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Sonic Overload 4/30/12

I’m loving the new mixer—as I’ve mentioned, it’s nice to not worry about whether one of the CD players is going to work or worrying about one of the turntable inputs. Thanks to those who have contributed money to help offset the cost and, once again, if people would like to make a donation to Sonic Overload, you can sent it via PayPal to Any donation over $10 gets a Sonic Overload 10th anniversary show on 2 CD-Rs. This will probably be the last week I mention this because I don’t want to be a pest... but I could use the help.

Sonic Overload 4/30/12


THE STRIKE-Shots Heard ‘Round The World (Victory)

PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS-Walker, Taliban Ranger (self-released)
DARK AGES-Merchants Of Cool (Sorry State)
DISENCHANTED-I Hate Dealing With Morons (Motherbox)
F-MINUS-Vultures (Hellcat)

SUBCLINIX-Mouth (demo)
SIMPLETONES-I Like Drugs (from “Beach Blvd.” Posh Boy)
GEARS-I Smoke Dope (Hepcat)
DILS-Class War (Dangerhouse)
RANDOMS-Let’s Get Rid Of New York (Dangerhouse)
LATIN DOGS-World Powers (Kazaaamo)

PRONG-Drainpipe (Spigot)
LEWD ACTS-Night-Crawlers (Hex)
NIGHT OWLS-Results Inconclusive (Deathwish)
RETOX-Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag (Ipecac)
POP. 1280-West World (Sacred Bones)


TERROR VISIONS-Today I Abused My Love (FDH)
TRASHIES-In The Gutter (Mortville)
FUTURES-Blood To Feel (625)
AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR-TV Messiah (from “Get Off My Back,” Red Music)
MAJOR ACCIDENT-Terrorist Gang (Captain Oi)
FALLOUT-When The Time Comes (self-released)
TARGET OF DEMAND-Funny, Huh? (Happy Hermit)

STRIPMINES-Crucible Worship (Sorry State)
SPLITTING HEADACHE-Tables With Turn (Collapse)
REPERCUSSIONS-Cavity (Feral Ward)
CUT THE SHIT-No Way Out (Gloom)
BORN BAD-Walls (Fashionable Idiots)
POISON PLANET-Tidal Leveling (ThirdxParty)

BILL BONDSMEN-Overcrowded Control (Fourteegee)
VIDEO-We Want The World (Play Pinball)
JOINT D?-Not Tonight (Sorry State)
HOLY SHIT!-BFF (Criminal IQ)


OUTLETS-Best Friends (Modern Method)
UNDERTONES-Listenin In (Ryko)
MANIC STREET PREACHERS-Suicide Alley (from “Underground Rockers Volume 2,” Link)
EXTERNAL MENACE-No Mean Feat (Loud Punk)

BROWN SUGAR-Back To The Future (Feeble Minds/Feral Kid)
CELLMATES-Don’t Gimme No Heat (Wall Ride)
VAGINORS-Old (Hardcore Victim)
FISHSTICKS-Burrito (Theologian)
BAR FEEDERS-Toolshed (Fast Music)

BOOMTOWN RATS-Lookin’ After No. 1 (Ensign)
PHOBIA-Pretend You’re Not Crazy (from “The Boston Bootleg,” Varulven)
SCARS-Horrorshow (Fast)
MAGAZINE-Rhythm of Cruelty (IRS)


VICE SQUAD-Last Rockers (Captain Oi)
THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal (Link)
SUBHUMANS-Not Me (Bluurg)
CONFLICT-Fester (Placebo)
BAD RELIGION-In The Night (Epitaph)

WHITE WHALE-No Solace (Feral Kid)
HALLRAKER-Small Sunshine (Sike)
THE COST-These Days (New Disorder)
VERSUS-Astronaut (TeenBeat)

TILTWHEEL-The Box (Liquid Meat)

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