Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sonic Overload on Old FX Punk Radio--Show #1, 3/16/16

Here's the first show on the new home for Sonic Overload's live webcast... listen live every Wednesday from 9 to 11 PM on Old FX Punk Radio. This was something of a dry run for the show so I didn't do a lot of publicity for it but now you have a chance to check it out if you missed it...

Thanks to Dennis and Starsky for bringing me on board...

Sonic Overload on OFX 3/16/16

DROPKICK MURPHYS-Pipebomb on Lansdowne (Hellcat)

MIND SPIDERS-Nothing Without It (Dirtnap)
I.S.S.-Soft Youth (demo)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-Disinfect (Sacred Bones)
RUNNING-Jason Polak (Castle Face)

ADULTS-Do The Adult (Toxic Pop)
CRACKS-Dirty Floor (Slipping Grip)
CRIMINAL INTENT-Suicide (Sewercide)
GET LAID-Let’s Be Friendly (demo)
SMART COPS-A Quattro Zampe (Sorry State)

DICTATORS-Faster & Louder (Asylum)
LAZY COWGIRLS-Goddamn Bottle (Bomp)
STOP WORRYING & LOVE THE BOMB-The Last Skinjob (Big Neck)
RED STARS-Welcome To The Party (Far Out)
COMMIES-Laguna Beach (Pelado)
LOUDMOUTHS-Basket Case (Punch)

HEBE GEEBEES-Night Fever (from “Saturday Night Pogo,” Rhino)
RIK L RIK-Meat House (Posh Boy)
SCORPIONS-Another Piece Of Meat (Mercury)
NUNS-World War III (Rosco)

SMACKMELON-I’m Not Cool (Mag Wheel)
NEW SWEET BREATH-Sky King (Ringing Ear)
DENTS-Big Mistake (demo)
CHOP-SAKIS-Shoot To Kill (Little Deputy)
THE YOUNG-Attitude Adjustment (Criminal IQ)

ADVERTS-No Time To Be 21 (Anagram)
LURKERS-Freak Show (Beggars Banquet)
DOGS-No Way (Melodies Massacre)
TRACKS-Brakes On You (Blue Door)
BOYS-Cop Cars/Keep Running (Captain Oi)

MACHINE GUN-Anti Social (demo)
VIOLENT FUTURE-Fatal Reality (demo)
PRISONER ABUSE-Slow Leak (Painkiller)
RAPPA-Exploitation (demo)
GASMASK TERROR-L’Échec (Destructure)
RASH TONGUE-Threads of Progress (Hardware)

LES ZERREURS-Homéo (demo)
(NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS-Snow (self-released)
PLEASURE INDUSTRY-Turd Whisperer (demo)
MUDHONEY-In ‘N’ Out Of Grace (Sub Pop)

LOGICAL NONSENSE-Riot Music (Alternative Tentacles)
YUPPICIDE-Socialization (Wreck-Age)
S.C.U.M.-Pool Hunt (Psyche Industry)
COLISEUM-Not Listening (No Idea)
HOLY MOUNTAIN-The Lines Are Drawn (No Idea)

AVENGERS-Car Crash (Dangerhouse)

Sonic Overload 3/14/16--16th Anniversary Show

16 years on the air and it’s time for a celebration—17 minutes over the alloted two hours, in fact. I try to do something different each year for the anniversary show and this year it’s “deep cuts.” That’s radio parlance for songs that go beyond the handful of songs that are usually in rotation. The classic rock station will play the same four or five (if that) Steve Miller Band songs, for instance, but rarely go any deeper than that. So I tried to find songs that one doesn’t immediately think of or something I haven’t played for awhile. Yes, this show is self-indulgent, in that I play a lot of well-known bands but I don’t think I’ve picked anything that obvious. I go back beyond the punk era, as well—yes, I played a Led Zep song but one I’m sure doesn’t get as much airplay as “Stairway To Heaven” or “Whole Lotta Love.” And I mix in a set of new records because the idea of this show is not only to dwell on the past but keep people up to date on newer bands.

I also do a tribute to the late Maximum Rocknroll columnist Bruce Roehrs, who passed away 6 years ago today, on March 14, 2010. Someone I wish I’d had a chance to meet in person.

So thanks to everyone who’s supported me over the years, going back to the Allston-Brighton Free Radio days, as well as my compatriots on Stench Radio...
(PS—yes, I know I said the wrong title for the Machine Gun song. Even after 16 years, I still fuck up at times)

Sonic Overload 3/14/16


STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device (Rough Trade)

LIFE SENTENCE-Punks For Profit (Walkthrufyre) in memory of Eric Brockman
BLACK FLAG-I’ve Got To Run (SST)
CIRCLE JERKS-Stars and Stripes (Faulty Products)
TSOL-Funeral March (Frontier)
DIE KREUZEN-Man In The Trees (Touch and Go)

POLICE-Fallout (A&M)
WIRE-Former Airline (EMI)
MAGAZINE-My Mind Ain’t So Open (Virgin)
X-RAY SPEX-Let’s Submerge (Sanctuary)
ALLEY CATS-Black Haired Girl (from “Sharp Cuts,” Planet)

MACHINE GUN-Enemy (demo)
SLAG-Death Side (Hesitation Wound)
DREGS-Sketch (demo)
POLIO & JULIE-Flygt (Adult Crash)
COMMANDO-Let’s Go Get ‘Em (More Power)


DAMNED-Politics (Stiff)
CLASH-Protex Blue (CBS)
SAINTS-Run Down (Sire)

THE JAM-Set The House Ablaze (Polydor)
RUTS-Secret Soldiers (Strange Fruit)
RAMONES-Let’s Go (Sire)

HÜSKER DÜ-Beyond The Threshold (SST)
NAKED RAYGUN-Live Wire (Caroline)
WIPERS-This Time (Zeno)
JESUS LIZARD-Mistletoe (Touch and Go)


This set is a tribute to Bruce Roehrs

BLITZ-Attack (No Future)
APPENDIX-Itsemurha (Propaganda)
AGNOSTIC FRONT-Society Sucker (Ratcage)
COCK SPARRER-Running Riot (Taang)
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Reverberation (Doubt) (Decal)

BIG CHIEF-Cop Kisser (Mack Fucks Up The Scene At The Freezer) (Sub Pop)
NEW BOMB TURKS-Lyin’ On Our Backs (Crypt)
HELMET-Impressionable (from “Dope, Guns ‘n Fuckin In The Streets Volumes 4-7,” Amphetamine Reptile)

FOREIGN OBJECTS-Look Around (Vinyl Rites)
NOTS-Static (Goner)
C.AARMÉ-Bodybuilding (Spegel)
FUCKED UP-Color Removal (Deranged)
FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES-Jesus Christ Vice Grip (Fashionable Idiots)


SWEET-Yesterday’s Rain (Capitol)
LED ZEPPELIN-Out On The Tiles (Atlantic)

CONSOLIDATED-White American Male (IRS)
STOOGES-Not Right (Elektra)

EFFIGIES-We’ll Be Here Tomorrow (Autumn)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #139, 3/9/16... the last show on Stench

After nearly three years on Stench Radio, this show was the final one to be webcast on that station. I'd like to thank Stig and the rest of the Stench crew for providing a home for the live version of this show. Best wishes for the future...

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 3/9/16

SHEER TERROR-Here To Stay (Blackout)

LIFE SENTENCE-Problems (Walkthrufyre) in memory of Eric Brockman
URBAN WASTE-Public Opinion (Mad At The World)
SPECIAL FORCES-Death Squad (Boner)
STAINS-Sick and Crazy (SST)
DR. KNOW-God Told Me To (Mystic)
SODOM-Nuclear Winter (Steamhammer)

STFU-Fuck Hardcore (Burnt Ramen/Rodent Popsicle)
RIGHT ON-Keepin On (Malfunction)
LOS CRUDOS-Asesinos (Lengua Armada)
R.A.M.B.O.-Smack The State (625)
JUNK SCHIZO-Kyoto (AA Recordings)
WACO FUCK-Drums First (Standards)
SEMPER EADEM-Righteous Violence (demo)

MISSION FOR CHRIST-Nancy Reagan (Ektro)
CRUCIAL YOUTH-Just Say No/Me and Mr. T (New Renaissance)
LANDLORDS-Empty Rhetoric (Feel It)
HALF LIFE-Deathtrap (Get Hip)
DECRY-Suburban Death Camp (Cleopatra)
LOS OLVIDADOS-Personal Genocide (Alternative Tentacles)

YELLO-I.T. Splash (Ralph)
CLAW TOE-Ingrown Ego (Criminal IQ)
ERIK NERVOUS-Nothing Is Happening (demo)
SPRAY PAINT-Lower, With Respect (Homeless)

CLASSIC RUINS-Nyquil Stinger (Ace of Hearts)
MX-80 SOUND-Someday You’ll Be King (Ralph)
CHORDS-Maybe Tomorrow (Polydor)
2X4’S-Bridgeport Lathe (Bessemer Process)

STOIC VIOLENCE-Fight Them All (Video Disease)
SLUGGA-Shaved Heads (Total Punk)
CRIMINALLY INSANE-The War Has Begun (Parts Unknown)
FIREWALKER-Don’t Cross Me (demo)
G.L.O.S.S.-Targets of Men (demo)

VANDYKES-Heaven Will Fall (Black)

FULL SPEED AHEAD-Overload (Manic Ride)
NERVE AGENTS-War Against (Hellcat)
CAREER SUICIDE-Quarantined (Deranged)
GHOULIES-¡Ya Basta! (Rockstar)
REDSHIFT-Longer Than A Lifetime (Soulforce)
JR EWING-Render (Coalition)

SLUGZ-Empty Space (Cowabunga)
DOUBLE NUTHINS-Got Into A Fight In Special Ed (Rapid Pulse)
NUBIANS-Blondes (Rice Toys)
BRENTWOODS-Chow Fun San Mateo (Radio X)
VON ZIPPERS-Blue Suit Bullies (Estrus)


Sonic Overload, 3/7/16

The former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away over the weekend at age 94 so, of course, it’s time for a well-deserved tribute. Unlike her husband Ronnie, I don’t have two hours of songs to fill up the show but managed to find a few songs for the occasion, starting with a rather rude one by the Sun City Girls, preceded by a public service announcement for her innovative anti-drug program, where all you have to do is “Just Say No.” Of course, that so-called war on drugs ended up ruining a hell of a lot of lives, with police presence increased in schools and incarcerations for drug offenders, especially in minority communities, exploding. I’ll give her some credit for coming out in favor of stem cell research after her husband Ronald was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, it took something personal like that to get her to take action in the first place. You also wonder what might have happened if her husband and his administration had paid attention to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s?

On a different, and infuriating note, Japanese band Framtid had to cancel their two US shows later this month due to visa issues. Long story but the bottom line is they’ve been denied entry. This country readily admits musical artists who probably fail to meet similar criteria. A pox on the Department of Immigration.

And last but not least, I forgot to mention it on the show but next week will be the 16th anniversary show for Sonic Overload! I’m still preparing it but one idea I have is to play “deep cuts” by artists that I like i.e. songs I don’t play on here all that often, if ever. Songs you may not even know about.

‘Til next week...

Sonic Overload 3/7/16


SUN CITY GIRLS-Nancy Reagan (Placebo)

VIOLENT FEMMES-Old Mother Reagan (Slash)
TMA-I’m In Love With Nancy Reagan (Jimboco)
BUM KON-Nancy Reagan Fashion Show (Maximum Rocknroll)
ANGST-Nancy (Happy Squid)
DIRECT CONTROL-Ronnie’s Dead (Kangaroo)
POINTBLANK-Reagan’s Still Dead (demo)

PIG DNA-Foire (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANCIENT FILTH-Racism (demo)
WARTHOG-Rites (Katorga Works)
SHIPWRECKED-Violent Response (Crucial Response)
SEX DRIVE-Turn Away (Crucial Response)
YAMBAG-Dinosaur (Saucepan)
THE AVERSE-Pass The Blame (demo)

SOFT BOYS-I Wanna Destroy You (Matador)
GUIDED BY VOICES-Shocker In Gloomtown (Matador)
PULSES-You’re Still Young (Dirtnap)
NO AGE-Sleeper Hold (Sub Pop)
F.R.A.F.-Fuck The Rolling Stones (demo)
LA URSS-Belleza De Classe Media (Sabotage)


THE SYSTEM-Their Decisions (Skuld)
ANTHRAX-Exploitation (Crass)
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Progress (One Little Indian)
HALDOL-Time Is Not On Our Side (Grim Winds/World Gone Mad)

NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Infernal Recurrence (Feel It)
BAD BLOOD-View Of The Road (Not Normal)
JÄVLA-Life In Retreat (Out For Blood)
CØNDITION-Repeatedly Decimated (Iron Lung)
WEBCAM TEENS-Enough’s Enough (demo)
COLDSWEAT-Dumbed Down (Manic Ride)

STRAY CATS-Runaway Boys (EMI)
SECRET AFFAIR-Let Your Heart Dance (Sire)
THE FALL-Totally Wired (Rough Trade)


FRAMTID-Survive (HG Fact)
DSB-Wall of the Arseholes (Vex)
SEX DWARF-Logner Och Skit (Konton Crasher)
GLOM DÄ-D-Takt (Sorry State)
DEATHSQUAD-Walking On Rusty Nails (Youth Attack)
VIDEO FILTH-Eyes (demo)

FAMILY CURSE-Last Days (Drawing Room)
DEADBEAT ECHOES-Forces (Louder Than Bombs)
SWORN LIARS-Krank (Big Neck)
CLOCKCLEANER-Black Baby (Manic Ride)
BLACK BUG-Police Helicopter (XVII)

GENERAL INTEREST-I’d Still Vote For Reagan (Ride The Snake)
ANEURYSM-Dio, Priest and Maiden (Tor Johnson)
IN SCHOOL-Praxis Of Hate (Kill Test)
PANDAMONIUM-No Expectations (demo)
DRIBBLE-Cowboy Song (Cooldeath)


HAYWIRE-Private Hell (New Renaissance)
DIVISION OF LAURA LEE-Black City (Burning Heart)
MANIKIN-Face The Wall (Super Secret)
GIRLS AGAINST BOYS-Wow Wow Wow (Adult Swim)

VICTIMS OF PLEASURE-When You’re Young (self-released)
TEARDROP EXPLODES-Sleeping Gas (Mercury)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Poison Street (Capitol)

TRESPASS-One Of These Days (Sanctuary)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #138, 3/2/16

It's show 138... it's show 138... it's showwwww 138...

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM...

REGULATIONS-Police Siren (Havoc)

VAPID-Die (from “Emergency Room Vol. 1,” Nominal)
GHOST PUNCH-Best Behavior (demo)
ILLEGALS-The Feast (demo)
ANXIETY HAMMER-Echoes (demo)
KITCHEN & THE PLASTIC SPOONS-Liberty (from “Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1,” Sacred Bones)

CRIATURAS-Espiritu De Libertad (Residue)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA-Que Fácil (Thought Crime)
SOLID DECLINE-Kleinstadt (Heartfirst)
MERCY KILLINGS-Destroy It Again (Beach Impediment)
MERDOSO-In Silence (Prank)
BORN DEAD ICONS-Window Of Comfort (Partners In Crime)

DREGS-Asbestos (demo)
STRANGERS-Fuck Up (Verdugo)
KATHERINE-Get Out (demo)
FLESH WORLD-A Trip To The Living Ice Age (La Vida Es Un Mus)
UV RACE-I’m A Pig (In The Red)
LAMPS-Learned Hopelessness (In The Red)

DISORDER-More Than Fights/Daily Life (Anagram)
KUOLEMA-Mental (from “I Thrash, Therefore I Am,” Schizophrenic)
KAAOS-Odotan Maailmanloppua (Havoc)
KUOLLEET KUKAT-Suuri Virhe (Rat Poison)
WRETCHED-Uniti Sempre (from “We Can Do Whatever We Want,” BCT)
INDIGESTI-Silenzio Statico (TVOR)

SOKEA PISTE-Vieraantuneet, Sopeutuneet (Ektro)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE-Finlandia (Grey Inferno/multi-label)
REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY-The Night Of 1000 Lies (Alternative Tentacles)
THE EXPLODER-Decision (Reptilian)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU-Golden Brown (Interscope)

ENEMIES-X-Ray Spex (Raw Productions)
FLESHTONES-Theme From The Vindicators (IRS)

TOTAL ABUSE-Watching The Paint Dry (Deranged)
CULT RITUAL-Haunted Ground (Youth Attack)
SEX/VID-Cleansing (Dom America)
NO TREND-Fashion Tips For The 80’s (No Trend)

REZILLOS-Bad Guy Reaction (Sire)
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS-Fuck You, You T-Shirt Necktie Wearing Motherfucker (No Idea)
HALL & OATES-Alley Katz (RCA)

S/ICKS-Pretty Plastic (Fair Warning)
COWS-Pictorial (from “Screwed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” Amphetamine Reptile)
CHARLES ALBRIGHT-Short Skirt (Sacramento)
BEHAVIOR-The Gift (Iron Lung)
A/V MURDER-Tourette’s (Local Cross)

BUFF MEDWAYS-All My Feelings Denied (Transcopic)
CRETIN GIRLS-Up and Down (demo)
BLACK TIME-Middle Class (In The Red)
UGLY PARTS-Me (demo)
VANILLA POPPERS-It’s Love (demo)

SPERMBIRDS-You’re Not A Punk (Boss Tuneage)

Sonic Overload 2/29/16

Super Tuesday is this week so, naturally, I play a song befitting the occasion by the Crumbsuckers. I imagine the Trump tidalwave is going to continue tomorrow, as he charges towards the Republican nomination. I have a feeling the GOP “leadership” is getting some pretty serious jitters and will try to come up with a way to stop it. I don’t know... on the one hand, watching the circular firing squad could be entertaining. On the other hand, what if the guy actually wins?

I’ll put such concerns aside for now and just blast out some more of the loud stuff. Enjoy...

Sonic Overload 2/29/16


CRUMBSUCKERS-Super Tuesday (Combat Core)

JÄVLA-Knuckle Drag (Out For Blood)
PIG DNA-Wolf (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MUERTE-Condenados (Cintas Pepe)
CISMA-Realidad Militar (demo)
RAYGUN-Ahne Poliitikko (Kämäset Levyt)
INEPSY-Anti-System (self-released)

LA PESTE-Leave Me Alone (Dionysus)
DMZ-Bad Attitude (Sire)
CUSTOMS-Let’s Get It On (Shake-It)

DREGS-Skin (demo)
DAUÕYFLIN-Drepum Allt (demo)
CREMALLERAS-Cara Decompuesta (Cintas Pepe)
JJ DOLL-Life’s A Joke (demo)
NICE FACE-Juju For Jenkem (Sacred Bones)
THE EX-Stupid Americans (Touch and Go)


MAKERS-Temper Tantrum (Estrus)
DISSIMILARS-(Crushin’ Up) Pills (Plastic Idol)
LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Nya Lögnhalsar (Local Cross)
MODERN NEEDS-Future (self-released)
COMMANDO-Genesee (demo)
MINUS APES-It’s All The Same (Yellow Dog)

BLOOD PRESSURE-Disconnected (Beach Impediment)
GAS RAG-Drugs and Violence (Beach Impediment)
POLICE LINE-Quality of Life (Too Circle)
BLANK STARE-Fuck Your Life (Refuse)
VIOLENT MINDS-Riot (Parts Unknown)
CONCRETE CROSS-On Ice (Man In Decline)

LONGINGS-Possession Mortality (Framework)
SAVAGES-T.I.W.Y.G. (Matador)
MINISTRY-I’m Falling (Wax Trax)


THE ENERGY-Live In Ruins (Teen Science)
CONEHEADS-Way Things Am (Erste Theke Tonträger)
Q-Cqntrql (Lumpy)
KREMLIN-Rot (Grave Mistake)

SKI PATROL-Agent Orange (Malicious Damage)
OUTCASTS-Spiteful Sue (Captain Oi)
RUDE KIDS-Safe Society (Distortion)
PACK-Nobody Can Tell Us (Vinyl)
HUBBLE BUBBLE-Pogo Pogo (Radio Heartbeat)
THE SLEAZE-Techtonik Girlz (Total Punk)


AKKA-Another I Am In Myself (Insane Punk)
TERCER MUNDO-Horrible Realidad (Cintas Pepe)
IMPALERS-Psychedelic Snutskallar (Can O’ Bees)

KUSTOMIZED-Phantasmagoria, Now (Matador)
STEREOLAB-Laissez-Faire (Strange Fruit)

REX-Violent Playground (Columbia)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #137, 2/24/16

Listen live every Wednesday on Stench Radio from 6 to 8 PM eastern... this week's show has only three segments because of computer problems.

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 2/24/16

ONE WAY SYSTEM-Give Us A Future (Captain Oi)

GODFLESH-Weak Flesh (Swordfish)
FASHION-Swells (Yibbidda Yibbidda)
DUSTHEADS-The Ides (Don Giovanni)
PUBERTY WOUNDS-Chasteland/Ex-Boyfriend Voyeur (demo)
VIOLATIONS-Fraud (demo)
WRONG HOLE-Got A Cold (Pleasance)

COMES-Public Circle (Dogma)
THE GAIA-Last War (Sound Pollution)
MUKEKA DE RATO-Nazi Tolices (from “Tomorrow Will Be Worse Volume 2,” Sound Pollution)
NO VALUE-Punk Show (from “Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 4,” Sound Pollution)
CONGA FURY-Dear Friends (Six Weeks)

KIM PHUC-Heathens (Iron Lung)
QUANGO-Fatality (First World Problems)
STRANGERS-It’s Not Alright (Verdugo)
TOZCOS-No Hay Luz (Verdugo)
FUMIGADOS-Decerebrado (Verdugo)

GRONG GRONG-Grong Grong (Alternative Tentacles)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS-The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave (Alternative Tentacles)
GOD BULLIES-Creepy People (Amphetamine Reptile)
DARVOCETS-Horror Snores (Fashionable Idiots)

CHAIN RANK-Time For It To End (self-released)
CRETINS-Piss On Your Pieces (Vinyl Conflict)
LOST CAUSE-Through The Cracks (self-released)
LONG KNIFE-Repetition (Long Knife)
BAD NOIDS-Lies (Katorga Works)
DAWN OF HUMANS-Foundation? (Toxic State)

THE WALL-Kiss The Mirror (Captain Oi)
DAMNED-I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Chiswick)
METHOD ACTORS-The Method (Armageddon)
FLESH EATERS-No Questions Asked (Upsetter)

DEPRESSIVE STATE-Total Annihilation (Thrashbastard)
DIS SUCKS-Dear God (New Audio Terror)
THE JURY-Can’t Fight The Feeling (Loud Punk)
TROPIEZO-No Al V Centenario (Where’s Your Anger?)

LAUKAUS-Vihaa (Distort)

Sonic Overload 2/22/16

My friend Shawn Wenzel passed away last week after a long battle with colon cancer. He was only 40 and left behind two young sons. I’d never had the pleasure of meeting Shawn in person but he was a wonderful friend, a caring and selfless individual who often put other people’s difficulties ahead of his own. Ellen and I were going through some rough times last year and he was supportive in so many ways. This week’s show is dedicated to him, as was last Wednesday’s on Stench Radio. For both shows, I played some of his favorite music, particularly bands from his home state of Ohio. R.I.P. Shawn and, as always, fuck cancer!

This week’s show is also dedicated to Frances Sokolov Sansom, better known as Poison Girls founder/guitarist/vocalist Vi Subversa, who passed away last week at 80. She started the band when in her early 40s, and could easily lay claim to being the oldest punk performer. To put it in perspective, someone said to me that Little Richard was the first punk. I don’t think that’s really the case but she was less than three years younger than him. Incidentally, she had one son and one daughter, not two sons, as I said on the show. Her son Pete Fender was in the band with her...

Sonic Overload 2/22/16


JUDGE-The Storm (Revelation)

FUMIGADOS-Vida Prestada (Verdugo)
TOZCOS-Pasitos De Muerte (Verdrugo)
THE AVERSE-No Future (demo)
LATEX-Nothing To Say (World Gone Mad)
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE-Wasting Time (Razorcake/Dirt Cult)
BRONXXX-Team Is Shit (Beer City)

HATED YOUTH-Hardcore Rules (Burrito)
SQUIRM-Go Die (from “The Big Apple—Rotten To The Core,” Big City)
NEOS-Conscripts (Ratcage)
ANTIDOTE-Real Deal (Antidote)
FANG-With Friends Like You (Boner)
REBEL TRUTH-Trickle Down (GTA)

MODERN NEEDS-Not Cool (self-released)
COLD MEAT-Nausea (demo)
UGLY GIRL-Commas (demo)
DAUÕFLIN-Mannvera (demo)
MEMORY HOLE-Chained To Life (demo)


L.O.T.I.O.N.-Goodbye Humans (Toxic State)
NURSE-Pressure (self-released)
HALSHUG-Blodets Bånd (D-Takt & Råpunk)
TOTAL ABUSE-Excluded (Deranged)
SHELLAC-Crow (Touch and Go)

RINGS-Third Generation (MCA)
JAMES-Four Point Restraints (Varulven)
UZI-Criminal Child (Homestead)


SCHOOL JERKS-Slums of the Future (Bad Vibrations)
TERMINAL STATE-Sick (Deranged)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES-I Messed Up (Cowabunga)
FUNERAL SHOCK-California’s Dead (Tankcrimes)
UNDER PRESSURE-Black Bile (Fashionable Idiots)
BL’AST-Break It Down (Wishingwell)

JERRY’S KIDS-Raise The Curtain (Taang)
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY-Guimo’s Theme (Buy Our Records)
HALLRAKER-Twenty On One (Sike)

S/CKS-Cut Bait (Mind Cure)
TEEN ARCHER-Golden Years (Exo)
REPORTS-Pick A Side (Ride The Snake)
THE MEN-Please Don’t Go Away (Sacred Bones)


POISON GIRLS-Crisis (Crass) in memory of Vi Subversa
MARCH VIOLETS-Snake Dance (Rebirth)
KILLING JOKE-Pssyche (Malicious Damage)

JOY DIVISION-Warsaw (Factory)
H100S-Brown Sugar (Profane Existence East)
CIDER-You’re Not A Part Of Us (Painkiller)
INTEGRITY-Systems Overload (Victory)
SLAPSHOT-Might Makes Right (Taang)

SUPERCHUNK-Lying In State (Merge)

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #136, 2/17/16

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern...
Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 2/17/16

UNIFORM CHOICE-Screaming For Change (Wishingwell) in memory of Shawn Wenzel

WARCRY-Drone II (Warcry)
DETONATE-Boys Don’t Cry (Distort Reality)
DISTRAUGHT-Freedom Defined (Doomed)
ROTTEN CADAVER-Starve To Death (Black Water)
RELIGIOUS WAR-Green Bitch (Hardcore Holocaust)

CRIMINAL WAVE-Get Hurt/Waste Of Space (Xerox)
VIDEO-Drink It In (Third Man)
SILLA ELÉCTRICA-Delirio (Solo Para Punks)
RATS IN THE WALL-Punish (demo)
FANTASY ARCADE-The March of the Gnome Army (Too Old To Die)
HERO DISHONEST-Nyt Nussitaan! (Peterwalkee)

PIGS-Bet It All On Black (Solar Flare)
WHORES-I Am Not A Goal-Oriented Person (Brutal Panda)
KAMIKAZE TRIO- Are You Going To The Protest? (P.Trash)

RORSCHACH-Pavlov’s Dogs (Gern Blandsten)
BORN AGAINST-Mount The Pavement (Kill Rock Stars)
MINOR THREAT-Little Friend (Dischord)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH-Just How Much (Revelation)
JOY DIVISION-The Only Mistake (Factory)

TRANS MEGETTI-Turned On (Gern Blandsten)
FLESHIES-Rosa (Alternative Tentacles)
NEON KING KONG-Get What’s Going Around (GSL)
WHITE FANGS-Sick & Sad (Azbin)
C.R.A.S.H.-Cult Merch (Post Present Medium)

BAD BRAINS-Fearless Vampire Killers (ROIR)
GUNS-I’m Not Right (Smog Veil)
NINE SHOCKS TERROR-Reality Is Flying Through The Window (Sound Pollution)
FACE VALUE-Face Value/Sellout (Smog Veil)
CONFRONT-One Of A Kind (Dark Empire)
MOUTHPIECE-Face Tomorrow (New Age)

ANGRIES-Muckraker (demo)
DEATH CRISIS-Your Dog Doesn’t Like Hardcore and You’re An Asshole For Bringing Them To The Show (Too Old To Die)
OILY BOYS-Tan (Disinfect)
CRUCIAL SECTION-Gete Way (Ratbone)
PARANOID-Nangijala (D-Takt & Råpunk)
ANSWER CRYING-Impulsive Violence (Tribal War Asia)
PESD-Plastik (Prank)

POP-O-PIES-A Political Song (Subterranean)
ANAL CUNT-Pottery’s Gay (Earache)
CHRONIC SICK-Dress Code (Mutha)
ACCELERATORS-Teenage Zombie (from “Hardcore Amerika,” Schizophrenic)
TH’INBRED-Scene Death (Alternative Tentacles)
JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fist Puppet)
PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS-Homo Truck Driving Man (Pajamarama)

MODERN NEEDS-Plastic Bag (self-released)
SHADY & THE VAMP-X-Ray Vision (La Suisse Primitive)
NIGHT STALKERS-Fuck All Night (demo)
WOODBOOT-Gut You (Erst Theke Tontrager)
CÜLO-On The Nod (Deranged)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes (No Way)
TOXIC REASONS-Break The Bank (Sixth International)

NEW ORDER-The Him (Factory)

Sonic Overload 2/15/16

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the weekend, you probably have a pretty good guess for whom the opening song “Dead Asshole” is directed at. If you need more information, listen to the clip from “Democracy Now” that precedes the song. Yep, one of the worst Supreme Court justices of my lifetime, Antonin Scalia, has shuffled off this mortal coil. Let’s hope his replacement has more respect for women, for gay people, for poor people, for those who don’t think this country should be a theocracy and anyone else marginalized by the Republican agenda and reinforced by this execrable justice. Forgive me if I haven’t shed one tear over his passing. Actually, I don’t care if you forgive me or not...

Sonic Overload 2/15/16


PANTHRO UK UNITED 13-Dead Asshole (No Idea)

BROKEN BONES-Vigilante (Dr. Strange)
CLASSHOLE-Shut You Down (The Compound)
SEPTIC DEATH-Control (Pusmort)
FARTZ-Take A Stand (Against The Klan) (Alternative Tentacles)
YOUTH KORPS-Break Loose (Crucial Response)
TANK-Shellshock (Kamflage)

VIAL-Move (Cut Rate)
MYSTIC INANE-Outside (self-released)
IVY-A Bum and A Playboy (Katorga Works)
EVERYDAY OBJECTS-Egoist Slasher (demo)
PERFECT PUSSY-Adult World (Captured Tracks)
UMBILICAL CORD-Two Seconds (Video Disease)

THE CREATION-Making Time (Retroactive)
CHEATER SLICKS-Chaos (Godawful)
COLD MEAT-Human Waste (demo)
HOMOSTUPIDS-I Am The Hawk (Load)
RED CROSS-Kill Someone You Hate (Smoke 7)


TOTAL ABUSE-The New Man (Deranged)
METZ-Acetate (Sub Pop)
USA NAILS-Holiday (Smalltown America)
RUNNING-Jason Polak (Castle Face)
STRANGE WILDS-Egophilia (Sub Pop)
SICKOIDS-Psychic Cold War (Residue)

GENERATION X-King Rocker (Chrysalis)
DR. FEELGOOD-Milk and Alcohol (United Artists)
999-High Energy Plan (United Artists)


NOMEANSNO-Joyful Reunion (Alternative Tentacles)
WICCANS-Disorder (Katorga Works)
BUGS AND RATS-Hole In the Ocean (Feeding Tube)
PUBERTY WOUNDS-The Slow Apocalypse (demo)
COPS-Extra Passenger (Rob’s House)
VARIX-Out Of Reach (Fashionable Idiots)

STRUTTER-No Disguise (Beach Impediment)
MINEFIELD-Piss Off (Bad Hair Life)
DIVIDED MINDS-Strangers (Doomtown)
ULTRA-VIOLENT-Dead Generation (Static Shock/Video Disease)
DISRUPTERS-Nice Day For A Hanging (Overground)
UNDERDOGS-Dead Soldier (Riot City)

BLOOD PRESSURE-Idle Talk (Beach Impediment)
GAY KISS-Armistice (Sorry State)
SLANG-Life Made Me Hardcore (Prank)
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE-Cinturons, Genolls, Vidres I Cossos (Iron Lung)


DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (Empty)
PRETTY HURTS-Ambition (Grave Imprint)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-Never Understand (Blanco y Negro)

FORWARD TO DEATH-The Hourglass (17cm)
RYE COALITION-The Higher The Hair The Closer To God (Gern Blandsten)
BLOW UP-Robots Yes, Androids No (Empty)
SELBY TIGERS-A Robot’s Perspective (Hopeless)
A FRAMES-Negative (Sub Pop)

COFFIN BREAK-Kill The President (C/Z)