Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sonic Overload 3/29/10

The Easter show, which means songs about Easter, crucifixions and bunnies but not necessarily in that order. Recorded during another huge rainstorm and I ended up having to stay up all night Tuesday into Wednesday keeping the water out. Not fun but no damage, at least...

Sonic Overload 3/29/10


LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Belly Bunny Rock (Moo-La-La)

RAW NERVE-Secondhand/Origin Of Species (Youth Attack)
EVEN KEEL-Tighten The Screws (demo)
FIX ME-Caciques (demo)
VILE BODIES-Indentured (demo)
CLOCKCLEANER-Deaf Man Talking (Reptilian)
SMEGMA & THE NUNZ-Bourgeois Lad (demo)

ANTISEEN-Curses (Zodiac Killer)
SEXUAL SUICIDE-White Shirt (United Riot)
BAD TASTE-The Curse (Feral Kid)
SWITCHBLADE CHEETAH-Hotel Hell Feast (Goat-Fi)
PINKO & THE ACTION BOYS-Louder Than Everything (self-released)
GUILTY FACES-Some Things (Deranged)

BLACK EASTER-What The Fuck (from “Killed By Death #5”)
PROUD SCUM-Rabbit (from “Hate Your Neighbours,” Pussy Muncher)
COCOCOMA-Water Into Wine (Goner)
JOHN OTWAY-Head Butts (Polydor)


PISSCHRIST-Never Give Up (HG Fact)
9 SHOCKS TERROR-Remove The Pope (Sound Pollution)
INMATES-Coming Out Early (Painkiller)
DISKONTO-Har Slutar Allman Vag (Six Weeks)
DEVOUR-Crawling Out (Sorry State)
HAYWIRE-Pain (New Beginning)

JERRY’S KIDS-Crucify Me (X-Claim)
MOONSHINE-God Will Eat You Raw (demo)
FLESHIES-No One (Alternative Tentacles)
HERO DISHONEST-One Minute Of Silence For The Memory Of Captain Jack (ACME)
THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY-Photonegative (Smog Veil)

SOFT BOYS-I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp (Ryko)
VICE CREEMS-01-01-212 (Tiger)
VIBRATORS-Judy Says (Epic)


RUINATION-Theme For A Crucifixion (+/-)
BORN AGAINST-Jock Gestapo (Kill Rock Stars)
LOAD-Pastor’s Day (Faceless)
BAD POSTURE-Get Tough (Grand Theft Audio)
PART-TIME CHRISTIANS-Religion On A Stick (Alternative Tentacles)

BUNNY SKULLS-Daily War (Punks Before Profits)
EASTER KIDS-Easter Kid (Brain Drain)
COLD SHOULDER-Not For Sale (Cowabunga)
SUNPOWER-State Of Fear (RocknRollRadio)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION-Not For Sale (Citizen Resistance)
ALERT! ALERT!-Lose Blood (Cassette Kill)
POSITIVE NOISE-Holy Shit (Punks Before Profits)

IRON CROSS-Crucified For Your Sins (GMM)
KIL SLUG-Easter Time (Taang)
FEEDERZ-Jesus Entering From The Year (from “Let Them Eat Jellybeans,” Alternative Tentacles)
SCRATCH ACID-Damned For All Time (Touch & Go)


TSOL-It’s Gray (Restless)
WOOL-Blackeye (London)
NEW SWEET BREATH-Sky King (Ringing Ear)
MANIC STREET PREACHERS-Suicide Alley (from “Underground Rockers, Vol. 2,” Link)

PINPOINT-Richmond (Albioin)
HATES-No Talk In The 80s (Faceless)
METEORS (Netherlands)-Blitzkrieg (EMI)
METEORS (UK)-Go Buddy Go (Anagram)

THE MOVE-Do Ya (United Artists)

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