Monday, September 26, 2011

Sonic Overload 9/12/11

A longer-than-usual show this week, recorded one day after the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. I don’t think I need to go into any great detail in this space because the audio clips and many of the songs on the show tell the story and the show runs almost an extra quarter hour because I wanted to get everything on there. A tragedy in so many ways—the lives lost, the physical and emotional toll on the survivors, their families and the selfless, courageous first responders. The subsequent military actions overseas were also tragic, with the deaths of not only US troops but tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. And, of course, the fear and paranoia that grips this country, along with the attack on civil liberties. In some ways, you wonder if the terrorists actually won, given what’s happened in the US over the past decade.

This week’s show is dedicated to the memory of my friend Jane Simpkin, who was on the second plane that flew into the World Trade Center. Rest in peace...


DEFIANCE-Terrorist Attack (PunkCore)

BRAIN KILLER-So Much Hate (Deranged)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Terror Attack (Feral Ward)
DARK AGES-Power (Sorry State)
STATE-Subvert (Statement)
CRUCIFIX-Prejudice (Southern)

RANK/XEROX-Sterile Regions (Make A Mess)
TOTAL CONTROL-One More Tonight (Iron Lung)
X-Present (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)
NIGHT BIRDS-Born Of Man and Woman (Grave Mistake)

CONSUMERS-Teen Love Song (In The Red)
THEE HEADCOATS-Youngblood (Crypt)
LINK WRAY-Run Chicken Run (Norton)
THE DULL-I Hate The Motorcyclist (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Dr. Strange)
HOLLYWOOD-Doctor’s Note (Big Neck)


JELLO BIAFRA-The Big Ka-Boom (excerpt) (Alternative Tentacles)
DISSYSTEMA-Living In A Post 9/11 World (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)

FROM ASHES RISE-Reaction (Jade Tree)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-The Sucking Of The Missile Cock (Hardcore Holocaust)
HOLDING ON-The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played (Bridge Nine)
BEHIND ENEMY LINES-What Did We Expect? (Antagony Media)
SLAYER-Raining Blood (American)

BAUHAUS-Dark Entries (Beggars Banquet)
JOY DIVISION-Warsaw (Qwest)
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-The Puppet (from “URGH! A Music War,” A&M)
MISSION OF BURMA-Academy Fight Song (Ace of Hearts)
THE FALL-Rebellious Jukebox (IRS)


JOHN WAYNE’S SEVERED HEAD-2 Towers and Too Many Flags (self-released)

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS-Terrorist Attack? (No Idea)
BRIEFS-Orange Alert (BYO)
PINKO & THE ACTION BOYS-9/11 Is A Joke (self-released)
UPSTAB-9-11 Hoax (Way Back When/Even Worse)
SPITS-Terrorist Attack (In The Red)

ORGANIZED SPORTS-So Proud Of Him (Bulkhead)
MAJOR DAMAGE-Edge Of Sanity (Even Worse/Way Back When)
TROPIEZO-Ire Al Infinito (multi-label)
VIVISICK-Ideoloideolo Hierarchieraruhi (Discos de Hoy)
EXECUTIONER-Hellbound (Patac)
SPAZZ-Crush Kill Destroy (625)

REZILLOS-Bad Guy Reaction (Sire)
BRUCE WAYNE BAND-Nightmares (from “Sad Day We Left The Croft,” Honcho)
DIGITAL LEATHER-Abrasion (Goner)
ICEAGE-White Rune (What’s Your Rupture)


MAGNOLIAS-Fathers & Sins (Twin/Tone)

CROSS STITCHED EYES-Birth Of Night (Alternative Tentacles)
WHATEVER BRAINS-Withnail (Sorry State)
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY-Three Note Arena (Big Neck)
TYVEK-Nothing Fits (In The Red)
MEERCAZ-Unlust (Tic Tac Totally)

BIRTHDAY PARTY-Sonny’s Burning (4AD)
WHITE ZOMBIE-Shack Of Hate (Caroline)
BLITZKRIEG-Lest We Forget (No Future)
THE EXPELLED-Dreaming (Captain Oi)

THE SYSTEM-Dogs Of War (Skuld)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sonic Overload 9/5/11

Welcome to this year’s Labor Day show. Not too much in the way of new music this week although I did manage to at least get some recent releases on the show. I mainly stick to holiday at hand, though. Given the economy, the difficulty for many people to find employment and attacks on unions, it’s not the best time for working people but I hope it was an enjoyable day for everyone.

Next week’s show will have an air of solemnity, as it will be recorded one day after the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks on the United States. I won’t spend the entire two hours dwelling on the events of that day—I do want to actually play more new stuff next week—but it’s still necessary to mark the occasion and remember those who died that day. It’s also important to ponder what’s gone on in this country and overseas for the past decade. In other words, don’t expect a whole lot of flag waving on this show.

But that’s for next week. Happy Labor Day!


THE STRIKE-Kicking Ass (Johann’s Face)

ACID REFLUX-Customers Fuck Off (No Way)
RAT BYTE-My Boss Is A Jerk (FNS)
BAD REACTION-Hate My Job (Reflections)
FAIR WARNING-Six O’Clock Blues (from “Primitive Air-Raid,” Psyche Industries)
MC RAD-Sundial (Red)
DISSENSION-Why Work For Death? (Metal Storm)

DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Face Jam (Sorry State)
RETOX-A Funeral On Christmas Sunday (Ipecac)
NIGHTGAUN-Drone Attack (Primitive Future)
CRIPPLED OLD FARTS-Like A Disease You Chose To Ignore (Shogun)
PLATES-Marching (Feral Kid)

GOVERNMENT WARNING-Slave Labor (Feral Ward)
DS-13-Work Sucks (Enslaved)
FOR THE WORSE-You Put the SS in Boss (Bridge Nine)
THE PIST-Black and Blue Collar (Elevator)
86 MENTALITY-Life Trap (Grave Mistake)


DEAD MILKMEN-Labor Day (Restless)

JERRY’S KIDZ-Marionettes (Test Site)
MEATMEN-Crippled Children Suck (Touch & Go)
MDC-I Hate Work (R Radical)
NEW BOMB TURKS-Born Toulouse-Lautrec (Crypt)

CAREER SUICIDE-Career Suicide (Ugly Pop)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-You’re Fired, I Quit (Deranged)
DEAN DIRG-Kill The Boss (Dead Beat)
CATBURGLARS-I Hate My Job (Tooth Decay)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS-I Hate My Job (from “Cottage Cheese From The Lips of Death,” Ward-9)
NUBS-Job (from “Killed By Death #5”)

BORN AGAINST-Well Fed Fuck (Kill Rock Stars)
SUPERCHUNK-Slack Motherfucker (Matador)
LA PESTE-Let Me Sleep (Matador)


TOTAL CONTROL-Retirees (Iron Lung)
PULSES-Factory (Dirtnap)
GANG OF FOUR-I Found That Essence Rare (Infinite Zero)
HARD SKIN-Oi Not Jobs (Broken)

HIGH TENSION WIRES-Theme To Gettin’ Fired (Dirtnap)
NAKED HIPPY-Work (Smile or Die)
SCARED OF CHAKA-You’re Fired (Hopeless)
TRAITORS-Shaking Hands With The Unemployed (Johann’s Face)
PINK LINCOLNS-I’ve Got My Tie On (Stiff Pole)
PREFECTURE-Automatic Labor (demo)

KRAUT-Unemployed (New Red Archives)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-Five O’Clock (Reflex)
RAW POWER-My Boss (Westworld)


ART YARD-Something In Your Eyes (Ride The Snake)
PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY-Brainbomb (United Artists)
MEKONS-I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) (Fast)
RIFLE SPORT-Mind Over Matter (Reflex)
TUBEWAY ARMY-Zero Bars (Mr. Smith) (ATCO)

CELEBRITY ROAST-Rising Wages, Dropping Names (Creep)
DILLINGER FOUR-Super Powers Enable Me To Blend In With Machinery (Hopeless)
COCK SPARRER-Working (Taang)
SWINGIN’ UTTERS-Petty Wage (New Red Archives)
CRIMPSHRINE-Another Day (Lookout)
J CHURCH-Kill Your Boss (Allied)

FABULOUS POODLES-Work Shy (Columbia)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sonic Overload 8/29/11

I had to use a backup mike this week and it still didn’t sound perfect and my voice was a bit raspy, too. Ah well—as you know by now, I don’t talk all that much. I do mention the natural events of the last week, namely the earthquake that occurred early last week and, of course, Hurricane Irene, which brought its force up the east coast and into New England. My city was very fortunate to be spared the brunt of this storm, which left destruction and, sadly, loss of life in its wake. Meanwhile, you have idiot politicians, pundits and religious “leaders” trying to blame it on gay people or, in the case of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, trying to make a joke out of it by saying these events are a wake-up call from God and that he/she/it wants government spending reined in. In other words, God’s a deficit hawk. BWAHAHAHA... What a card, that Michele.  She’s a regular Lucille Ball. Don’t give up the day job, lady! Actually, I hope you WILL give up the day job and crawl back under your fucking rock.

This week is also the annual salute to the students. I’m doing it a week earlier than usual since a lot of kids are going back to school and it’s also time for the inevitable migration of the college students to Boston—and your town/city as well, no doubt. Next week, it’s the Labor Day show. Sheesh—I can’t believe it’s almost September. It kind of felt like that today, anyway.

One more note before providing the download link. I've had a few issues with Mediafire so I'll be uploading the shows to Rapidshare from now on. When you get to the page, click on "Save file to your computer" and the download should start.

Sonic Overload 8/29/11


JUDGE-The Storm (Revelation)

VICIOUS IRENE-Die Die Die (self-released)
MANHANDLERS-Die Love Die (Criminal IQ)
DEAD WIFE-Choke (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)
TOXIC SHOCK-Track 04 (self-released)
SKUNKS-Earthquake Shake (from “Bloodstains Across Texas”)

FU’S-Preskool Dropouts (Taang)
DEAD KENNEDYS-Terminal Preppie (Alternative Tentacles)
GEARS-High School Girls (Hepcat)
RED CROSS-I Hate My School (Posh Boy)
REPLACEMENTS-Fuck School (Twin-Tone)
CRIMINALS-My School Sucks (Lookout)

NIGHT BIRDS-Demon Haunted World/Neon Gray (Grave Mistake)
ICEAGE-Collapse (What’s Your Rupture)
BANxTHIS-Pressure-Pressue (Agipunk)
GIANT HAYSTACKS-The War At Home (Smartguy)
CELIBATE RIFLES-A Word About Jones (What Goes On)
DERELICTS-Boxed In (Empty)


GENRAL FOODZ-Love Potion #9 (Destiny) in memory of Jerry Lieber
THE BURNT-Charlie Brown (Headache)
BIG BOYS-Narrow View (Touch & Go)
999-No Pity (United Artists)
STRANGLEHOLD-Anyway I Can (Taang)
THE PREY-Shut Down (demo)

TOXIC NARCOTIC-Allston Violence (Rodent Popsicle)
SHEER TERROR-College Boy (Blackout)

MANIPULATION-Subversive Intent (Sorry State)
TALK IS POISON-Talk Is Poison (Prank)
PISSCHRIST-Bullshit Media Attack (Yellow Dog)
NEUROSIS-To Crawl Under One’s Skin (Alternative Tentacles)


DYS-Circle Storm (Bridge Nine)

JERRY’S KIDS-We Don’t Need It (demo)
SLAPSHOT-Might Makes Right (Taang)
NERVESKADE-Boiling Point/I Don’t Belong (540)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Too Much Unity (Painkiller)
SICK & TIRED-True To Form (demo)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Up The Ladder (Side Two)

WHATEVER BRAINS-The Future Of Porn (Sorry State)
LIBYANS-Misquote Me (Shock To The System)
VAASKA-Esclavos (Hardware)
RAW NERVES-Delusions (Inimical)
RETOX-Thirty Cents Shy Of A Quarter (Inimical)

EXECUTIONER-St. James Park (Patac)
SMART COPS-Il Cativo Tenente (Sorry State)
LA URSS-Sado En Belgrado (Todo Destruido)
CEREMONY-5 to 10 (Bridge Nine)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Graham Grizzly (Shogun)


MEN WITHOUT HATS-Security (Stiff)
O-LEVEL-Pseudo Punk/O-Level (from “Year Of The Rats”)
CHELSEA-Decide (Step Forward)
DAMNED-So Messed Up (Stiff)

GOD AND TEXAS-Bread and Circuses (Rave)
CRAIN-Save Me Your Head (Restless)
PIXIES-U-Mass (Elektra)

THE FALL-Hey! Student (Matador)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sonic Overload 8/22/11

The first song is dedicated to assholes like Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry who want to turn this country into a theocracy... Not much else to add this week. As always, enjoy the tunes... By the way, the file name that you'll be downloading says "Sonic Overload 8 22 01" but rest assured it's this week's show, not one from ten years ago. Trust me, you probably don't want to hear any of my shows from ten years ago.

Sonic Overload 8/22/11


BLACK MARKET BABY-Downward Christian Soldiers (Fountain Of Youth)

GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE-We Speak For Ourselves (Shock To The System)
THE HUSSY-I’m Me (Slow Fizz)
A-LINES-Nothing Personal (SFTRI)
MUFFS-I Don’t Like You (SFTRI)
NEE-PPLES-Girl Meets Boy (from “The Hottest Blood Of Youth,” Hamacko)

NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Come On Eileen, Bung On My Face (Shogun)
NO TALK-Police Mafia (Bad Hair Life)
HARPOON GUNS-Nanomi (Going Underground)
STRUNG UP-I’d Rather Be Smashing Christianity (Tankcrimes)
BAIL OUT!-In A Related Story, Jesus Has Quit (Rosewater)

CEREMONY-Public Opinion (Bridge Nine)
HOLY SHIT!-My Girlfriend Is A Depressed Vegan Nightmare (Criminal IQ)
POOR LILY-Rocket Fueled God (self-released)
HUL-Vandalisme & Haervaerk (Hjernespind)
FOREIGN OBJECTS-Words Of War (Vinyl Rites)


CRAZY SPIRIT-Knives (Mata La Musica)
DIRECT CONTROL-World War III (Tankcrimes)
9 SHOCKS TERROR-Not A Fucking Anthem (Havoc)
LIVEFASTDIE-Can I Get Some More (Dead Beat)
VELVET UNDERGROUND-I Heard Her Call My Name (Verve)

BURNT CROSS-Mob Violence (Loud Punk)
THE HORDE-Three F’s (1-2-3-4, Go!)
AMBITION MISSION-When Babies Attack (Community Shower)
PELIGRO SOCIAL-20 Anos (No Options)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Smalltown England (Abstract)

RATOS DE PORAO-Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Alternative Tentacles)
BGK-Holiday In Lebanon (Alternative Tentacles)
UNITED MUTATION-Fugitive Family/Plain Truth (DSI)
THE ABUSED-Loud and Clear (Abused Music)
TAR BABIES-Confused (Lexicon Devil)
DIE KREUZEN-I’m Tired (Touch & Go)
NOTA-Summer of ’82 (Rabid Cat)


RAW NERVES-Burnt Skin (Inimical)
COUGHING FIT-Shivers (Loud Punk)
CRIPPLED OLD FARTS-Culture Shown In Effigies (Shogun)
SHAVED CHRIST-In Time (demo)
REGRESS-Blue Blood (from “Public Safety,” Maximum Rocknroll)
POLLUTION-Unreported Conditions (C6 Recordings)
EXECUTIONER-Why War? (Patac)

TEMPORAL SLUTS-Don’t Worry (Radio Blast)
THE STATIC-Sailor Girl (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)
HUMPERS-Dummy Got A Hunch (Epitaph)
SAUCERS-I Didn’t Get It (Grand Theft Audio)
SADO-NATION-Don’t Bother Me (Grand Theft Audio)

NAZARETH-Shapes Of Things (A&M)
SWINGERS RESORT-Movies (Swinging Singles)
HUBBLE BUBBLE-Pogo Pogo (Radio HeartBeat)


FUN-P-Bone (from “Hahmotush√§iri√∂,” Kissankusi)
KEPONE-Leadbreath (Quarterstick)
TUB-Repeller (Double Deuce)
CANCER BRIDES-Return (Brass Jacket)
FACE THE RAIL-Problems (Tankcrimes)

DEPARTMENT S-Going Left Right (Mau Mau)
OUTSIDERS-Calling On Youth (Gift Of Life)
CHEIFS-Blues (Dr. Strange)
ELTON JOHN-Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting (MCA)

RECORDS-Starry Eyes (Virgin)