to the incident on the recorded version. The song created quite a controversy to say the least. Charlton Heston quoted lyrics from it at a Time-Warner (the parent company for Ice’s label at the time) conference and the song was yanked from the Body Count album. Getting back to Rodney King, though, he drowned in his swimming pool and the death is still under investigation at I type this... I hope he’ll eventually be able to rest in peace.

Sonic Overload 6/18/12


FUCKED UP-Police (Deranged)

RAPPA-Exploitation (demo)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Scars of Past (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD ENDING-Ninety-Nine (Alternative Tentacles)
CREEM-The Bricks (Katorga Works)
CIVIL DISSIDENT-Tell Me The Solution (Prank)

CLAW TOE-Kamikaze (Criminal IQ)
MOORAT FINGERS-Ugly (Radio Blast)
THE VICIOUS-The Happiest Place (Feral Ward)
PLATES-Sex Beat (Big Neck)

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-Destructions End (Taang)
SET TO EXPLODE-Feel The Rage (Grave Mistake)
WASTED TIME-Leech/No Shore (Grave Mistake)
BAD REACTION-Take Your God Out Of My Peanut Butter (Reflections)
BLACK FLAG-Police Story (SST)
PARTISANS-Police Story (No Future)


REDUCERS-Out Of Step (self-released) in memory of Steve Kaika
MEAN JEANS-Nite Of The Creeps (Dirtnap)
CUTE LEPERS-Thanks For Not Showing Up (1-2-3-4, Go!)
BAYONETTES-We’re Doomed (Deranged)
DEATH BY SNOO SNOO-Sotaveteraanit (Creative Class War)

CAREER SUICIDE-Let It Go (Kangaroo)
JOINT D?-Confused (Sorry State)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS-I Can See You (Even Worse)
THE GAIA-Riot Of 14 (Prank)

SCREAMING FEMALES-Theme Song (Don Giovanni)
THE EX-Contempt (Touch & Go)
CHICKS ON SPEED-Yes I Do! (self-released)


RUTS-Staring At The Rude Boys (Virgin)
SKULLS-On Target (from “What? Stuff,” Bomp)
ANTI-Lies (Grand Theft Audio)
CYANIDE-Do It (Captain Oi)

POOR LILY-El Topo (self-released)
OFF!-Harbor Freeway Blues (Vice)
BOB EVANS-Dead Broke (Skene)
THE MEN-Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
NAIVE-I’m Tired (Kool Arrow)

DWARVES-Fuck You Up And Get High (Sub Pop)
TROTS-Now I’m A Real Rock’n’Rolla ‘Cause I Drink Whiskey And Cola (Puke)
WONGS-Do What I Wan (Rip Off)
SLAMMIN’ WATUSIS-King Of Cha-Cha (Epic)

BLACK EASTER-What The Fuck (Illuminated)
NOXIOUS-Sunday Fools (from “Utreg Punx,” Rock Against)
SICK THINGS-Committed To Suicide (Shock)
HATED-Innocent People (Stress)
SCHUND-Chaos (Höhnie)
WYMYNS PRYSYN-Shy Shitter (Scavenger Of Death)

WHATEVER BRAINS-Love Taps (Funny/Not Funny)
NÜ SENSAE-(Boots) (Nominal)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-Mind Control (Dead Oceans)
MY BLOODY VALENTINE-You Made Me Realise (Creation)

BODY COUNT-Cop Killer (Sire) in memory of Rodney King

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sonic Overload 6/11/12

It feels like summer is finally here. Famous last words, of course, since I had to turn on the heat for a brief time a few weeks ago when it got down in the 40s. No real theme this week and the show was almost delayed a game because I woke up feeling a bit under the weather and lost about 2 or 3 hours of time to prepare the show but still managed to start the recording around the usual time. I was also wondering if I’d be doing the show with two turntables since one of them suddenly stopped working last week. But I found a very good repair shop and the guy was able to fix it in one day and it was more-than-reasonable. I’m still working on adjusting things a bit with it but everything should be completely back up to par by next week. That’s the idea, anyway.

This week’s show goes out in memory of Jeff Davis, also known as Jef Leppard, guitar player for Voetsek. He was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. The Voetsek guys/gals are top-notch people and I got to see Jeff play with them a few times. My condolences to his friends and family.

Sonic Overload 6/11/12


NO FOR AN ANSWER-Imperfection (Hawker)

POISON PLANET-Border Fences (Third x Party)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE-Desocialized (Grave Mistake)
ANCIENT FILTH-Too Young, Fuck Adults (Shock To The System)
KOROVA-DeGrassi Fight Music (Victimized)
YDINPERHE-Opiskelijaelämää (Bad Hair Life)

NASAL BOYS-Hot Love (Swisspunk)
COACHWHIPS-Muscle Of Love (Narnack)
THE NOISE-Tror Du (from “Vägra Raggarna Benzin,” Massproduktion)
CLONE DEFECTS-Cheetah Eyes (Tom Perkins)

WALLS-Dignity Village (Iron Lung)
BILL BONDSMEN-Overcrowded Control (Fourteegee)
SICKOIDS-Clarity (Residue)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE-Rotta (Tuska & Ahsdistus)


VÖETSEK-White Ain’t Right (Six Weeks) in memory of Jeff Davis (Jef Leppard)
OUTPATIENTS-Backwards Explosion (Free Association)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.-Sweet Little Thing (Doomtown Sounds/Static Age)
DEATH CRISIS-Problem Reaction Solution (Too Old To Die)
ETA-I Got Problems (DeadAlive)
OMEGAS-Nazi Rules (Painkiller)

SHIPWRECKED-Not My Generation (Crucial Response)
RAW NERVE-Hemlock (Youth Attack)
WHITE LUNG-I Rot (Deranged)
DOTTIE DANGER-Bela Lugosi Is Alive (Gravewish)
ICEAGE-You’re Blessed (What’s Your Rupture)

STEPMOTHERS-All Systems Go (Posh Boy)
SVT-Modern Living (415)
SWINGERS-Counting The Beat (Backstreet)


MIND SPIDERS-Beat (Dirt Nap)
DOOM TOWN-Walking Through Walls (New Dark Age)
THE YOUNG-Attitude Adjustment (Criminal IQ)
THE ENERGY-I’m Gonna Cut You Into Pieces (Team Science)
COLA FREAKS-Gi Mig Piller (Hjerenspind)

SIX FINGER SATELLITE-Parlour Games (Sub Pop)
MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? –Lo. Batt (Touch & Go)
BOTTLES AND SKULLS-Party Crasher (Sick Room)
REGRESS-Reagan’s Disease (Boot Camp)

OFF! –Wiped Out (Vice)
HOT SNAKES-Past Lives (Swami)
CRIMSON SWEET-No Hot On Cold (On/On Switch)
THE NERVOUS-The Greatest Generation (Nervous)
CACTUS-No! (Hate)


THE SOUND-Jeopardy (Korova)
ZOUNDS-Subvert (Broken)
PITCH BLACK-Undefeated (Revelation)
PROPAGANDHI-Fuck The Border (Fat)
BY THE GRACE OF GOD-Beneath The Blue (Victory)
TREPAN NATION-Kill The Truth (Harmless)

SPIKES-Summer Vacation (demo)
NEATS-Six (from “Propeller Product,” Propeller)
LEMONHEADS-Glad I Don’t Know (Amory Arms)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-My Little Underground (Blanco y Negro)
SUNSET BOMBERS-Baby, It’s You (Ariola)

SUICIDE COMMANDOS-Complicated Fun (from “Big Hits Of Mid-America Vol. 3,” Twin-Tone)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sonic Overload 6/4/12

So I open and close this week’s show by mentioning a couple of anniversaries—and that doesn’t even include my 24th wedding anniversary that happens on the 5th. Thanks for putting up with me so long, Ellen. I love you! But the first one is Queen Elizabeth’s “Diamond Jubilee,” marking 60 years on the throne. Trust me, I REALLY had to resist the temptation to make low-rent jokes like “60 years on the throne, eh? I hope she has enough toilet paper.” I know you’re out there—I can hear you breathing. Anyway, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee was in 1977 and the Sex Pistols came up with the celebratory anthem that opens the show. It was also the song that permanently converted me to the Church of Punk Rock, although that happened in September 1977.
The other occasion is the 40th anniversary of the release of one of my favorite singles when I was a kid, Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up,” which came out in May 1972. That’s the same year I finished up at Stanley School, my elementary school. Damn I’m old. And that became more apparent to me when catching a few minutes of one of those PBS shows geared to the Baby Boomer set. Even though I was born at the tail end of what many consider to be that era, I refuse to say I’m a “boomer.” The show featured “British Beat” artists and included the likes of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Lulu and the Zombies, a predecessor to Argent who had a couple of hits in the 60s (you might know them—“Time of The Season” and “She’s Not There”). They sounded fine but it almost seemed polite in delivery and the seated audience didn’t look as though they were about to jump out of their seats and start dancing. It seemed perfectly respectable. Ah well, enough navel gazing and back to the Argent song. Not only do you get to hear “Hold Your Head Up” but it’s the longer, album version. Rejoice, ye listeners...

Sonic Overload 6/4/12


SEX PISTOLS-God Save The Queen (Virgin)

RESTARTS-Parasitic Monarchy (Plastic Bomb)
INDIGESTI-Silenzio Statico (Vacation House)
LA URSS-Ciudad Geriatrica (Todo Destruido)
TRAGATELO-Anguista y Esperanza (Lengua Armada)

BI-MARKS-Gunk (Mata La Musica)
ENERJETICS-Assembler (demo)
HYGIENE-Office Job (La Vida Es Un Mus)
A-LINES-Wrong Way Home (SFTRI)

UNHOLY THOUGHTS-In Living Color (Way Back When)
BAD AMERICAN-Dictator (Bad Recordings)
DISCHARGE-The Nightmare Continues (Clay)
VOIVOD-Overreaction (Noise)


STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-At The Edge (Chrysalis)
TRANSPLANTS-Suicidal Tendencies (Dionysus)
CLOVERBOTTOM-Cottage Cheeze Heads (Toolbox)
AVENGERS-Uh-Oh (Water)

BUNNY SKULLS-AHC/False X (self-released)
BREAKS-Landlocked Blues (Firestarter)
SHARK ATTACK-Blood In The Water (Bridge Nine)
CARDIAC ARREST-Going Nowhere (Grave Mistake/No Way)
SGT. SLAUGHTER-Guitar Dickmouth (Social Napalm)
CONVERSIONS-Stay Home (demo)

NIP DRIVERS-Fox On The Run (Taang)
K-JELL-Struggle and Break Through (October Party)
RINGERS-For Arguments Sake (1-2-3-4, Go!)
STINK-Never Will Forget (from “Shreds Volume 1,” Shredder)


POOR LILY-Third Rail (self-released)
GENERAL INTEREST-What’s A Darfur? (Ride The Snake)
CLOAK/DAGGER-Electrocution (Grave Mistake)
WEIRD PARTY-Sarah Palin (Sex & Death)
ERECTUS MONOTONE-Tweeter and Quibble (from “Self Mutilation,” Hippy Knight)
CABARET VOLTAIRE-Nag Nag Nag (Rough Trade)

WHITE LUNG-Thick Lip (Deranged)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE-Finlandia (Tuska & Ahsdistus)
SOUND OF FAILURE-8848 (Cheap Art)
THE EXPLODER-Decision (Reptilian)
NOMEANSNO-And That’s Sad (Alternative Tentacles)


X-We’re Desperate (Slash)
BROWN SUGAR-La La Land (Fashionable Idiots/Feral Kid)
ÜBER KRØPPLING-Vi Gør Det I Nat (Blood Sausage)
DIALTONES-All Night Long (Dead Beat)
LYRICS-So What! (from “Essential Pebbles,” AIP)

TUFF DARTS-(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste (Sire)
DAMNED-Problem Child (Stiff)
999-Nobody Knows (United Artists)
SAINTS-Know Your Product (Sire)
TEENAGE HEAD-Tearin’ Me Apart (demo)

ARGENT-Hold Your Head Up (Epic)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sonic Overload 5/28/12

It's Memorial Day and, as is the tradition, I play a number of songs touching on the ravaging effects of warfare—on the troops, on the civilians and on the countries. And it never seems to end. US military activity continues in Afghanistan although there finally seems to be a timetable for US withdrawal. I’ll believe it when I see it. Of course, Romney thinks this a bad idea. And if he somehow gets elected, expect an uptick in saber rattling and an increased willingness to lead this country into more misguided military conflicts. It’s telling that this would-be warmonger never served in the military. He was eligible during the Vietnam era but chose not to serve. That didn’t stop him from being involved in pro-war counterdemonstrations.

The tracks during the first segment of the show are meant to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in these conflicts, be it military personnel or innocent civilians, those whose families were irrevocably affected and those who returned and continue to face further, unending personal battles...

Sonic Overload 5/28/12


THE PROLETARIAT-Decorations (Taang)

GOONS-Toy Soldiers (Reptilian)
SUSPECTS-Swords Of The Fallen (Torque)
NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun (from “SF Underground,” Subterranean)
RED ROCKERS-Dead Heroes (415)

CRISPUS ATTUCKS-America’s War (Soda Jerk)
FREE BEER-Premature Enlistment (Alternative Tentacles)
SPECIAL FORCES-Dead Soldier (Boner)
KORO-Dear Sirs (Sorry State)
NEGATIVE FX-The Few, The Proud, The Dead (Taang)
DRI-Stupid, Stupid War (Death)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH-Global Travel In A Zippered Bag (Wajlemac)
BORN/DEAD-Endless War (Prank)
DEATHREAT-Who Counts The Bodies? (Partners In Crime)
SLAYER-War Ensemble (Def American)


WALLS-Stare At The Walls (Iron Lung)
OBSESSOR-In Fear Of The End (Tankcrimes)
SHARDS-Suicide (Sorry State)
SICKOIDS-My Curse (Residue)
SAHN MARU-Never Too Late (Inimical)

BABES IN TOYLAND-Bruise Violet (Reprise)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-We Own The Night (Abscess)
BAGS-Babylonian Gorgon (Dangerhouse)
DEATH BY SNOO SNOO-Pentutehdas (Creative Class War)
CRASS-Punk Is Dead (Crass)

FIVE DAY MESSIAH-For Death or Glory (Paco Garden)
MAN AFRAID-3-91 (Half Mast)
GARDEN VARIETY-Pretty Mouth (from “Punk USA,” Lookout)
LEATHERFACE-New York State (Roughneck)


UK SUBS-You Don’t Belong (Captain Oi)
YOUNG OFFENDERS-Black Hands (Deranged)
SCEPTRES-Flatline Generation (Dire)
PLASMATICS-Monkey Suit (Stiff)

VAASKA-Estado Policial (HeartFirst)
MUNDO MUERTO-Ciegosal Poder (Charged//Distorted)
LOS MONJOS-No Hay Salvacion (Metadona)
NO PROBLEM-Most Days (Deranged)
CRANKED UP-Another Vietnam (Creep)

RAW POWER-Tired and Furious (multi-label)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS-Black and Red (Even Worse)
CRACKS-Sandpaper (demo)
NEIGHBORS-Wear My Corpse (self-released)
OUT COLD-Just Plain Mean (PHD)


DEADBEAT ECHOES-Forces (Louder Than War)
KICKING SPIT-Reality Dropout (Prank)
DIGITAL LEATHER-The Fortress (Crash Symbols)
DOCTORS OF MADNESS-Bulletin (Polydor)

BUFF MEDWAYS-(I’m A) Lie Detector (Damaged Goods)
MUMMIES-That Girl (Estrus)
PIRATES-I Can Tell (Warner Bros)

PYLON-Feast On My Heart (DB)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sonic Overload 5/21/12

This show was recorded while recovering from consuming some very bad seafood the night before. All things considered, I think it came out OK. Oh yeah, I also saw Cock Sparrer play one hell of a great set a few days earlier so, of course, I have to open and close the show with two of my songs by them. No joke—I’ve been singing “Take ‘Em All” nearly incessantly for a few days. Now it’s your turn...

Sonic Overload 5/21/12


COCK SPARRER-Take ‘Em All (Taang)

SICKOIDS-Psychic Cold War (Residue)
WILD//TRIBE-Squeaky Wheel (PunkAlive)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.-No Hope Is Lost (Doomtown Sounds)
WYMYNS PRYSYN-Payday (Scavenger Of Death)
DEGENERICS-What’ll You Do? (Soulrebel)

DRUNK IN A DUMPSTER-Drunk In A Dumpster (No Profit)
REGISTRATORS-Terminal Boredom (Rip Off)
TV FREAKS-Street Rat (Schizophrenic)
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE-Give It Up Front (Razorcake)
GORILLA ANGREB-Aaarrrgghh (Feral Ward)

MANLIFTINGBANNER-Wall Street Wars (Crucial Response)
POISON PLANET-Boycott Everything (Third x Party)
STRIPMINES-Gallows Tree (Sorry State)
BOSTON STRANGLER-Primitive (Fun With Smack)


HEBE GEEBEES-Night Fever (from “Saturday Night Pogo,” Rhino)

DOA-Disco Sucks (Sudden Death)
MEATMEN-1 Down 3 To Go (Touch & Go)
DESCENDENTS-Hey Hey (New Alliance)
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Ladies With Appliances (from “Red Snerts,” Gulcher)
LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETIX-Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl)
FLIPPER-Way Of The World (Subterranean)

C.R.A.S.H.-Cult Merch (Post Present Medium)
PUFFY AREOLAS-1981 (Siltbreeze)
KUSTOMIZED-The Place Where People Meet (Matador)
HEAT TAPE-Spend It (Red Scare)


ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Police Oppression (Captain Oi)

VILE -5 to 10 (self-released)
RAW DEAL-No More Mr. Nice Guy (Victory)
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST-Blood Guns and Guts (Inimical)
RETCHING RED-Bullshit Repellent (Bleeding Bitch)

GENBAKU ONANIES-Life Is A Gamble (Tin Drum)
VALSE TRISTE-Ilman Saattajaa (IfSociety)
GUZZARD-Supersonic Enemy Of Evil (Amphetamine Reptile)
GIRLS AGAINST BOYS-Wow Wow Wow (Adult Swim)

OFF!-Jet Black Girls (Vice)
POOR LILY-2.5 Song (self-released)
THE MEN-Cube (Sacred Bones)
CEREMONY-World Blue (Matador)
ANGRY RED PLANET-Fucktard (Angry Red)


AVENGERS-Teenage Rebel (Water)
THE FREEZE-Broken Bones (Dr. Strange)
BUSINESS-Harry May (Taang)
ATTAK-Today’s Generation (No Future)
GIRLSCHOOL-Race With The Devil (Stiff)
RUNAWAYS-School Days (Mercury)

SPIDER-Spiderlili (self-released)
NOH MERCY-No Caucasian Guilt (Superior Viaduct)
VYLLIES-Purple Gorilla (Creep)
FRICTION-Automatic Fru (TJC)
KEBAB-Weekend (Softspot)

COCK SPARRER-Runnin ‘Riot (Taang)