Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sonic Overload 9/27/10

No politics this week. I get depressed when reading about the coming Republican onslaught, both locally and nationally. Of course, maybe the corporate-controlled media is trying to turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy but I decided to eschew the sound-clips this week and just play punk rock. Other stuff as well—no soft rock, nothing mellow. If you’re looking for something even a little bit mellow, you can get the fuck out of here! Hmm... considering that the man who said that on his “Double Live Gonzo” album is a right-wing extremist, maybe I should avoid the topic of him as well (that’s Ted Nugent, in case you didn’t know).

One error to report—I said Caustic Element on the show but the band in question’s name is Caustic Defiance.

Sonic Overload 9/27/10


BL’AST-Time To Think/Surf and Destroy (Wishingwell)

STRAIGHTJACKET NATION-Deadbeats (self-released)
NIGHTGAUN-False Flag Operation (Primitive Future)
BLOODTYPE-Not Here To Make Friends (Cowabunga)
SEE YOU IN HELL-Kupredu (Not Very Nice)
DISPARO-Bajo El Fuego (Trabuc)

INSUBORDINATES-Hipster County (Cowabunga)
GUILTY FACES-Glass Bullets (Deranged)
POISON CONTROL-Scorpio Rising (Deranged)
HJERTESTOP-Doomsday Oh Yeah (No Way)

KAMIKAZE TRIO-My Demons (P.Trash)
PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Case (Alternative Tentacles)
PRONG-Drainpipe (Spigot)
OFFENDERS-We Must Rebel (Kangaroo)


THE TROUBLE-Self Destruct (Painkiller)
BRACE-Answers (Joyride)
PROSTHETICS-When Life’s Got You Down (self-released)
ASSFACTOR 4-Fuck Hate Breeders (Old Glory)
WICCANS-End Game (Pass Judgement)

DC SNIPERS-Electric Chair From Saigon (Dead Beat)
LE SHOK-We Are Electrocution (GSL)
THROBBIN URGES-Accident (Dead Beat)
BEAR PROOF SUIT-Digging A Ditch (Urban Pirate)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-Decadence (Amphetamine Reptile)

A-TEAM-Armor Of Apathy (Stab & Kill)
TEAR IT UP-Through Being Cute (Deranged)
PROWL-Tear Me Down (Gloom)
R’N’R-I’ve Had It (Deadalive)
FUCKED UP-Last Man Standing (Deranged)


IMPERIALIST PIGS-Cherub Face (Fatal Erection)
DOGS-Nineteen (Melodies Massacre)
PACK-Riots (Vinyl)
BUGS-Slide (from “The Polaris Story,” Bacchus Archives)
DWARVES-Drug Store (Sub Pop)

LIBYANS-Breathing In (Sorry State)
PLEASE INFORM THE CAPTAIN THIS IS A HIJACK-Your Good Thing Is About To Come To An End (Empire)
BOOKS LIE-Capitalism Is Some Kinda Crazy Ass Vampire (Satellite Transmissions)
FADING OUT-Shadows (Palace)

PLUGZ-A Gain-A Loss (Restless)
NEATS-Sometimes (Ace of Hearts)
THE SOUND-Resistance (Korova)
SOFT CELL-Sex Dwarf (Sire)


AGENT ORANGE-Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (Kangaroo)
CAUSTIC DEFIANCE-Who Are You? (Akashic)
PLAGUE-Losing My Mind (Just 4 Fun)
WHITE CROSS-Jump Up My Ass (Grand Theft Audio)
WHITE TRASH-Wake Up (Local Anesthetic)
SECTOR 4-Plaid Spaceship (from “We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida,” Destroy)
THE MOB-Step Forward (Mob Style)
TH’INBRED-The Shitpile (Alternative Tentacles)

BAGS-We Will Bury You (Dangerhouse)
PEGBOY-Through My Fingers (Touch & Go)
LYNYRD’S INNARDS-Houston, We Have A Problem (Johann’s Face)
FED UP-Today (Black Tar)

AC/DC-Up To My Neck In You (Atco)

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