Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sonic Overload 7/16/12

We’re in the midst of a heat wave although today wasn’t quite as bad—I kept the door open and the fan running and that kept it relatively comfortable. I sometimes wonder if my neighbors ever catch a glimpse of what I’m doing or know what even goes on in here. You all know exactly what I’m doing--evil plotting, an ongoing subversion of people’s psyches through the devious tool of punk rock. Nah, I’m not that clever.

I revisit my teenage years a bit, once again, with a trio of 70s era songs, one of them a last-minute addition—Deep Purple’s “Fireball,” played in memory of their longtime keyboard player Jon Lord, who I found out had passed away just before I started recording the show. I’d also like to dedicate this week’s show, once again, in memory of Jeff “Jef Leppard” Davis, who played guitar in Voetsek and was also in STFU, who are played this week. He was killed in a motorcycle accident last month and his wife Nikki was badly injured.

Two hours and thirteen minutes, this week. Will I hit the 2 ¼ hour mark next week? You’ll just have to listen to find out...

Sonic Overload 7/16/12


MOTÖRHEAD-Tales Of Glory (Bronze)

HOLOGRAMS-Memories Of Sweat (Captured Tracks)
COFFIN PRICKS-Group Home Haircut (Stationary Heart)
TV GHOST-Bastille (In The Red)
HENTCHMEN-Automatic (Italy)

WATCH YOUR BACK-Cause Of Death (self-released)
BAD AMERICAN-The Jumper (Bad Recordings)
SOMETHING IN THE WATER-Where Is The Honesty (Politically Corrupt)
DERROTA-Dual (Trabuc)
STFU-Fuck Hardcore (Burnt Ramen/Rodent Popsicle)

THE WALL-Exchange (Captain Oi)
GENRAL FOODZ-Be So Funny (Destiny)
BROKEN IDOLS-Life Sux (demo)
STALAG 13-Conditioned (Dr. Strange)
AGRESSION-Intense Energy (from “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In,” BYO)
DEADLINE-ICA (Peterbilt)
CODE OF HONOR-Fight Or Die (Subterranean)


BURNING ITCH-Dead End Street (Tic Tac Totally)
GERM ATTAK-Life In Exile (Loud Punk)
BI-MARKS-Throw Away The World (Mata La Musica)
SUBCLINIX-Exterminate Myself (demo)
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE-Wasting Time (Razorcake)
HUE AND CRY-Just So You Know (from “California Thrash Demolition,” 625)

CHARM CITY SUICIDES-The Worst (Vermin Scum)
BAD ADVICE-Do Not Resuscitate (Grave Mistake)
TIMEBOMBS-Strife (Flat Black)
CLUSTERFUCK-Eek! Eek!/Not So Bright, Not So Smart (Computer Crime)
BUKKAKE BOYS-Cleanse/Isolation (Sorry State)
DRY HUMP-Fist Your Heroes (Cowabunga)

LOVE BATTERY-Between The Eyes (Sub Pop)
360’S-Illuminated (Link)
27 VARIOUS-Turn On and On (Clean)
SPOON-Anticipation (Mag Wheel)


DEEP PURPLE-Fireball (Warner Bros.) in memory of Jon Lord
OIL-Ban The Forbidden Beat (Coalition)
SMARTUT KAHOL LAVAN-Amok Hygiene (Boshet)
COPS-Glowing Tubes Tell The Truth (Rob’s House)
CEREMONY-Citizen (Matador)

NITAD-Rastlös Och Vild (Mourningwood)
CREEM-The Bricks (Katorga Works)
INSERVIBLES-Asfixia (Shogun)
RUNNING-I Can’t Believe I’m Alive (Captcha)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Train (Toxic State)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Suffocation (Alternative Tentacles)

BRAINIAC-Smack Bunny Baby (Grass)
DEVO-Blockhead (Warner Bros.)
GROUND ZERO-Cybernetic War (self-released)
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Christine (Polydor)


NERVEBREAKERS-My Girlfriend Is A Rock (Get Hip)
FAST CARS-The Kids Just Wanna Dance (Detour)
NASTY FACTS-Drive My Car (Jimboco)
STIMULATORS-Loud Fast Rules (from “Back To Front, Vol. 1”)

CLAW TOE-Panic Attack (Criminal IQ)
FOLDED SHIRT-15 Year Old Kids (Fashionable Idiots)
FANCY-Wild Thing (Big Tree)
HOLLIES-Long Cool Woman (Epic)

URBAN VERBS-In the Heat (Warner Bros.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sonic Overload 7/9/12

Back to the regular programming this week and there’s also a respite from the brutal weather around here. I know that hasn’t been the case in many parts of the country so I hope you’re managing to keep cool. This show probably won’t help you do that, though... yuk yuk yuk. OK, I’ll stop with groan-worthy phrases. Another “overtime” show this week, clocking in at just over 2 hours and 11 minutes and I had to save some songs for next week, as well.

Sonic Overload 7/9/12


USERS-Sick Of You (Raw)

DRY HUMP-Everybody Loves You (Cowabunga)
MALE NURSES-Wanna Play Doctor? (Cowabunga)
CREEM-Think Twice (Katorga Works)
NIGHT STALKERS-Fuck All Night (Who Cares)
RAPPA-Jigokunoparty (demo)

PROSTHETICS-When Life’s Got You Down (self-released)
HUMAN TOILET-The Flirt (Black Thirteen)
OUTDOORSMEN-Stink Up The Bathroom (Psychic Handshake)
GG KING-Acid (Rob’s House)
FAMILY CURSE-Last Days (Drawing Room)

BRAIN KILLER-War/Protest (Vinyl Rites)
STOCKPILE-The Fear (Destroy Me)
EFFLEXUS-Desolation (Radical Punks)
VAASKA-Contra El Racismo (HeartFirst)
AMERICAN CHEESBURGER-1020’s Sweet Moves (No Idea)
DESTINO FINAL-Volvar a Empazar (La Vide Es Un Mus)


OVERKILL-Hell’s Getting Hotter (SST)
RHINO 39-Prolixin Stomp (Nickel and Dime)
CONTROLLERS-Another Day (Dionysus)
WHIPPING BOY-Radio Active Earth (Grand Theft Audio)
SILVERFISH-Pink and Lovely (Touch & Go)

WHITE LUNG-St. Dad (Deranged)
THE INTELLIGENCE-Sailor Itch (In The Red)
DIVISION OF LAURA LEE-Evil Out Of Me (Unter Schafen)

POLES-CN Tower (Nimbus 9)
MANIACS-Chelsea 77 (United Artists)
THE TABLE-Sex Cells (Chiswick)
NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem (CBS)


RIISTETYT-Elintilaa (Havoc)
THE ABUSED-Loud and Clear (Abused Music)
ANTIDOTE-Life As One (Antidote)
REST IN PIECES-The Spooky Song (Incas)
SAVAGE CIRCLE-Kill Corps (Big City)
FITS-Man At Dawn (Get Back)
EXILED-Artificial Friend (Fountain Of Youth)
ABORTION SQUAD-Your Kind (Who Cares)

NITAD-Raggare Is Still A Bunch Of Motherfuckers (Mourningwood)
BAD DADDIES-Sargent Shriver (CDR/Finch)
UTAH JAZZ-Seeing The Eye Doctor (Feral Kid)
OUTS-Boy Scout (demo)
WOMEN-I’m No Good, You’re No Good (FDS)
R. STEVIE MOORE-Theme from A.G. (Flamingo) in memory of Andy Griffith

JANITOR JOE-Boys In Blue (Amphetamine Reptile)
CRUNT-Black Heart (Trance)
PAVEMENT-From Now On (Drag City)
SLAMBOOK-Hollywood Ten (Lorem Ipsum)


DEAD MILKMEN-Taking Retards To The Zoo (Fever)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Summertime Coffee (Deranged)
CAUGHT RED HANDED-Coffee Riot (Caught Red)
CANADIAN RIFLE-Climbing Down From The Crane (Residue)
BIG EYES-Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)
FASTBACKS-Apologies (Popllama)

THE FRONT-Distant Guns (Scheming Intelligentsia)
3-International (Dischord)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Vengeance (Abstract)
WAH! HEAT-Seven Minutes To Midnight (Castle)

SWIZ-Lie (Sammich)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sonic Overload 7/2/12

Yes, it’s that time of year again... Sonic Overload’s Salute To America! I actually recorded this on Saturday, June 30, because I have plans for Monday this week and I didn’t want to keep people waiting. There are some new songs this time around but there are still plenty of favorites, songs that absolutely have to be played for Independence Day. I think the show speaks for itself. Nah, I don’t hate the United States but I do get despondent about the way things are going, the kind of country we’re turning into. That’s what I hate. I think (and hope) you find it provocative because this is a punk rock show and that’s how it should be.

One minor correction—Josh Wolf from Bloody Hammer plays in No Talk, not No Thanks, as I mistakenly said on the show.

Sonic Overload 7/2/12


FU’S-My America (X-Claim)

CLASH-I’m So Bored With The USA (Epic)
ECONOCHRIST-Fuck Your American Dream (Ebullition)
BIG SNIFF-American Dream (Mint Tone)

PADDED CELL-Democracy (Dead Beat)
PEDESTRIANS-American Town (SouthKore)
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER-Freedom Is (Lookout)
YOUNG LIONS-Young Amerikkka (Schizophrenic)

BRIEFS-We Americans (Dirtnap)
KOSHER-Bored In America (BYO)
MICE-Not Proud Of The USA (Scat)
MUTANTS-So American (FTM)


TOXIC REASONS-God Bless America (T-Reason)

STATE-Country Daydream (Underestimated)
PATRIOTS-Land Of The Free (Another Lousy Record)
7 SECONDS-Fuck Your Amerika (from “Not So Quiet On The Western Front,” Alternative Tentacles)
MELEE-Fuck You To The Red, White and Blue (from “DIY or Die,” Suburban Voice)
SOCIAL UNREST-Red, White and Blue (New Red Archives)
POISON IDEA-Ugly American (Pusmort)

BAD CHOICE-Angry Americans (from “City Limits,” High Anxiety)
PAGANS-Dead End America (Crypt)
CULT HEROES-Amerikan Story (from “Killed By Death #12)
MC5-The American Ruse (Rhino)
GAUNT-USA (Thrill Jockey)


BLOODY HAMMER-God Bless America (demo)
BOILING OVER-American Dream (Lifeline)
I-ATTACK-American Dream (Criminal IQ)
TIMEBOMB 77-American Way (Black Hole)
NATION OF ULYSSES-Target: USA (Dischord)

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS-My Weakness (Dead Oceans)
MONOSHOCK-Hawkwind Show (Bag of Hammers)
REAL LOSERS-Teenage Treatz (Alien Snatch)
POP THREAT-Filth (Squirrel)

SCREAM-U. Suck A./We’re Fed Up (Dischord)
HÜSKER DÜ-In A Free Land (New Alliance)
DILLINGER FOUR-The Great American Going Out Of Business Sale (Hopeless)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-American Dreams (Reflex)


BUKKAKE BOYS-Weakness (Sorry State)
GUNNAR HANSEN-Phil’s Song (Schizophrenic)
WHITE WHALE-No Fun (Feral Kid)
BRAIN F?-Restraining Order (Static Shock)
KIM WILDE-Kids In America (EMI)

CRUCIFUCKS-Democracy Spawns Bad Taste (Alternative Tentacles)
UNSEEN-Goodbye America (VML)
CHOKING VICTIM-Hate Yer State (Hellcat)
MISSING 23RD-Freedoms Wake (Sessions)
FROGS OF WAR-Up Someone’s Ass (Full Circle)

BROTHER INFERIOR-Land Of The Free (Sensual Underground Ministries)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sonic Overload 6/25/12

A jam packed, pretty high energy show that runs 2 hours and 11 minutes this week and there’s some commentary at the top, about the Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s anti-immigration law that passed in 2010. Some of the law’s provisions were struck down by a 5-3 margin, including the ones that allowed the authorities to arrest individuals without a warrant if they had suspicion of their legal status, as well as the one that made it illegal for undocumented immigrants to seek employment. On the other hand, police are still allowed to check the immigration status of people who are stopped or arrested. Of course, that still gives a lot of leeway for racial profiling and even legal immigrants are likely to be rousted if their skin isn’t white. So it’s far from a victory for those who are troubled by Arizona’s blatantly racist policies. But I’ll leave it at that. And I also pay tribute to Gay Pride weekend with some of this week’s musical selections.

Sonic Overload 6/25/12


NECROS-Conquest For Death (Touch & Go)

BROWN SUGAR-Deportation (Feral Kid)
LOS CRUDOS-Ilegal y Que? (Lengua Armada)
BEHEAD THE PROPHET NLSL-Lewd Lewd Lewd (Outpunk)
CLITBOYS-Gay’s Okay (Feedback)
A//POLITICAL-Stop Thinking and Pogo (Profane Existence) in memory of Dave Tedder

SPITS-Schwarz Fahren (Red Lounge)
CRAZY SPIRIT-Fistful Of Hate (Toxic State)
SLUGZ-Suit and Tie (Feel It)
RAD-Geekanomics (Sacramento)
JACKSHIT-We Still Like Drugs (Squirtdown)
BILLY SYNTH & THE TURN-UPS-I Dig Your Mind (from “Battle of the Garages,” Voxx)

BUKKAKE BOYS-No Power, No Voice (Sorry State)
FRENZY-Calls From The Grave (Distort)
FY FAN-Aftrubbad (Feral Ward)
HERÄTYS-Sokeat Seuraajat (La Familia)
WALLS-Just Complain (Iron Lung)
CLAW TOE-Another Saturday Night (Criminal IQ)


HUMAN TOILET-Human Toilet (Black Thirteen)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN-Teenage Shutdown (Onefoot)
DIDJITS-Sweet Sweet Satan (Touch & Go)
RAMONES-Go Mental (Sire)
PRIME MOVERS-See That Girl (from “Let’s Breed,” Throbbing Lobster) in memory of Jeff Sugarman

SMART COPS-Quel Dubbaioso Manganello Rosa (Sorry State)
COPS-Premonitions (Rob’s House)
NEGATIVE DEGREE-One Horse Town (Offside)
DEAD STOP-Kiss My Ass (Complete Control)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Solitude (Painkiller)
MY REVENGE-Gay Marriage Is Better Than Your Marriage (Thorp)

DMZ-Watch For Me Girl (Sire)
EATER-Outside View (The Label)
DRONES-Be My Baby (Anagram)
WIRE-Mannequin (EMI)


HANK HAINT-Problematic (Voodoo Rhythm)
WHITE DRUGS-I Hate Your Face (Kunst-Waffe)
TRISTESS-Arg Arg (Kick n’ Punch)
MINDS-Lost In A Crowd (Dirtnap)
TOURISTS-Blind Among The Flowers (Epic)

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-American Paranoia (Taang)
BATTERED YOUTH-New Patriot (from “The Master Tape,” Affirmation)
ZERO BOYS-Vicious Circle (Nimrod)
TSOL-Property Is Theft (Posh Boy)
RED CROSS-Annette’s Got The Hits (Posh Boy)
ANARCHY 6-Slam, Spit, Cut Your Hair, Kill Your Mom! (from “Lovedolls Superstar,” SST)

HARABALL-Raising The Dead (Fysisk Format)
LES THUGS-Bella Canzon (Sub Pop)
NRA-Bunk (BYO)
DEMOB-No Room For You (Grand Theft Audio)
DICKHEADS-Squad Leader (Walking Dead)


WHITE LUNG-Those Girls (Deranged)
SHIPWRECKED-The Last Pagans (Crucial Response)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Vile Corpse (Alternative Tentacles)
CHALLENGER-Input The Output (Jade Tree)
THE ESTRANGED-Fast Train (HG Fact)

TUXEDOMOON-What Use? (Ralph)
NEW MUSIK-This World Of Water (Epic)
LOS MICROWAVES-Time To Get Up (Posh Boy)
FAD GADGET-Ricky’s Hand (Mute)

CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN-Take The Skinheads Bowling (Independent Project)