Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sonic Overload 12/7/09

30,000 more troops heading off to Afghanistan? What madness. If you just read the text of the audio at the start of the show, you might think the words came from Bush... and I don't buy the timetable of withdrawal, either. So this week's playlist, unfortunately, reflects on the madness of "endless war"...

Sonic Overload 12/7/09


CRUCIFIX-No Limbs (Southern)

REJUVENATE-I Won’t Fight Your War (Lost and Found)
JOHN BROWN’S ARMY-Royal Mess (from “Mein Comp,” Youth Attack)
SELF DEFENSE-Samizdat (Wintermute)
TWENTY SEVEN SHOTS-Lies (self-released)
F-MINUS-War Song (Bridge Nine)
DIRECT CONTROL-War All The Time (Kangaroo)

FOREIGN OBJECTS-White Elephant (Loud Punk/Shock To The System)
RATIONAL ANIMALS-Games and Fun (Feral Kid)
NEW GRANADA-Drawing Blanks (Lengua Armada)
REFUSENIKS-Held Hostage (One Leaf)
CANADIAN RIFLE-Climbing Down From The Crane (Residue)

CRUNKY KIDS-Look Mom, No Oil War (Motorchest)
LOS FEDERALES-Ewe Sheep (No Theme)
DIALTONES-All Night Long (Dead Beat)
FAT ASS-Another Great Day In Shithole (Diaphragm)
VACANCIES-Head-Case (Smog Veil)
NEW BOMB TURKS-Tattooed Apathetic Boys (Crypt)


AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-Kids Of The Portable Hole (No Idea)
LACERATION-Analogpride (from “A Product Of Six Cents,” No Comply)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION-American Internment (Fight Or Die) (Citizen Resistance)
JEAN MILLS SOCIETY TORCH-Strumpet (Firestarter)
CINDER-Hit Me Back (Asperu)
RELIGIOUS AS FUCK-Seven Churches (No Idea)

SWEET DIESEL-Winner (Go Kart)
THE BOMB-Haver (No Idea)
PISSED JEANS-Half Idiot (Sub Pop)
PIL-Low Life (Virgin)

AKUTARE-Look At Dream (Schizophrenic)
KING AUTOMATIC-Drive To Fast (Voodoo Rhythm)
LES SEXAREENOS-Wild Wild Wild (Sack O Shit)
FUGS-Kill For Peace (Fantasy)


KYLESA-Scapegoat (Prosthetic)
NEEDLES-Iconoclast (Lengua Armada)
JOHNS TOWN ALOHA-Sweet Philips (HG Fact)
STICKS IN THROAT-Game Of Paradigm (HG Fact)
MINISTRY-The Great Satan (Megaforce)

KRAUT-Pyramids (New Red Archives)
TV21-Ambition (Deram)
MEGA CITY FOUR-Severe Attack Of The Truth (Decoy)
NILS-Fountains (Psyche Industry)

10-96-Get Along (Beer City)
NEGATIVE TREND-Dead Wrong (Locals Only)
CONSUMERS-Anti, Anti, Anti (In The Red)
DICKIES-You Drive Me Ape (A&M)
COLA FREAKS-Keder Mig (Hjernespind)


HEROIN-Undertaking (Gravity)
GARDEN VARIETY-Pretty Mouth (Gern Blandsten)
RITES OF SPRING-Hain’s Point (Dischord)
SAMIAM-Early Morning (New Red Archives)

SLINT-Good Morning Captain (Touch & Go)
YELLO-The Evening’s Young (Polygram)
DERELICTS-Boxed In (Empty)

GANG OF FOUR-5.45 (Infinite Zero)

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