Friday, August 26, 2011

Sonic Overload 8/15/11

Last week, I didn’t get a chance to prepare any material regarding the rioting and civil unrest in London and cities in the UK the weekend before last and continuing into the week. If I’d known at the time of taping last week’s show, that would have been a different matter. This week’s show begins with some audio from a BBC TV report broadcast after the violence commenced. It presents the events but also attempts to find underlying reasons, beyond the police killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham.

There’s only so much I can convey in a two or so minute clip (as well as in this space) but it’s worthwhile to get away from the mainstream media accounts and find reports that contextualize the events. This isn’t to condone the acts of violence, looting, etc but it’s important to take a step back and see the whole picture.

Today’s first song, “Ghost Town,” came out in 1981 while Britain was under the vice grip of Margaret Thatcher with her right-wing policies that led to economic anguish for many people. It’s happening again with the new right-wing Prime Minister David Cameron and his slashing of social programs. Sound familiar? Maybe the teabaggers in this country will take a look at how “austerity” measures create problems for the less-privileged, most-vulnerable members of society. On the other hand, given their worshiping at the altar of Ayn Rand, it could fall on deaf ears—until it happens to them.

To listen, left click for streaming, right click to download the files

Sonic Overload 8/15/11


SPECIALS-Ghost Town (Chrysalis)

HOLLYWOOD-Fire & Grits (Big Neck)
A FRAMES-Police 1000 (S-S)
FUTURES-Trance Again (Answer)
WHATEVER BRAINS-The Fisher (Sorry State)
WHITE WHALE-Widow’s Peak (Big Neck)
CANADIAN RIFLE-Climbing Down From The Crane (Residue)

SHAVED CHRIST-Tender Youth (demo)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-No I Won’t (Side Two)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-No Way Out (Painkiller)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Writhe (Sorry State)
NO CLASS-Tired, Bored, Angry, Violent (Deranged)
OLDE GHOST-Fatalists (Handstand)


TEEN IDLES-Fiorucci Nightmare (Dischord)
NIP DRIVERS-Tang (Taang)
DEHUMANIZERS-Can’t Sleep (from “Apathy... Never!,” Over The Top)
NO PIGS-Down (from “Emma,” Mordam)
HERESY-Follow Suit (In Your Face)

SMART COPS-Realta Cercami (Sorry State)
NEO CONS-Rent Controlled (Deranged)
SLOBS-Technophile Society (Cowabunga)
SHITTY LIMITS-Selling Point (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TERMINAL STATE-All In My Head (Deranged)
DARK AGES-Out Of This World (Sorry State)

TALES OF TERROR-Hound Dog (CD Presents)
RIPPER-Razor’s Edge (Black Water)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE-My Escape (Feral Ward)


AUS-ROTTEN-The System Works For Them (Tribal War)

AVON LADIES-Today’s Forecast (demo)
HOMOSTUPIDS-In The Basementman (Fashionable Idiots)
DAILY VOID-New Breed (Sacred Bones)
THE SIOUX-Doppelganger (213)
MIKA MIKO-Johnson R. Cool (PPM)
BUSH TETRAS-Cowboys In Africa (ROIR)

ART YARD-The Law (Ride The Snake)
URINALS-Sex (Warning Label)
ANGRY SAMOANS-You Stupid Asshole (Triple X)
MIGHTY IONS-Time To Get Outta This Place (Dino)
CIRCLE JERKS-What’s Your Problem? (Frontier)
FU’S-Boston’s Finest (Taang)


JESUS LIZARD-Bloody Mary (Collision Arts)
RYE COALITION-The Higher The Hair The Closer To God (Gern Blandsten)
GIT SOME-Fabric Eyes (1-2-3-4, Go!)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Suffer (Alternative Tentacles)
SELBY TIGERS-Snoball (Hopeless)
VACUUM HEADS-No Way (demo)

TSOL-I’m Tired Of Life (Frontier)
NNB-Slack (Wave 7)
CHRISTMAS-Dig We Must (demo)
STEREOLAB-The Light Will Cease To Fail (Slumberland)
COLIN NEWMAN-& Jury (Beggars Banquet)

FLASH AND THE PAN-Walking In The Rain (Epic)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sonic Overload 8/8/11

At the outset, I’d like to offer my support for the 45,000 Verizon workers who have gone on strike after contract negotiations broke down on Saturday night. The unions involved are the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Communcations Workers of America. I urge people not to cross their picket lines nor patronize Verizon if at all possible. What’s really sad is when you see other working class and middle class people expressing animosity towards union members when, instead, the animosity should be directed towards corporations like Verizon, whose CEO makes as much in a day as an average Verizon worker makes in a year. While the company rakes in huge profits, Verizon is attempting (according to a union spokesman quoted in the Boston Globe) to eliminate some holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Veteran’s Day, freeze pensions, and remove a clause in the contract that limits the company’s ability to lay off workers. I’m thoroughly sick of the attacks on working people in this country. You should be too.

Sonic Overload 8/8/11


AGAINST EMPIRE-Thieves and Leeches (Profane Existence)

DARK AGES-Merchants of Cool (Sorry State)
MOB RULES-Expensive Taste (Sorry State)
KAMIKAZE-Fight It (Soulrebel)
CLUSTERFUCK-Do The Berkowitz (Vital Center)
CHRONIC SEIZURE-Stark Reality (No Way)

ANTISEEN-Invader #1 Must Die (Green Mist)
ZEKE-Give It Up (Digital Warfare)
ÜBER KRØPPLIN-Brun Istid (Blood Sausage)
STREET TRASH-On The Prowl (No Class)
FOLDED SHIRT-Folded Shirt (Fashionable Idiots)
DEATH TRAP-No Hicks (Feral Kid/Warm Bath)

SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes (No Way)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Solitude (Painkiller)
CRAZY SPIRIT-I’m Dead (Mata La Musica)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Android (Feral Ward)
GERM ATTAK-The Death Toll Continues (Yellow Dog)
BROWN SUGAR-Milk Shake + Fries (Feral Kid)


MINUTEMEN-Working Men Are Pissed (SST)

SMART COPS-Facile Bersaglio (Sorry State)
REGULATIONS-Going Nowhere (Havoc)
HUGGY BEAR-Dissthentic Penetration (Kill Rock Stars)
BANGS-Sweet Revenge (Kill Rock Stars)

APB-Chain Reaction (Oily)
OUTCASTS-Magnum Force (GBH)
LEPER-Visiting Grandmother (demo)
COLOURS OUT OF TIME-Rock Section (Grand Theft Audio)
CRAMPS-The Crusher (IRS)


DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Fat City Address (Sorry State)
WHATEVER BRAINS-You’re Melting (Sorry State)
BLOW UP-Robots Yes, Androids No (Empty)
CLANCY SIX-The Numbered Solution (Blood Beat)
DOTTIE DANGER-Sasha (Punk Noir)

OIL-Ban The Forbidden Beat (Coalition)
TUBERS-High Tide It’s Inside (No Idea)
PONY-Prizefighter (Homestead)
BERSERK-Giant Robots (Go-Kart)

TH FAITH HEALERS-Reptile Smile (Too Pure)
SWIRLIES-Didn’t Understand (Slumberland)
SQUIRREL BAIT-Kid Dynamite (Homestead)


SWELL MAPS-Let’s Build A Car (Mute)
CLASH-Clash City Rockers (Epic)
RUDE KIDS-We Got Polar Bears On Our Street (Chup-Chup) (Polydor)
THE NEWS-Chop Chop Chop (from “Back To Front, Vol. 4,” Incognito)

ZERO BOYS-Human Body (Secretly Canadian)
NASTY FACTS-Drive My Car (Jimboco)
GIRLSCHOOL-Kick It Down (Stiff)

PIL-Banging The Door (Warner Bros.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sonic Overload 8/1/11

I suppose I could spend some time offering my opinions on the so-called compromise that Congress is trying to reach on the debt ceiling, cutting spending, etc. In all honesty, I haven’t paid any attention to it today while working on the show. It’s quite depressing, anyway. I’m sick of the whole bunch of ‘em, especially the teabagger Republicans who won’t stop until every program in this country is dismantled. And Obama, as usual, engages in his typical pattern of appeasement. At least that’s the impression I get. Who’s going to get screwed? It sure as hell ain’t the wealthy people, the corporate CEOs, the banksters and their right-wing puppeteers.

But enough yakking, at least today. I didn’t find that many new records to inspire me this week so I dug into the archives not only for the requisite 70s and 80s classics but other records spanning the ‘90s and ‘00s, some of which haven’t had recent airplay.

Sonic Overload 8/1/11


GRAVEN IMAGE-Day After (Eskimo)

THE HUSSY-Brown Eyes (Slow Fizz)
UBER KRØPPLING-Undskyldning (Blood Sausage)
WHITE WIRES-Are You Mad (Dirtnap)
VEE DEE-Friendly Radiation (Criminal IQ)
ELECTRIC EELS-Agitated (Homestead)

KILLER INSTINCT-Torture You First (from “The Big Apple: Rotten To The Core,” S.I.N.)
VICE DOLLS-Thanks For Saving Us (self-released)
BREZHNEV-WWW.Bullshit/Control (D-Fens)
SWINDLE-Chaos Kids (Grilled Cheese)
PUNG-Pung’s State Of The Youth Address (No Idea)
POSERS-Through My Eyes (Oink!)

DRAIZE-Extortion (Draize)
ANCIENT FILTH-American Privileged Brat (demo)
BRAIN F?-(Date Rape) Real Estate (demo)
FOREIGN OBJECTS-One Made Two (Vinyl Rites)
SORRY-Deny (Homestead)


THE KLAN-Pushin’ Too Hard (Posh Boy)
DRONES-Hard On Me (Anagram)
ZEROS-Hungry (Small Wonder)
PUSSY GALORE-Cunt Tease (Caroline)
SPITS-Atom Age (In The Red)
KAKKA-HÄTÄ-77-Vuosisadan Rakkaustarina (Stupido)

OMEGAS-Peasant Dance (Parts Unknown)
NOTHING BUT ENEMIES-Diarrhea Of The Human Race (Welfare)
CIRIL-Hell Fell Down Again (from “No Place To Call Home,” Bad Dream)
GRABBIES-I Wanna Be Blind (Proud To Be Idiot)
SICK PLEASURE-Disintegration (Subterranean)

SOCIAL SUICIDE-Born Again (from “Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack,” Crackle)
ANTHRAX-Prime To Pension (Crass)
ELECTRIC DEADS-Fish In A Pool (Noise and Distortion)
CH3-What About Me? (Posh Boy)
NECROS-Search For Fame (Touch & Go)
DRI-Money Stinks (Beer City)


NO CHOICE-Book Cooking (Newest Industry)
MUNG-Red Light (Rodent Popsicle)
HECKLE-Plastic (Wingnut)
30 AMP FUSE-Sorry? (Darla)
POSIES-Grant Hart (DGC)

THE LEWD-Mobile Home (from “SF Underground 2,” Subterranian)
GERMS-Lexicon Devil (Slash)
ADOLESCENTS-Kids Of The Black Hole (Frontier)
VKTMS-Ballad of Pincushion Smith (from “SF Underground,” Subeterranian)
NUNS-You Think You’re The Best (Bomp)
X-White Girl (Elektra)


MX-80 SOUND-Follow That Car (Ralph)
PESD-KTD to Jest? (Prank)
FOETUS INC.-Wash It All Off (Wax Trax)
KILLING JOKE-Who Told You How? (EG)

AVON LADIES-Life Coach (demo)
THE JURY-401K and a Razorblade (Loud Punk)
MAJOR DAMAGE-Take It Down (Even Worse/Way Back When)
NON FIKTION NOIS-World Pollution (from “Chicago Is Killing Me Slowly,” SouthKore)
KROMOSOM-Hysteria (Havoc)
POLLUTION-Signal.Control (C6 Recordings)
AGAINST EMPIRE-Dawn Of The Century (Profane Existence)

PROFESSIONALS-The Magnificent (Virgin)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sonic Overload 7/25/11

I don’t even know where to begin when pondering what happened in Norway this past weekend, as a racist psychopath bombed a building in Oslo and gunned down innocent people on Utoeya Island. The death toll stands at 76 as I type this. An unspeakable atrocity. I do mention the alleged killer on the show but I don’t think I want to do it in this space. It makes one think, though—there’s an obsession with so-called “Islamo-fascism,” Sharia Law and the like in this country. This being (I won’t call him human) is a right-wing Christian with a pathological hatred of Muslims. Does that make him a Christo-fascist? And will the mainstream media refer to him as a terrorist? Because that’s exactly what he is. I’m stating the obvious, I know.

This week’s show goes out in memory of the victims in Norway, as well as Negazione drummer Fabrizio Fiegl, who recently passed away...


RAT BASTARDS-White Knuckle Punks (Beer City)

BANNLYST-40,000 Døde Barn (X-Port)
SVART FRAMTID-Når Bomba Kommer (X-Port)
BARN AV REGNBUEN-Penga Profitt Og Kapital (self-released)
KORT PROSESS-Dadsdamt (HeartFirst)
COMMON CAUSE-Reflection and Change (Powered)
TURBONEGRO-A Dazzling Display of Talent (Bitzcore)

BROWN SUGAR-Canção da Amizade (Feral Kid)
BRAIN CAR-Manufactured (Reel Time)
JESUS H. BOMBS-I Brought The Apple (Bookoven/Tibs Ribs)
NEO CONS-Overstimulation (Deranged)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Salah Sosialisasi (Bad Hair Life)

POOR LILY-Hey Fucko (self-released)
AVAIL-Scuffle Town (Jade Tree)
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE AD-I Can’t Wait (Motherbox)


WHITE GUILT-Race and Nation (Video Disease)
RESIST CONTROL-In Time Of Actual War (Feral Kid/Shock To The System)
ANGRIES-Raped Culture (self-released)
WASTED TIME-Withdrawal (Grave Mistake)
CHEAP TRICK-On Top Of The World (Epic)

DYS-Brotherhood (X-Claim)
DXA-New Right (demo)
IMPACT UNIT-Nightstalker (Big Rig)
7 SECONDS-Five Years Of Lies (Headhunter)
EFFIGIES-Quota/Techno’s Gone (Touch & Go)
UK SUBS-Teenage (Captain Oi)
VIBRATORS-Disco In Mosco (Ratrace)


NEGAZIONE-La Vittoria Della Sconfitta (Mordam) in memory of Fabrizio Fiegl

FEBER-Full Kontroll (from “Bloodstains Across Norway”)
DIRTY SWEETS-We Will Kill You (Rip Off)
WINKS-Spoil Me (Super Secret)
NIX-Tweekers (self-released)
ARMITAGE SHANKS-You Owe Me (Damaged Goods)

TUXEDOMOON-What Use (Ralph)
NEW MUSIK-This World Of Water (GTO)
OMD-Messages (Virgin)
CHILDREN ON STUN-Hollow (Cleopatra)


THE MEN-Think (Sacred Bones)
SLEEPWALL-Sleepwalkers (Toxic Pop)
COLA FREAKS-Menneske Lim (Scion Audio/Visual)
CHALLENGER-The Angry Engineer (Jade Tree)

NICK LOWE-Heart Of The City (Stiff)
DOCTORS OF MADNESS-Doctors Of Madness (United Artists)
SUBURBS-Urban Guerrilla (from “Big Hits Of Mid America Volume 3,” Twin Tone)
GIRLS-Jeffrey I Hear You (Hearthan)

EARTH QUAKE-Street Fever (Beserkley)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sonic Overload 7/18/11

More cool music for a hot day. That’s a lame opening line. Actually, it’s not oppressively hot, just humid. Thing is I could record this show in my underwear and no one would know the difference. For the record, clothing was worn during the recording of this installment. And I went through the CD and LP racks and 7” boxes a little more this week to dig out some songs that haven’t been played in awhile. Hope you like it...

Sonic Overload 7/18/11


BLACK FLAG-I’ve Heard It Before (SST)

BROWN SUGAR-Cocksmoker (Feral Kid)
BILL BONDSMEN-Dear Debt Collector (Dead Beat)
TOTAL TRASH-Violence (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)
OBN IIIS-Do My Thing (Tic-Tac-Totally)
SWORN LIARS-Krank (Big Neck)

BAD DADDIES-Not That Kind of Girlfriend (Finch)
MOTORAMA-Plastic Song (Vida Loca)
PREDATOR-Dancing Queen Bitch (Douchemaster)
ATOMSMASHERS-Get Out That Door (Rip Off)
LOS ASS-DRAGGERS-Move Yer Ass Right Now Jerry Garcia (Crypt)

STUPID BABIES GO MAD-Violent Hit Man (Diwphalanx)
NO SIDE-No Insane (ACME)
SOLITARY NEGLECT-Systematic Indoctrination (demo)
IRRITATORS-Safety Begins In The Home (demo)
OUT COLD-People Like You (ACME)
SICK OF IT ALL-Pay The Price (Revelation)


OUTDOORSMEN-Tell Your Folks I’m A Goner (Psychic Handshake)
SUGAR SHACK-Blabbermouth (Estrus)
GONE BAD-Midnight Love (self-released)
LES BATON ROUGE-Somersault (Elevator)
CRIMSON SWEET-Queen City V.A. (On/On Switch)

360’S-Illuminated (Link)
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY-Spinning Round (Cherry Red)
MY BLOODY VALENTINE-Feed Me With Your Kiss (Sire)

THE TABLE-Sex Cells (Chiswick)
NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem (CBS)
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS-You’re Gonna Die (Revenge)
VILETONES-Screamin’ Fist (Other People’s Music)


HERÄTYS-Verenpunainen Huominen (Not Enough)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Tricks (Armageddon)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Od Narozeni (Insane Society)
E150-Azul (Don’t Belong)
ESKE-In The Shadows (demo)
DAN-Cut The Cord (Meantime)

AEROSMITH-Nobody’s Fault (Columbia)
SEDATIVES-Superstitious Minds (Deranged)
BOYS LIFE-It Came From Here (SECO)

KAKKA-HÄTÄ-77-Jumalan Nimeen (Stupido)
APA-Tomorrow’s Empire (TKO)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Fuck You, Norway (Pogostick)


LURKERS-Hey You (Captain Oi)
SPITTIN’ TEETH-Second Generation (from “The Siren,” Posh Boy)
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do (Island)
STIMULATORS-Loud Fast Rules (from “Back To Front, Vol. 1”)

LEATHER-Relapse (Jade Tree)
POLLUTION-Smut STS (C6 Recordings)
UNSANE-Vandal-X (Matador)
CEREMONY-All The Time (Bridge Nine)
CHINESE STARS-Eyes Of The Secret North (Skin Graft)

HELMET & HOUSE OF PAIN-Just Another Victim (from “Judgment Night,” Epic)