Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sonic Overload 10/31/11

Welcome to the Halloween show—two hours of ghosts, zombies, vampires, necrophiliacs, witches and other lovable beings. Plus a very short segment about the police brutality that happened at Occupy Oakland this past week. Meanwhile, it sure doesn’t feel like Halloween. It feels more like December, after this past weekend’s snowstorm. Weather in New England—gotta love it. Or not.

Sonic Overload 10/31/11


MISFITS-Halloween (Caroline)

LOS REACTORS-Be A Zombie (Rip Off)
NU SENSAE-The Witch (Isloated Now Waves)
STATIC STATIC-Witchmouth (NeatNeatNeat)
GG KING-Witching Hour (Rob’s House)

THE FREEZE-Halloween Night (Modern Method)
BROKEN TOYS-Smash Some Pumpkins (Trashtone)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-The Only Scary Thing About Halloween Is Your Fucking Face (from “Songs For The Witching Season,” Creep)
BATTALION OF SAINTS-I Wanna Make You Scream (Nutrons)
GRIFFIN-Phantom Of The Shocker (Moneytalks)

ANGRY RED PLANET-Mummy From Hollywood (Angry Red)
SHIPWRECKED-Werewolf Attack (Anger Management)
ZEKE-Evil Dead (Dead Teenager)
SPEND4-Necrophilia (ACME)
NITZ-Room 36 (Reptilian)
THE HORROR-Reunited Ripper (Chainsaw Safety)
13 GHOSTS-Ghouls Night (ACME)


45 GRAVE-Black Cross (Goldar)
LEE HARVEY OSWALD BAND-Getting Wasted With The Vampires (Touch & Go)
MUTOID MEN-Ly Canthrope (Rumbletown)
WARNING//WARNING-Zombie (from upcoming album)
DEADLINES-Go-Go To The Graveyard (Tooth & Nail)

GERM ATTAK-Face The Reaper (Loud Punk)
NIGHT BIRDS-Demon Haunted World/Neon Gray (Grave Mistake)
JONESES-Graveyard Rock (SFTRI)
SOCIAL DISTORTION-The Creeps (Time Bomb)

STRAIGHT ARROWS-Haunted Out (Juvenile)
THEE CORMANS-The Creep (In The Red)
MUMMIES-I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight (Estrus)
SONICS-The Witch (Etiquette)


NIHILISTICS-Black Sheep (Brain Eater) in memory of Mike Niclosi

TSOL-Code Blue (Frontier)
FLESH EATERS-See You In The Boneyard (Ruby)
SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Victims Of The Vampire (Captain Oi)
GBH-Necrophilia (Clay)
ENGLISH DOGS-Psycho Killer (Clay)

DAYGLO ABORTIONS-Scared Of People (Beer City)
GOD BULLIES-Creepy People (Amphetamine Reptile)
DARVOCETS-Horror Snores (Fashionable Idiots)
CRAMPS-Human Fly (IRS)
ALIEN SEX FIEND-Now I’m Feeling Zombified (Anagram)
ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore’s Eyes (Anagram)


BLACK FLAG-Police Story (from “Let Them Eat Jellybeans,” Alternative Tentacles)
AUTHORITIES-I Hate Cops (Get Hip)

INFECTIONS-Zombie (Rip Off)
DEREK LYN PLASTIC-Vampires In Heat (Florida’s Dying)
APE CITY R&B-No. 1 Phantom Killer (Slovenly)
STEAMING WOLF PENIS-Vampire Mustache (self-released)
HOLLYWOOD-(Scary) Cemetery (Big Neck)

EDGAR WINTER GROUP-Frankenstein (Epic)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-Death To The Old Flesh (Empty)
HEX DISPENSERS-A Brain Inside A Jar (Douchemaster)
MISFITS-Bloodfeast (Caroline)

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Halloween (Polydor)

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