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Sonic Overload 11/13/17

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Sonic Overload 11/13/17


IGGY & THE STOOGES-I Got A Right (Bomp)

SMEARS-Honey Jar (Headhunter)
7 YEAR BITCH-You Smell Lonely (C/Z)
BABES IN TOYLAND-Bruise Violet (Warner Bros.)
VOODOO QUEENS-Supermodel-Superficial (Too Pure)

NOTS-In Glass (Famous Class)
HELTA SKELTA-B88 (Helta Skelta)
GRENADES IN THE ARCHIVES-Tekno Pigs (self-released)
TOTALOVE-Hartxs (demo)
CREMALLERAS-Cara Descompuesta (Cintas Pepe)

XYLITOL-Goblin Gallop (Thrilling Living/Total Negativity)
LATEX-Chain Whip (Sensual World/World Gone Mad)
EXOTICA-Asco (La Vida Es Un Mus)
FRAU-Orca (Static Shock)
VIRUELA-Escape (demo)
VAPID-Do The Earthquake (Nominal)


DEAD MOON-Graveyard (Sub Pop) in memory of Fred Cole
LOLLIPOP SHOPPE-You Must Be A Witch (from “Nuggets,” Rhino)
PRETTY THINGS-Don’t Bring Me Down (Fontana)
KNIFE FIGHT-Woof Woof Woof (from “Wolf Party,” Voodoo Rhythm)
HUMAN MESS-Aftertaste (No Way)

GLUE-Hunger (self-released)
EEL-Scapegoat (Beach Impediment)
PIG DNA-Leather Man (Nightrider)
BLOOD PRESSURE-The Facts (Beach Impediment)
RASH TONGUE-Taut/Taught (Hardware)
KREMLIN-Buried (Bad Vibrations)

THE PIST-We’re The Pist (Eugene)
KIDNAP-Armee Nationale (Upstart)
RIOT SQAUD-Society’s Fodder (Rot)
4 SKINS-Low Life (Captain Oi)


FITNESS WOMXN-Funny (Acid Etch)
GSP-Social Death (Thrilling Living)
WHIPPER-White Glove (Aarght!)
C57 BL/6-Dream Surfer (demo)
ISS-(Dis)charge It To The Game (demo)

TARANT√úLA-Fatal Age (Deranged)
TRASH KNIFE-Struggletown Freakout (demo)
UGLIES-I Smell A Rat (NoPatience)
BIG BLEACH-Biker Love Song II (More Power)
PROLETARIAN ART THREAT-Proletarian Gospel Drive (Lean Enterprise)
UNNATURAL HELPERS-My Brother’s Been Kissin’ My Girlfriend (Hardly Art)

DILS-I Hate The Rich (Dionysus)
METAL URBAIN-Hysterie Connective (Byzz)
CHRISTIAN DEATH-Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)
ANASAZI-Bone Collector (Toxic State)


HOT TIP-Plastic (One Percent)
GOD BOWS TO MATH-Blues For Blind Lemon (Muzal)
RASPBERRY BULBS-Lusty Climbing (Blackest Ever Black)
VANDAL X-How Sick Is That (Fons)

FUCK YOU PAY ME-Religious Wars (from “Still Having Their Say,” Bridge Nine)
DISSENSION-Why Work For Death? (Bad Idea)
EVEN WORSE-Emptying The Madhouse (GTA)
CRUMBSUCKERS-Just Sit There (Combat Core)
MAU MAUS-Society’s Rejects (Captain Oi)
OUT WITH A BANG-Out With A Bang/Cursed From Birth (Fashionable Idiots)

VANDALS-Urban Struggle (Time Bomb)

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