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Sonic Overload 9/3/18

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Sonic Overload 9/3/18


THE PIST-Black and Blue Collar (Havoc)

MCRAD-Sundial (Red)
APHASIA-Work N’at (Not To Downtown)
RAT BYTE-My Boss Is A Jerk (FNS/Party Time)
ACID REFLUX-Customers Fuck Off (No Way)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Slave Labor (Feral Ward)
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE-Working Class Ass (Profane Existence)

JOLLY FUCKERS-Bulgarian Cleaning Lady (demo)
SPOTTING-Hi Vis (demo)
DEBBIE DOWNERS-Louis and David (demo)
OUTS-Boy Scout (demo)
CRISIS ACTORS-Insurance (demo)
THE NERVOUS-Kopfweh (Nervous)

NO STATIK-Negate The Process (Iron Lung)
GELD-Soft Power (Iron Lung)
ALLERGY-Smog (Bloody Master)
MAN DESTROYS-Fight For Freedom (Not Like You)
IMPALERS-Holy War/Impaler (540/Todo Destruido)


TOXIC NARCOTIC-Allston Violence (Rodent Popsicle)
ANAL CUNT-Everyone In Allston Should Be Killed (Earache)
DEAD KENNEDYS-Terminal Preppie (Alternative Tentacles)
RAT BASTARDS-Bored of Education (Will E. Survive)
RED CROSS-I Hate My School (Posh Boy)
REPLACEMENTS-Fuck School (Twin/Tone)
SQUATS-We Hate School (La Vida Es Un Mus)

MIND SPIDERS-Deserve (Dirtnap)
BILLS-Uh Oh (demo)
GEE TEE-Cops N’ Robbers (Goodbye Boozy)
ILINX-Murky Water (demo)
ACRYLICS-Gluttony (Drunken Sailor)

THE STRIKE-Kicking Ass (Johann’s Face)
CITIZEN FISH-Used To Work (Lookout)
WITCHES WITH DICKS-Your Job Does Not Rock Balls (Kiss Of Death)
SWINGIN’ UTTERS-Petty Wage (New Red Archives)
STIFFS, INC.-Work Work Work (Onion)


SORRY-Stop (Homestead)
SUBURBAN HOMES-Unemployed (Total Punk)
HYGIENE-Office Job (La Vida Es Un Mus)
VALLEY BOYS-Fired (demo)
LITHICS-Labor (Water Wings)
MIKA MIKO-Business Cats (Kill Rock Stars)

MONGOLOID-Mongoloid Part 2 (Deranged)
GUS-Heterobash Was Flipper (Slow To Burn)
CHILLER-Lesson Learned (self-released)
INFLATABLE CHILDREN-Indecisive (Evacuate)
A GLOBAL THREAT-Scalped By Pop (Smash Art)
OPPOSERS-Life Is Posers (from “Destroy Poserton,” Smash Art)

ARTICLES OF FAITH-Five O’Clock (Reflex)
FUSES-At Least You’re Getting Paid (American Punk)
SNOB-Quit Your Job (self-released)
RUNNING-Employment Vows (Castle Face)
FIRE HEADS-Park Walker (Big Neck)


DEVO-Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy (Warner Bros.)
NUNS-Gettin’ Straight (Mabuhay)
LAPESTE-Let Me Sleep (Matador)
O LEVEL-Pseudo Punk/O Level (Rev-Ola)

RAT CAGE-Caged Like Rats (La Vida Es Un Mus)
UD√úSIC-Sperm Bank Baby (demo)
JUDY AND THE JERKS-Greedy Goblin (demo)
ELLEN AND THE DEGENERATES-Fair To Me (What’s For Breakfast?)
STIFF LOVE-Attitudes (Feel It)
COLLATE-Who Cares About Tradition? (self-released)

BORN AGAINST-Well Fed Fuck (Vermiform)

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