Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sonic Overload 7/27/09

The big news story this week was the aftermath of the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the shitstorm created by President Obama when he said the Cambridge police handled the situation "stupidly," which they did, of course. That didn't stop the media from taking the words out of context and it once again exposed the racial divide in this country--nothing new.

Sonic Overload 7/27/09


FUCKED UP-Police (Deranged)

AUTHORITIES-I Hate Cops (Get Hip)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Police Oppression (Captain Oi)
DIDJITS-Goodbye Mr. Policeman (Touch & Go)
BLACK FLAG-Police Story (SST)

BL’AST –Time To Think/Surf and Destroy (Wishingwell)
KOROVA-Clockwork (Victimized)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE-Cop On Fire (Ebullition)
AUS-ROTTEN-The System Works For Them (Tribal War)
ANTI-FLAG-You’d Do The Same (New Red Archives)
YOUNG OFFENDERS-Big Man, Small House (Deranged)


WOMEN-Strangler (FDH)
ABLE DANGER-Zombie Generation (Feral Kid)
GROUPOEM-Nice Stunt (self-released)
VON LMO-Give Us Strength (Strazar)
U-MEN-Solid Action (Black Label)

GOVERNMENT WARNING-Endless Slaughter (Grave Mistake/No Way)
CRUCIAL CAUSE-Your Biggest Mistake (Flat Black)
SLAP THE CULTURE-Out Of My Head (Cock Suck)
NATION OF FINKS-Love Hardcore, Hate You (Kangaroo)
VASELINE CHILDREN-Nothing To Give (Thrashbastard)

VILETONES-Screamin’ Fist (Other People’s Music)
BUZZCOCKS-Breakdown (New Hormones)
SHAM 69-Tell Us The Truth (Sire)
PEZBAND-Love Goes Underground (Passport)
WIRE-Mannequin (EMI)


RAW NERVES-Hello To Oblivion (Poisoned Candy)
PROJECT HOPELESS-En Enda Dag (Not Enough)
NECRACEDIA-Suburban Death Machine (Wreck-Age)
PIST-Ideas Are Bulletproof (Elevator)

LOUDMOUTHS-Basket Case (Punch)
MICK FARREN & THE DEVIANTS-Outrageous Contagious (Stiff)
GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS-Cheri Love Affair (Orange)
VIBRATORS-Disco In Mosco (Ratrace)

EAT THE RICH-Bored (from “First Strike, Schizophrenic)
MENTAL ABUSE-Security Guard (Urinal)
AGITATED-Death Warmed Over (Smog Veil)
ABUSED-Loud and Clear (Abused)
DXA-New Right (from “Suburban Voice 15th Anniversary Compilation”)
MOTÖRHEAD-Tales Of Glory (Bronze)


SLAMBOOK-Hollywood Ten (Lorem Ipsum)
PONY-Prizefighter (Homestead)
PASTICHE-Talk Show (P-P)
PROFESSIONALS-The Magnificent (Virgin)

PAINTBOX-The Crown Bop (HG Fact)
CITY-X-Politii-Militaer (Grand Theft Audio)
AMDI PETERSENS ARME-Alt Er Ved Det Samme (Kick ‘n Punch)
PERSONALITY CRISIS-People In Glass (Risky)
DWARVES-Astro Boy (Sub Pop)
FANCY-Wild Thing (Big Tree)

PSYCHEDELIC FURS-Into You Like A Train (Columbia)

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