Friday, March 15, 2013

Sonic Overload 3/4/13

Some good news to start off with—I mentioned that my classmate and punk rock “mentor” Paul Greenberg had suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery. He’s shown some signs of improvement and here’s hoping he’s on the road to recovery.

With the good comes the sad, unfortunately. Joe Coughlin, a longtime Boston rock ‘n roll fixture, passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. I didn’t know Joe very well—just a passing acquaintance—but I always liked the candor in his writing. He was a little older than me and I think we definitely had a lot of the same reference points. I can see him growing up, reading Creem magazine and listening to his favorite bands Blue Öyster Cult, the Dictators and the Ramones, all of which were staples of my teenage years and continue to be so. His writing in The Noise was brutally honest and definitely got a reaction, often negative, and I’m sure that pleased him just fine.

Finally, while I was putting together today’s show, I found out that Jeff Paul, vocalist for 80s Portland hardcore band Final Warning and, in recent years, Trauma, was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. When Ellen and I were in Portland last fall, we had the chance to meet Jeff at a sports bar, where he was hanging out with Todd and Paul from Tragedy and Brad from From Ashes Rise. Todd played in Trauma, as well. My condolences to his friends and family.

Next week, it’s the 13th anniversary show and I’ve got a surprise in store. As I said last week and on the show, you’re just going to have to wait to find out what it is...

Sonic Overload 3/4/13


INFERNO-Ein Alptraum? (Pusmort)

ANCIENT FILTH-Egokill (demo)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Cancer Perks (Sorry State)
IDIOT VEHICLE-Garbage Truck (from “You Can’t Kill Me,” Atomic Action)
VANDAL X-Murphy’s Law (Fons)
XADDAX-The High Hat (Skin Graft)

DICTATORS-The Next Big Thing (Epic) in memory of Joe Coughlin
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT-ME 262 (Columbia)
RAMONES-This Ain’t Havana (Sire)
MAPS-I’m Talking To You (self-released)


FINAL WARNING-I Quit (Southern Lord) in memory of Jeff Paul
TRAUMA-Barrier (Bulkhead)
LONG KNIFE-Artificial Heart (from upcoming album)
HASSLER-Apathy (Beach Impediment)
GREEN BERET-Under The Boot (Side Two)
BRAIN KILLER-So Much Hate (Deranged)

URBAN ACHIEVERS-Dog Shit Avenue (Hjerenespind)
CÜLO-Modern Depression (from upcoming album)
WOMEN IN PRISON-Strange Waves (HoZac)
RATSAK-Vacated (12XU)
TY SEGALL-Standing At The Station (Goner)
SLUTEVER-Sun Hot (self-released)

MINOR THREAT-Betray (Dischord)
NECROS-Conquest For Death (Touch & Go)
FU’S-Rifle (X-Claim)
SS DECONTROL-How Much Art (demo)
MEATMEN-Blow Me Jah (Touch & Go)


CONSUMERS-Teen Love Song (In The Red)
RABIES-The Man With The Flute (Smokin’ Barrel)
SACK-Vacancy (self-released)
FREEDOM CLUB-Burn (Bulkhead)
HJERETESTOP-Pis Mig I Munden (Kick n’ Punch)
YOUTHS-My End (demo)
ROUGH KIDS-This Technology (Sorry State)

DEAD ENDING-Speed Of Lies (Alternative Tentacles)
BUKKAKE BOYS-Born Dead Generation (from “Land Of Nod,” Scavenger of Death)
STOIC VIOLENCE-What I See (Katorga Works)
EMPTY ROOM-Take Me Home (demo)
APE ATTACK-Switch Off (Yellow Dog)
VENKMAN-Burritos and Wrestling (Cow Catcher)

BLITZ-New Age (Future)
PEGBOY-Not What I Want (Touch & Go)
THE SQUAD-You’re Shit (demo)
PERMANENT MAKEUP-Headcount (New Granada)


METHOD ACTORS-The Method (Armageddon)
FLESH EATERS-No Questions Asked (Upsetter)
THE FALL-Totally Wired (Rough Trade)
MEKONS-Where Were You? (Fast)

CONSERVATIVES-Los Alamos Lab Technician (Sonic Swirl)
RED RED RED-New Action (Big Neck)
ICEAGE-Ecstasy (Matador)
YATSURA-Pow R. Ball (Primary)


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